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Nickelodeon Scandinavia to Premiere 'Just Add Magic' on Monday 17th February 2020

Nickelodeon Scandinavia will be adding some sparkle to the recipe with Just Add Magic, premiering Monday 17th February 2020 at 16:55 on Nickelodeon Denmark (Danmark), Nickelodeon Sweden (Sverige) and Nickelodeon Norway (Norge)! In the spellbinding new U.S. live-action family television series, three best friends discover a magical cookbook that helps them uncover mysteries that span generations. Following its debut, Nickelodeon will serve up extra helpings with new episodes airing regularly weekdays at 16:55 on Nickelodeon Danmark, Nickelodeon Sverige and Norge!

The news follows Nickelodeon acquiring the international broadcast rights to Just Add Magic and its upcoming spin-off series, Just Add Magic: Mystery City.

In Just Add Magic, Kelly Quinn and her two BFF's, Darbie and Hannah, stumble upon her grandmother's mysterious cookbook in the attic and discover some far from ordinary recipes. When the Shut'em Up Shortcake silences Kelly's pesky little brother and the Healing Hazelnut Tart heals Darbie's ankle, the girls discover they have the power of magic.

In the lively town of Saffron Falls, teenage girls Kelly, Darbie, and Hannah are best friends who love cooking. While making a cake for Kelly's grandma's (who has a mysterious illness and cannot talk) birthday, the girls use a magical recipe using an ancient cookbook that they found in the attic. The recipes they find inside have strange names like "Shut'em Up Shortcake" and "Hazelnut Healing Tart" and require unusual ingredients, such as "Cedronian vanilla" and "Taurian thyme". The girls go to Mama P.’s shop to get the ingredients for the “Shut ‘em Up Shortcake” and when no one has any idea what they need, Mama P. reveals that she knows what the ingredients are, and she gives them the Cedronian Vanilla. They bake the cake, but when Kelly's brother Buddy and Hannah eat a bite of the shortcake and find themselves unable to talk, the three friends realise they are dealing with magic spells. At the same time as Hannah and Buddy's silence, Darbie cannot stop talking. Because of this, they also realise the spells come with a consequence.

Throughout season one, Kelly, Darbie, and Hannah investigate the magical recipes and face the temptations of using magic to help overcome the everyday challenges of being middle school girls. They conclude that Mama P. knows about the magic because she appears to have extensive knowledge of magical ingredients. Furthermore, they discover that the creepy neighbour Ms. Silvers also has a connection to magic after she warns them to stay away from it, telling them that it is dangerous. The girls realise that they are the protectors of the magical cookbook and that there were many others before them, three of whom were Mama P., Ms. Silvers and Kelly's grandma Becky. Among all this, Kelly has one overriding goal: to find the magical recipe that will fix her grandmother's mysterious illness, even if it means crossing creepy Mama P. or scary Ms. Silvers. As the girls work together they find out that Kelly's grandma Becky is under a curse, and so are Mama P. (whose curse does not let her leave Saffron Falls) and Ms. Silvers (whose curse does not let her play the piano in public). The girls, while trying to free Grandma Quinn of her curse, uncover various mysteries of the past.

Just Add Magic stars: Olivia Sanabia (Nicky, Ricky, Dicky et Dawn, Sam et Cat, Coop and Cami Ask the World) as Kelly Quinn, Abby Donnelly (JoJo's Juice, Malibu Rescue) as Darbie, Aubrey K. Miller (Sam & Cat, The Fresh Beat Band, Nicky, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn, Fresh Off the Boat) as Hannah, Judah Bellamy as Jake, Catia Ojeda (La malédiction du temple Maya, Malibu Rescue) as Terri Quinn, Dee Wallace (The Twilight Zone, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial) as Grandma, Amy Hill (La Legende De Korra, Kung Fu Panda: l’incroyable légende, The Wild Thornberrys: The Origin of Donnie, American Dad!, Mom, Black-ish, King of the Hill, Max Keeble's Big Move) as Mama P, Andrew Burlinson (Parks and Recreation, Shear the Sheep) as Scott Quinn, Ellen Karsten as Ms. Silvers, Aiden Lovekamp (Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension) as Buddy Quinn, Zach Callison (Henry Danger, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Pizza Friday!, The Legend of Korra, The Goldbergs, Steven Universe, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? as Chuck, Laya DeLeon Hayes (Game Shakers, Santa Hunters, Les Thundermans, Hey Arnold !: Mission Jungle - Le film, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn, Mutt & Stuff) as Piper, and Tess Paras as Erin.

