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DOOM Comes Early In The Form Of Oni Press' "Invader Zim" Zine Special

UPDATE: Oni Press have announced that Invader Zim takes over Comic-Con International: San Diego 2015! Details below!

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PORTLAND, OR – May 15, 2015 – Oni Press, Portland's premier independent comic book publisher, announced today TruthShrieker, a satirical kickoff to the ongoing comic book series based on the beloved animated show Invader Zim, in collaboration with Jhonen Vasquez (jhonenv) and Nickelodeon.

TruthShrieker, a conspiracy-zine-style comic, features work by Invader Zim creator Jhonen Vasquez along with Aaron Alexovich, Eric Trueheart, Rikki Simons and Megan Lawton. It features articles by Invader Zim antagonist Dib among other brave TruthShrieker contributors unencumbered by the public's insistence on "facts." Fans can look forward to hard-hitting journalism pieces like "Where is Invader Zim?", "Ms. Bitters Has Always Existed??", "Is This Bee Haunted?" and many more.

TruthShrieker will first be available at the Oni Press booth (#529) at Denver Comic Con, May 23-25, and Jhonen Vasquez will sign copies during the event. The next chance for fans to get this unique prelude to the Invader Zim comic will be at San Diego Comic-Con International 2015, July 9-12. After that, TruthShrieker will be available online through the Oni Press web store. The first issue of Invader Zim #1, will be available July 1 in comic stores across the country.

Don't forget you still have time to pre-order Invader Zim #1 at your local comic shop using code MAY151468 and the Jhonen Vasquez variant with code MAY151469!


To celebrate their brand-new "Invader Zim" comic book series, Oni Press has announced fans will be able to pick up a very rare "Invader Zim" Issue #1 featuring a special SDCC exclusive front cover at Comic-Con International: San Diego 2015! From

(W) Jhonen Vasquez (A) Aaron Alexovich and Megan Lawton (C) Simon Hutt Troussellier (CA) Ian McGinty with Fred C. Stresing

ZIM and his filthy evil ways have been gone for what feels like years. But Dib KNOWS the alien menace will rear his head again, and he won't leave the house, or his 900 security monitors, until it happens. And it WILL happen. Oh, it WILL. This SDCC 2015 edition is limited to 3,000 copies.

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Nickelodeon South East Asia To Premiere "Splitting Adam" On Friday 22nd May 2015; Launches "Supah Summah Hapon Hangout" In The Philippines

Nickelodeon South East Asia has announced the exciting Nickelodeon International News in their latest cover photo and in a series of posts on their official Facebook profile page,, that Nick SEA will be premiering Nickelodeon's brand-new original TV movie "Splitting Adam" on Friday 22nd May 2015 at 3:30pm on Nickelodeon Indonesia (WIB), 4:30pm on Nickelodeon Malaysia (MY), 5:15pm on Nickelodeon Singapore (SG), and 9:00pm on Nickelodeon Philippines (PH)!

In Nick's all-new film, "Splitting Adam", Adam Baker (Jace Norman, "Henry Danger") is the busiest 15-year-old you'll ever meet! Between juggling multiple jobs, babysitting his sister, and helping Uncle Magic Mitch perfect his magic act, his summer schedule is jam-packed. And that leaves little room for flirting with his dream girl, Lori (Isabela Moner, "100 Things To Do Before High School"). But after accidentally stumbling into his uncle's mysterious "tanning bed", Adam learns the answer to all of his problems – multiple Adams! With his new collection of clones, Adam is hopping on one wild ride with an epic splash! However, the situation soon spirals out of control when Adam starts feeling weak and learns that if he doesn't merge the clones back into himself, they could all be destroyed—including him! "Splitting Adam" also stars Jack Griffo ("The Thundermans") as Vance Hansum, Amarr M. Wooten ("Instant Mom", "Step Up 2: The Streets") as Sheldon, Seth Isaac Johnson as Danny, Tate Chapman and Abby Chapman ("React to That", "Liv and Maddie") as Gillian, Chris Gauthier as Mr. Mattis, Caroline Cave as Mrs. Baker, Katia Peel as the voice of a little girl, Dani Dare as the voice of a little boy, and Brayden Snow as a dancing party kid, plus Tony Cavalero from the upcoming Nickelodeon show "School of Rock" as Magic Mitch.

To celebrate Nick SEA showing Nickelodeon's all-new television movie, has unveiled the channels official "Splitting Adam" website, which features information about the brand new movie, a 'Meet the Characters' section featuring bios for Adam Baker, Lori, Adam #2, Vance Hansum, Winston, Sheldon, Party Boy, Danny, Sensitive, Gillian, Perfect, Magic Mitch, a fantastic "Meet The Adams!" photo gallery and exclusive online streaming video clips!

