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The Thundermans | 'Make it Pop Pop' Trailer + Sneak Peek | Nickelodeon USA

In this Saturdays brand-new The Thundermans, Max and Phoebe enter The Detention Zone! What terrors lie in wait? Find out in the all-new The Thundermans season four episode "Make it Pop Pop", premiering Saturday 24th February 2018 at 8:00pm ET/PT, followed by the series premiere of Knight Squad at 8:30pm ET/PT, only on Nickelodeon USA!

The Final Week Of Hunter Street Season 2 Is Here | Trailer | Nickelodeon USA [Updated]

It's the final week of Hunter Street season two, and time is running out! The race is on to save Erik (Ronald Top)! Don't miss the ending that will change the Hunter's lives forever! It's the can't miss final week of Hunter Street season two! Brand-new episodes continue weekdays (from Tuesday 21st February 2018) at 7:00 P.M. (ET/PT), only on Nickelodeon USA! Catch up now by watching full-length episodes at and on the Nick App!

Kel Mitchell Reveals He's Game For Reunion With His Former 'All That' Co-Star Amanda Bynes

Kel Mitchell is game for a reunion with his former All That co-star Amanda Bynes!

Amanda Bynes, Kel Mitchell | Getty Images

The actor stopped by E!'s Daily Pop on Friday, February 23 and dished about his time on Nickelodeon's hit sketch show All That and possibly having Bynes on his latest hit Nickelodeon show, Game Shakers. Bynes has been through some ups and downs over the years and while Mitchell hasn't talked to her recently, she did give him a call a few years ago around the time that he was getting married.

"Not recently, but she's doing good, she's into fashion, she's doing that," Mitchell shared with Daily Pop co-hosts Justin Sylvester and Morgan Stewart.

"She called me when I was getting married and that was 2012...we spoke and then all that stuff went down and she changed her number. So it's like everybody couldn't get in contact with her, but I'm so happy she's doing good," he continued.

When asked about having Bynes on Game Shakers, Mitchell replied, "That would be awesome! I love Amanda, she is like fearless and very physical comedy. She does it very well."

Mitchell then recalled when they were working together on All That, Bynes told him she wanted to do the physical comedy that he does. "And she went crazy with it...she's awesome," Mitchell shared.

Watch the videos below to see Mitchell talk about All That, a possible reunion with Bynes and more!

Game Shakers airs Sundays at 7:00pm ET/PT on Nickelodeon USA, and regularly on Nick channels and programming blocks around the world.

Watch Daily Pop weekdays on E! at 12 p.m.

Here’s our First Look at Salem the Cat in Netflix's 'Sabrina' Remake | Update: Miranda Otto Cast as Aunt Zelda; Richard Coyle Cast as Father Blackwood

Originally published: Saturday, February 10, 2018.

Feeling superstitious?

Robert Aguirre-Sacasa, the showrunner of Netflix's upcoming Sabrina series, has revealed our first look at everybody's favorite witch-turned cat, Salem, who’ll be starring in the show!

Ladies and gentlemen, meet #Greendale’s latest resident. All hail, Salem! #sabrina, #netflix

One of the best parts of the '90s Sabrina The Teenage Witch series was the personality that Nick Bakay (Angry Beavers) put into Salem Saberhagen, Sabrina’s wise-cracking cat "pet" cat, who wasn’t actually a cat but a witch who had been sentenced to live 100 years as a cat after trying to take over the mortal world.

Now, we get our first look at the Salem that’ll star in Netflix’s upcoming Riverdale spin-off, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, that’ll adapt the later Archie comics which sees Sabrina the Teenage Witch as a much more darker character that’ll have to save the mortal world from some supernatural horrors coming our way, so a little comic relief from Salem will probably be welcome.

Of course, right now this doesn’t really reveal that much other than Salem will continue to embody that of a black cat. No word yet on which lucky cat has landed this coveted role, or about who’ll be voicing Salem, if anyone at all. In the '90s Sabrina The Teenage Witch series, Salem was played by a series of real cats and animatronic cats.