Just Add Magic (51 x 30-minute (approx) episodes over three seasons) made its debut on Amazon Video in January 2016. Amazon Studios renewed the series for a second season in June 2016 after it "set a record as the most successful Amazon Original Kids premiere weekend in terms of U.S. Prime Video streams and hours." Prior to the series, a pilot for the show was produced in 2015. The series is based on Cindy Callaghan’s YA book and adapted by Joanna Lewis & Kristine Songco (Sullivan & Son). The single-camera live-action pilot was directed by Joe Nussbaum (George Lucas In Love).

Just Add Magic is produced by Amazon Studios, Pictures in a Row (Picrow; The Marvelous Mrs Maisel) and Grasshopper Lane Entertainment.

In additional news, Nickelodeon Scandinavia has digitally premiered the first episode of Nickelodeon's hit miniseries Are You Afraid Of The Dark?! Fans can watch the first episode now online at nickelodeon.dk (Er du mørkeræd?, "Hr. Tophat"), nickelodeon.no (Herr Svarthatt, "Er du mørkredd?") and nickelodeon.se (Är du mörkrädd?, "Mr. Tophat")!

Fans can visit nickelodeon.dk, nickelodeon.se and nickelodeon.no to find out more about their favourite Nickelodeon shows and watch video clips dubbed in Danish (Dansk), Swedish (Svenska) and Norwegian (Norsk).

Fans can also like the official Nickelodeon Danmark and and Nickelodeon Sverige Facebook pages (DK | SE) and follow Nickelodeon Danmark and and Nickelodeon Sverige on Instagram (DK | SE) for the latest Nick news, highlights and videos.

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Vaibhav Studios Unveils 'The Nick Rap' Ident for Nickelodeon India

There’s hardly anyone who isn’t fond of street food snacks! In India, ‘chai’ (tea) is incomplete without being accompanied by hot, mouthwatering snacks. Even independently, to grab a quick bite and fill our tummies, there’s no substitute to the tastes of Vada Pav, Paani Puri, Samosa and more.

But ever wondered what a fight between a Vada Pav and Samosa would look like? Maybe a rap battle? Well, Vaibhav Studios’ new ident for kids broadcaster Nickelodeon India is giving fans a glimpse of the same of what it could look like!

After a successful slew of funny, unique, adorable and award-winning animated Nickelodeon idents, Vaibhav Studios unveiled the latest ‘The Nick Rap ident’ on Friday 17th January 2020, and following its release, the animated clip has welcomed fantastic feedback and appreciation from across the industry.

Mentions Vaibhav Studios founder Vaibhav Kumaresh, “Ever since its release, the response to the rap ident has been massive! The film has gone viral like crazy! – be it on the NICK India channel or the Vaibhav Studios YouTube, Facebook and Instagram channels.”

The team at Vaibhav Studios used the same animation technique of puppetry and 2D animation for this animated video like their previous films. However, they paid special additional attention to lighting, camera angles, music and lyrics since it’s a rap battle.

The software used were Adobe Animate, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop and Krita, while they shot on Canon 80D, Canon G7x mark2 and Sony A6000 cameras.