In additional Nick SEA news, Nickelodeon South East Asia has launched a brand-new initiative in the Philippines to celebrate Summer called "Supah Summah Hapon Hangout"! As part of "Supah Summah Hapon Hangout", Nick Asia has launched a brand-new watch and win contest called "WHAT'S DAH WORD?!", in which fans can win fantastic prizes such as folding bikes, Nickelodeon goodie bags & even a trip to Boracay! Fans can enter at!

Additionally, Nickelodeon South East Asia will be holding a special Supah Summah Hapon Hangout Event between 2pm and 6pm on Saturday 23rd May 2015 at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds! There's gonnah be tons to do including stage games, entertainment activities, loads of freebies, a raffle draw and much more! There's even gonnah be a water battle arena for Nicksters to beat the heat. NickHeads can bring their water blasters and are encouraged to bring a change of clothes!
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Nickelodeon Greece To Premiere "Winx Club" Season 7 From Sunday 24th May 2015

Nickelodeon Greece has announced the Winx-Tastic news on their official website that Nickelodeon Greece will start to premiere and show episodes from the brand-new seventh season of the popular animated series "Winx Club" from Sunday 24th May 2015 at 10:10am!

The seventh season of "Winx Club" carries on with the environmental themes of previous seasons. "Winx Club" series seven carries on the theme of recent Winx releases by carrying a strong environmental message. In this adventure the fairies discover the real importance of the rare Fairy Animals, which they must save from Kalshara, an evil shape-shifter and her clumsy brother, Brafilius. Each Fairy Animal has their own special talent, which is necessary for the balance of the Magic Universe. The theme of endangered animals recurs throughout the series as the Winx establish an Animal Rescue Park on Earth, where they look after vulnerable animals such as pandas and tigers. The girls also undertake missions in the Magic Dimension and Earth to raise public awareness about the animal cause. This builds to their final mission – to discover the ultimate power of the Fairy Animals, which can give control over all the animals of the Magic Universe. The Winx will also be confronted with two new terrible villains. "Winx Club" season seven is expected to premiere on Nickelodeon's global network of channels in 2015. Rainbow S.r.l. recently showcased "Winx Club" season 7 at MIPTV 2015, along with the Italian animation studios' two brand-new series, "Royal Academy" (working title) and "My American Friend".
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"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2" Rumoured To Feature 'Krang' And Judith Hoag; Gary Anthony Williams To Play 'Bebop'

Cinema Blend is reporting the Turtley Awesome news that a source close to the production of Nickelodeon Movies, Paramount Pictures and Platinum Dunes' "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2" has revealed that fan-favorite supervillain Krang will be making his live-action debut in "TMNT 2".

This source said that the production recently filmed a scene last week involving a number of extras and the character's arrival on Earth through a portal.

Krang was created for the 1980's animated "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" series, and is a warlord from another dimension, called Dimension X, who commanded a massive army. After losing his body, he came to Earth where he met Shredder. The Turtles' adversary teamed up with Krang and, by doing so, agreed to construct a new body for him in exchange for use of his high-tech base, known as the Technodrome.

Although Krang didn't appear in Nick and Paramount's first "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" movie in 2012, concept art of Krang, as well as Bebop and Rocksteady, revealed what he would've looked like if the filmmakers had decided to feature him.

Cinema Blend is also reporting the exciting news that Judith Hoag, who played April O'Neil in the 1990 "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" movie, has been spotted on the New York-based set of the movie! Judith has also been hinting on Twitter that she may be in the movie!

Additionally, Deadline Hollywood is reporting that Gary Anthony Williams has joined the cast of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2", where he'll star as one of the franchise's longstanding villains, 'Bebop'! A mutated Warthog almost always paired off with a fellow mutant, 'Rocksteady', Bebop is a henchmen of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle" arch villain Shredder (and thus is a quasi-member of the Foot ninja clan.) In TMNT 2, he'll start off as a punk street thug member of a ragtag gang of misfits who acts as if he's intellectually superior, but isn't.

Williams joins Megan Fox, Will Arnett, Stephen Amell, Tyler Perry, Brian Tee and Laura Linney in Nickelodeon Movies and Paramount Pictures' sequel directed by David Green from a script by Josh Appelbaum and André Nemec. Michael Bay and his Platinum Dunes partners Brad Fuller and Andrew Form are producing. The film is currently filming, and is set for release June 3, 2016. Williams has also appeared in "The Internship", "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle" and "The Factory". He's repped by APA, Jordan Tilzer at Roar, and Ginsburg Daniels LLP.

"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2" is currently filming in New York City and is scheduled for release in theaters on June 3, 2016.
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Sneak Peek Of New "Breadwinners" Episode "Viking Ducks", Premiering 5/24 On Nickelodeon USA

To celebrate Nickelodeon USA premiering the brand-new episode of Nickelodeon's popular original animated buddy comedy series (Nicktoon) "Breadwinners" titled "Viking Ducks"/"Birthday Bread" on Sunday 24th May 2015 at 6:00pm ET/PT, as part of Nick USA's all-new Sunday night line-up, SwaySway and Buhdeuce have a bread-tastic sneak peek for yo beak of the all-new episode "Viking Ducks", which you can watch in the fantastic online streaming video clip from Nickelodeon's official YouTube channel below!:

When SwaySway and Buhdeuce go in search of new jobs they wind up accidentally getting hired by Oonski to be his crewmates! Catch a new episode of Breadwinners on Sunday at 6pm/5c!