Image credit: WBTV

What we do know for sure is that Kiernan Shipka is taking on the role of the teen witch along side Jaz Sinclair who’ll be playing the role of Rosalind Walker, Sabrina’s human best friend.

Update (2/16): Netflix’s upcoming Sabrina the Teenage Witch series has cast another key character from the comic books as one of the leads opposite Kiernan Shipka. Lucy Davis (Wonder Woman) has been tapped to play Hilda Spellman on the show from Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. TV.

Davis will play Hilda Spellman, one of Sabrina’s two witch aunts. More nurturing than Zelda, Hilda’s motherly nature and warm sense of humor belie a wicked, ghoulish streak. She is as adept at brewing spite jars against her family’s enemies as she is at concocting love potions for the students at Baxter High.

In the 1996 ABC/WB series, Hilda was played by Caroline Rhea.

Update (2/23): Miranda Otto (The Lord of the Rings, Homeland) will portray Aunt Zelda!

In the '90s series, Zelda was a much more stern-but-loving guardian, Hilda on the other hand was a much more easy-going, fun, and mischievous, however reports suggest the two will be played very differently in the new series. According to TV Line: “Proud and devout, Zelda believes there is no greater honor than serving the Dark Lord as a member of the Church of Night. She is the family’s disciplinarian, fiercely protective of Sabrina and very much Cain to Hilda’s Abel.”

As for Hilda Deadline reports that: “More nurturing than Zelda, Hilda’s motherly nature and warm sense of humor belie a wicked, ghoulish streak. She is as adept at brewing spite jars against her family’s enemies as she is at concocting love potions for the students at Baxter High.”

Netflix has also revealed that Richard Coyle (The Collection) has taken the role of Father Blackwood. Father Blackwood is a character that appears in the Archie Comics version of Sabrina, and not in the Nickelodeon series. He’s the High Priest of the Church of Night and Dean of the Academy of the Unseen Arts and will be the main antagonist in the upcoming Sabrina series.

The first of two seasons of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is expected to premiere on Netflix worldwide later in 2018.

Earlier this week, original Sabrina star Melissa Joan Hart (Clarissa Explains It All) offered her thoughts on the teen-oriented reboot to Entertainment Weekly. When asked about how she feels about the reboot, the original portrayer of Sabrina Spellman said she felt “indifferent, really.”

“People kept asking for it, and they were already doing Riverdale, so I guess it made sense,” Hart continues. “I think they’re doing it in a smart way — change it up, don’t make it the same. If you’re going to do the same show, it probably would fall on its face, but I think what they’re doing is probably the smartest way to reboot something.”

Cast of '90s Sabrina The Teenage Witch sitcom

The Untitled Sabrina Project — from Riverdale boss Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Greg Berlanti — imagines the origin and adventures of Sabrina the Teenage Witch as a dark coming-of-age story that traffics in horror, the occult, and, of course, witchcraft. Tonally in the vein of Rosemary’s Baby and The Exorcist, this adaptation finds Sabrina wrestling to reconcile her dual nature — half-witch, half-mortal — while standing against the evil forces that threaten her, her family, and the daylight world humans inhabit.

Hart, who will next direct a February episode of ABC’s The Goldbergs, says she’s not opposed to appearing on, or even helming an episode of, the Netflix series, which recently scored a two-season pickup. “Never say never, but it would depend on the character they wrote,” Hart says. “I just don’t know where I would fit in. I would definitely take a look at the material if they sent it along.”

The Sabrina remake comes during a development season littered with various reboots, reimaginings, and revivals, including Nickelodeon's recent Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie, and upcoming Invader ZIM and Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling TV movies.

“Back in the day, it used to be that you took something that was successful and you did a twist on it,” Hart says of the current reboot trend. “Nowadays, everybody is just doing the same old stuff again. I think it’s a trend that will end, but then again, I said that with reality television, too, so who knows.”

