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Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse to Voice June in French Canadian Dub of Nickelodeon Movies' 'Wonder Park'

Paramount Pictures Canada has announced the exciting news that Canadian actor Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse will be lending her voice to the character of June in the French Canadian dub of Paramount Animation and Nickelodeon Movies' upcoming animated family-friendly film, Wonder Park!

Photo: Pierre-Paul Poulin

Locally titled Le Parc Des Merveilles, the movie is set to be released on Friday, March 15th, 2019 in the French-Canadian speaking regions of Canada.

Sarah-Jeanne is no stranger to voice characters in animated projects, having previously voiced Twilight Sparkle in the Mon petit poney (My Little Pony), starring alongside several of her Le chalet co-stars.

In the US-English audio track of the movie, June is being voiced by actor Brianna Denski (Momsters: When Moms Go Bad).

A tribute to creativity, Wonder Park tells the story of 10-year-old June, a wildly imaginative young girl who builds models of amusements parks with her mother. When her mother falls sick and has to go away for treatment. June packs away her models, and loses her sense of wonder. But one day in the woods, in a magical moment, she discovers a roller coaster car buried under ivy. It transports her to a fantasy wonder park, like the ones she used to build, populated by animals who were its past employees. But the park is broken down, abandoned and in a state of decay. With the park’s animals, June sets out to fix it and rediscover her sense of confidence and imagination, overcoming her fears.

The voice talent of the US dub of Wonder Park includes Matthew Broderick (Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Rules Don’t Apply, The Producers) as Dad, Jennifer Garner (Nine Lives, The Tribes of Palos Verdes) as Mom, Kenan Thompson (All That, Kenan & Kel, Good Burger, SNL) as Gus, Ken Jeong (Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, Bob’s Burgers) as Cooper, Mila Kunis (Family Guy, A Bad Moms Christmas) as Greta, John Oliver (The Daily Show, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, live-action Lion King) as Steve, Sofia Mali as Young June, Brianna Denski (Momsters: When Moms Go Bad) as June, Oev Michael Urbas as Banky, Norbert Leo Butz (Bloodline) as Peanut, Kate McGregor-Stewart as Aunt Albertine, Kevin Chamberlin as Uncle Tony, Kath Soucie (Rugrats, Hey Arnold!) as Bus Counselor Shannon, and Noen Perez as Chatty Kid. Jeffrey Tambor, who in recent months has been accused of harassment, was replaced on the animated offering last month. He was replaced by Ken Hudson Campbell, who voiced Boomer the Bear.

The PG-rated film was written by Josh Appelbaum and André Nemec (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows) from a story by Applebaum, Nemec, and Robert Gordon. Appelbaum, Nemec, and Kendra Haaland served as producers, with Karen Rosenfelt and Don Hahn executive producing. The studio hasn’t credited the film to a director after the original helmer, first-time director Dylan Brown, was fired in January 2018 following complaints of inappropriate and unwanted conduct.

The production budget for Wonder Park is estimated to be $100 million U.S. dollars.

Wonder Park is set for release in theatres and RealD 3D in the US on March 15th and in 2D and 3D cinemas in the UK on April 8th.

'Knight Squad' Stars Daniella Perkins and Lilimar Grace the Cover of February/March 2019 Issue of 'Girls’ Life' Magazine

Knight Squad stars Daniella Perkins and Lilimar rock with their respective styles on the cover of the February/March 2019 issue of Girls’ Life magazine!

Screen queens Daniella Perkins and Lilimar are techinicolor dreams in this season’s bold hues and touchable textures. Plus: The intelligent and talented stars of Nickelodeon's Knight Squad prove that no topic is off limits as they get real on self-love, fans, navigating Hollywood and more.

In Daniella's feature, the actor opens up about representation in Hollywood and playing Ciara on Nickelodeon’s popular comedy series Knight Squad.

“There’s a very big lack of representation in the entertainment business as a whole,” she says. “Growing up, there was nobody who really looked like me on-screen. I used to think, ‘Aw man, my hair is so big.’ But now, I get to wear my hair curly on Knight Squad and I totally embrace the heck out of it.”

