Monday, December 14, 2020

Avan Jogia Shares Alleged 'Victorious' Set Secrets on TikTok

Many celebrities, like Will Smith and Miley Cyrus, have joined TikTok to share highly produced videos and interact with their fans.

Avan Jogia, who is best known for starring in Nickelodeon's musical-comedy series Victorious alongside Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande, has taken a different path.

He participates in a lot of trends, but they’re always a bit dark, and never complicated. He has Alt TikTok vibes.

Jogia spends a lot of time talking directly into the camera and answering questions and about Victorious, which ran from 2010 to 2013. He seems to like joking around about it.


Reply to @oliversmanure

♬ original sound - delf :)

He explained one famous scene in which he dressed up like the show’s protagonist, Tori Vega.


What are you supposed to hashtag? What do hashtags actually do? #greenscreen #fyp #foryourpage

♬ original sound - Avanjogia

“I’m just here to talk about what a stone-cold fox I was in this dress,” he said.

He also addressed his character’s consistent lack of storylines.

“I don’t know if you guys remember but I didn’t do anything on Victorious,” he claimed.

In his most popular post, Jogia lip-synced to the song “How Bizarre” by OMC as the text on the screen revealed an alleged on-set secret.


Not bizzare...

♬ How Bizarre - OMC

“When you don’t remember a SINGLE plotline to a SINGLE Victorious episode but you do remember going out partying every night,” he alleged.

Commenters were taken aback by the reveal.

“That show seems like a fever dream to me,” one wrote.

“Me too and I was there,” Jogia replied.

“So Beck was hungover all the time?” another fan asked.

“Yes,” Jogia said simply.

“Carrying a show on your back will do that to you,” a third commenter said.

He’s received quite a bit of praise for his honesty about the show and his interaction with his fans, so there’s a good chance we’ll be hearing from him for a while.

Avan went on to defend his fickle memory by saying "Life is long and weird."

I mean, he's not wrong.

And Avan proceeded to like and respond to a bunch of those comments.

Some tried to remind him of the show's super weird storylines, such as being trapped in a RV on a really hot day, riding in a slow-moving giant cupcake, and the time Ke$ha guest starred on an episode, and Avan kiiiiiiiiinda remembered:

And some even affirmed his jumbled-up memory, for which he was grateful:

In conclusion, how bizarre!

I you also can't remember a single Victorious storyline, just know that Seasons 1–3 are currently streaming on Netflix!

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Originally published: Saturday, December 12, 2020.

Original source: ITK; Additional sources: BuzzFeed, Just Jared.

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Nickelodeon UK Ratings For Week Of Monday 30th November - Sunday 6th December 2020

Nickelodeon UK Network Ratings for week of Monday 30th November - Sunday 6th December 2020.

Ratings were up considerably down across the Nickelodeon UK Network this week, according to BARB data, compared to the previous week (Nov. 23-29).

Danger Force continued to do well on Nickelodeon, and Nickelodeon's all-new virtually-produced filmed-at-home entertainment series Group Chat, hosted by Jules LeBlanc and Jayden Bartels, the stars of the upcoming comedy series Side Hustle, also getting off to a strong start.

Nickelodeon Total:

1. THE THUNDERMANS (TUE 12:31) - 64,000
2. VICTORIOUS (SUN 12:31) - 62,700
3. ICARLY (SUN 11:30) - 58,600
4. VICTORIOUS (SUN 11:59) - 58,100
5. VICTORIOUS (SUN 13:00) - 47,300
6. THE THUNDERMANS (SAT 13:00) - 44,900
7. THE THUNDERMANS (THU 12:31) - 44,600
8. VICTORIOUS (SUN 21:00) - 44,400
9. HORRID HENRY (SUN 07:15) - 43,900
11. THE THUNDERMANS (MON 12:31) - 40,000
12. DANGER FORCE (FRI 18:00) - 39,900
13. THE THUNDERMANS (SAT 12:31) - 37,600
15. THE THUNDERMANS (SAT 12:00) - 35,700

NickToons Total:

