Monday, August 18, 2014

Nickelodeon UK To Premiere New Episodes Of "The Thundermans" And "See Dad Run" On Monday 1st September 2014

Nickelodeon UK, the number one commercial kids TV network in the UK, has announced the exciting Nick UK news in their new "This September Is All New All Nick" trailer/promo that Nickelodeon UK and Ireland and Nickelodeon HD UK will premiere the brand-new episode of "The Thundermans" called "Pretty Little Choirs" and show a all-new episode of "See Dad Run" (episode to be announced) on Monday 1st September 2014!

In the all-new episode of "The Thundermans" titled "Pretty Little Choirs", Phoebe faces a tough rival in the school choir, a snooty girl named Veronica (Gilland Jones). When Veronica once again insults her, Phoebe plots revenge with Max. Max learns that Veronica needs an A in math or she'll be kicked out of the choir. Phoebe distracts Veronica's math tutor, and Max fills in, "helping" her. Phoebe and Cherry eagerly await the results, but learn Veronica got an A, thanks to her new boyfriend, Max (watch out for that super wedgie, Max!)! Angry, Phoebe gets the other "tutor/boyfriends" Veronica has, and Max realizes he's been used, and helps Phoebe dodge Veronica's sabotage events during her audition in the school choir. Phoebe wins the solo spot, thanks to Max. Meanwhile, Billy and Nora must infiltrate Darcy's home to retrieve Dr. Colosso after Darcy heard him talk and rabbit-napped him. Elsewhere, Darcy insults Barb's hairdo just after Barb tells Hank to let insults 'roll of your back'. Barb gets her hair dyed orange in spite, and makes it worse using Max's chemicals to try and change it back. The episode also features Phillip Wampler as Jake, Major Curda as Lionel and Jacob Timothy Manown as Tom.

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Nickelodeon Germany Set To Go Multilingual

The entertainment news website C21Media is reporting the Nickelodeon North News that Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN) Northern Europe are planning to make Nickelodeon Germany (Deutschland) multilingual and will begin broadcasting some of the networks' series in English when the channel starts to broadcast 24/7 in October 2014! It is currently unknown whether Nickelodeon Switzerland (Schweiz) and Nickelodeon Austria (Österreich), also part of Nickelodeon Northern Europe, will also start airing shows in English when they switch to a 24-hour broadcast schedule at the same time as Nick Germany. You can read the full article here on the official C21 Media website (paid subscription required).

In additional Nickelodeon Europe news, Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN) is moving its channel distribution licences from the Czech Republic to the Netherlands, reports Broadband TV News.

Quoting Agnieszka Odachowska, the communications manager for VIMN in Poland, Wirtualne Media reports the decision to do so is the next step in VIMN's restructuring, adding that a few years ago several lines of business were moved to specific territories. Programming, for instance, was localised in the Netherlands. The channel licence move began several weeks ago with the services contained in the MTV Unlimited package and most recently saw Viacom Blink! obtain a licence from the Dutch regulator Commissariaat voor de Media. Next up will be Viva Polska, MTV Polska, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon. They have been licensed by the Czech Republic's RRTV since 2009, prior to which they held licences awarded by Ofcom.
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And The Winning Nickelodeon Slime Cup 2014 Team Is...

Nickelodeon has announced the winners of Nickelodeon Slime Cup 2014!

The games have been played, the slime has been counted, and it's now time to announce that the winning team of Nickelodeon Slime Cup 2014, the winners of the coveted Nickelodeon Slime Cup trophy, the messiest trophy in sports, is...

The Yellow Team!

Congratulations to Amber Montana, Cameron Ocasio, Patrick Star, Timmy Turner and Michelangelo, and everyone who supported Team Yellow during this years Nickelodeon Slime Cup contest!

