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August 2020 on Nickelodeon Central and Eastern Europe: Lego City Adventures S2 | The Casagrandes | Just Add Magic S2 + More

Below is a round-up of Nickelodeon Central and Eastern Europe's (CEE) programming highlights for August 2020!

More Highlights:

July 2020 on: Nickelodeon CEE | Nick Jr. CEE | Nicktoons CEE

August 2020 on: Nicktoons CEE | Nick Jr. CEE

All times CET; Unless otherwise noted, localised episode titles are Hungarian (Magyar).

--- This August, Nickelodeon Central and Eastern Europe will be airing:

-- Brand new episodes of The Casagrandes!:

- 2020-08-07 16:50 1x08b Copy Can't
- 2020-08-10 16:50 1x08a Flee Market
- 2020-08-11 16:50 1x09a Away Game
- 2020-08-12 16:50 1x09b Monster Cash
- 2020-08-13 16:50 1x10b This Bird Has Flown
- 2020-08-14 16:50 1x10a Trend Game

- Nick CEE will premiere more new episodes of The Casagrandes in September 2020!

"The Casagrandes" is locally titled "A Casagrande család" in Hungary, "Casagrande" in Romania and "Casagrandes" in Croatia.

-- A brand new episode of The Loud House!

- 2020-08-03 18:00 4x15a Exchange of Heart

"The Loud House" is locally titled "A Lármás család" in Hungary and "Casa Loud" in Romania.

-- Lego City Adventures season two!:

- 2020-08-10 18:30 2x01b To Cop or Not to Cop (season 2 premiere)
- 2020-08-11 18:30 2x01a Buster Moves
- 2020-08-12 18:30 2x02b The Silver Blur
- 2020-08-13 18:30 2x02a Handle with Car
- 2020-08-14 18:30 2x03b Ann They're Off
- 2020-08-17 18:30 2x03a Harl Hubbs Day
- 2020-08-18 18:30 2x04b The Man With No Name With A Name
- 2020-08-19 18:30 2x04a Bob and Clemmons' Excellent Adventure
- 2020-08-20 18:30 2x05b Backdraft to School
- 2020-08-21 18:30 2x05a Daisy Chain Gang
- 2020-08-24 18:30 2x06b Dirty Duke
- 2020-08-25 18:30 2x06a Running Mates
- 2020-08-26 18:30 2x07b For Wheeler
- 2020-08-27 18:30 2x07a Brickmuda Heptagon
- 2020-08-28 18:30 2x08b The Quacken
- 2020-08-31 18:30 2x08a The Treasure of Nosepatch

"Lego City Adventures" is locally titled "Lego City kalandok" in Hungary, "City Aventuri" in Romania and "Gradska posla" in Croatia.

-- Brand new episodes of LEGO Jurassic World (Lego Jurassic World: Legend of Isla Nublar):

- 2020-08-03 18:30 1x09 Haunted and Hunted!
- 2020-08-04 18:30 1x10 To the Extreme!
- 2020-08-05 18:30 1x11 Symptoms
- 2020-08-06 18:30 1x12 Under the Volcano!
- 2020-08-07 18:30 1x13 The Monsters and the Mech! (series finale)

-- Just Add Magic season two!

- 2020-08-03 19:25 2x01 Kísértő Halloween (Just Add Halloween) (season two premiere)
- 2020-08-04 19:25 2x02 Nyárra fel! (Just Add Summer)
- 2020-08-05 19:25 2x03 Csak azért is Chuck (Just Add Chuck)
- 2020-08-06 19:25 2x04 A múlt köde (Just Add 1965)
- 2020-08-07 19:25 2x05 Bűbájban az igazság (Just Add Saphron)
- 2020-08-10 19:25 2x06 Ezermester szakkör (Just Add Fixings)
- 2020-08-11 19:25 2x07 Kiszámolósdi (Just Add 8529)
- 2020-08-12 19:25 2x08 Kicsi a lány, de bűverős (Just Add Muscles)
- 2020-08-13 19:25 2x09 Játék a tűzzel (Just Add Fire)
- 2020-08-14 19:25 2x10 Ravasz kamasz (Just Add Meddling)
- 2020-08-17 19:25 2x11 Tiltott titoktartás (Just Add Secrets)
- 2020-08-18 19:25 2x12 Történelmi tények (Just Add History)
- 2020-08-19 19:25 2x13 Aki bújt, aki nem (Just Add Rose)
- 2020-08-20 19:25 2x14 Veszteségveszély (Just Add Fluffy)
- 2020-08-21 19:25 2x15 Szeress, ha tudsz (Just Add RJ)
- 2020-08-24 19:25 2x16 Vissza a feladónak (Just Add Gumdrops)
- 2020-08-25 19:25 2x17 Kutyafuttában (Just Add Time)
- 2020-08-26 19:25 2x18 Időnyerő adóvevő (Just Add Telepathy)
- 2020-08-27 19:25 2x19 Nesze neked neszezés! (Just Add Attention)
- 2020-08-28 19:25 2x20 Rosszaságragály (Just Add Contagion)
- 2020-08-31 19:25 2x21 Bajlódó barátság (Just Add Beings)

- Nick CEE will premiere Just Add Magic season three during Autumn 2020!

"Just Add Magic" is locally titled "Egy csipetnyi bűvölet" in Hungary and "Adaugă un strop de magie" in Romania.

-- A selection of Nickelodeon Original Movies and specials every Sunday at 16:00 throughout the month, replayed the following Saturday at 16:00:

- Sunday 2nd August 2020 - Lost in the West Part 1 (Vad kaland a Vadnyugaton, 1. rész)
- Sunday 9th August 2020 - Lost in the West Part 2 (Vad kaland a Vadnyugaton, 2. rész)
- Sunday 16th August 2020 - Lost in the West Part 3 (Vad kaland a Vadnyugaton, 3. rész)
- Sunday 23rd August 2020 - Rufus
- Sunday 30th August 2020 - Rufus 2

-- In additional news, Nickelodeon Central Eastern Europe will be removing iCarly from the schedule once again in September 2020.

From Mentrum:

Havi nézettség: 2020. június

Több érdekesség is történt júniusban; máris mutatjuk a számokat.

Május után igen érdekes számok születtek júniusban. A sorrenden alig történt bármiféle változás, mégis érdekes és fontos lépések is történtek. Itt van rögtön kiemelendő példának a Disney Csatorna meglódulása, aki öt hétből kétszer beelőzte a jelenlegi egyik legfontosabb vetélytársát, a Cartoon Network-öt (a másik a Minimax), egyszer pedig döntetlen született. Ezzel egyidőben a CN csökkenése is megfigyelhető, havi szinten és heti szinten egyaránt.

Az élmezőnyben továbbra is egyeduralkodó a Nickelodeon és testvércsatornái, akik együttesen több, mint 25%-ot tesznek ki a 4-14-es korosztály kategóriájában. A Nickelodeon egészen kiemelkedő, 15%-os közönségarányt ért el, míg a Nick Jr. talán eddigi legjobb eredményét teljesítette a maga közel 8 százalékos teljesítményével. Meg kell még említeni a JimJam és a Boomerang harcát a legkisebbekért, amiben ezúttal előbbi maradt alul, de nem sokkal. A Kiwi TV ezúttal megduplázta múlt havi eredményét.

4-14-es korosztály, egész nap, június

1. Nickelodeon 15.2%
2. Nick Jr. 7.52%
3. Nicktoons 5.57%
4. Minimax 3.36%
5. Cartoon Network 3.28%
6. Disney Csatorna 3.24%
7. Boomerang 1.98%
7. JimJam 1.88%
9. Kiwi TV 0.84%

4-14-es korosztály, heti bontás, június

23. hét, 06.01-07

Nickelodeon 15.9%
Nick Jr. 7.2%
Nicktoons 5.88%
Minimax 3.7%
Disney Csatorna 2.8%
Cartoon Network 2.8%
JimJam 2%
Boomerang 1.6%
Kiwi TV 0.5%

24. hét, 06.08-14

Nickelodeon 14.9%
Nick Jr. 7%
Nicktoons 5.7%
Cartoon Network 3.9%
Minimax 3.7%
Disney Csatorna 2.9%
Boomerang 2.1%
JimJam 1.8%
Kiwi TV 1.2%

25. hét, 06.15-21

Nickelodeon 14.5%
Nick Jr. 7.6%
Nicktoons 6.7%
Minimax 3.3%
Cartoon Network 2.8%
Disney Csatorna 2.7%
Boomerang 2.3%
JimJam 2.2%
Kiwi TV 1%

26. hét, 06.22-28

Nickelodeon 14.7%
Nick Jr. 7%
Nicktoons 5.7%
Disney Csatorna 3.9%
Cartoon Network 3.4%
Minimax 3.1%
Boomerang 2%
JimJam 1.7%
Kiwi TV 0.6%

27. hét, 06.29-07.05

Nickelodeon 16%
Nick Jr. 8.8%
Nicktoons 5.7%
Disney Csatorna 3.9%
Cartoon Network 3.5%
Minimax 3%
Boomerang 1.9%
JimJam 1.7%
Kiwi TV 0.9%


Update (8/8) - Vodafone România added Nickelodeon Hungary (Nickelodeon Ungaria) on 3rd August!

More Nick: ViacomCBS Launches NickToons in Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia

augusztusi; új évad; sorozatzáró; évadnyitó; Filmek, különkiadások augusztusban - minden vasárnap 16:00-kor, ismétlés szombatonként 16:00-kor.

Originally published: Tuesday, July 14, 2020.

Original source: Mentrum; Additional source: Program24.

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As COVID-19 Slows Hollywood, Animation Offers Hope

Update (7/15) - ViacomCBS CEO Bob Bakish has emailed employees to inform them that staff probably won’t be able to return to their offices this year:

Even as cities begin to reopen, many employees are still wondering when they can return to their desks.

The voice cast of SpongeBob record new at-home special, The Stars of SpongeBob Fan Favorites Special

But for those working in Hollywood’s top offices, the question of the hour is somewhat different.

“For us it’s not so much when can we go back into the office,” a marketing executive at Disney told Anhar Karim, reporting for Forbes. “It’s when can we go back to set.”

While restrictions due to COVID-19 (coronavirus) are steadily lifting, precautions and safety procedures continue to greatly limit major studios’ physical productions. This means highly anticipated live-action films and television shows are not getting the footage they need to be completed. New projects are still being pitched and purchased, but after that there’s just a lot of planning and waiting for things to get better.

But the situation is very different in the world of animation.

“For the most part, animation keeps on trucking,” said Mariah Wilson, a production assistant at Nickelodeon. While her peers in other departments and other studios are spending their time reading, writing, and just planning for the future, she and her co-workers are hard at work getting episodes delivered on schedule. From what she’s seeing, animation remains fine.

To be fair, even animation studios did have their share of issues with the transition to remote work.

“There was a mad dash scramble in the two weeks up to everyone working from home,” said Wilson. In those very hectic days employees ran about to make sure everyone had their emails set up, had access to all the links they’d need, and most of all that creators had the necessary software to keep on creating.

And even after all that prep, problems still arose.

Recently, Wilson was tasked with checking if some new designs were good to go.

“Usually this would be a quick conversation,” she explained. “Like, ‘ you have the design ready?’”

But in the new work from home setup, what would have normally taken a few minutes now took days as Wilson tried repeatedly to reach the designer, only to have her investigation end with learning that the designer hadn’t even set up his email. Wilson’s messages weren’t even getting read.

However, even with small hiccups like this, the pandemic has still not done much to hinder the animation production process. Across the major animation studios, most projects that were previously planned are still being written, animated, and produced at almost the same speed as expected.

“We’re not as reliant on people having to be together,” said Wilson. As long as everyone’s still communicating online and the artists have access to the assets and tools they need, there really is no impediment to getting the work done.