Directed by Dapoon Rai Dewan and Ajit Aher, ‘The Nick Rap ident’ is fresh, humourous and instantly grabs attention. “Making animated music clips with real food items was the brainchild of our director Anand Babu. Two years ago, he made an experimental clip at home using pista, badam and shot it with his phone. Although crude, the idea excited us so much, that we decided to explore this style, and pitched a few ideas to Nickelodeon. One of them was this rap battle. We wanted to make it as local and raw as possible, and our Indian street food immediately came to mind. We researched many food items, and narrowed down to Vada pav and Samosa. Look wise, they had a lot of personality, we felt. So they became our obvious choice,” Kumaresh told AnimationXpress about the concept ideation,

It indeed takes a village to ideate, conceptualise and finally execute such an animated video with sheer brilliance. Here’s the creative team who worked on the ident:

Concept – Anand Babu

Direction – Dapoon Rai Dewan and Ajit Aher

Lyrics – The Bliss and Dapoon Rai Dewan

Music and Sound Design – Roto Shah

Lead Voices – Vaibhav Kumaresh

Chorus – Dapoon Rai Dewan and Roto Shah

Character Design – Anand Babu

Storyboards and Animatic – Dapoon Rai Dewan and Vaibhav Kumaresh

Model and set design heads – Tapas Jana and Bhavesh Gondaliya

Model makers – Avinash Gulhane, Rajib Debnath, Santosh Pujari, Ajit Aher

Lighting and Cinematography – Sagar Kulkarni & Jayesh Panchal

Camera – Abhijit Ghodke

Animation direction – Ajit Aher and Dapoon Rai Dewan

2D key animation – Dapoon Rai Dewan, Ajit Aher, Tapas Jana, Suman Manna

In between and cleanup – Jayesh Panchal, Rajib Debnath, Santosh Pujari, Aadarash Kumar

Live puppeteers – Ajit Aher, Dapun Rai Dewan, Tapas Jana, Bhavesh Gondaliya, Jayesh Panchal, Sweta Nayak, Santosh Pujari, Suman Manna, Anand Babu, Vaibhav Kumaresh

Cleanup and wire removal – Abhijit Ghodke, Sweta Nayak, Bhavesh Gondaliya, Avinash Gulhane, Rajib Debnath, Santosh Pujari

Colour Grading – Sagar Kulkarni and Jayesh Panchal

Compositing – Abhijit Ghodke

Production manager – Sweta Nayak

Studio assistance – Baadal Chaurasiya and Hemlata Chandekar

Research and animation tests – Abha Shah, Annie Jerry, Sahil Sheikh, Dipantor Talukdar, Santosh Pujari.

Since the project included a lot of different aspects, Dewan provided a proper breakdown of the key roles and responsibilities –

Lyrics and music: Since this was a rap battle, the lyrics and the music had to be the highlight of the film. The team asked a professional rapper ‘The Bliss’ to help them write some of the words. Even we contributed to the lyric writing and were happy with the final draft. Kumaresh added a lot of personality to both the characters as he rapped to the lyrics, while Roto Shah, the music director, elevated that to a whole new level with his super edgy beats and music. All of them infused so much life in the track, it gave us a lot of clarity on how to visualise the film.

Visual research: A small team went out to the market to document the overall ambience of a vada pav stall – the location, the props used, the lighting and so on. This homework was helpful in designing the location and staging of actions for the film.

Locking the edit: This was going to be a compact 30 second film with a lot of things happening, so we wanted to make sure the edit was locked down at the earliest. They didn’t want the film to feel too rushed or too busy. So the film went through several mock edits, with the animatic itself going through various revisions. Then a vada pav and a samosa was ordered and made a mock edit using phone cameras to see how the edit worked when shot in the real space. A mock lighting edit was done soon after, and eventually the final film was shot. The film evolved through the process and also helped us a lot in understanding what worked best for the film, and what did not.

Set Design: The team wanted to make the rap battle look like it took place on an actual food cart/stall. To enhance the authenticity, the production manager Sweta Nayak arranged for all the props necessary. The team then had to set them up with the right elements for each shot down to every minute detail, be it painting the menu board in the backdrop, or the dabbing of oil on the plates and newspapers, or the overflowing besan from the ‘kadhai’.

Model making: Because these films take a few days to shoot, the figured that real samosas and vada pavs would get soggy pretty quick. And if we keep ordering newer ones everyday, the main characters would look different in each shot, which is something they had to avoid. So the model making team, headed by Tapas Jana and Bhavesh Gondaliya created artificial samosas and vadas for the whole film. None of the samosas or vadas in the film are real. They’re all hand crafted so as to maintain consistency.

Rigging: Once the models were made, Jana took to rigging them. He figured out various ways to place wires, rods, threads inside or on the characters for easy manoeuvrability. For the main characters, they wanted rigid thick rods, so the puppeteers had more control while moving the characters. The team chose threads for the rest of the samosas and vadas. The Chutney ladies and the Mirchi boys were moved by thin wires. They also used threads so that it would be easier to remove them in post.

Puppetry: This film had a lot of acting, so the puppeteers shot a lot of acting videos to lock down the attitude of the main characters in each shot. This gave the puppeteers a clear reference for the body language when they were shooting. The studio members had a lot of happy accidents too, where they would get an even better acting accidentally. Each shot had numerous takes that we could fish through and eventually be happy with, while making the final edit.

Lighting: They paid special attention to lighting in this film. The lighting artists Sagar Kulkarni and Jayesh Panchal experimented with different styles for the film, as they wanted it to look as underground as possible, while still maintaining the feel of the roadside food stall. It was quite tricky because we didn’t want anything overexposed or burned out, like in an actual food stall. Another hurdle was to avoid the shadows of the puppeteers because it was shot in an extremely compact space. We did at least three rounds of lighting tests and locked down our final look.

Camera angles: The team watched a lot of rap music videos to study the various camera angles used, and tried to incorporate as many as we could here. We knew we wanted a wide angle shot, a dolly through a gully shot, a Dutch angle shot and more. The team had a lot of fun testing out these various angles and putting them all together.

Wire removal: Once the shoot is done and the edit is locked, the wire removal team began the task of removing the wires/thread of each character in each shot. Since green screens weren’t used on any of the shots, every wire had to be painstakingly removed manually frame by frame. It is admittedly the most arduous of all the stages.

2D animation: After the shoot, the 2D team also parallelly gets on with animating the facial expressions and hand movements on all the characters. Again, like in puppetry, the 2D animators had to refer to the acting videos to make sure they maintained the right attitude of the characters, and even take the liberty to elevate the acting as they see fit.

“Once it’s all done, we create a final line up of the edit with the soundtrack, and then hand it over to the client, Nickelodeon,” concludes Dewan.

Given the huge success and popularity of its ('The Nick Rap' ident) predecessor, expectations are high from the animated studio who have wowed the audience and industry alike with their content and animatics.

Adds Dewan, “We take each project independently as they come. Every film has a different language, a different world, and it’s important to understand that difference in order to do justice to them. So once we’re done with one film, we get onto another, and we get excited by the possibilities of that particular world. We did the same for ‘The Nick rap ident’ and explored every different option there. Basically just trying to have a lot of fun with it. One thing we make sure is that the idea of the film should excite us. Because it’s that excitement that sees us through till the end. Also we definitely try to do a lot of new things that we hadn’t done in the previous films.”

Nickelodeon too were equally excited about the project and the team at Vaibhav Studios got full support and coordination from Kids Cluster Creative Services vice president Suchita Karmokar and Kids Cluster On Air Promotions creative director Sanhita Das.

Exclaims Kumaresh, “Team Nickelodeon India was pretty excited with the entire campaign idea that we had pitched to them two years ago. The rap ident was pitched to them with a scratch track along with the designs of the two main characters to get them excited. And they did get really excited!”

Vaibhav Studios continues to entertain viewers with feel-good yet spunky content. After ‘Rock band’, ‘Idli Sambar’ and ‘Garba ident’, ‘The Rap ident’ too strikes the right chords.

So, NickHeads, who’s your favourite snack – the vibrant Vada Bhau or the mighty Mosa Bhai?

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Ariana Grande and Matt Bennett Rock Out to 'Victorious' Songs Together

We may still not have the Victorious finale we all deserve, but at least co-stars Ariana Grande and Matt Bennett, aka Cat and Robbie, are giving us major nostalgia feels in 2020!

Photo credit: Greg Campbell/WireImage for Schneider's Bakery; Matt Bennett/Instagram Story.

On Monday (January 27), the BFFs hung out at Disneyland together. Ariana's mom and her brother, Frankie Grande (Henry Danger), were also spotted in the park that day.

View this post on Instagram

Ariana Grande and Matt Bennett were in the park tonight! Check my previous post for more info. 😊 . Follow Us! (The Page Owners) Richard’s Personal @Rickscoped Katie’s Personal @KatelynnPeralta . We are now on Twitter! Our handle is @DisneylandCeleb . (Credit: Jessica Paige via Twitter) . . . . . . Disclaimer: THIS PAGE IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH DISNEY! We know it is awesome to see a celebrity in person, but we do ask that you please respect their privacy and admire from afar. This page is solely for entertainment purposes. Many posts are user submitted. All posts fall under “Fair Use.” Thank You! . #ArianaGrande #MattBennett #arianator #Ariana #Grande #MamaGrande #FrankieGrande #JoanGrande #Victorious #VictoriaJustice #DisneylandCelebrities #DisneylandCelebs #DisneylandResort #Disneyland #DowntownDisney #DCA #CaliforniaAdventure #ROTR #RiseOfTheResistance #GalaxysEdge #SWGE #spacemountain

A post shared by Sightings, Giveaways, More! 🌐 (@disneylandcelebrities) on

While that's super cute in and of itself, the besties and former Nickelodeon stars upped the adorableness factor by belting out "Freak the Freak Out" and "All I Want Is Everything" from the Victorious soundtrack, which Matt posted to his Instagram Story.

And this wasn't like a 5-second video clip, oh no. Matt treated fans by posting several clips to his story, which fan accounts then compiled on Twitter. And when "All I Want Is Everything" began, Matt tagged co-star Victoria Justice, saying, "We need you!"

Matt later posted a pic of him at the Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance attraction at Disneyland, standing in front of storm troopers.

Matt Bennett/Instagram Story

Of course, this isn't the first time Ariana and Matt have belted out Victorious songs. Back in November 2019, during Ariana's concert in Atlanta, Matt was spotted jamming out to the Victorious theme song with fans in the audience. Ari and Matt were joined by their fellow Victorious co-star Elizabeth Gillies (Jade)

He also went onstage to perform "I Think You're Swell" with Ariana, which was a beloved song from the TV show that was perfect fodder for Cat and Robbie's (Cabbie) relationship, and Ari and Liz performed "Give It Up".

A year before the Atlanta concert, Ariana premiered her epic music video for "Thank U, Next," which featured her and Matt recreating the toothbrush scene from Bring It On.


Seriously, how amazing is this friendship? If the duo want to change it up from Victorious next time, I recommend they sing something from Matt's album, Terminal Cases, such as "Jumanji" or "Hook - Pt. 1." Just an idea!

Join Nickelodeon's official I Was A Nick Kid Facebook Group!: https://www.facebook.com/groups/IWasANickKid/

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Original source: Seventeen.
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Nickelodeon Turkey to Premiere New Episodes of 'The Loud House' From Monday 13th January 2020 + More January 2020 Highlights

Things are going to get LOUD when Nickelodeon Turkey (Türkiye) starts to premiere more brand new episodes of The Loud House (Gürültü Ailesi), from Monday 13th January 2020 at 20:10'da, beginning with the all-new special "Kings of the Con"!

Below is Nickelodeon Türkiye's official synopsis for "Kings of the Con" in Türk:


Update (28/1) - Nickelodeon Türkiye today started to premiere brand new episodes of Atchoo at 19:15!:

Fans can visit nick.tv to find out more about their favourite Nickelodeon shows as well as watch video clips and play games. Fans can also like the official Nickelodeon Türkiye Facebook page and follow Nickelodeon on Twitter for the latest Nick news, highlights and videos.

Originally published: Sunday, January 12, 2020.

Additional sources: Digitürk Yayın Akışı, Google Translate.
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Nickelodeon Germany Launches Competition to Win Tickets to KCA 2020

The hottest celebs, the coolest music, unexpected surprises and lots of SLIME await at the 2020 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards - and to celebrate, Nickelodeon Germany and Telekom have launched an awesome competition which is giving one lucky entrant the chance to win four tickets to attend Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards 2020 at the Forum in LA! NickHeads in Germany can enter now at http://www.nick.de/static/article_Telekom_Gewinnspiel!

In the U.S.: Find out how to win tickets to KCA 2020 here!

Additionally, Nickelodeon has confirmed that Nickelodeon Germany, Switzerland and Austria (Deutschland, Schweiz and Österreich; collectively known as Nickelodeon GSA) will host the third annual Nickelodeon Kids‘ Choice Awards 2020: Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz later this year!

From http://www.nick.de/static/article_Telekom_Gewinnspiel:

Gewinne mit Telekom eine Reise zu den internationalen Kids´ Choice Awards nach Los Angeles

Am 22.März 2020 ist es wieder soweit: Die internationalen Kids´ Choice Awards werden in Los Angeles verliehen! Wer in diesem Jahr einen der heißbegehrten Blimps gewinnt? Das entscheidest wie immer du! Bald kannst du auf kca.nick.de für deine Favoriten abstimmen. Die Sieger der internationalen Kids´ Choice Awards sowie der KCAs Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz erfährst du dann natürlich ganz exklusiv, nur bei Nick! Sei gespannt!

Was gibt es zu gewinnen?
Hin- und Rückflüge für 4 Personen (zwei Erwachsene und zwei Kinder bis 16 Jahre) nach Los Angeles von einem Abflughafen in Deutschland nach Wahl, Übernachtungen im Hotel und Tickets für die „Kids‘ Choice Awards 2020“

Wann findet die Reise statt?
20.03.2020 – 23.03.2020

Wo finden in diesem Jahr die internationalen Kids´ Choice Awards statt?*Dieses Feld darf nicht leer sein.

New York
San Francisco
Los Angeles

Welcher Preis wird bei den Kids´ Choice Awards verliehen?*


Wer hat bisher die meisten Preise bei den internationalen Kids´ Choice Awards gewonnen?*Dieses Feld darf nicht leer sein.

Ariana Grande
Selena Gomez
Patrick Star
Jace Norman

Wer darf teilnehmen?
Die Eltern müssen mindestens 18 Jahre sein und in die USA reisen dürfen. Für weitere AGBs siehe: http://www.nick.de/static/info_contests


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Originally published: Tuesday, January 28, 2020.

Additional source: Google Translate.
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Rahasia khusus ke Slime Hijau | Ulasan Nix's Alien | Nickelodeon Bahasa

Rahasia khusus ke Slime Hijau | Ulasan Nix's Alien | Nickelodeon Bahasa

Rahasia khusus ke Slime Hijau Pernahkah kamu bertanya rahasia ke slime hijau? Nix mengungkapkan semuanya di episode Ulasan Nix‘s Alien.

Nick Lebih Banyak: Nickelodeon Russia Marks 20 Years of 'SpongeBob SquarePants' with the 'Best Year Ever' Celebration!
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Best Friends in the World Week | SpongeBob | Trailer | Nickelodeon Israel

שבוע החברים הכי טובים בעולם | בקרוב בערוץ ניקלודיאון

בובספוג מכנסמרובע - http://www.nick.co.il/brand/5

יותר ניקלודיאון: Nickelodeon International Renames 'The Covurts' as 'Spyders'; To Premiere in 2020!

Additional source: Google Translate.
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What Did You Think of the New 'The Casagrandes' Episode 'How to Train Your Carl'? | Nickelodeon Fan Poll

What did you think of the brand new The Casagrandes episode "How to Train Your Carl"? Vote in the poll and sound off in the comments below!

Viacom International Studios and The Mediapro Studio Wrap Production for 'Noobees 2'; To Premiere on Nickelodeon Latin America During Early 2020

Update (4/12) - Noobees season two will premiere on Nickelodeon Brazil (Brasil) in March 2020! A premiere date for Nickelodeon Latin America (Latinoamérica) is yet to be announced.