Sit back and enjoy these classic Salem Saberhagen moments from Sabrina the Teenage Witch!:

Re-Re-ReWIND!: Visit and for even more Nickelodeon classics!

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Sources: N3, Digital Spy (II), Fansided, n3rdabl3.
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Nickelodeon Latin America To Premiere New Episodes Of 'Kally's Mashup' From Monday 5th March 2018 [Update]

Kally´s Mashup | Nuevos Episodios | Lunes 5 de Marzo @ 7pm! | Nickelodeon Latinoamérica

Also, from MNI


desde el lunes 5 de marzo NUEVOS EPISODIOS de la exitosa serie musical Kally´s Mashup.

Como anticipo, el viernes 2 de marzo se podrá ver el preestreno exclusivo del primer nuevo episodio de Kally’s Mashup en la Nick App y en

En el último episodio de Kally’s Mashup, KALLY (Maia Reficco) está triste por la reconciliación de DANTE (Alex Hoyer) y LISA (Fer Serrano) pensando que no fue hecha para el amor, y porque su más grande secreto—que es @MICA635—queda expuesto a su amiga amiguísima, TINA (Saraí Meza).

Los nuevos episodios traen a KALLY a un cruce de caminos en su vida—quedarse y enfrentar las cosas o renunciar a todos sus sueños—todo mientras conoce a PABLO (Pablo Zabalza), un talentoso pianista con el que tiene muchas cosas en común.

Además, el viernes 9 de marzo, el mismo día que se lanza el álbum, “Kally’s Mashup: La Música (Banda Sonora Original de la Serie de TV)” se estrena un nuevo tema, “Make It Home”.

Kally’s Mashup, está inspirada en la vida real y trayectoria musical de Adam Anders, productor musical de Glee y sigue las aventuras de Kally, una prodigio musical quien intenta balancear su vida como una virtuosa pianista y una chica muy normal, después de mudarse de un pueblo pequeño a la universidad de música más prestigiosa del país. Aunque todos piensan que ella nació para ser concertista de piano clásico, su verdadero sueño y pasión es ser una estrella de la música pop. La serie cuenta con música original compuesta por Anders, su compañero musical de años, Peer Åström y su esposa, Nikki Anders. Adam Anders también está a cargo de la Producción Ejecutiva, supervisando toda la música de la serie.

La serie es producida por 360 Powwow y Anders Media Inc. en los estudios de Telefe, Viacom International Media Networks en Buenos Aires, Argentina.

La serie tiene un gran elenco de talentos de Argentina y México, incluyendo a Maia Reficco (Kally), Alex Hoyer (Dante), Sara Cobo (Gloria), Lalo Brito (ANDY), Saraí Meza (Tina), Tupac Larriera, Tom CL, Daniela Flombaum, José G. Zapiola, Celeste Sanazi, Camila Mateos, Milagros Masini, Fer Serrano, Marita Ballesteros, Daniel Campomenosi, Jackie Castañeda, Mariano Chiesa, Emiliano Dionisi, Francisco Donovan, Sebastián Holz, Betina O’Connell, Josefina Scaglione

Kally´s Mashup – nuevos episodios

Desde el 5 de marzo, de lunes a viernes

7 pm Argentina, México, Colombia


Más Nick: Nickelodeon Latin America & Mediapro Partner For New eSports-Themed Scripted Series 'N00Bees'!

Originally published: Friday, February 16, 2018.
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Nickelodeon Austria & Nickelodeon Switzerland To Premiere 'Blurt' On Sunday 1st April 2018



Nickelodeon Austria (Österreich) and Nickelodeon Switzerland (Schweiz) will premiere a new original TV movie, Blurt (formerly Inside Voice), on Sunday 1st April 2018 at 09:35 Uhr, starring Jace Norman (Henry Danger, Ein Adam kommt selten allein, Rufus), JoJo Siwa (Lip Sync Battle Shorties) and Daniella Perkins (Knight Squad). The live-action comedy tells the story of Jeremy Martin (Jace Norman) who, after a comical virtual reality mishap, starts speaking every thought he has out loud and to complicate matters, he happens to be running in the school election.