This summer, four teams consisting of 20 popular Nickelodeon Stars from the hit Nick shows "SpongeBob SquarePants", "The Haunted Hathaways", "The Thundermans", "Fairly OddParents", "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", "Sanjay and Craig" and "Sam & Cat" have been battling it out in a series of slimy games whilst NickHeads all over the world have been going online to collect slime for their chosen team to help lead their favourite Nick stars to victory so they can take home the coveted prize – the Nickelodeon Slime Cup trophy.

The 14-week multi-territory, multi-platform event fronted by Slime Cup Ambassador and mascot, SpongeBob SquarePants, drove participation across both Nickelodeon channels and digital websites, with the Slime Cup coming to life in select markets through specially created retail, theme park and mall experiences and on-the-ground events.

The three month initiative started and finished with two special TV events. "The Nickelodeon Slime Cup Challenge" kicked off on-air in June 2014, and featured the live-action stars from Team Blue, Team Purple, Team Red and Team Yellow as they competed in three rounds of slime-filled head-to-head challenges to earn slime for their teams. The campaign culminated in August 2014 with the second special TV event, "Slime Cup: Tournament of Champions", featuring Nickelodeon's favorite NickToon stars and the reveal of the winning Nickelodeon Slime Cup team.

In the "Nickelodeon Slime Cup Challenge", Team Red vaulted into first place after Zoran Korach and Curtis Harris CRUSHED it the first special, whilst Team Blue dropped to second place, Yellow continued to fall back in the standings while Purple couldn't get out of the basement!

Then, in a aweslime "Tournament of Champions", all four teams put up a good fight, but in the end Sanjay took down best bud Craig to put Purple back in the lead. But that wasn't the end of it! During "SpongeBob: Extreme Spots", all of the great work NickHeads did - the collecting, the tweets, the recruiting - was tallied, and in the end, Team Purple came in fourth place, Team Red placed third place, Team Blue landed second place, and Team Yellow came in first place, walking away with the messiest trophy in sports... The Slime Cup!

Nickelodeon fans were able to follow the action between the network's linear channel and its digital sites. Online ( from June through August, Nickelodeon fans were able to move between their local Nickelodeon channel and digital sites, to root, rally and collect slime for their chosen team by participating in web-based activities. NickHeads were also invited to play games, answer polls and quizzes, view special behind-the-scenes content, watch online streaming video clips, and track their teams progress using the Nickelodeon Slime Cup slime-o-meter. Throughout the campaign, the site featured new and exciting content including a Slime Cup Victory Dance Competition which launched in June, a brand new custom game "Slime Cup Games" which debuted in July, and activities encouraging kids to train along with some of their favorite Nickelodeon stars by participating in weekly fitness challenges. Kids were even able to create their very own personalised team stat card on the site.

Nickelodeon Slime Cup sponsors globally include mio TV (Singapore), BoomCo Mattel (Poland), Toy Kingdom (Philippines), Goliath (France), and BRITVIC (Spain). Pan regional promotional partners include Ferrero Rocher, Burger King, and Cereal Partners Worldwide (CPW).

The four Nickelodeon Slime Cup teams featured the players:

Team Blue:

Jack Griffo (Max Thunderman in "The Thundermans"). Nickname: Slimy The Great And Powerful.
Breanna Yde (Frankie Hathaway in "The Haunted Hathaways"). Nickname: The Small Slimeball.
Plankton ("SpongeBob SquarePants"). Nickname: The Slime Wizard.
Wanda ("The Fairly OddParents"). Nickname: The Slimy Godmother.
Leonardo ("TMNT"). Nickname: The Slimy Blue Bandit.

Team Purple:

Benjamin Flores Jr. (Louie Preston in "The Haunted Hathaways"). Nickname: P-Slime.
Addison Riecke (Nora Thunderman in "The Thundermans"). Nickname: The Slimy Shortcake.
Squidward Tentacles ("SBSP"). Nickname: The Slimy Sourpuss.
Sanjay Patel ("Sanjay and Craig"). Nickname: Slimy Sanjay.
Donatello ("Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"). Nickname: Gooey Genius.