Official Viacom International Studios Press Release:


Buenos Aires, October 9th, 2019 - After five months of filming in Bogotá, Colombia, Viacom International Studios (VIS) and The Mediapro Studios have wrapped production for Noobees 2 (60 x 1 hr.), Nickelodeon Latin America’s hit gaming series.

Argentine actor Julián Cerati, Colombian influencer La Pereztroica, and Venezuelan actress Karlys Romero join original castmates - Mexican actors Michelle Olvera and Andrés de la Mora; Colombians María José Vargas and Pipe Arcila, and Brazilian actress Clara Tiezzi.

This season, audiences will follow Silvia (Michelle Olvera) and David (Andrés de la Mora) as a couple, oblivious to the fact that Gameover seeks revenge. Gameover’s sole mission is to take control of all players, conquer the real world and turn it into a video game. To execute he needs help from 2 Avatars (Athina and Rocco) he creates, but lies to them about his true intentions, offering them the opportunity to play the best game of their lives and enter the real world to mingle with humans. Do they find out his plan or does Gameover succeed in his takeover?

Noobees 2 is written by renowned Argentine screenwriter, Marcela Citterio whose works include tween favorites Chica Vampiro, Heidi and Nickelodeon Latin America’s Yo Soy Franky, among others. The series will premiere throughout Latin America, including Brazil, at the beginning of 2020 on Nickelodeon Latin America.

For more information about Noobees 2 click here.

For more information about Viacom International Studios (VIS), visit www.ViacomInternationalStudios.com or follow our official social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

About Nickelodeon Latin America

Nickelodeon, now in its 22nd year, is one of the leading entertainment brands for kids in the region. It has built a diverse, global business by putting kids first in everything it does. The brand includes television programming and production in the United States, Latin America and around the world, plus consumer products, digital, location based experiences, publishing and feature films. Nickelodeon is one of the most recognized and widely distributed multimedia entertainment brands for children and families globally, reaching more than 59 million homes in Latin America. The channel includes a wide range of cross-platform products such as Nick Play, Nick First, My Nick Jr., and SVOD products like Noggin, in addition to multiple websites. Nickelodeon and all related titles, characters and logos are trademarks of Viacom Inc. (NASDAQ: VIA, VIAB).


Viacom International Media Networks Americas, a unit of Viacom Inc. (NASDAQ: VIAB), owns and operates the company’s portfolio of entertainment brands, which include MTV, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Comedy Central, Paramount Channel, VH1, Telefe and their respective properties in Latin America (including Brazil). Additionally, the portfolio includes Tr3 in the US, which targets a broad US Hispanic audience, and VIMN’s programming partnerships in Canada with Corus Entertainment for Nickelodeon and Bell Media for MTV and Comedy Central. VIMN Americas also holds a majority stake in Porta dos Fundos, one of the main comedy content creators in Brazil. The company’s multiplatform business includes the mobile apps MTV Play, Nick Play, Comedy Central Play, Mi Telefe, and Telefe Noticias; on-demand products, Nick First and My Nick Jr., and the SVOD product, Noggin, in addition to multiple web sites.

About Viacom International Studios

Introduced in 2018, Viacom International Studios (VIS) is a division of Viacom International Media Networks that produces content for all genres, both for Viacom brands and platforms, including Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central, Paramount Channel, Channel 5, Telefe and Porta Dos Fundos, as well as for third parties. VIS global sales include original productions, co-productions, sales in format for local adaptations and sales of canned products. The content that VIS has covers all genres, from soap operas to dramas, short and long comedy formats and film productions.