Jeremy Martin is a nice-guy and when he puts on mysterious virtual reality glasses at the mall, he suddenly loses his “inside voice” and starts spouting every thought he has out loud. Making matters worse, Jeremy is running for student council president against his classmate Milly (Daniella Perkins), who is full of great ideas to improve the school. Desperate to get back to normal, Jeremy and his sister Victoria (JoJo Siwa) must figure out how to convince his brain that he can speak up for himself.

The virtual reality sequences featured in the movie are being developed and created by Nickelodeon’s Entertainment Lab, the network’s new division spearheading long-range research and development efforts around new technologies for Nick and its audience. Blurt is the second on-air project fed through the lab, following Flucht aus Mr. Lemoncellos Bibliothek.

Following its premiere, Nickelodeon Österreich and Nickelodeon Schweiz will encore Blurt on Friday 6th April 2018 at 10:05 Uhr and 20:30 Uhr.

Nickelodeon Germany (Deutschland) will also debut Blurt on Sunday 1st April 2018, at 16:05 Uhr.

Blurt is executive produced by Scott McAboy and Michael Sammaciccia. Amy Sydorick is serving as producer. Jace Norman is serving as co-producer. The TV movie was written by Adrian Vina (Lügen haben spitze Zähne) and is directed by Michelle Johnston (Another Cinderella Story: If The Shoe Fits).

Blurt made its world debut on Nickelodeon USA on Monday 19th February 2018, and will be rolling out on Nickelodeon channels worldwide throughout 2018.

In additional news, Nickelodeon Österreich and Nickelodeon Schweiz will start to air the 2018 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards special KCAs Countdown-Tour on Saturday 31st March 2018! KCAs Countdown-Tour will air at:

Saturday 31st March 2018 at 09:20 Uhr and 19:15 Uhr
Sunday 1st April 2018 at 09:20 Uhr, 11:00 Uhr and 19:05 Uhr
Monday 2nd - 6th April 2018 at 07:25 Uhr and 17:25 Uhr

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Original source: Nick Pressecenter.
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SQUAD GOALS: Meet Phoenix Squad w/ Daniella Perkins, Owen Joyner & More! | Knight Squad | Nickelodeon

Meet the Phoenix Squad! There's Ciara (Daniella Perkins), the secret princess of the kingdom; Arc (Owen Joyner), the new guy on a mission; Warwick (Amarr M. Wooten), the one born to be a knight; and Prudence (Lexi DiBenedetto), the quarter-giant with a huge heart. Do they have what it takes to become knights? Not if Sage (Lilimar) and her Kraken Squad have anything to say about it. Catch Knight Squad on Nickelodeon!

Don't miss the premiere of Knight Squad, Saturday February 24th at 8:30/7:30c, only on Nick USA! Watch a FULL sneak-peek episode now on and the Nick App! Are you excited? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

More Nick: Nickelodeon USA To Premiere Blurtier Version Of 'Blurt' On Friday 26th February 2018!
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Patti Destroys Doug In An EPIC Bowling Match | Doug | NickSplat

Doug gets demolished by Patti on the last roll.

Watch all your '90s Nickelodeon favorites on NickSplat, your late-night destination for your favorite childhood Nickelodeon cartoons and live-action shows! NickSplat doesn't question football-shaped heads, but embrace them - along with Reptar bars, a Big Ear of Corn, orange soda, and even slime for Pete (and Pete's) sake. Make your slime-covered Nickelodeon childhood dreams come true every night at 11 PM ET/PT, only on TeenNick USA! #NickSplat!