You just got a sneak peek up in yo beak!
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Sneak Peek Of New "Bella and the Bulldogs" Episode "Third Degree Ba-Burn", Premiering 5/23 On Nickelodeon USA

To celebrate Nickelodeon USA premiering and showing the brand-new episode of the networks all-new hit original comedy series "Bella and the Bulldogs" titled "Third Degree Ba-Burn" on Saturday 23rd May 2015 at the new time of 8:00pm (ET/PT), Nick USA has unveiled a fantastic sneak peek preview of the brand-new episode on their official YouTube channel, which you can watch in the online streaming video clip below!:

In the all-new "Bella and the Bulldogs" episode "Third Degree Ba-Burn", Bella's (Brec Bassinger) jokes about her teammates at the Bulldog's annual roast causes a rift between Sawyer (Jackie Radinsky) and Pepper (Haley Tju). Can she help fix what she started? Catch a brand new Bella and the Bulldogs on Saturday at 8pm/7c, followed by the brand-new "Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn" episode "Wanted: The Sugar Beet Gang" at 8:30pm ET/PT; 7:30pm C!

There's Only 1 Episode Left Until The Big Game promo/trailer:

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Nick Jr. USA To Premiere "Fresh Beat Band of Spies" On Monday 15th June 2015

It's time to Gadget up! Nick Jr. USA has announced the exciting Nickelodeon Preschool news on their official website,, that Nickelodeon USA's preschool channel, Nick Jr. USA, will start to premiere and show "Fresh Beat Band of Spies", a brand-new animated series based on the hit live-action show, "The Fresh Beat Band", on Monday 15th June 2015!

They're the coolest rock stars around. But when the curtain goes down... it's time to spy it up! The "Fresh Beat Band of Spies" is a brand-new animated series about four best friends - Kiki, Marina, Twist and Shout - with typical day jobs who are also... super secret undercover spies! Together, they embark on all kinds of crazy capers and wild super spy missions, using their unique individual talents to outwit a goofy cast of "super villains."

The dynamic team also has the coolest array of techie spy gadgets, vehicles, and disguises. And they have Bo Monkey, an adorable and hilarious sidekick kids will love! Each episode's adventure is full of super funny physical comedy, cartoon humor and gags, and catchy songs.

The curriculum of the series is primarily focused on problem-solving and teamwork. When your kids spy it up with the Fresh Beat Band of Spies, they learn about friendship and teamwork while developing their problem-solving skills. "The Fresh Beat Band of Spies" models the steps to successful problem-solving by working together to figure out mysteries, catch the bad guys, and save the day!

"Fresh Beat Band of Spies" (20 episodes) is created by Nadine van der Velde and Scott Kraft, the same duo behind "The Fresh Beat Band".

To celebrate the launch of "Fresh Beat Band of Spies", Nickelodeon has unveiled a fantastic sneak-peek preview of the networks brand-new animated preschool series, which you can watch here on!

Meet the Fresh Beat Band of Spies!

Kiki is the Fresh Beats' eternal ray of sunshine who's always game for an adventure.
Day job: Owns a hair salon where she creates super stylin' hairdos and disguises for the Fresh Beats
Super Spy gadget: Super-Styler Blow Dryer with settings that range from Gentle Breeze to Humongous Hurricane.
Super Spy vehicle: Guitar that morphs into a scooter

Confident, charming, and athletic, Shout's natural exuberance is contagious. He's a born leader.
Day job: Lifeguard at the local swimming pool
Super Spy gadget: Super shoes that allow him to climb walls, hang from the ceiling, and bounce and jump across a room
Super Spy vehicle: Keyboard that morphs into an awesome hover board

Marina is sweet, passionate, and brilliant.
Day job: A chemist at a cupcake bakery where she uses her fresh formulas to help the Fresh Beats save the day . . . and create the world's most perfect cupcake!
Super Spy gadget: Marina's Magnificent Mixer transforms into a tiny helicopter that flies her high into the sky
Super Spy vehicle: Drums that transform into the "Turbowheeler."

Loveable goofball and resident DJ, Twist's irrepressible imagination, rubbery body, and need for excitement power the Fresh Beats' adventures.
Day job: Twist and his best bud, Bo Monkey, run the Pet Daycare Center--a chaotic and crazy collection of cats, dogs, and other animals.
Super Spy gadget: Banana Gadget for every situation from a Banana-Scope for spying from far away to a self-returning Banana-Rang.
Super Spy vehicle: Turntables that transform into a Double Pogo To-Go-Go with a special spot for Bo Monkey.
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