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SPX and Nickelodeon Announce Results of SPX 2015 Nickelodeon Call For Submissions

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Small Press Expo and Nickelodeon Announce Results of SPX 2015 Nickelodeon Call For Submissions

SPX 2015 saw the very first Nickelodeon animation call for submission at an indie comics festival. The open call was an unprecedented opportunity for SPX creators to present their animation ideas and skills to members of the Nickelodeon team and become a part of its annual 2015 global Animated Shorts Program.

More than 70 members of the SPX community presented their pitches to the Nickelodeon staff during SPX last September to see if theirs would be chosen to be developed into an animated short as part of the program. Nickelodeon is pleased to announce that Max Wittert's Best Baddies was selected and is in production.

Mr. Wittert is an illustrator and cartoonist based out of Brooklyn NY, whose work has been published by The New York Times, Time Out New York. Additionally, web comic Jean & Scott, a take - off on The X-Men, led to it being published by Marvel Comics. Best Baddies is about four magical villainess girls who challenge the status quo of their dull city by trying to convince other girls to join them and become fellow villainesses.

The SPX 2015 call for submissions was part of Nickelodeon's 2015 Animated Shorts Program, which this year chose 22 ideas from around the world to be developed into shorts that will either potentially air on Nickelodeon or be able to be viewed on its web site.

The annual program, overseen by network development executives, accepts domestic and international pitches that will be developed into animated shorts for the Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. audiences. Designed to cultivate a new generation of creative talent, the Animated Shorts Program aids in Nickelodeon's mission in making the best and funniest content for today's kids.

Phil Rynda, Nickelodeon's Vice President of Artist Development, says, "Animation and comics have been linked since the dawn of animation as an art form. Comics creators have been part of the networks DNA for more than 5 years, with comics artists contributing to Ren and Stimpy, SpongeBob Square Pants, and the more recent Harvey Beaks and Pig Goat Banana Cricket to name a few. SPX is overflowing with some of the most talented, inspiring, and hilarious creators in independent comics. Our involvement with SPX was a natural fit as a creator - driven animation studio partnering with the premiere creator - driven comics event."

Nickelodeon found such a wellspring of creativity at SPX, that additional opportunities have been offered to SPX creators. Numerous pitches were put up for consideration in series and long - form development, freelance design work was offered to a few creators and an internship was offered and accepted. Other SPX creators are still in contact with Nickelodeon to shape full series pitches out of their shorts pitch.

Attending SPX 2016

SPX 2016 takes place this year September 17-18 at the Bethesda North Hotel and Conference Center. It will have the largest exhibitor presence in indie comics, with more than 650 creators, 280 exhibitor tables and 22 programming slots to entertain, enlighten and introduce attendees to the amazing world of independent and small press comics. SPX is also home to the prestigious Ignatz Awards, which is the only festival prize in indie comics, with nominees voted on by attendees at the show.

2016 Nickelodeon Animated Shorts Program

The 2016 Nickelodeon Global Animated Shorts Program is now open for submissions through April 15.


Get the latest Nickelodeon Global Animated Shorts Program news here on the programs official Tumblr blog!

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This Is Our Audience: Nickelodeon Kids and Family

Globally, today's kids are growing up in a world that's quite different from the one in which their parents came of age. Terrorism threatens to strike in unlikely places, a weak economy remains a problem, and the march of technology moves forward at a rapid pace.

Kids today will only know a world that feels less stable than what their parents knew as children - additionally, they will never know a world without high-speed internet and interactive screens.

Parents today are also in uncharted territory, as they raise their kids in this transforming environment. Because today's kids are being raised so differently, the values they embrace are shifting.

So, what does this all mean for families today?

A new video by Viacom International Insights summarizes some key themes from Nickelodeon Kids and Family GPS's conversations with over 60,000 kids and parents in 24 countries in 2015, and shares some insights into what this means for families today.

VIACOM This is Our Audience - Kids and Family from Viacom International Insights on Vimeo.

You can find more information about Nickelodeon Kids & Family GPS's new video, as well as videos focussing on Viacom's Youth and Adult audiences, here on the official Viacom International Insights blog.
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"Make It Pop" Stars Megan Lee And Erika Tham To Host Nickelodeon UK Twitter Takeover On Tuesday 1st March 2016

To celebrate Nickelodeon UK and Ireland/HD premiering more brand-new episodes from the all-new second season of Nickelodeon's hit musical comedy series Make It Pop every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 6:00pm, Nickelodeon stars Megan Lee and Erika Tham, who play Sun Hi Song and Corki Chang, respectively, on the hit Nick show, will be taking over Nickelodeon UK's official Twitter profile page, @NickelodeonUK, to answer questions from fans on Tuesday 1st March 2016 at 6:00pm!

To ask Brec your questions, simply Tweet your questions to @NickelodeonUK using the special #AskMakeItPop hashtag!

Additional source: Wikipedia.
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Nickelodeon Launches "PAW Patrol" Magazine In Russia

Nickelodeon & Viacom Consumer Products (NVCP) has launched the first range of PAW Patrol books and magazines across Russia!

The range is a collaboration between NVCP's official licensing partner in the region - Pullman Licensing - and Egmont, Russia's biggest publishing house.

The first issue of Paw Patrol magazine includes a number of stories about the adventures of the heroic Pups, as well as educational puzzles and games, and free stickers!

Paw Patrol (locally titled Щенячий патруль) first appeared on Nickelodeon Russia (Россия) in November 2013 and is officially one of the network's most popular kids titles.

Nickelodeon And Salomon Launch "SpongeBob SquarePants" Snowboards In Russia

Nickelodeon Viacom Consumer Products (NVCP) Russia and Salomon, the world renowned manufacturer of winter sports equipment, have partnered to launch a exclusive collection of snowboards for children featuring the image of Nickelodeon superstar SpongeBob SquarePants in Russia!

Snowboards from the new Sponge-Tastic collection will appeal to both children and their parents. Each board provides a high level of security to help develop the skills of future champions!

The limited edition SpongeBob SquarePants snowboard collection have already appeared on the shelves in over 15 countries around the world, including the USA, UK, France, Germany, South Korea, Switzerland, Australia and Argentina.

The SpongeBob SquarePants snowboard collection features two types of boards featuring Nickelodeon's beloved character. Team Snowboard allows snowboarders to quickly master the turns. The snowboard is produced using Bite Free Edge Tune technology, which guarantees a smooth descent from the slope and gives young fans the opportunity to channel the ever-optimistic SpongeBob to feel confident as soon as they start riding!

For more experienced snowboarders looking to improve their skills is the Grail Snowboard. The boards design adds stability at speeds and allow the child to snowboard on dynamic slopes. The snowboard provides a smooth ride and excellent manoeuvrability, which will help the young rider to fall in love with snowboarding.

Creating the new collection was the first step in a global partnership for Nickelodeon Viacom Consumer Products and Salomon. Studies confirm the popularity of Nickelodeon characters among children and adolescents. Thus, 86% of children aged 6-14 years know SpongeBob SquarePants, and almost half of them regularly watch the hit animated series of the same name.

Original Nickelodeon Россия Press Release via

Опубликовано 25.02.2016


Salomon Nickelodeon Viacom Consumer Products (NVCP) и всемирно известный производитель оборудования для зимних видов спорта Salomon представили эксклюзивную коллекцию сноубордов для детей с изображением главного героя популярного анимационного сериала телеканала Nickelodeon «Губка Боб Квадратные Штаны».

Сноуборды из новой коллекции придутся по душе как детям, так и их родителям: они обеспечивают высокий уровень безопасности и помогают будущим чемпионам развивать навыки уверенного скольжения. Выпущенные ограниченным тиражом сноуборды уже появились на полках магазинов в более чем 15 странах по всему миру, включая Россию, США, Великобританию, Францию, Германию, Южную Корею, Швейцарию, Австралию и Аргентину.