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Thomas Kuc & Maddie Shipman | Game Shakers EPIC Dance Battle!! | Nickelodeon

Game Shakers' Maddie Shipman and Thomas Kuc face off in an epic dance battle-- it's a great way to resolve conflict! Catch more Game Shakers on Nickelodeon!

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EVERY FIRST LINE EVER! ft. Jace Norman, Kira Kosarin, Lizzy Greene & More! | Nickelodeon

Remember Jace Normans 1st words as Henry on Henry Danger?! What about Kira Kosarin’s as Phoebe on The Thundermans? Don’t worry- Nick has got you covered on this trip down memory lane – relive all the first lines ever from Henry Danger, The Thundermans, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn, Game Shakers & School of Rock! Catch full episodes of your favorite shows on Nickelodeon, and the Nick App!

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'Mysticons' Theme Song | Norwegian Version

Listen to the Norwegian version of the Mysticons opening theme song in the super video below!

Watch Mysticons on Nickelodeon and YTV!

Make sure to enter the Mysticons Valentine's Prize Pack Giveaway Contest! Sweepstakes closes Wednesday 28th February 2018!

Follow the adventure online!:, | YouTube channel | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram!

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Jace Norman 2018- Photoshoot Announcement

new episodes coming.


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How to Color G in Concert | Kuu Kuu Harajuku

Download, print and color G in concert here:

Watch Kuu Kuu Harajuku on Nick Jr. (USA) and Nickelodeon (Greece)!

For more Kuu Kuu Harajuku be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on exclusive clips, videos and online content.

Official Kuu Kuu Harajuku Site:

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SpongeBob SquarePants | Patrick's Coupon | Nickelodeon UK

Patrick goes to buy ice cream for SpongeBob but things don't go quite to plan.

Watch more SpongeBob SquarePants on Nickelodeon and Nicktoons!

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Blaze and the Monster Machines | Cattle Drive | Nick Jr. UK

Blaze and Starla embark on a wild west adventure to return a herd of cows to Starla's barn.

Watch all your favourite Nick Jr. friends everyday on Nick Jr.! For more magical Nick Jr. activities and games visit!

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JoJo Siwa Goes To See 'SpongeBob SquarePants: The Broadway Musical'

You will NEVER believe what we did today!!!! | JoJo Siwa Vlogs

OMG!!! Best day ever!!

Get your tickets for Nickelodeon's critically acclaimed SpongeBob SquarePants: The Broadway Musical at!

SpongeBob SquarePants - The New Musical Original Cast Recording is available to purchase today at

Online / Social Media
Website & Tickets:
Twitter: @SpongeBobBway
Instagram: #spongebobbway

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Kally's Mashup | Música é vida! | Nickelodeon Brasil

Fique ligado na estreia de Kally's Mashup, dia 05 de março na Nickelodeon Brasil!


Mais Nick: Nickelodeon Brasil To Premiere 'Kally's MashUp' On Monday 5th March 2018!
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School Of Rock | Beware The Whistler | Not Afraid | 'A Matter Of Trust' Sneak Peek | Nickelodeon USA

To celebrate Nickelodeon USA premiering the brand-new School of Rock season three episode "Not Afraid" on Sunday 25th February 2018 at 7:30pm ET/PT, Nick USA has unveiled a rockin' sneak peek preview from the all-new episode of School of Rock, which you can watch in the fantastic video clip here on and on the Nick App!

In the brand-new School of Rock episode "Not Afraid" (#319), when School of Rock attempts to become the leading quinceanera band in Austin, everything seems to go wrong, thanks to a scary movie! In Nick's super sneak-peek, "Beware the Whistler", Tomika (Breanna Yde) thinks Summer (Jade Pettyjohn) will love the scary movie, but once she finds out the Whistler is based on a true story...Summer is out of there!

* Nickelodeon will simulcast this episode across Nick, Nicktoons and TeenNick.

More Nick: Nickelodeon USA's February 2018 Premiere Highlights!

Originally published: Friday, February 23, 2018.