1. THE LOUD HOUSE (THU 06:30) - 50,900
3. THE LOUD HOUSE (WED 06:30) - 41,300
4. THE LOUD HOUSE (WED 06:45) - 37,300
7. THE LOUD HOUSE (MON 06:30) - 35,800
10. SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS (SAT 11:30) - 33,500
11. THE LOUD HOUSE (SAT 09:29) - 33,400
12. SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS (SAT 10:45) - 32,700
13. SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS (WED 13:15) - 31,700
14. THE LOUD HOUSE (MON 06:00) - 31,500
15. SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS (WED 12:00) - 31,100

Nick Jr. Total:

1. PEPPA PIG (WED 11:04) - 121,000
2. PAW PATROL (SUN 17:00) - 120,900
3. PEPPA PIG (THU 13:29) - 120,800
4. PEPPA PIG (SAT 12:50) - 119,500
5. PEPPA PIG (THU 13:44) - 114,000
6. PEPPA PIG (THU 13:34) - 114,000
7. PEPPA PIG (THU 13:49) - 113,400
8. PEPPA PIG (FRI 11:04) - 113,000
9. PEPPA PIG (WED 14:30) - 107,000
10. PEPPA PIG (WED 11:14) - 105,900
11. PEPPA PIG (FRI 13:44) - 105,800
12. PEPPA PIG (THU 14:19) - 102,300
13. PEPPA PIG (TUE 11:50) - 100,700
14. PEPPA PIG (THU 14:04) - 99,000
15. PEPPA PIG (THU 13:59) - 97,000

Nick Jr. Too:

1. PEPPA PIG (MON 12:00) - 111,200
2. PAW PATROL (SAT 16:00) - 94,200
3. PEPPA PIG (MON 14:45) - 90,700
4. PEPPA PIG (MON 10:20) - 89,300
5. PEPPA PIG (MON 10:05) - 89,300
6. PEPPA PIG (MON 10:00) - 89,300
7. PAW PATROL (TUE 09:45) - 87,800
8. PEPPA PIG (MON 10:15) - 85,300
9. PEPPA PIG (MON 09:00) - 85,000
10. PEPPA PIG (MON 26:35) - 80,900
11. PAW PATROL (TUE 17:30) - 80,800
12. PEPPA PIG (MON 09:35) - 78,800
13. PEPPA PIG (MON 14:20) - 78,500
14. PEPPA PIG (MON 14:30) - 78,500
15. PEPPA PIG (MON 14:35) - 78,500

Notes: Nick Jr. Too is listed as Nick Jr 2 on BARB; the channel was named Nick Jr. Peppa throughout November 2020 and is named Nick Jr. PAW Patrol in December 2020.

Nickelodeon Network:

1. PEPPA PIG (WED 11:04) - Nick Jr Total - 121,000
2. PAW PATROL (SUN 17:00) - Nick Jr Total - 120,900
3. PEPPA PIG (THU 13:29) - Nick Jr Total - 120,800
4. PEPPA PIG (SAT 12:50) - Nick Jr Total - 119,500
5. PEPPA PIG (THU 13:34) - Nick Jr Total - 114,000
6. PEPPA PIG (THU 13:44) - Nick Jr Total - 114,000
7. PEPPA PIG (THU 13:49) - Nick Jr Total - 113,400
8. PEPPA PIG (FRI 11:04) - Nick Jr Total - 113,000
9. PEPPA PIG (MON 12:00) - Nick Jr 2 - 111,200
10. PEPPA PIG (WED 14:30) - Nick Jr Total - 107,000
11. PEPPA PIG (WED 11:14) - Nick Jr Total - 105,900
12. PEPPA PIG (FRI 13:44) - Nick Jr Total - 105,800
13. PEPPA PIG (THU 14:19) - Nick Jr Total - 102,300
14. PEPPA PIG (TUE 11:50) - Nick Jr Total - 100,700
15. PEPPA PIG (THU 14:04) - Nick Jr Total - 99,000

Ratings data provided by BARB.

Programmes of less than 5 minutes duration are excluded from these reports.

Linear TV viewing only; Data for viewing programming on PC/laptops, Tablets and Smartphones is currently unavailable.

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Originally published: Monday, December 14, 2020.
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Classic Rugrats Comic Strip for Monday, December 14, 2020 | Nickelodeon

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Follow these comics and their take on real episodes of the show and their own spin on hilarious adventures.

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Sometimes the easiest way to get rid of something is to flush it! But how does that work in space? Check out the full scene "Flushing the Alien Intruder" from episode 4 of Nickelodeon's The Astronauts! Catch brand new episodes of The Astronauts Fridays at 7:00 p.m. (ET/PT), only on Nick! Catch up on-demand now!

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Nicktoons Global to Host Holiday Marathon on Friday 25th December 2020

This Christmas, Nicktoons Global is stuffing your stocking! Get ready for a festive marathon full of holiday cheer and explosive fun! Enjoy Christmas adventures of the nicest, naughtiest and craziest Nicktoons characters. Everyone is invited! The Nicktoons Holiday Marathon, Friday 25th December 2020, only on Nicktoons Global!

Originally published: Monday, December 14, 2020.

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Spotlight | Lasse & Emily - Not Perfect 🎤 | Staffelfinale! | Nickelodeon Deutschland

Spotlight | Lasse & Emily - Nicht perfekt 🎤 | Staffelfinale! | Nickelodeon Deutschland

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KISS OR TRUTH - Tik Tok Creator Mansion Edition | AwesomenessTV's Next Influencer w/ Alex Warren

KISS OR TRUTH - Tik Tok Creator Mansion Edition | AwesomenessTV's Next Influencer w/ Alex Warren

Is it hot in here or is it just us because OMG these kisses are STEAMING UP the Tik Tok creator mansion in this fun and wild game of Kiss or Truth. Now if only Alex Warren was around... 😏

Things in a Tik Tok Creator Mansion that just make sense | AwesomenessTV's Next Influencer #Shorts

The cast of AwesomenessTV's Next Influencer show YOU the most random things in a Tik Tok Creator Mansion that just make sense! Which do you want?


#ATVNextInfluencer #AlexWarren #AwesomenessTV

AwesomenessTV's Next Influencer w/ Alex Warren! | TEXT 310-742-0040 FOR A SNEAK PEEK -

→ about AwesomenessTV's Next Influencer! ← 
ATV's Next Influencer hosted by Hype House‘s own Alex Warren, follows a group of up and coming latinx influencers living under one roof with one common goal - become the NEXT BIG TIKTOK STAR. But balancing new relationships and continuously trying to go viral, all while adjusting to their new life in Miami means drama is bound to pop up. Find out if these TikTokers have what it takes to become the #ATVNextInfluencer! 

→ Talent Credits ← 
Alex Warren: @AlexWaarren
Colie Nuanez: @Colie.1
Gaby Obregon: @gabyobregon
Jada Wesley: @JadaWesleyy
Julian & Jovani Jara: @99goonsquad
Owen Holt: @Owen.Holt
Raul Encio: @Raulencio
Sabrina Quesada: @sabquesada 
Valeria Arguelles: @Valeriaxxargu
→ Crew Credits ← 
Director & Supervising Producer: Katherine Lauren @KatherineLauren
Director of Photography: Roan Olivas
Post-Production Supervisor: Dima Kovalchuk 
Producers: Ian Midura, Candace Stephens, Nick Haddad and Taylor Henriquez @TaylorHenriquez 
COVID Safety Officer: Oz Ozmen
Line Producer: Sean Saley 
Production Coordinator: Tina Poston 

If you see this, comment below which kiss surprised you the most! 💋

→ about AwesomenessTV! ← 
Welcome to AwesomenessTV, where all of your favorite creators like Niki & Gabi, Brent Rivera, Eva Gutowski, Jordyn Jones, The Stokes Twins, and more come together in daily shows made for you! Our originals My Dream Quinceañera, Malibu Surf, Cheerleaders are real life dramas with friends you know, and a dose of the Daily Report keeps you informed on celeb gossip. New shows everyday to create an awesome day!


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#AlexWarren #ATVNextInfluencer #AwesomenessTV 

Scenes in this episode were filmed adhering to then-current Local, State, and/or Country mandated COVID-19 safety guidelines and restrictions.

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Originally published: Sunday, December 13, 2020.

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Nick Jr. Israel to Premiere 'Bonbon Restaurant' Soon

Nick Jr. Israel (יִשְׂרָאֵל) will premiere the brand new cooking-themed preschool series Bonbon Restaurant very soon!:

מסעדת בונבון 🍬 סדרה חדשה | בקרוב בערוץ ניק ג'וניור

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Originally published: Sunday, December 06, 2020.
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Next Chapter: ViacomCBS Applies to Register Trademark for New TMNT Project

ViacomCBS, the parent company of the Nickelodeon brand, has applied to register the trademark for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Next Chapter with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)!

ViacomCBS is filing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Next Chapter under "entertainment services in the nature of continuing program series, featuring animation, comedy and drama provided through cable television, broadcast television, internet, video-on-demand, and through other forms of transmission media; providing online information in the field of entertainment concerning television programs," which suggests that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Next Chapter will be a new TMNT series, rather than the recently announced CG-animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theatrical movie Nickelodeon Animation is currently producing with Point Grey Pictures - although it could be a series based on the movie. It's also not thought to be related to Netflix's Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, expected to premiere next year.

It's also currently unknown which platform the new TMNT series is being produced for: Nickelodeon (linear and digital) or streamers such as CBS All Access/Paramount+ and Netflix.

ViacomCBS filed their application to trademark Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Next Chapter on Tuesday, December 8, 2020, as has the serial number 90367277.

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Originally published: Sunday, December 13, 2020 at 20:41 GMT.

Original source: Anime Superhero Forums /@wammyguide; Additional source: ASF /@nomoregroundhogs.

Additional source:

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It's Fishmas | Fishmas Special | Baby Shark's Big Fishmas | Baby Shark Music Video | Christmas Sharks | Nickelodeon

It's Fishmas | Fishmas Special | Baby Shark's Big Fishmas | Baby Shark Music Video | Christmas Sharks | Nickelodeon

Don't miss the encores of “Baby Shark’s Big Fishmas Special,” including on Nickelodeon on Monday, December 14, at 7 p.m., as well as at various times in the lead up to Christmas on the Nick Jr. channel. It's also be available on Nick Jr. On Demand and Download-To-Own services, as well as and the Nick Jr. App, which will also feature short-form content.

Baby Shark's Big Show is coming soon to Nickelodeon and everywhere you find Nick Jr.! Swim over to the following link for more information!:

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Nickelodeon to Premiere 'Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan' in Latin America and Brazil in December 2020

Nickelodeon to Premiere Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan in Latin America and Brazil in December 2020

Brand-new Live-action Series

Share it: #YoungDylan

Kid rapper and pint-sized powerhouse Young Dylan will join the Nickelodeon family with the brand-new live-action series, Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan, premiering this December on Nickelodeon Latin America (Latinoamérica) and Nickelodeon Brazil (Brasil).

Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan will premiere on Saturday 5th December 2020 at 19:30 in Brazil.

Following launch, new episodes will continue to air regularly on the Nickelodeon channels in Latin America and Brazil.

Executive produced, directed and written by Perry, the series follows a family whose world is turned upside down when their nephew, Young Dylan (Dylan Gilmer), an aspiring hip-hop star, moves in unannounced. Michelle Sneed is also an executive producer, with Will Areu and Mark E. Swinton serving as producers. The series wrapped its first season on Sunday, March 15, 2020 at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. The series has been renewed for season two.

In Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan, Dylan’s grandmother Viola (Aloma Wright) realizes that raising her grandson is too much to take on, so she decides to send him to live indefinitely with her affluent son Myles Wilson (Carl Anthony Payne II), his wife Yasmine (Mieko Hillman) and their two kids Rebecca (Celina Smith) and Charlie (Hero Hunter). Suddenly, the Wilson family household needs to adapt as lifestyles clash between rising hip-hop star Young Dylan and his straight-laced cousins. From Dylan giving Charlie, Rebecca, and her best friend Bethany (Jet Miller), lessons in “swag” and street smarts, to learning that even rappers have rules in the Wilson house, the series follows the hilarious hijinks this family faces as they try to get on the same beat.