Рон Джонсон (Ron Johnson), исполнительный вице-президент Nickelodeon Viacom Consumer Products, так прокомментировал новое сотрудничество: «Мы рады предложить веселым, стремительным и бесстрашным поклонникам Nickelodeon эти сноуборды. В тандеме с командой Salomon мы разработали коллекцию с ярким дизайном и теперь ждем момента, когда юные райдеры опробуют новые сноуборды».

В коллекции представлены два типа досок с изображением Губки Боба Квадратные Штаны. Начинающим сноубордистам предлагается модель Team Snowboard, которая позволит быстро освоить повороты. Сноуборд произведен с применением технологии Bite Free Edge Tune, которая гарантирует плавный спуск со склона и подарит юным поклонникам телеканала Nickelodeon возможность чувствовать себя уверенно с первых минут катания.

Более опытным сноубордистам, совершенствующим свое мастерство, подойдет модель Grail Snowboard. Особенности ее конструкции добавят стабильности на скоростях и позволят ребенку уверенно совершать динамичные спуски. Сноуборд обеспечивает плавную езду и отличную маневренность, что поможет юному райдеру полюбить сноубординг по-настоящему.

Создание новой коллекции стало первым шагом в рамках глобального партнерства Nickelodeon Viacom Consumer Products и Salomon. Проведенные исследования подтверждают популярность героев Nickelodeon среди детей и подростков. Так, 86% детей в возрасте 6-14 лет знают Губку Боба Квадратные Штаны, а почти половина из них регулярно смотрят этот анимационный сериал [1].

[1] Nickelodeon Brand Tracker W2 2014, Russia Findings

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Nickelodeon Russia And CIS To Premiere "WITs Academy" On Monday 7th March 2016

Nickelodeon Russia and CIS has announced the magical Nickelodeon International news in a post on their official Facebook profile page,, that Nickelodeon Russia and CIS (Россия and СНГ) will start to premiere and show "WITs Academy", a bewitching spin-off of "Every Witch Way" ("Колдовская история") following Andi's magical journey at the prestigious W.I.Ts Academy, from Monday 7th March 2016 at 16:50 МСК!

In "WITs Academy", locally titled "Академия Уитс", Andi is now studying at W.I.Ts Academy, the Magic Realm's most esteemed school for witches and wizards in training, but, as the best friend and unofficial Guardian to the Chosen One, she now has to work hard to prove that she can live up to expectations as the first and only human Guardian. She's also in charge of getting the Magical Realm's toughest witch and wizard to graduation day, one of which is Jax's little sister, Jessie Novoa. Along the way she'll have to decide who is a friend, who is a foe and who may be more.

In the premiere episode "The New Guard", Andi arrives at "WITS Academy" and meets the other Guardians and Witches in training. Then in Wednesday's episode "The Jinx", the WITS complete their first test. Ben struggles with a challenge, while Ruby has it out for Andi.

"WITs Academy" stars Daniela Nieves as Andi Cruz, Kaelii "Jazzy" WIlliams as Kim Sanders, Calvin "Ryan" Cargill as Luke Archer, Jailen James Allen Bates as Ben Davis, Andrew Amaru Ortega Walker as Sean De Soto, Lidya Jewett as Gracie Walker, Tyler T. Perez as Cameron Masters, Kennedy Lea Slocum as Ruby Webber, Julia Antonelli as Jessie Novoa, Christ Margaret "Meg" Crosbie as Emily Prescott, and Efthimios "Timothy" Colombos as Ethan Prescott, Todd Allen Durkin as Agamemnon, Mia Matthews as Desdemona, and Bianca Matthews as Samantha.

"W.I.Ts Academy" is created by Catharina Ledeboer and is produced by Viacom International. "The W.I.T.s Academy" is executive produced by Tatiana Rodriguez ("Talia in the Kitchen") and José Vicente Scheuren ("Every Witch Way"). "W.I.Ts Academy" season one features 20 episodes.

Академия Уитс - [It Must Be Magic] Music Video from Nickelodeon_RU on Vimeo.

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