Additional source: School of Rock Wiki.
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Vault by Vans Dives Under the Sea with SpongeBob SquarePants [Updated W/New Pics!]

Original Nickelodeon UK & Ireland Press Release:

Vault by Vans Dives Under the Sea with

SpongeBob SquarePants

A Nickelodeon icon reimagined on elevated Vans footwear and apparel

London, UK (February 19, 2018) – This spring, Vault by Vans partners with Nickelodeon’s incurably optimistic, pineapple-living, jellyfish-loving SpongeBob SquarePants, celebrating his infectious happiness through the premium Vault by Vans label to present a robust collection of footwear, apparel and skate decks featuring kitschy renditions of the characters we know and love.

“SpongeBob SquarePants is loved by trend-setters around the world, but this limited-edition collaboration elevates his style even further, offering something new and unique for his audience” said Jose Castro, SVP of Nickelodeon Soft Lines Licensing and Global Fashion Collaborations. “Vault by Vans has combined our iconic SpongeBob characters with its cutting edge skater style and we think fans of all ages are going to love the result.”

For SpongeBob SquarePants’ grand Vault by Vans debut, the limited-edition partnership introduces six footwear styles on Vans classic silhouettes - the Sk8-Hi, Authentic and Slip-On, available in both adult, youth and toddler sizing. Each style showcases vibrant under-the-sea scenes including original illustrations of SpongeBob SquarePants, his best friend Patrick, and the squashed antagonist Plankton, on Vans signature rubber waffle outsoles.

In addition to the footwear, Vault by Vans will offer a bright assortment of apparel, complete with a Vans x SpongeBob track pant, which features a bold checkerboard pattern with graphic detailing. The apparel styles include two classic short-sleeve tees and a long-sleeve tee featuring an array of designs ranging from an embroidered SpongeBob character to a graphic of Patrick holding his skateboard. To round out the collection, Vault by Vans will showcase a limited-run of three skate decks, highlighting corresponding prints and patterns from the overall design theme.

The Vault by Vans x SpongeBob SquarePants collection retails from $45 to $260 and launches globally on February 24, 2018 at select Vault accounts. Visit Dover Street Market for unique window displays, designed specifically for each location. Learn more about this special project at


The home of SpongeBob SquarePants, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, PAW Patrol and Nella the Princess Knight, Nickelodeon UK & Ireland Network is available in over 13 million cable and satellite homes and now reaches more than 10 million viewers a month. Launched in 1993, the top-performing Nickelodeon network comprises seven dedicated entertainment channels for kids aged 4-15 and their families: Nickelodeon, Nickelodeon HD, Nickelodeon +1, Nicktoons, Nick Jr., Nick Jr. +1 and Nick Jr. Too. The entertainment company has built a diverse multi-platform business by putting kids first in everything it does – Kids Rule! Content is at the core of the business with critically-acclaimed and hugely-popular television programming from the UK and around the world. In addition to the quality television programmes, Nickelodeon also produces bespoke content available online and on Nick Play, as well as consumer product and recreation opportunities such as the UK’s first-ever Nick theme park, Nickelodeon Land and the messiest music festival for kids, SLIMEFEST.

About Vans
Vans®, a VF Corporation (NYSE: VFC) brand, is the original action sports footwear, apparel and accessories brand. Vans authentic collections are sold globally in 84 countries through a network of subsidiaries, distributors and international offices. Vans also owns and operates more than 600 retail locations around the world. The Vans brand promotes the action sports lifestyle, youth culture and creative self-expression through the support of athletes, musicians and artists and through progressive events and platforms such as the Vans Park Series, Vans Triple Crown of Surfing®, the Vans U.S. Open of Surfing, Vans Pool Party, Vans Custom Culture, Vans Warped Tour®, and Vans cultural hub and international music venue, House of Vans.


Visit to check out the The Vault by Vans x SpongeBob SquarePants collection!

More photos from the The Vault by Vans x SpongeBob SquarePants collection: