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Classic Rugrats Comic Strip for June 18, 2023 | Nickelodeon

Classic Rugrats Comic Strip for June 18, 2023 | Nickelodeon

Rugrats comic strip

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Rugrats, provided to Creators Syndicate by Nickelodeon, based off the popular animated television series has been created for children and family's to laugh and enjoy together.

Follow these comics and their take on real episodes of the show and their own spin on hilarious adventures.

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'PAW Patrol' Reportedly Renewed For Season 11; 'Jungle Pups' Theme Unveiled

The PAW Patrol is on a roll! Nickelodeon's beloved CG-animated preschool series, produced by Spin Master Entertainment has reportedly been renewed for a 11th season, with a brand new "Jungle Pups" theme also revealed, set to premiere during Spring 2024!

Update (5/29) - Knowledge Kids in Canada has unveiled a new picture from PAW Patrol "Jungle Pups", showcasing the theme's costumes and vehicles!:

Update (6/6) - The new location introduced in the "Jungle Pups" theme is called "Jungle Oasis", and the the synopsis for the theme is: "While exploring the jungle, Tracker discovers a cave that leads to a lush, jungle oasis. But danger lurks around every tree, and that's when Carlos and Tracker call in some extra help from Ryder and the Pups to save the day!"

Update (6/18) - Queen Sweetie will be part of the "Jungle Pups" theme!

Also revealed is that Spin Master are planning to launch their all new Rubble & Crew toy line, based on the first PAW Patrol spin-off series in the U.S. during Fall 2023 and internationally in 2024, with Paramount Consumer Products also slated to launch their own product line in 2024! Paramount's CP line will include an expanded toy line, apparel, accessories, home furnishings, CPG, publishing, and home entertainment.

The news comes as PAW Patrol celebrates it's 10th anniversary, which will culminate with the release of PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie in theaters in October 2023.

PAW Patrol fans can stream full episodes of PAW Patrol, PAW Patrol: The Movie and PAW Patrol Live! At Home featuring "Race to the Rescue" on Paramount+. Try it FREE today at

Originally published: February 24, 2023.

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Week 24, 2023 | What's On Nick | Nickelodeon Premiere Highlights

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Monday, June 12, 2023

9:00 a.m. - Peppa Pig - Swimming Lesson: Miss Rabbit teaches the children a swimming lesson, and they start out by swimming with floats tucked under their arms. (#191A)

1:00 p.m. - Transformers: EarthSpark - Hashtag: Oops: Twitch helps Hashtag choose her alt-mode, and it takes them both for a wild and G.H.O.S.T.-ly ride that Bumblebee must help them escape. (#111)

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

9:00 a.m. - Peppa Pig - Water Park: Peppa and her family are going to the water park and Miss Rabbit is in charge; there are lots of fun things to do at the water park, but first everyone needs to put on their swimming costume. (#191B)

1:00 p.m. - Transformers: EarthSpark - Outtakes: Jawbreaker wonders how to choose the right alt-mode. He interviews other bots on camera to hear their perspectives. But when Hashtag gets involved, Jawbreaker's project loses focus. (#112)

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

3:01 a.m. on Paramount+Butterbean’s Café (Season 1)

9:00 a.m. - Peppa Pig - Canoe Trip: Peppa and her family are going on a canoe trip. (#191C)

1:00 p.m. - Transformers: EarthSpark - Missed Connection: When Nightshade's feeling isolated from the rest of the Malto family, they find a new connection in the most unlikely of places. (#113)

Podcast - Ned's Declassified Podcast Survival Guide: Dive back into the classic Nickelodeon show to relive all the wacky moments, lessons learned, and all the crushes had. Whether you're a nostalgic fan or discovering the show for the first time, join us for a wild ride through the halls of James K. Polk Middle School. Get ready for some new survival guide tips, tricks, and ridiculous anecdotes from the ultimate podcast survival guide.

Thursday, June 15, 2023

3:01 a.m. on Paramount+ - iCarly (2021) - iGo Public: Freddie (Nathan Kress) asks Spencer (Jerry Trainor) for help creating an elaborate display to announce his relationship with Carly (Miranda Cosgrove), who is not yet ready to go public with the news. (#304)

9:00 a.m. - Peppa Pig - The Holiday: Peppa and her family go on holiday. (#191B.)

1:00 p.m. - Transformers: EarthSpark - Security Protocols: Bumblebee's past as an elite racecar driver is exposed and Special Agent Schloder is hot on his trail. (#114)

7:00 p.m. - The Really Loud House - Home Is Where the Hero Is: Lincoln (Wolfgang Schaeffer) and Clyde (Jahzir Bruno) set out to win a Rip Hardcore contest, excited at a chance to hang with their hero, only to learn that Lincoln’s real hero has been by his side all along. (#113; Father's Day special)

7:30 p.m. - Erin & Aaron - Pictures of You: Natasha (Pyper Braun) plans an elaborate photoshoot for the family’s moving announcement. Erin (Ava Ro) and Aaron (Jensen Gering) fear the pictures will be a social disaster. Meanwhile, Sylvia (Larisa Oleynik, aka Alex Mack) and Chuck lose (David S Jung) Captain Cutie Pie and go to great lengths to win her back. (#111)

FridayJune 16, 2023

3:01 a.m. on Paramount+ - Love ALLways: Pansexual bachelorette seeks a soulmate with the help of her coaches in a house full of potential suitors. Drama arises as contestants fall for each other. (#105)

11:00 a.m. - Bubble Guppies - Trouble in Harmony Valley!: Everyone in the Old West town of Harmony Valley loves playing music together. But when noisy Billy Joe Strumlouder rides into town to sabotage their tunes, Sheriff Zooli must save the day--with music! (#622)

11:30 a.m. - Baby Shark's Big Show! - Shark House Rock/Toothpaste Tumble: Baby Shark helps Mommy find the perfect musical instrument to play in their family band. / When a silly video of Daddy goes viral, he finds he doesn't want to be internet famous! Can Baby make another popular video? (#210)

10:00 p.m. on Nick@Nite - Friends - The One With the Stripper: Rachel's father confronts Ross after she admits that she's pregnant with Ross' baby; Monica reconsiders Chandler's wish for a stripper. (#227408/Father's Day special.)

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Netflix Unveils First Look at 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' Live-Action Cast

Netflix's live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender series is set to premiere on the streaming service in 2024, and to celebrate, Netflix today (June 17) unveiled a first look at some of the cast of the all-new show during the streamer's TUDUM event in Brazil!

Netflix's Avatar: The Last Airbender logo

During Netflix's special TUDUM event this year, Avatar: The Last Airbender finally showed off the first look at what fans can expect to see from this new live-action take on the franchise. It's still going to be a while before we get to see the entire thing in action, however, as Avatar: The Last Airbender will be coming to Netflix in 2024. There's not a more concrete release date outside of the 2024 release window at the moment, but you can check out the core four members of the cast with the first images below: 

Aang in Netflix's Avatar: The Last Airbender

Katara in Netflix's Avatar: The Last Airbender

Sokka in Netflix's Avatar: The Last Airbender

Prince Zuko in Netflix's Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar Aang



Prince Zuko

The first look at the characters were introduced by Gordon Cormier, Ian Ousley, Kiawentiio, and Dallas Liu, who portray Aang, Sokka, Katara and Zuko on the show, respectively. During the event, the cast revealed details about the series, confirming that Appa, Aang's trusty sky bison, will be in the series - and that the model of Appa used during filming had no face. Kiawentiio revealed that she can't wait for episode five to be released, and Ian revealed how thrilled he was to first unsheathe Sokka's boomerang. 

What to Know for Avatar: The Last Airbender Live-Action Series on Netflix

Avatar: The Last Airbender will be streaming its live-action series with Netflix in 2024. Albert Kim serves as showrunner, executive producer and writer with Dan Lin, Lindsey Liberatore, Roseanne Liang, and Michael Goi signed on as executive producers. The Avatar: The Last Airbender live-action series stars the likes of Gordon Cormier as Aang, Kiawentiio as Katara, Ian Ousley as Sokka, Dallas Liu as Zuko, and Daniel Dae Kim as Fire Lord Ozai. The extended supporting cast announced thus far as includes Maria Zhang as Suki, Paul Sun-Hyung as Uncle Iroh, Elizabeth Yu as Azula, Momona Tamada as Ty Lee, Thalia Tran as Mei, Lim Kay Siu as Monk Gyatso, and Ken Leung as Commander Zhao, and Amber Midthunder as Princess Yue.

More of the extended cast includes Tamlyn Tomita as Yukari, Yvonne Chapman as Avatar Kyoshi, Casey Camp-Horinek as Gran Gran, Arden Cho as June, A Martinez as Master Pakku, Nathaniel Arcand as Chied Arnook, Meegwun Fairbrother as Avatar Kuruk, Utkarsh Ambudkar as King Bumi, Danny Pudi as The Mechanist, Lucian-River Chauhan as Teo, Ruy Iskandar as Lt. Jee, Hiro Kanagawa as Fire Lord Sozin, C.S. Lee as Avatar Roku, François Chau as The Great Sage, Ryan Mah as Lt. Dang, Randall Duk Kim as Wong Shi Tong, and George Takei as Koh, the Face Stealer.

Netflix first announced that a new live-action adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender was in the works way back in 2018, but unfortunately there were some big changes going on behind the scenes in the time sense. Originally announced with the involvement of original Avatar: The Last Airbender series creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino, it was soon revealed that the creators left the series due to creative differences.

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Listen to the brand new podcast, Avatar: Braving the Elements!

Original source:; Additional source: Discussing Film; Special thanks to @KeydalisColo.

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