Team Red:

Zoran Korach (Goomer/Gieux Merr in "Sam & Cat"). Nickname: The Slimy Strongman.
Curtis Harris (Miles Preston in "Hathaways"). Nickname: The Gooey Ghost.
Sandy Cheeks ("SpongeBob"). Nickname: Sandy The Slime Queen.
Craig ("Sanjay and Craig"). Nickname: The Slimy Serpent.
Raphael ("Ninja Turtles"). Nickname: The Slimy Red Rebel.

Team Yellow:

Amber Montana (Taylor Hathaway in "The Haunted Hathaways"). Nickname: Sister Slimy.
Cameron Ocasio (Dice in "Sam & Cat"). Nickname: The Slimy Salesman.
Patrick Star ("SpongeBob SquarePants"). Nickname: The Slimy Star.
Timmy Turner ("The Fairly OddParents"). Nickname: Slime Turner.
Michelangelo ("Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"). Nickname: Slimy Prankenstein.

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As part of Nickelodeon Slime Cup 2014, each local Nickelodeon channel taking part in the initiative has launched their localised official Nickelodeon Slime Cup website:

Nickelodeon Germany (Deutschland) -
Nickelodeon Italy (Italia) -
Nickelodeon Netherlands (Nederland) -
Nickelodeon Latin America (América Latina; Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela and Argentina) -
Nickelodeon Brazil (Brasil) -
Nickelodeon Spain (Espana) -
Nickelodeon France -
Nickelodeon Global -
Nickelodeon South East Asia (SEA; Nickelodeon Philippines, Nickelodeon Singapore and Nickelodeon Malaysia) -
Nickelodeon Poland (Polska) -
Nickelodeon Russia and CIS (Россия and СНГ) -
Nickelodeon Sweden (Sverige) -
Nickelodeon Denmark (Danmark) -
Nickelodeon Norway (Norge) -

Time for a slime fight! Roll on Nickelodeon Slime Cup 2015!
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Nickelodeon UK To Resume Premiering More New "Winx Club" Season 6 Episodes On Saturday 23rd August 2014

Nickelodeon UK, the number one commercial kids TV network in the UK, has announced the Winx-Tastic Nick UK news in the What's On schedule section of their official website,, that, following a short break, Nickelodeon UK and Ireland and Nickelodeon HD UK will start to premiere and show more brand-new episodes from the all-new 26-episode sixth season of the popular animated television series "Winx Club", called "Bloomix", which Nickelodeon co-produced with Rainbow S.r.l., every Saturday and Sunday at 7:00am and 7:30am from Saturday 23rd August 2014 (replayed at 8:00am and 8:30am on Nick UK's plus-one timeshift channel, Nick+1), as part of Nick UK and Eire's Summer 2014 programming highlights!

Following the debut of each brand-new "Winx Club: Bloomix" episode, Nick UK is expected to repeat each new episode that premieres on a Saturday the following Sunday.

In season six of "Winx Club", the Trix are back and take over Cloud Tower and ally themselves with a new witch from Earth called Selina. Selina possesses a magical book called the Legendarium that can make myths and legends become real. In order to stop the both Trix and Selina, the Winx Club must achieve a new evolved transformation, and search for Eldora; the fairy godmother who is the only one who knows how the lock the evil book for good.

Below is a list of currently announced all-new "Winx Club" season six episodes set to debut on Nickelodeon UK in August 2014, with episode descriptions:

Saturday 23rd August 2014:

7:00am - Shimmer in the Shadows: The Winx arrive in Gardenia to battle the attacking Vampires. Stella participates in a Goth Fashion show, and the girls rejoice in being reunited.

7:30am - TBA (expected to be episode #13, "The Fairy Godmother")

Saturday 30th August 2014:

7:00am - Mythix
7:30am - Mystery of Calavera

(Additional source: LocateTV)
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