The mission of THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO, the content division of the MEDIAPRO Group, is to expand the creation, production and distribution of content globally, creating high-quality international content in association with the very best Spanish and international talent, including Paolo Sorrentino, Woody Allen, Isabel Coixet, Ran Tellem, Oliver Stone, Daniel Burman, Fernando León de Aranoa, Iván Escobar, Javier Fesser, Patricio Guzmán, Borja Cobeaga, Diego San José, Marc Cistaré, Manuel Huerga, Ernesto Daranas, Gastón Duprat, Mariano Cohn, Laura Belloso, Marc Vigil, Fernando González Molina, Javier Olivares and Ruth García. THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO, with 58 offices distributed across four continents, 14 of which develop and produce content, launched 34 series in 2019 with a global investment of €200 million for the production of series, movies, entertainment programs, short-formats and documentaries. MEDIAPRO has partnered with key industry players worldwide including HBO, Netflix, Amazon, DirectTV, Fox, Viacom, Yle Turner and Disney, which have earned international acclaim winning awards including 2 Oscars, 2 Golden Globes, multiple Goya awards and 2 Daytime Emmy Awards.


Below is the above press release in Latin American Español:

Nickelodeon Goes On An Adventure at the Nickelodeon Treasure Hunt in Malta

Get set to go behind-the-scenes of the Nickelodeon Treasure Hunt in Malta with Nickelodeon Goes On An Adventure, a brand new special airing on Nickelodeon channels globally now! For more information about Nickelodeon Treasure Hunt Malta, visit http://malta.nickelodeon.tv.

Nickelodeon Partindo Para a Aventura (Promo) | Nickelodeon Brasil (Brazil)

Especial: Nickelodeon Partindo Para a Aventura | Nickelodeon Brasil

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Originally published: Monday, January 20, 2020.

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Nickelodeon Latin America and Nickelodeon Brazil to Premiere New Episodes of 'The Loud House' from Monday 20th January 2020

Things are going to get LOUD when Nickelodeon Latin America (Latinoamérica) starts to premiere more brand new episodes of The Loud House season four weekdays at 19:00 from Monday 20th January 2020!

Update (19/1) - The all new episodes will also air on Nickelodeon Brazil (Brasil) weekdays at 18:00!

Below is a list of brand new The Loud House episodes set to debut on Nickelodeon Latinoamérica in January 2020!:

Monday 20th January 2020: Love Birds & Rocket Men

Tuesday 21st January 2020: A Grave Mistake & Leader of the Rack

Wednesday 22nd January 2020: Stall Monitor & A Pimple Plan

Thursday 23rd January 2020: Good Sports & Geri-Antics

Update (28/1) - Nickelodeon Latin America (Latinoamérica) will air a brand new episode of The Loud House on Saturday 8th February 2020 at 10:30 in Colombia, 11:30 in Venezuela and 12:30 in Chile!:


Nickelodeon estrenará cuatro episodios de The Loud House

Los televidentes del canal podrán ver los nuevos capítulos de la serie animada desde este lunes hasta el 23 de enero a las 7 p.m.

El lunes, 20 estrena Love Birds/Rocket Men. Después del fallido intento de romance de Walt, Charles, Cliff y Geo intentan encontrarle a su amigo una conexión amorosa. A la vez, Lincoln y Clyde les ruegan a sus padres que los dejen ir al campamento de cadetes espaciales, pero no es tan divertido como esperaban.

El martes 21 se emitirá A Grave Mistake/Leader of the Rack, donde Lucy va contra su amiga Haiku para convertirse en la nueva presidenta del Club de Jóvenes Morticiales en la escuela y Leni es promovida a gerente temporal en el trabajo, pero le preocupa su amistad con Miguel y Fiona.

Stall Monitor/A Pimple Plan es la oferta del miércoles 22. Preocupado de que su maestro tenga cosas malas que decir sobre él, Lincoln intenta retrasar la reunión de padres y maestros. Mientras tanto, Luan se despierta con un grano en la cara el día de su primera cita con Benny, y le pide ayuda a sus hermanos.

Finalmente, el jueves 23 estrena Good Sports/Geri-Antics, en el cual Lynn encuentra un inesperado compañero para ver deportes en la televisión – el vecino de la familia el Sr. Grouse y cuando Lisa se da cuenta de que Pop Pop no existirá para siempre, recurre a la ciencia para garantizar su supervivencia.


Volta às Aulas no Estilo Loud | Nickelodeon

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Originally published: Wednesday, January 15, 2020.

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