Daniella adds, “So many curly-haired girls have been responding to it and saying that we’re hair twins!”

In Lilimar's interview, the actor opens up about sharing makeup-free and unretouched photos of herself on Instagram.

“I’d get a lot of comments like ‘I wish I was as pretty as you are’ or ‘OMG, can I have your life?’. It made me sad,” she confesses.

Lilimar adds, “I was like, I want to change this. I want my fandom to feel more empowered and I want my fans to like who they are and what they have. You only have what you were given, so why not love it?”

She also gave a big shout out to her fans.

“You have to be grateful for those who support you. You have to appreciate the places you’ve been and how you’ve gotten to where you are. And I am so appreciative of all the opportunities I’ve gotten because of my fans.”

The epic two-part first season finale of Knight Squad, "End of the Knight" kicks off with part one on Saturday, January 19, 2019 at 9:00pm ET/PT, followed by part two on Saturday, January 26, 2019 at 9:00pm ET/PT! In the special, an injured Princess Eliza informs the kingdom that evil Ryker is near the all-powerful Armor of Astoria; Arc (Owen Joyner) and Ciara (Perkins) race to its location, but a shocking betrayal allows Ryker to take the armor and reclaim Astoria's throne!

Don't worry, this won't be the last we hear from the Knight Squad gang: a 10-episode second season is currently being made! In the meantime, fans can watch Daniella on Nickelodeon's brand-new YouTube series, Drop That Seat!

Also, from Kidsday:

'Knight Squad' actress Daniella Perkins meets Long Island kids

Nickelodeon 'princess' teases her favorite episodes and talks about being a role model for biracial kids.

We met actress Daniella Perkins, who stars as Ciara on one of our favorite Nickelodeon shows, “Knight Squad,” while she was in Manhattan recently.

What is it like playing Ciara on “Knight Squad”?

Playing Ciara, it’s really fun because, you guys know, she’s the princess. You know, us girls, we gotta show the world who’s boss. I feel like it’s really cool and she’s very funny, too, at the same time. So she’s not too serious, but she can take power, and I feel like it’s really cool.

How do you like being a princess?

Would you guys like to be princesses? It’s everything you dream of, guys. It’s a lot of fun because you get to wear crowns and dresses and everything, and you just get to be a princess.

When did you start acting?

I started acting when I was about 15, so I’ve been acting for four years. I used to be in musical theater. I love performing. I used to be really shy, though. Growing up I was kind of quiet. And then I just broke out of my shell and I started musical theater. And after that I was like, “Oh, my gosh, I can actually be an actor.” I started auditioning and I booked my job, and that’s how it happened.

What is your favorite episode on “Knight Squad”?

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My favorite episode that’s out would be whenever it is when we have guest stars. So, have you guys seen Kira [Kosarinon] from “The Thundermans”? I love that episode. I think that was really funny because I love Kira, she’s one of my very good friends. And Jack [Griffo]. Those are my two favorite episodes, just because having guest stars is always fun because you’re always with the same cast, but when new people come in, it’s kind of like different experiences. My favorite ones, though, are towards the end of the season and aren’t out yet, but they will be coming out.

Do you like playing a mean role?

Yes, I do . . . I really think it’s cool because you know, being like a mixed girl and everything, to be able to land a leading role and be able to show diversity for everyone out there and be like, hey, you can do it. And especially being a girl, and she’s very powerful. So I feel like it’s sending out a very good message, especially nowadays because I don’t know if you guys know everything that’s going on in the entertainment business, but all these girls are taking over. We’re here and we’re boss, and I feel like I’m kind of part of that movement, so it’s really cool.

Who is your role model?

I would say my mom is because she taught me to always make the best out of situations, and if you put out good vibes and think good and you stay on track of what you want to do in your life, that’s going to happen. I feel like that’s really set my way and my career so far. And she’s just an amazing person.

Do you like in the show having parents from different countries?