Given animation’s unexpected resilience in these odd times, it might be the exact thing Hollywood needs to turn to in order to stay afloat.

While demand for things such as restaurants or flights has dropped significantly due to the pandemic, the rise of popular streaming services means that audiences are burning through entertainment very quickly. So, there is a lot of demand, and it appears the most effective way to provide more content to meet that demand is to animate it.

For Wilson, this spells out an exciting future for the medium.

“It would be really cool to see animation take off for adults not only in the comedy space,” she said. While animation certainly isn’t just for children or comedy, much of it is produced only in those spaces. So, this new shift in what is possible for entertainment production could push studios to apply animation more broadly.

Sure enough, some have already decided to go for it. The popular live action drama The Blacklist notably chose to finish off their season with animated segments when they could no longer capture new footage.

In addition to animating new content, streaming platforms are also delving into the archives for content, which has also been a hit with consumers. When Netflix added Nickelodeon's Avatar: The Last Airbender to its library in May, the already 15-year-old series instantly became the number-one property on the service.

Another way networks are providing

Wilson predicts that by this time next year, when so many live action projects will have been significantly delayed, what will be left for viewers to consume is plenty of new animated content. So, from there it’ll be up to audiences to decide whether to reward it with their time.

The coronavirus continues to challenge a lot of assumptions about how Hollywood produces its content, from removing theatrical guidelines to making socially distant shoots work. But despite it all, Wilson chooses to see the positivity in everyone trying their best to keep going.

“Everyone’s just trying to keep on,” she said. “There’s really nothing else we can do.”

From CNBC:

How remote work risks a new digital jobs divide for minorities

Key Points:

- Black and Hispanic students entering the workforce feel significantly less comfortable with remote jobs than White students, according to a recent survey.

- Lack of space and limited access to technology are among the career challenges underrepresented minorities face.

- Young workers of color may permanently be left behind if digital inequality in the labor market is not addressed by employers.

The mass migration to remote work helped companies solve a major coronavirus challenge, but the recent civil unrest has exposed diversity and opportunity gaps across the U.S., which telecommuting is beginning to exacerbate. Low-income students and students of color entering the workforce are struggling to overcome a telecommuting digital divide.

The data is starting to back up the personal experience. A WayUp survey in April 2020 highlighted that Black and Hispanic college students and recent grads are much less comfortable with virtual work than their White peers.

“Now that I’m back home in Illinois living with my mom, I’m in a very tiny apartment where there is no separation between eat, work and sleep. ... If I want privacy, it doesn’t exist,” said Ibrahim Mokhtar, a Black student at the University of Southern California who is spending his summer interning remotely with the nonprofit organization GiveDuet.

Remote work capability as top concern
The WayUp survey indicated that among all students, how capable they are of working remotely is a top concern, but Black and Hispanic students were 145% more likely than White peers to express this issue. Among respondents who indicated that they were most concerned about being able to perform a remote internship, over half were Black or Hispanic.

Respondents also identified a lack of physical space to work as a key issue. Census data shows that Black households have 20% more people and Hispanic households have 80% more people compared to White households, which can result in concerns about background noise, distractions, as well as the basic concern about lack of space.

Zamir Ramirez, who is Mexican American and navigating his first year working full-time at Nickelodeon Animation from home, said space is vital for his working environment but hard to find. “For low-income families like my own, finding a room to work in is difficult. It can be cramped, it’s usually a room that’s used as storage, and there’s no real sense of privacy. That already does a lot in terms of the psyche,” Ramirez said.

“We have a big family of kids, so anywhere I go, I’m pretty much around loud kids going buck wild,” said Destiney Johnson, a junior at Grambling State University who identifies as Black. She relocated to a relative’s house to do her immersive research internship program with Florida International University this summer. “I realized I could get in a better situation living elsewhere,” Johnson said.

Technology barriers
Access to technology has made remote work particularly difficult for members of low-income families. The 82% of White adults in the U.S. who report owning a desktop or laptop computer compares to 58% of Blacks and 57% of Hispanics who indicated the same in a 2019 Pew Research Center survey. Black (66%) and Hispanic (61%) respondents in the Pew survey reported having broadband internet, versus 79% of White adults.

“Financially, having good internet where you can keep your camera and audio on for Zoom and other things is difficult, especially when everyone is on their devices at the same time.” Mokhtar said.

The financial stress caused by the pandemic has made these work-related expenditures an ever greater challenge.

“The hidden costs that people never talk about, like internet or even a desk, are huge,” he said.

To compensate for the financial burden of setting up a work-from-home space, Mokhtar was able to receive a CARES Act emergency grant through USC. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act’s Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund was distributed to universities across the U.S. for students facing hardships as a result of the pandemic. USC students who have filed or can file for Federal Student Aid also qualify for this grant and are eligible to receive up to $3,000 each in aid.

“Thankfully, I had savings from my past internships and on-campus jobs, but getting funding from the school was a very big help,” Mokhtar said.

Career development and ‘code-switching’

For Ramirez, one of the biggest hurdles of being a new full-time employee remotely is having opportunities to connect with co-workers and managers. “Young professionals need to network and develop relationships with their bosses — that’s what the first year is used for,” he said. “At home that disconnected is felt. It’s much more difficult to reach out to people without feeling like I’m encroaching on their time.”

As there is more talk of “living at work” overwhelming a more balanced “work from home” environment, there are specific difficulties that young workers from underrepresented minorities face when their worlds of work and home are the same.

Christine Cruzvergara, vice president at jobs platform Handshake — which connects students and university career offices to employers, a “LinkedIn for college” — said every student deals with uncertainty when starting a new job, but additional barriers for students of color in a virtual workplace will need to be addressed.

Corporate culture can be harder to learn remotely, she said, giving as an example the concept of code-switching — changing languages or language styles in different settings — can be particularly prevalent for students of diverse backgrounds, who feel the need to switch from their own vernacular to a workplace standard.

“Some might have to code-switch in the workplace and determine how to do that when they’re mostly on email and phone calls with limited body language to read,” Cruzvergara said. “They’re going to have to find other cues to give them a sense of what the culture is like and how to navigate it in terms of their conversations and their relationships.”

For Jephtha Prempeh, a Black student from USC who recently started a remote internship with Bloomberg Associates, the government-focused consulting arm of Michael Bloomberg’s Bloomberg Philanthropies, being home with family and working from a bedroom makes code-switching even more complicated. “I do feel self-conscious about if I sound intelligent, but speaking differently and approaching things differently does change my home space, and I can’t shake it off when the day is done. I don’t have that fresh space to come back and be myself,” Prempeh said.

"Students are often afraid to ask and jeopardize their internship. Help your employer understand your situation. Don’t try to cover it up." Everette Fortner, ASSOCIATE VICE PRESIDENT AT THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA’S CAREER CENTER

Despite socioeconomic gaps making remote work challenging, many students feel supported in their roles, both with material resources and emotional support. “I would be absolutely unable to take care of myself mentally and get the work done if it wasn’t for the fact that I have a very understanding and reasonable boss and team,” Mokhtar said. “I’m able to communicate with everyone on the team pretty easily, so they know what I’m dealing with.”

Everette Fortner, associate vice president at the University of Virginia’s career center encourages students to speak up to their managers about their concerns with remote work. “Students are often afraid to ask and jeopardize their internship. Help your employer understand your situation. Don’t try to cover it up. ... It’s a matter of continually communicating with your manager about how to best get your work done in the living situation you’re in,” Fortner said.

Johnson said her program spoke to each intern prior to their start date to ensure they had all of the resources they needed for work, and were even provided a stipend to cover for any additional supplies. “I was worried if I was going to be prepared and have everything I needed to do a good job, so I’m really happy they took that into consideration,” she said.

The diversity and inclusion push in the workplace needs to start from the hiring process taking into account the digital divide. “If you want to recruit and manage a diverse group of people, you need to ensure you’re not only sourcing those candidates, but that you’re also interviewing them in a way that removes as much bias as possible,” said Liz Wessel, co-founder and CEO of WayUp. She said the remote environment can be used to help diversity efforts, as hiring managers can use technology to access a wider range of diverse candidates without the physical and financial barriers of travel.

While companies figure out the best way to accommodate these transitions, Johnson advised her student peers to use university resources and social networks to find opportunities and get connected with employers. “Check in with school advisors and counselors; they have more resources and are ready to help,” she said.

University career services connect students directly with employers, and can also provide additional funding to support students in unpaid internships. UVA is among the numerous universities which, in addition to providing federal emergency relief funding, offer parent-sponsored and provost-sponsored grants and scholarships of up to $5,000 based on the needs of the student and the industry they are working in.

“Our absolute priority is making sure students, particularly first-generation and low-income students, can financially afford to get the same experiences as everyone else, especially during these times,” said UVA’s Fortner. The school’s career center had an extended grant application deadline this year to accommodate the number of students whose internship plans had changed or became unpaid. “We strongly encourage students to sit with a career counselor and turn over every stone we have for financing their internship,” he said.

With many large employers laying the foundation for a permanent shift to a remote working environment, diversity and inclusion planning needs to be a component of the shift.

For Johnson and other students who had initial concerns about working remotely, communicating with hiring managers and tapping into university resources has allowed them to overcome initial challenges and excel in their endeavors. “Everyone has been so helpful and motivating, always encouraging us that we could do it despite what’s going on around us,” she said.


From Kidscreen:

Is the future of WFH a hybrid model?

As employees shift to remote work, studios like Atomic Cartoons and Jam Filled see offices as a "home base" in the future—a place for key meetings and celebrations.

Thousands of animation employees started working from home in March when physical distancing measures went into effect around the world. Thanks to huge leaps in technology, animating an entire show away from a studio is more than doable. In lockdown, many studios have finished productions, met deadlines and even started new development projects from the comfort of their homes.

However, while this remote work has been lauded, many are asking how much longer can it last? Some believe questions about the effectiveness of WFH have been laid to rest forever—we’ve done it, we can keep doing it, what’s the problem? Others see the issues that have cropped up in the transition as proof that the model can’t work long term. And many of us land somewhere in the middle.

Kidscreen concludes its WFH series, digging into why that middle ground may the key to the future of offices.

The last several months have shown that a drastic change is possible in the animation industry. While return to office life in some form may be inevitable, animation studio heads can’t ignore the benefits of at least some at-home flexibility.

Office avoidance

Despite having 14 shows in development, Atomic Cartoons isn’t in a rush to get back to the office. And its employees agree: In a survey of 700 staffers, teams in LA, Ottawa and Vancouver weren’t ready to return to the office, says CEO Jennifer McCarron.

Planning a return today has become a balancing act of helping employees feel safe, while solving the problems a lack of face-to-face interaction creates. To address the issue as Atomic ramps up some new shows, the studio is taking advantage of the warmer weather and organizing socially distanced meet-ups at parks.

“Even if we’re all standing in a park in hula hoops, I just don’t see any other way around it,” McCarron says. “If you have to work with a team for six months to a year, [while also working] independently, you’ve got to develop a rhythm and a shorthand [with colleagues].”

But these short-term solutions may offer long-term learnings, because even if there’s a point when the virus is all but eliminated, McCarron doesn’t see things returning to the way things were before when it comes to office usage.

The permanent solution for Atomic, according to McCarron, will be one where employees come in for important creative meetings and kick-offs (albeit likely no longer in a park), but complete the majority of work at home. That being said, the company has no plans to give up its office space.

Of its three offices, Vancouver is the furthest along in its re-opening plan. Some employees are able to come in on a voluntary basis, though less than 5% of the team is opting to return at this time.

“We’re really going to try and cater to the needs of our employees with this new flexibility,” says McCarron. “If we can create a better work-life balance for people without two hours of commuting, why not? Other people are struggling because they miss the community of being in an office. We’ll be listening to the needs of our employees and seeing it as a way we can offer something different for everyone.”

Stagnant footprints

Pre-pandemic, Boat Rocker subsidiary Jam Filled was on the hunt for additional office space in Ottawa. The animation studio behind shows like Nickelodeon’s Loud House, The Casagrandes and Pinky Malinky was looking for more room for its 500-plus employee base, but when COVID-19 started to spread, studio president Kyle MacDougall put the process on hold indefinitely.

That being said, with nine shows in production, Jam Filled has had to onboard 80 new team members since March, stretching the limits of its existing footprint. And with plans to increase its workforce to close to 600 in the fall, the teams won’t be able to return to a physical location even when things are safe.

The earliest Jam Filled will bring people back into the office in any significant way will be in September at a 30% capacity.

MacDougall sees employees returning for a maximum of three days a week, at least for the foreseeable future, and the focus will be on bringing back team members who are struggling in their home offices. While it’s not shopping for new real estate any time soon, MacDougall says Jam Filled plans on keeping its current footprint.

“I think having that home base is still really important for everybody,” he says. “Especially when you want to pull people together, when you’re doing events, or you’re trying to celebrate things that you’ve accomplished.”


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Originally published: Monday, June 08, 2020.
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ViacomCBS Reports Q2 2020 Earnings Results

ViacomCBS Reports Q2 2020 Earnings Results

  • Achieved Second Consecutive Quarter of Sequential Improvement in Operating Income, Adjusted OIBDA, Operating Cash Flow and Free Cash Flow, Demonstrating Financial Momentum and Commitment to Shareholder Value
  • Executed Significant Distribution Deals, Highlighting Progress in Unlocking Value-Creation Opportunities Across Combined Asset Base
  • Delivered Robust Growth in Streaming, with Record Revenue, Subscribers, MAUs and Consumption Across Free and Pay Services, Accelerating Adoption of Pluto TV Internationally and Significant Progress in Transforming CBS All Access into a Diversified Super Service
  • Increased Target for Annualized Merger-Related Cost Synergies, while Simultaneously Managing Costs in Response to COVID-19

JoJo Siwa, Maluma, Elle Fanning, ‘Outer Banks’ Cast Shine on Variety’s ‘Power of Young Hollywood’ Special

JoJo Siwa, Megan Thee Stallion, Maluma and Shira Haas were among the artists featured in Variety’s Power of Young Hollywood virtual event, which premiered 6 p.m. PT/9 p.m. ET Aug. 6 on Facebook. The program partnered with Facebook to benefit Rock the Vote and encouraged fans to register to vote in the 2020 presidential election.

The hourlong special celebrated young actors, musicians and social media creatives who have continued to flourish during the shutdown of the entertainment industry, exploring new creative outlets or devoting time to their loved ones. Benito Skinner, Instagram star also known as Benny Drama, hosted the event.

Skinner kicked off the night with an introduction of Netflix’s docuseries Cheer. The series’ breakout star Jerry Harris had a surprise e-visit from his role model Gabrielle Union, who plays a cheerleader in the 2000 film Bring It On. Union said Harris’ journey and positivity made her cry every time he appeared on the show. When asked for advice, she told her mentee to always be on time.

“Time in this town — people act like it’s a suggestion, and that is the quickest way to put yourself right out the mix,” she said. “So many people’s careers have been impacted, because they do not value other people’s time. Just be you. Don’t be weird, and watch your crowd.”

Nickelodeon star JoJo Siwa joined singer Jojo to discuss her music career. The 17-year-old star shared she feels comfortable making her youthful music, rather than telling stories she doesn’t resonate with.

“For music wise, people actually assume ‘she has to be young,’” said Siwa. “She has to dress like she does; she has to walk and talk like she does. But for me, it’s actually the opposite. I am like I don’t want to sing about something yet. I’m not ready to.”

Maluma also expressed love for his music. The Latin artist, named after his mother Marlli, father Luis and sister Manuela, draws artistic inspiration from his Colombian family and feels proud sharing his culture with the world. He has been working nonstop in quarantine, producing his next album and releasing a new single, “Hawái.” He was recently featured in two songs from Madonna’s album “Madame X.”

“[Madonna] texted me. That was crazy,” he said. “She was like ‘oh, I’m Madonna, and I’m making my album right now. I would love to have you be a part of the project.’ We did three songs, two for her album and one for my album.”

Elle Fanning, portraying Queen Catherine the Great in Hulu’s The Great, reflected on her transition from starring in child roles to playing “adult” ones. She shared her experience with a mother who asked for advice for her 14-year-old daughter who loves acting.

“You have to make sure you absolutely love it, because as much fun as it is, it definitely takes a lot of work,” she said. “So you have to make sure you got that passion for it, because there can come a lot of rejections and a lot of nos. And I think having that passion will push you through those disappointments.”

Unorthodox star Haas joined Michael Cimino and Maitreyi Ramakrishnan to discuss the power of teen dramas. When asked what makes their series special, Haas focused on its power of empathetic storytelling.

“When I read it and I think ‘I wonder what happened to people when they watched it’ is that they thought they’d see something supposed to be very different from them, but then they saw themselves in a way we tell their story,” she said. “And I think it really brings people together and connect people to understand that we’re all just human beings.”

In closing, sisters Chloe x Halle performed “Forgive Me” from their newest album “Ungodly Hour.”

Other stars featured in the event included Hailee Steinfeld, Kelsea Ballerini, Bebe Rexha, Rickey Thompson, Jalaiah Harmon, Adam RayOkay (Rosa), Bretman Rock and the cast of “Outer Banks.” Watch the full presentation below.

Power of Young Hollywood special was produced by Variety, in partnership with Facebook. The program was executive produced by Melissa Durliat and produced by Kai Gayoso for Facebook.

From Variety:

Jojo Siwa and Jojo Interview Each Other About Bullying, Life In The Spotlight and Googling Yourself

Call it a match made in internet heaven. Some six years after JoJo Siwa, 17, first started tinkering with music on her computer and happened upon her pop predecessor JoJo, who, at age 13, had a No. 1 hit with the 2004 song “Leave (Get Out),” the two met IRL at the Variety offices — with social distancing protocols in place — to interview each other.

As they learned soon into their conversation, the two have much more in common beyond their name — although that in itself is uncanny: JoJo Siwa’s is an abbreviation of Joelle Joanie and JoJo’s full name is Joanna Noëlle Levesque. (Cue the “Twilight Zone” music.)

On the agenda: the trials (literally in the case of elder JoJo, now 29, who was stuck in record label limbo for a decade and eventually had to re-record her catalog to make it available to stream), tribulations and triumphs of being a teen star, which, for Siwa, includes a social media following nearing 25 million, a billion-dollar merch empire, world tours and many, many bows.

Classic Rugrats Comic Strip for Saturday, August 8, 2020 | NickRewind

Classic Rugrats Comic Strip for Saturday, August 8, 2020 | NickRewind

Rugrats, provided to Creators Syndicate by Nickelodeon, based off the popular animated television series has been created for children and family's to laugh and enjoy together.

Follow these comics and their take on real episodes of the show and their own spin on hilarious adventures.

Read more Rugrats comic strips!:

More Nick: Nickelodeon and Paramount to Bring 'Rugrats' Back for the Next Generation of Kids!
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The Splat Is Back: Klasky Csupo to Launch New 'RoboSplaat' Web Series on Saturday, July 24

Legendary studio Klasky Csupo, creators of such iconic properties as Rugrats, Wild Thornberrys, Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, and Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man is back on the scene with an all-new digital series, RoboSplaat.

Starting this weekend, all-new episodes of RoboSplaat will premiere on the Klasky Csupo YouTube Channel and Official Instagram page twice per week and continue into early 2021. The series will launch from SDCC 2020. The studio has created over 100 mini episodes of the micro-series for streaming; RoboSplaat will also appear in the new Splaativerse game, where players take a photo, record their voice prompted by a question, and choose from a list of surprise sound effects which are all woven into Splaat's cartoon. The chain story-telling app has 30 stories designed to be played multiple times and will soon be available for download.

Studio co-founder Arlene Klasky initially thought of the idea after Klasky Csupo’s partnership with Nickelodeon came to an end in 2006. While researching online, she realized kids from all over the world were creating mashups of the iconic Klasky Csupo animated logo at the end of Rugrats. This sparked an idea---Klasky, along with designer Sergei Shramkovsky, took the robot and put arms and legs on him. The result was an opportunity to birth a new character and bring him to life in his own online series.

Klasky turned to her longtime friend and collaborator Greg Cipes to voice the character; the actor, musician, and producer has voiced the animated superhero Beast Boy for two decades across Teen Titans, Teen Titans GO!, Young Justice, DC Superhero Girls, and many other DC Superhero franchises. He is also known as the voice of Michelangelo in Nickelodeon’s 2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series and as Kevin Levin in Ben 10. Cipes voices the RoboSplaat character and hosts TALK CEREAL, a live, weekly interview series, speaking with fellow voice over actors, via the @RoboSplaat Instagram channel.

New episodes of RoboSplaat will drop every Wednesday and Saturday at 9am PST on Instagram (@robosplaat) and YouTube. TALK CEREAL Live with @Gregcipes airs every Monday at 11am PST on Instagram.

Klasky, Gabor Csupo and Paul Germain are all executive producing on ViacomCBS’s Rugrats reboot now in production for broadcast on Nickelodeon from 2021. 26 episodes of the series revival were greenlit back in 2018. A new live-action-3D/CG Rugrats movie, being written by David Goodman, was also announced at that time, with a planned November 13th, 2020 release by Paramount Players, the division of Paramount Pictures that develops and produces co-branded feature films with Viacom’s media networks. After being pushed into 2021, the film has since been pulled from the release schedule entirely; status on the production is unknown.

Founded by Klasky, a graphic designer, and Csupo, a Hungarian-born animator, in a spare room of their apartment in 1981, Klasky Csupo grew to 550 artists, creatives and staff in a state-of-the–art animation facility located in the heart of Hollywood. In 1998, their The Rugrats Movie, was the first non-Disney animated feature to gross in excess of $100,000,000 at the box office.

Klasky Csupo presents "Splaat!" by Staj

Song: Splaat!
Artist: Staj
Produced by: Klasky Csupo and Tyler Malin
Directed by: Tyler Malin
Cinematography: Eric Soboleski
Edited by: Eric Soboleski
Mural by: Jeanine Hattas, Fresh Custom Art & Murals
Featuring Dance Crew: Forevr.United

The official press release is below:


Premiering from SDCC Saturday, July 24 2020

Starting this weekend, all-new episodes of ROBOSPLAAT will premiere on the Klasky Csupo’s YouTube Channel and Official Instagram page twice per week (Saturdays and Wednesdays 9am PT), and will continue into early 2021.


Klasky Csupo has created over 100 mini episodes of ROBOSPLAAT.

Arlene Klasky initially thought of the idea after Klasky Csupo’s partnership with Nickelodeon came to an end in 2006. While researching online, she realized kids from all over the world were creating mashups of the iconic Klasky Csupo animated logo at the end of Rugrats.

To voice the ROBOSPLAAT character, Klasky turned to her longtime friend and collaborator Greg Cipes (Teen Titans, Teen Titans GO!, Young Justice, DC Superhero Girls, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ben 10, any more).

“The feedback on Instagram from animation fans that grew up on Klasky Csupo shows has been enormous. They seem to be uplifted by Robosplaat’s offbeat personality, humor and nostalgia for their childhood. While Gabor and I were producing our series, we never dreamed the lasting impact our shows would have on those kids,” said Arlene Klasky.

[“It’s so important, now more than ever, that we use our voices to promote uplifting messages of positivity, understanding and friendship,” said Cipes. “This is what Klasky Csupo has always stood for, and I am both humbled and inspired to champion that cause through the mouth of the iconic RoboSplaat.”]

Episode 1 - Splat
Episode 2 - Bullies
Episode 3 - Fired


Defined by artistic integrity, Klasky Csupo has emerged in the last few decades as a leading independent animation company in the industry.

During their years of operation, Klasky Csupo has created, developed, animated or produced era-defining television programming like “The Simpsons” and “Rugrats”, in addition, “Rocket Power”, “All Grown Up”, “Wild Thornberrys”, “Aaah! Real Monsters”, “As Told By Ginger”, “Stressed Eric”, “Duckman”, “Immigrants”, “Santa Bugito” and “Edith Ann” TV specials, voiced by Lily Tomlin. For its many contributions to the animation industry Klasky Csupo has received five Emmy Awards and two Cable Ace trophies, along with numerous honors in commercials, production and humanitarian awards.

WHERE: Head to Klasky Csupo’s YouTube Channel.

Subscribe and be the first to see new episodes as they drop twice each week.


More Nick: Nickelodeon to Bring 'Rugrats' Back for the Next Generation of Kids!

Originally published: Friday, July 24, 2020.

Sources: Animation World Network,; Special thanks to @ZeeEllToons95!; Additional sources: Animation Magazine, SYFY WIRE
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"Trend Game" 🐭 Animatic | The Casagrandes | Nickelodeon Animation

"Trend Game" 🐭 Animatic | The Casagrandes | Nickelodeon Animation

Directed by:
Mike Nordstrom

Storyboard by:
Raymond Santos

Storyboard Revisionists:
Warren Fok
Hannah Bosnian

Animatic editors:
Fred Udell
Marc Stone

Assistant Animatic Editors:
Paloma Uribe

Watch lots more animatics here!:

Subscribe to the official The Loud House & The Casagrandes YouTube channel!:

Watch The Loud House & The Casagrandes on Nickelodeon!

Check out the Nickelodeon Animation Studio online: Website | Facebook | Tumblr | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

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Aang's Bending + Avatar State Evolution! 🌊⛰🔥🌪 | Avatar: The Last Airbender

Aang's Bending + Avatar State Evolution! 🌊⛰🔥🌪 | Avatar: The Last Airbender

How did Aang go from a goofy airbender to a master of the elements, the Avatar state, AND energybending? It's safe to say Aang is a naturally gifted bender as seen in his exceptional airbending abilities and quick mastery of waterbending with Katara. However, as said by Katara in the intro of Avatar: The Last Airbender, "he has a lot to learn before he's ready to save anyone". Now, watch Aang's journey to learn it all and successfully save EVERYONE from tyranny and destruction!

Watch Avatar: The Last Airbender on Netflix & CBS All Access and The Legend of Korra on CBS All Access!

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JoJo Siwa "Every Girl's a Super Girl" *THE DANCE REMIX!*

JoJo Siwa "Every Girl's a Super Girl" *THE DANCE REMIX!*

Check out JoJo Siwa ice cream, available now at Walmart!

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Bose Controls Objects With His Mind! Danger Files Ep.4 | Henry Danger Force

Bose Controls Objects With His Mind! Danger Files Ep.4 | Henry Danger Force

On episode 4 of Danger Files, Nickelodeon covers Bose (Luca Luhan) who is also known as Brainstorm! This goofy superhero has got some awesome powers and more surprises for you to check out.

Watch Henry Danger and Danger Force on Nickelodeon and on demand!

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PAW Patrol | Pups Meet Rex the NEW Pup | Rescue Episode | PAW Patrol Official & Friends

PAW Patrol | Pups Meet Rex the NEW Pup | Rescue Episode | PAW Patrol Official & Friends

Ryder has made a brand new friend named Rex, a dino whisperer! He can’t wait to introduce Rex to the rest of PAW Patrol and together, they discover a lost world of dinosaurs!

PAW Patrol™ is rooted in action and adventure and this summer the pups will embark on a Dino Rescue™. In Dino Rescue, the PAW Patrol travel to Dino Land where they meet new pup and dinosaur expert, Rex. With brand-new rugged Dino Rescue gear, heavy-duty vehicles and tools, the pups are ready for action-packed prehistoric rescue missions in a lost world full of dinosaurs. PAW Patrol Dino Rescue will introduce fans to palaeontologist expert Rex - the show's first handicapped pup!

The Dino Rescue theme will be meticulously integrated into the PAW Patrol world, staying true to the storylines and characters while exploring new landscapes and rescues. The attention to detail will transcend to the toys, with new innovative features and inspiring transformations!

More Nick: 'Paw Patrol' Movie from Spin Master and Nickelodeon Movies, with Paramount Pictures Distributing, Set for August 2021 Release!
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Nicktoons USA to Premiere New 'Finale' Episodes of 'Rise of the TMNT' on Friday, August 7, 2020

Catch back-to-back brand new episodes of Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, premiering Friday, August 7, 2020 from 8:00 p.m. (ET/PT) on Nicktoons USA!

Update (8/8) - What did you think of the epic series finale of Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Click the following episode titles to take the polls!:

Finale Part 1: E-Turtle Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Finale Part 2: Shreddy or Not
Finale Part 3: Anatawa Hitorijanai
Finale Part 4: Rise

Update (8/7) - A rough animator on Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has confirmed that tonight's hour-long Finale is the series finale of the show.

Update (8/5) - There seems to be some confusion on whether these are the final episodes of the series or not, with some fans saying that it's only the mid-season finale.

Unfortunately, the latest batch of new Rise of the TMNT episodes may be some of the last - if not the last - new episodes of the series, as the title of each new episode segment is prefixed with "Finale". With no third season currently announced, it sadly seems this is the end of the sewer for the Rise of the TMNT TV series, although not the end of the current iteration of the iconic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise, as Nickelodeon and Netflix are partnering to produce an original animated 2D film based on Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, which will release on the streamer.

The news comes as Nickelodeon is preparing the next chapter for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: An all-new CG-animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theatrical motion picture. The movie is being co-produced by Nickelodeon Animation Studio and award-winning Point Grey Pictures. The film also marks the Nickelodeon Animation Studio’s first-ever CG theatrical production.

Friday, August 7, 2020 from 8:00 p.m. - Finale Part 1: E-Turtle Sunshine of the Spotless Mind:

Friday, August 7, 2020 from 8:15 p.m. - Finale Part 2: Shreddy or Not:

Friday, August 7, 2020 from 8:30 p.m. - Finale Part 3: Anatawa Hitorijanai:

Friday, August 7, 2020 from 8:45 p.m. - Finale Part 4: Rise

More Nick: Nickelodeon Readies Next Chapter of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with All-New CG-Animated Theatrical Release Produced By Point Grey Pictures!

Originally published: Tuesday, July 28, 2020.

H/T: Special thanks to TV Shows Fan for the news!; Additional sources: @HauntedFairy13, Anime Superhero Forum /@Perla Magica.
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What Did You Think of the 'Rise of the TMNT' Series Finale 'Rise'? | Nickelodeon Fan Poll

What did you think of the series finale of Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, "Finale Part 4: Rise"? Vote in the poll and sound off in the comments below!

What Did You Think of the New 'Rise of the TMNT' Episode 'Finale Part 3: Anatawa Hitorijanai'? | Nickelodeon Fan Poll

What did you think of the brand new Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles season 2 episode "Finale Part 3: Anatawa Hitorijanai"? Vote in the poll and sound off in the comments below!

What Did You Think of the New 'Rise of the TMNT' Episode 'Finale Part 2: Shreddy or Not'? | Nickelodeon Fan Poll

What did you think of the brand new Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles season 2 episode "Shreddy or Not"? Vote in the poll and sound off in the comments below!

What Did You Think of the New 'Rise of the TMNT' Episode 'Finale Part 1: E-Turtle Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'? | Nickelodeon Fan Poll

What did you think of the brand new Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles season 2 episode "E-Turtle Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"? Vote in the poll and sound off in the comments below!

Awesomeness and Chowhound Serve Up 'Dish This'


Chowhound Editor-at-Large Joey Skladany Hosts and Judges Influencer Friends
Re-Creating Dishes from His New Cookbook, Basic Bitchen

Share it: #DishThis @AwesomenessTV @chowhound @joeyskladany

LOS ANGELES—July 30, 2020—ViacomCBS Gen Z studio Awesomeness and Chowhound, an online destination and community for food enthusiasts, are serving up a new influencer cooking competition series Dish This, premiering on Tuesday, August 4, at 1 p.m. PT on the AwesomenessTV YouTube channel. Hosted by Chowhound editor-at-large Joey Skladany, the six-episode order launches on the same day as his debut cookbook, Basic Bitchen.

Each episode of Dish This will see Skladany judge two social celebrities competing to make a dish from the pages of Basic Bitchen, which embraces the “basic” lifestyle through food with everyday recipes for the straightforward meals we shamelessly love. Instead of using any old recipe, contestants will need to figure out how to make the dish using only a picture of the final product as reference.

Said Skladany, “I’m excited to host Dish This and further encourage amateur chefs to embrace their inner basicness! We have some fun challenges in store and I can’t wait to see what these contestants will throw down or hilariously mess up in the kitchen."

Talent contestants include a host of TikTok stars such as Noah Beck, Blake Gray, Griffin Johnson and Kio Cyr from creator collective Sway House, Cristian Dennis (Niki & Gabi Take Bahamas) and boyfriend Tyshon Lawrence, Internet comedians Brittany Broski and Sarah Schauer, siblings Daniella and Devenity Perkins, and contortionist Sofie Dossi (America’s Got Talent) with brother Zak Dossi.

Contestants will compete in different challenges that require them to reveal something about themselves, with the option to either get a tip for their own recipe or sabotage their competitor. At the end of each episode, Skladany will judge each dish based on ingredients used, presentation, and creativity to determine the best at-home chef. Recipes from each episode will also live on the @AwesomenessTV TikTok, hosted by Skladany for fans to make at home.

Basic Bitchen is published by Tiller Press, an imprint of ViacomCBS’ Simon & Schuster.

Joey Skladany is a NYC-based writer/editor, TV/radio personality, and editor-at-large for Chowhound. His work has been featured in outlets like Food & Wine, People, InStyle, Travel + Leisure, and BuzzFeed. Prior to a career in editorial, he served as the lead publicist for hit TLC shows like Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, My Strange Addiction, and My Crazy Obsession. In his spare time, he enjoys volleyball, traveling, worshipping Beyoncé, writing depressing poetry, interior design, and perfecting his stand-up comedy routine. He’s also been struck by lightning—quite the shocking experience.

Dish This is produced by Awesomeness Digital Studio. The series is part of the brand’s Summer of Awesomeness multi-platform initiative, which provides Gen Z entertainment and engagement all summer long from the safety of home. New programming includes new influencer docuseries This Is, which gives viewers an in-depth look at an influencer’s everyday life; season 2 of Date Drop, the hit influencer dating series that takes place entirely over videoconference; To All The Music, a virtual concert with the cast and musical artists behind To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You; IGTV series Spark The Convo, which addresses timely topics like allyship, implicit bias and coming out; and new episodes of Gen Z pop culture segment ATV Daily Report now airing on Entertainment Tonight.

About Awesomeness

Awesomeness, a subsidiary of ViacomCBS, is a media company focused on serving the global Gen Z audience through its digital publishing, film and television studio divisions. Awesomeness has become the destination for youth culture, cultivating a loyal audience with hit programming on the world’s biggest streaming services including Netflix (smash-hit film series “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before,” “Trinkets”) and Hulu (Emmy® award-winning “Zac & Mia”, Emmy® nominee “Pen15”), along with the company’s immensely popular short-form programs on YouTube (“Brent Rivera’s Dream Vacation,” “My Dream Quinceañera,” “Malibu Surf”), that garner hundreds of millions of views. As a leading media brand, Awesomeness’ worldwide distribution footprint spans owned, social and premium SVOD platforms. The company also includes a creative agency, creator network, and brand partnerships division. Founded in 2012, Awesomeness is headquartered in Los Angeles, with additional offices in New York.


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