In the series premiere of Young Dylan, "Imaginary Friends", Young Dylan arrives at his relatives’ home needing a place to live, but his streetwise swagger upends the conservative Wilson household. (#101)

Nickelodeon’s partnership with Perry is part of his long-term pact with ViacomCBS, producing original series for BET Networks (The Oval and Sistas) and other ViacomCBS networks, with exclusive licensing rights on this programming. Additionally, Perry recently announced his joint venture with BET Networks for the new streaming video on demand service BET+. Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan marks Perry’s first kids’ scripted series.

Born and raised in Annapolis, Md., Gilmer is known for his many appearances and performances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and at NBA All-Star Weekend. Gilmer has an overall talent deal with Telepictures, a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Television, and has previously guest starred on the revival of Nickelodeon’s hit series All That.

Gilmer is represented by Sherry Kayne of The Green Room and Chris Abramson at Felker Toczek Suddleson Abramson.

The production of Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan for Nickelodeon is overseen by Shauna Phelan, Senior Vice President, Live-Action Scripted Content. Brian Banks serves as Nickelodeon’s Executive in Charge of Production for the series.

Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan underscores a key element of Nickelodeon's content strategy, to mine social platforms for the talent that kids love. Nick's new content slate is informed by the network's ongoing research and insights into today's generation of kids, who: are the most diverse generation ever and expect to see themselves authentically represented in media and in the world around them; want to make a positive difference in the world as they grow up; consider social media stars as their top role models, alongside their parents; and increasingly meet their much-desired need for family time by co-viewing entertainment content together.

Fans can visit and to find out more about their favourite Nickelodeon shows as well as watch video clips. Fans can also Like the official Nickelodeon Facebook pages (LatAm | BR) and Instagram (LatAm | BR) pages and subscribe to Nickelodeon's official YouTube (en Español | em Português) channels for the latest Nickelodeon news and highlights.

Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan made its world debut on Nickelodeon in the U.S. on Saturday, February 29, 2020.

Update (14/12) - In additional news, Nickelodeon Latin America premiered Nickelodeon's Unfiltered on Saturday 12th December 2020!

Update (7/12) - In additional news, Nickelodeon Latin America's hit locally produced eGaming-themed scripted series Noobees won Best Youth Series at the 2020 Premio PRODU awards!

About Tyler Perry Studios

Tyler Perry Studios is a state-of-the art film and television production facility founded in 2006 by actor, producer, filmmaker, playwright and philanthropist Tyler Perry. Located in Atlanta, Georgia on the historic grounds of the former Fort McPherson army base, the new 330-acre campus is one of the largest production studios in the country. It boasts a variety of shooting locations including 40 buildings on the national register of historic places, 12 purpose-built sound stages, 200 acres of green space and an expansive backlot.

About Nickelodeon:

Nickelodeon, now in its 24th year in Australia and 41st globally, is the number-one entertainment brand for kids. It has built a diverse, global business by putting kids first in everything it does. The company includes television programming and production in the United States and around the world, plus consumer products, digital, recreation, books and feature films. Nickelodeon is one of the most globally recognized and widely distributed multimedia entertainment brands for kids and family, with 1.2 billion cumulative subscriptions in more than 500 million households across 170+ countries and territories, via more than 100+ locally programmed channels and branded blocks. Outside of the United States, Nickelodeon is part of Viacom International Media Networks, a division of Viacom Inc. (NASDAQ: VIAB, VIA), one of the world’s leading creators of programming and content across all media platforms. For more information or artwork, visit Nickelodeon and all related titles, characters and logos are trademarks of Viacom Inc.