Yeah, in the show it’s only my dad, but we’re from Astoria, so it’s kind of like, we don’t say it’s like a magical land, but you know how it is. I don’t know where my mom is in the show, but yeah, having my dad is very fun. He’s very cool and he’s kind of goofy, right? He’s very goofy. I feel like I’m the mom. I feel like I’m his mom in the show. I’m like, "Dad, no. Bad." He would say, "Sorry."

How would you describe yourself?

I would say I’m very — some people could call it quirky. I don’t know; I’m very out there. Sometimes I’m very loud or I’m very goofy to make weird dances and do all this stuff in public. It just depends on the mood. You know how it goes, you just feel a little different sometimes, like today I’m going to be funny. It depends.

Do you believe Ciara will eventually tell her friends that she is a princess in the season finale?

That is a good one. There are a lot of secrets that do eventually come out. We don’t know yet. So you’re going to have to watch till the end of the season. I’ll say this: It gets harder for Ciara to keep the secret. Does that make sense? Because people start questioning where she goes and all this stuff.

Do you choose your makeup or do the set workers?

When I am the princess, they choose what dress I’m wearing. We go based on the eye shadow if I’m wearing the purple dress or a green dress. We keep it a little bit more mild. But she does wear more makeup than Ciara because she’s a princess and she wears lip gloss, and Ciara is more like, get to work. I don’t really choose it, but I have a say if I think it should be a little bit more of something, or like, can we use this color. I choose my nails, though. I always have my nails done in every episode. No one probably pays attention, but that’s my thing. I’m like, I’m going to have this color nails this episode.

Other than acting, is there anything else you are passionate about?

I want to be a director, directing and fashion. That’s what I would probably be doing. Well, I’m going to do it, even though I’m an actor. But that is what I want to do for my career.

Have families or organizers contacted you thanking you for promoting biracial families?

Definitely, yes. Moms would come up to me and say, Oh, thank you so much for being this role model for my daughter because when I was growing up, when I was younger— like, a little younger than you guys — I never saw a girl who was the lead in a show and was mixed or anything. I saw girls who were in the show, but it was never her show. And definitely never a powerful role, too.

When you’re not acting or doing social media, what do you do for fun?

I feel like I’m always showing something. See, I have my own camera right here. Even when I’m not in front of cameras, I’m always filming myself. I just love entertaining. Does that make sense? If I’m not working on something, I feel very bored. For me personally, just keeping myself motivated, even if I’m not on set, I like to stay filming something. I just film my YouTube videos, get them out there, still entertain.


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Originally published: Wednesday, January 16, 2019.

Original source: Just Jared Jr. (II); Additional source: Bristol Herald Courier.
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Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts Punta Cana Receives Top Honor in TripAdvisor's 2019 Travelers' Choice Awards

TripAdvisor, the world's largest travel site, has announced the exciting news that Karisma Hotels & Resorts and Nickelodeon have received a top honor for the Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts Punta Cana hotel in the annual Travelers' Choice awards!

Travelers' Choice award winners are determined based on the millions of reviews and opinions collected in a single year from TripAdvisor travelers worldwide. In the 17th year of the awards, TripAdvisor has recognized 7,812 properties in 94 countries and eight regions worldwide in the categories of Top Hotels Overall, Luxury, Bargain, Small, Best Service, B&Bs and Inns, Romance, Family and All-Inclusive. The hallmarks of Travelers' Choice hotels winners are remarkable quality, service and value.

The Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts Punta Cana hotel was named the number one hotel in the "Top 25 Hotels for Families — Caribbean" category of the 2019 Travelers' Choice awards.

SpongeBob's Pineapple House at Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts Punta Cana

Located on the beach of Uvero Alto and led by Oscar Lora, General Manager at Karisma Hotels & Resorts, Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts Punta Cana is a firm hit with fans and holidaymakers alike. The hotel has a very strong occupancy rate all through the year and stands out for having a staff of employees who are committed to work and service at the hotel, which inspires guests to write positive reviews on TripAdvisor and on numerous social media websites.

Additionally, the Sensatori Resort Punta Cana was also named 16th in the "Top 25 All-Inclusive Resorts — Caribbean" category of Travelers' Choice 2019!

The Karisma Hotels & Resorts chain also stands out for its careful service, guests having direct contact with executives, its program of corporate social responsibility, gastronomic festivals that highlight traditional Dominican products and dishes, training for employees, and its impeccable infrastructure, which includes a Golden Pineapple villa inspired by SpongeBob SquarePants' iconic house, and a water theme park loved the kids.

In additional awards news, Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts Punta Cana picked up the Gold award in the "Best Family Hotel/Resort - Caribbean/Bahamas" category of the 2019 Travvy Awards!

Hosted by travAlliancemedia and sponsored by Allianz as well as ShoreTrips, Hotel Xcaret Mexico, La Coleccion and the Jamaica Tourism Board, the fifth annual Travvy Awards took place on January 23, 2019, at Gotham Hall in New York City. The Travvy Awards honor the travel industry’s best and brightest, and receiving an award at the high-caliber ceremony is considered one of the top honors in the travel industry.

Congrats Nickelodeon and Karisma!

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Original source: Online Punta Cana Bavaro; Additional sources: Google Translate, PR Newswire, DeepL Translator, LinkedIn.
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Paramount Animation and Nickelodeon Movies' 'Wonder Park' Characters Star in New PSA to Inspire Girls to Pursue Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)

Original Ad Council Press Release via PR Newswire:

Paramount Animation and Nickelodeon Movies' Wonder Park Characters Star in New PSA to Inspire Girls to Pursue Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)

Paramount Animation joins the Ad Council to launch new PSA highlighting the creative, fantastical worlds that girls can build using STEM

NEW YORK, Jan. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Ad Council has joined forces with Paramount Animation and Nickelodeon Movies' Wonder Park to inspire young girls to use science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to build, create and change the world. The new PSA (public service advertisement) is an extension of the Ad Council's She Can STEM campaign, which encourages girls to pursue their STEM passions by challenging obsolete stereotypes and surprising girls with how cool, unexpected and inspiring STEM can be.

She Can STEM and Wonder Park team up to inspire girls to stay in STEM.

The PSA follows 12-year-old June as she creates the whimsical, "splendiferous" amusement park, Wonderland, using STEM. The wildly creative June has a maker spirit and excels at engineering, building and math. The PSA assets direct viewers to @SheCanSTEM on Instagram to learn more about the campaign and resources for girls who are interested in STEM.

"If girls can see it, they can be it," said Lisa Sherman, President and CEO of the Ad Council. "We're thrilled to be partner with Paramount's Wonder Park to bring the fun, inspiring story of a STEM superstar to girls across the country who may also want to pursue a path in science, technology, engineering and math."

She Can STEM | Wonder Park :30

This PSA follows 12-year-old June, as she creates the whimsical, “splendiferous” amusement park, Wonderland, using science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). To learn more about STEM, visit @SheCanSTEM on Instagram.

Women make up half of the total college-educated workforce in the U.S., but they only constitute 25 percent of the STEM workforce, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce.i Research shows that many girls lose interest in STEM as early as middle school, and this path continues through high school and college, ultimately leading to an underrepresentation of women in STEM careers.

"Our main character, June, believes that if you can dream it you can build it, which is the embodiment of the Ad Council She Can STEM initiative. We are excited to work with the Ad Council to deliver such an inspirational message to young girls everywhere," said Michelle Hagen, EVP of Worldwide Partnerships at Paramount Pictures.

Wonder Park tells the story of a magnificent amusement park where the imagination of a young girl named June comes alive. The movie features the voices of stars including Mila Kunis, Jennifer Garner, Mathew Broderick, John Oliver, Ken Jeong, Keenan Thompson, Ken Hudson Campbell and Norbert Leo Butz, among others. The voice of June will be played by 15-year-old Brianna Denski, who is passionate about encouraging other girls to pursue their interests in STEM. Wonder Park hits theaters on March 15, 2019.

The PSAs will run in donated time and space, per the Ad Council's model. The assets are available in TV, digital and out-of-home formats nationwide. Previous Ad Council partnerships with Paramount include PSAs featuring characters and footage from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows on behalf of the Ad Council's Bullying Prevention campaign and Selma on behalf of UNCF's Better Futures campaign.

To learn more, join the @SheCanSTEM community on Instagram or visit the She Can STEM website.

About Paramount Pictures Corporation
Paramount Pictures Corporation (PPC), a global producer and distributor of filmed entertainment, is a unit of Viacom, a leading content company with prominent and respected film, television and digital entertainment brands. Paramount controls a collection of some of the most powerful brands in filmed entertainment, including Paramount Pictures, Paramount Animation, Paramount Television, Paramount Players, MTV Films, and Nickelodeon Movies. PPC operations also include Paramount Home Media Distribution, Paramount Pictures International, Paramount Licensing Inc., and Paramount Studio Group.

About Wonder Park
Wonder Park tells the story of a magnificent amusement park where the imagination of a wildly creative girl named June comes alive. One magical day, June is running through the woods to find her way home where she discovers an old rollercoaster car and climbs inside. She suddenly finds herself in Wonderland, an amusement park she had created in her mind and put aside. All of her rides and characters are brought to life but are falling into disarray without her. Now, with the help of her fun and lovable park characters, June will have to put the wonder back in Wonderland before it is lost forever.

About the Ad Council
The Ad Council brings together the most creative minds in advertising and media to address the most worthy causes. Its innovative, pro bono social good campaigns raise awareness. They inspire action. They save lives. To learn more, visit, follow the Ad Council's communities on Facebook and Twitter, and view the creative on YouTube.

i U.S. Department of Commerce: Women in STEM: 2017 Update. Available at:

SOURCE Ad Council


Wonder Park is set for release in theatres and RealD 3D in the US on March 15th and in 2D and 3D cinemas in the UK on April 8th.

Click here to watch the Wonder Park trailers!

Follow the movie online:





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Nickelodeon Launches Nick+ SVOD App on Vodafone TV in Greece

Update (24/1/2019) - Below is Nickelodeon Greece's (Ελλάδα) official press release announcing the exciting news!:



23 January 2019, Milan - Vodafone announced today the launch in Greece of Nick+, a new On Demand offer with content from Viacom International Media Networks’ leading global kids brand, Nickelodeon. The service offers access to Nickelodeon’s premium children’s entertainment any time on any device for Vodafone TV subscribers.

‘We are excited to partner with Vodafone Greece for the launch of Nick+,’ said Raffaele Annecchino, President and MD of Viacom International Media Networks’ Southern and Western Europe, Middle East and Africa cluster, ‘Nick+ is an innovative offer that gives kids and parents greater flexibility and choice over where and when they experience their favorite Nickelodeon shows and characters. This agreement is in line with our strategy to further extend the Nickelodeon brand into the nonlinear space to better serve shifting video consumption trends and consumer expectations.’

Vodafone TV offers subscribers in Greece the largest variety of children's TV series dubbed in Greek. This offer is now further enriched by the addition of the new Nick+ service. For the first time on Vodafone TV, children can now watch endless On Demand episodes from their favorite Nickelodeon heroes, anytime and as many times they want, on any device. Vodafone TV subscribers can also temporarily download their favorite episodes to their mobile phone or tablet to watch them offline on their holidays, even when they do not have access to the Internet.

Nick+ content includes more than 400 hours and 800 episodes of children’s entertainment for ages from 0 to 12, with full seasons (Box Sets) from popular series, such as PAW Patrol, Rabbids: Invasion, Back at the Barnyard, Blaze and the Monster Machines, Dora and Friends, The Penguins of Madagascar, School of Rock, The Loud House, and Shimmer and Shine. The service will also offer new episodes of the latest series that premiere in the linear channel, such as Butterbean's Café and Top Wing.

All these episodes are now available On Demand on Vodafone TV in Greece, providing subscribers with the best viewing experience at any time and on any device.


About Vodafone TV :

The new Vodafone TV is a game changer for TV in Greece, offering exciting content, a unique experience and unlimited possibilities that meet every need. Now everyone can obtain it regardless of the network they belong to, so that they may enjoy the best live and On Demand content on any device they want inside or outside the house. For more details about Nick+ and the huge variety of children's content of Vodafone TV, please visit

About Nickelodeon
Nickelodeon, now in its 39th year, is the number-one entertainment brand for kids. It has built a diverse, global business by putting kids first in everything it does. The company includes television programming and production in the United States and around the world, plus consumer products, digital, recreation, books and feature films. Nickelodeon is one of the most globally recognized and widely distributed multimedia entertainment brands for kids and family, with 1.2 billion cumulative subscriptions in more than 500 million households across 170+ countries and territories, via more than 100+ locally programmed channels and branded blocks. Outside of the United States, Nickelodeon is part of Viacom International Media Networks, a division of Viacom Inc. (NASDAQ: VIAB, VIA), one of the world’s leading creators of programming and content across all media platforms. For more information or artwork, visit Nickelodeon and all related titles, characters and logos are trademarks of Viacom Inc.


Περισσότερα Nick: Nickelodeon Greece Acquires Rights to 'Dragon Ball Super'!

Originally published: Friday, December 21, 2018.
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Cousins For Life | 'This Little Piggy Went to Market' Trailer | Nickelodeon USA

When Ivy (Scarlet Spencer), Stuart (Dallas Dupree Young) and Leaf (Micah Abbey) find out about a TV commercial opportunity for an influencer, they set out to make Arthur (Sally Sue) famous. Will it be his "Pig Break"? Find out in the brand-new Cousins For Life episode "This Little Piggy Went to Market", premiering Saturday, January 26, 2019 at 8:28pm ET/PT, following an all-new Henry Danger at 8:00pm ET/PT, only on Nickelodeon USA!

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Additional sources: Zap2it TV Listings, @TVShowsFan.
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Quiz: Do YOU Know What Happened on the Newest Henry Danger❓| #KnowYourNick | Nickelodeon

Quiz: Do YOU Know What Happened on the Newest Henry Danger❓| #KnowYourNick

What happened to Henry (Jace Norman) and his superpowers? How did Charlotte (Riele Downs) help save the day? What does Rick Twitler (David Blue) think his name is? This quiz will tell you if you caught everything! How many questions did you get right? Catch the Power Packed Encore of the Henry Danger 3-Part Television Event "A New Evil", Wednesday January 23rd at 7:00pm ET/PT on Nickelodeon USA!

How many did YOU get right?! 💯

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Nickelodeon Germany, Switzerland and Austria to Digitally Premiere Episode of 'Rise of the TMNT' on Tuesday 29th January 2019

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles return in Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Nickelodeon's brand-new 2D-animated series which reimagines the characters in a fresh new way, set to premiere on Nickelodeon Germany (Deutschland), Switzerland (Schweiz) and Austria (Österreich) very soon, Nickelodeon GSA will be giving fans a totally tubular sneak-peek by digitally premiering an episode of Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, locally titled Der Aufstieg der Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, online at, on the Nickelodeon Play app, as well as on Nickelodeon Deutschland's official Facebook and Instagram pages and official YouTube channel on Tuesday 29th January 2019! COWABUNGA!

Raph, Leo, Donnie and Mikey emerge from the sewers and tap into undiscovered ninja powers in Nickelodeon's reimagined, 2D-animated series Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which made its world debut on Monday 17th September 2018 on Nickelodeon USA. The action-comedy series follows the band of brothers as they discover new powers and encounter a mystical world they never knew existed beneath the streets of New York City. Following its US launch, the series has been rolling out globally across Nickelodeon's channels and branded blocks in 170+ countries and territories.

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles follows the Turtles on all-new adventures as they master new powers, encounter absurd mutants and battle bizarre villains, each with their own motivations. Ranging from mystics, mutants and madmen, new creatures and villains emerge to take on Raph, Leo, Donnie and Mikey in battles across New York City. From the tallest skyscraper to the dankest sewer drain, the brothers learn to work together and navigate the perils of New York City and the hidden realms below in order to fulfill their destiny to become a team of heroes.

In the half-hour launch episode, "Mystic Mayhem," the Turtles discover for the first time that they're not the weirdest things in New York.

Nickelodeon’s Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Pictured (clockwise): Raphael, Michelangelo, Leonardo, Donatello and April O'Neil.

The US-dub of Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles stars the voice talent of Omar Miller (Ballers) as Raph, a jagged-shelled snapping turtle; Ben Schwartz (Parks and Recreation) as Leo, a red-eared slider turtle; Josh Brener (Silicon Valley) as Donnie, a soft-shell turtle; Brandon Mychal Smith (You're The Worst) as Mikey, a box turtle; Kat Graham (The Vampire Diaries) as April O'Neil, a street savvy native New Yorker; Eric Bauza (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) as Splinter, father figure and sensei to the Turtles; and WWE Superstar John Cena as the villainous, Baron Draxum.

The line-up of guest stars voicing new mutants and bizarre villains in RTMNT includes: Lena Headey (Game of Thrones) as Big Mama, a gigantic spider mutant; John Michael Higgins (Pitch Perfect) as Warren Stone, a former news anchor turned mutant earthworm; Tom Kenny (SpongeBob SquarePants) as Albearto, a singing, birthday-loving rampaging robot; Sam Richardson and Tim Simons (Veep) as Muninn and Huginn, gargoyles who are never far from their master, Baron Draxum; John Rotten Lydon (Public Image Ltd 'PiL' and Sex Pistols) as Meat Sweats, a power-hungry mutant pig; Rhys Darby (Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle) as Hypno-Potamus, a mutant magician/hippo; and Jorge Gutierrez (El Tigre) as Ghostbear, a human pro-wrestler champion with a taste for cheating.

The Deutsche dub of Der Aufstieg der Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles includes YouTuber Freshtorge as Todd Capybara, celebrity chef Alexander Herrmann as Meat Sweats and actor Christian Tramitz as Baron Draxum.

In addition, Rob Paulsen (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and Maurice LaMarche (Animaniacs) reunite behind the mic as Foot Lieutenant, the de-facto leader of the Foot Clan, and Foot Brute, the Foot Lieutenant's right hand man.

Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN) Germany Switzerland Austria (GSA) has named leading US toy manufacturer Jazwares as their exclusive distribution partner for Nickelodeon's upcoming 2D animated Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series. The agreement will see Jazwares distribute Der Aufstieg der Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures, role play toys, playsets and more from Playmates Toys, the longtime master toy licensee for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, in the DACH (Germany (Deutschland), Austria (Österreich) and Switzerland (Schweiz)) region.

Nickelodeon and Jazwares will be joining forces with TV chef Alexander Herrmann, actor Christian Tramitz, and YouTuber Freshtorge to announce the launch of Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Germany, Switzerland and Austria at the 70th anniversary edition of the Spielwarenmesse Toy Fair, taking place between Wednesday 30th January to Sunday 3rd February 2019 in Nuremberg, Germany.

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Additional source: Google Translate, Wikipedia, TMNTPedia.
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Nickelodeon India to Premiere 'Motu Patlu the Superheroes – Super Villains from Mars' TV Movie on Saturday 26th January 2019

MUMBAI: This Republic Day, the awesome twosome Motu-Patlu will embark on an all-new adventure, fighting evil to protect the citizens of Furfurinagar and Modern City in their upcoming brand-new TV movie Motu Patlu the Superheroes – Super Villains from Mars, premiering on Saturday 26th January 2019 at 12:30 pm on Nickelodeon India!

India’s favorite duo have always won over evil in any shape, size or form and has made us believe in the power of unity and the motto of ‘good always triumphs over evil. On the 70th Republic day, with its 18th made-for-television movie, witness Motu Patlu on their rollercoaster space tour to fight the villains from the planet Mars.

This new adventure Motu Patlu the Superheroes – Super Villains from Mars will see Motu Patlu fighting three high-tech robbers – Pinky, Panky, and Ponky who have come to rob Furfurinagar and Modern City from the spaceship. While Motu-Patlu are trying to save the city, they get caught in a cosmic collision. Though Motu Patlu manage to save themselves, in the process the dastardly villains get superpowers themselves and decide to take revenge on Motu Patlu and rob the entire world!

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Original source:; Additional source: Indian Television Dot Com.
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