From EFE via Eje21:

Colombia y México triunfan en los premios PRODU con seis premios cada uno

México, 6 dic (EFE).- México y Colombia fueron los países que tuvieron más ganadores, con seis cada uno, en la edición en línea de los Premio PRODU, que estuvieron 50 horas en emisión celebrando la excelencia de las producciones y talentos en español.

Con un total de 25 categorías, esta edición dio por ganadores a «El Presidente» (con tres galardones) y «Hernán», «La jauría», «100 días para enamorarnos» y «Control Z» (con dos cada una).

Por su parte, las empresas más galardonadas fueron las productoras Fabula y Kapow, con cinco premios cada una; Telemundo Global Studios, con cuatro, y Caracol TV y Gaumont, con tres.

Además, se realizaron dos homenajes muy especiales: a la colombiana Sofía Vergara, quien se ha convertido en un icono de la cultura latina por su éxito en la serie estadounidense «Modern Family» (2009), y a la famosa conductora argentina Susana Giménez por una vida de dedicación artística por su gran trayectoria.

Vergara agradeció el reconocimiento y a los Premios PRODU por dar valor al contenido en español y por seguir abriendo puertas al mundo.

Giménez pidió salud y que se termine rápido este «año inolvidable».

En cuanto al premio a mejor actor principal de serie, superserie o telenovela fue para Andrés Parra por su papel en «El Presidente», mientras que su homónima femenina fue Mariana Treviño, por «100 días para enamorarnos».

Treviño escribió un mensaje de agradecimiento a través de Twitter: «¡¡Wuuuoorale!! ¡Jajaj! ¡Qué liiindo! Muchísimas gracias premios PRODU por este reconocimiento. Fui muy feliz contando y viviendo la historia de Reme, amé ser parte de ese maravilloso proyecto».

La serie chilena «La jauría» se llevó el galardón a mejor serie y a mejor directora de serie, para Lucía Puenzo.

Por su parte, la mexicana «Hernán» se hizo con el premio a mejor miniserie, y la mejor serie juvenil infantil fue «NOOBees» de Nickelodeon e idea original del español Flipy.

«Muchas gracias a los Premios PRODU por haber elegido a #NOOBees como Mejor Serie Infantil Juvenil. Enhorabuena a todo el equipo que la hizo posible y gracias a Nickelodeon y The Mediapro Studio por creer en el que fue mi primer proyecto de ficción para Latinoamérica», escribió Flipy en Twitter.

El evento se llevó a cabo desde el miércoles hasta el jueves y reunió lo mejor de la industria audiovisual latina en tres categorías: Contenido, Talento y Marketing.

Durante el primer día de celebración, la transmisión se enfocó a presentar entrevistas exclusivas al talento y a los ejecutivos de la industria, y a todos los actos se les pudo dar seguimiento por medio de las redes sociales del evento.

A partir del jueves fue cuando la transmisión se enfocó exclusivamente en la entrega de premios y desde la alfombra roja virtual hasta el anuncio de los ganadores, todo estuvo liderado por la modelo argentina Valeria Mazza y el periodista hispanovenezolano Boris Izaguirre. EFE


From TVLaint:

''Nickelodeon, sin Filtro'' se estrena hoy en Argentina

En esta nueva propuesta del canal, tendrás que adivinar cuál de tus celebridades favoritas está escondida detrás del filtro animado mientras los panelistas hacen preguntas, recopilan pistas y compiten en juegos para adivinar correctamente al misterioso invitado.

Se trata de un gameshow que se estrenó en los Estados Unidos en el pasado mes de julio, y es conducido por Jay Pharoah, junto a los panelistas Darci Lynne, Gabrielle Nevaeh Green y Lex Lumpkin. 

Su primer episodio se titula "Pizza en tu cara de juego!", y Jay presentará a celebridades misteriosas ocultas tras filtros animados en 3D, mientras Darci, Gabrielle y Lex tratan de revelar la identidad de los dos invitados. 
No te pierdas su estreno, hoy a las 18:00 por Nickelodeon Argentina.
 En el resto de los feeds, la serie se emite los días viernes y su estreno fue ayer.


Originally published: Tuesday, November 17, 2020.

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'44 Cats' Triumphs at the TBI Content Innovation Awards 2020

Rainbow, a leading provider of global content for children, has triumphed at TBI’s Content Innovation Awards 2020, which was held as an international virtual awards ceremony on Friday 4th December.

Rainbow scooped the prize in the Best Animated Kids Programme Category for its second season of global pre-school hit 44 Cats, at the sixth edition of the annual awards that was presided over by a panel of judges and TBI team members.

Rainbow, which is currently celebrating its 25th anniversary, is renowned for providing high quality children’s entertainment, most notably animated, and counts both 44 Cats and Winx Club amongst its global successes. 44 Cats burst onto screens in late 2018 and currently airs in more than 100 countries and 20 languages on all major content platforms including Pay-TV, free to air and SVOD - including on Nickelodeon, Nicktoons and Nick Jr. channels globally - achieving great ratings success from the very beginning. Developed and produced by Rainbow in partnership with Bardel Entertainment, 44 Cats tells the daily adventures of four kittens – The Buffycats – and their human and animal fellow friends – with original music.

Iginio Straffi, CEO, Rainbow, commented: “I’d like to thank TBI for this prestigious award, which will sit proudly alongside others that we’ve been honoured to win, for our delightful animated series, 44 Cats. This broadcast content win reaffirms the value of 44 Cats on the global production landscape and the capability of our team at Rainbow in understanding what today’s children enjoy viewing. Successes, such as this award, have two wonderful effects: they recognise the efforts of all those who have worked hard, and with so much passion, towards the production and distribution of 44 Cats; but above all, they encourage myself and Rainbow to continue believing in the new productions we are now working on with just as much passion and commitment, so they will be tomorrow’s successes.”

44 Cats is inspired by the very popular Italian kids song "44 Gatti", which, in 1968, won the 10th edition of the Zecchino d'Oro and has since entered the collective imagination of Italians.


44 Gatti vince ai Content Innovation Awards 2020. Alla serie il premio per il Miglior programma animato per bambini

“Voglio ringraziare TBI per questo prestigiosissimo premio che si va ad aggiungere ai molti altri vinti in questi due anni da 44 Gatti. Premi che confermano il valore della nostra serie e la capacità della Rainbow di intuire i gusti ed i desideri del pubblico. Questi successi hanno due meravigliosi effetti: ripagano dei sacrifici fatti tutti quelli che hanno lavorato duramente con tanta passione alla produzione e diffusione della serie 44 Gatti, ma soprattutto incoraggiano me e la Rainbow a continuare a credere nelle nuove produzioni a cui stiamo lavorando con altrettanta passione e impegno. Saranno i successi di domani“. Con queste parole Iginio Straffi, fondatore e presidente di Rainbow (la content company nota in tutto il mondo per le fatine Winx e per numerosi brand di successo dedicati ai bambini), accoglie il trionfo di 44 Gatti nell’ambito della sesta edizione dei “Content Innovation Awards”, un’iniziativa del magazine inglese TBI – Television Business International e Digital TV Europe che celebra l’innovazione nei contenuti e nella distribuzione e i risultati di aziende e individui che stanno contribuendo a trasformare l’industria televisiva globale.

“44 Gatti”, la serie animata campione di ascolti su Rai Yoyo, prodotta da Rainbow in collaborazione con Rai Ragazzi e Antoniano di Bologna, è stata premiata come il “Miglior programma animato per bambini 2020”. La serie, infatti, trasmessa su oltre 150 emittenti (TV e digital) in più di 100 paesi in 20 lingue, con risultati di ascolto eccezionali, combina musica e intrattenimento con un’animazione CGI di altissima qualità. La serie, infatti, trasmessa su oltre 150 emittenti (TV e digital) in più di 100 paesi in 20 lingue, con risultati di ascolto eccezionali, combina musica e intrattenimento con un’animazione CGI di altissima qualità. A curare la colonna sonora, le canzoni cantate dal Coro dell’Antoniano di Bologna.


Original source: Toy World Magazine; Additional source: Licensing Magazine.

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