Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Nickelodeon Africa To Host A Fun Fest For Kids At The 2016 Calabar Carnival

Africa: The marketing team for the Calabar Festival/Carnival 2016 has announced plans for the number-one brand for kids, Nickelodeon, to provide a fun fest for kids at Tinapa Business resort during the 2016 Festival/carnival!

The formidable team led by Senator Florence Ita Giwa, also includes the Special Adviser, Events and Governor’s Office, Ken Aklah, the Chairman of the Carnival Commission, Gabe Onah, the Special Assistant, Events to the Governor, Thomas Ikpeme, Francis Ekpo amongst others. They were in Lagos last week to wrap up sponsorship deals with several private companies who are stepping in to sponsor this year’s event.

Announcing the news in Calabar, the Cross River State Capital, Mr Ken Ahkla, Special Adviser to the Governor on Events, said the partnership with Nickelodeon was good news to families.

The Calabar Festival/Carnival marketing team during a presentation by Nickelodeon in Lagos

“The cartoon network will for four days organise family and children’s funfair at Tinapa and the funfair is the alternative to the yearly children Carnival,” Mr Akhla said, adding that “the event will be used by the network in their programme that is broadcast all over the world and is also expected to help grow potentials of home vendors for children events”.

The team also met with the Managing Director (MD) of Providus Bank and other cooperate organizations along with the Lead Marketing Consultant for the Carnival and MD of Oakma Global Ltd, Mary Egbas.

Launched in 2004 and billed as "Africa's Biggest Street Party", the Calabar Carnival was created as part of the vision of making the Cross River State in Nigeria, the number one tourist destination for Nigerians and tourists all over the world. The carnival, which begin on every 1 December and lasts until 31 December, has boosted the cultural mosaic of Nigeria people while entertaining the millions of spectators within and outside the State, and boosting industry for all stakeholders.

This year’s carnival promises to bolder, bigger and better than ever before. The Carnival and Festivals in 2016 are taking a different shape. The theme this year is "Climate Change" to entrench the culture of preserving the environment and emphasise the effect of doing so on individual lives. The official marketing company Okhma Global Limited in conjunction with the Carnival commission have brought a new dimension of excitement to the activities this year. The events are divided into 4 weeks which include the Millenium Week (1-10 Dec 2016), The Sports Fiesta (12-17 Dec 2016), The TINAPA Family Fun Festival (19-24 Dec 2016) and the Carnival Week (25-31 Dec 2016). Among the activities this year is the Green Initiative which encompasses the Green Ball - a celebration of the Government's efforts in combatting Climate Change, the Green Symposium which will bring major protagonists of the Climate Change cause globally together to discuss and educate the teeming populace and the 10,000 Tree Planting Project a.k.a. The Green Carnival. The carnival will also be streamed live online to audiences around the world.

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Sources: Channels Television, Calabar Blog, Wikipedia.
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First Look At Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards 2017 Logo

Nickelodeon Australia and New Zealand has unveiled a first look at Nickelodeon's official logo for "Kids' Choice Awards 2017", Nickelodeon's 30th Annual Kids' Choice Awards!:

Nickelodeon Australia and New Zealand unveiled Nick's KCA 2017 logo as part of a competition to celebrate the launch of their brand-new cricket series show for kids, Crash The Bash, in which one lucky winner will win two tickets to attend Kids' Choice Awards 2017, which will be held in Los Angeles, California in March 2017!
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Nicktoons Scandinavia To Host Nordic Premiere Of "Pig Goat Banana Cricket"

Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN) has announced the exciting news that Nicktoons Scandinavia will host the Nordic premiere of Nickelodeon's brand-new original animated comedy series (Nicktoon) Pig Goat Banana Cricket when the channel launches on Wednesday 1st February 2017!

Locally titled Pig Goat Bana Cricket in Denmark (Danmark) and Pig, Goat, Bana och Cricket in Sweden (Sverige), Pig Goat Banana Cricket follows four friends nature never intended - a pickle-obsessed Pig, a Goat with musical dreams, a Banana who loves video games and a Cricket with a crazy science lab - in Boopelite City, a gigantic, fantastical metropolis unlike anything you've seen before; where fruit can walk, animals can talk, the sidewalks are crammed with animals, robots and sea creatures, and you can find all your pickle needs at the downtown Picklemart! The quad are roommates in a treehouse, which sits in the middle of the city, surrounded by the forest, seas and everywhere else the foursome could possibly go.

From surviving a fudge-pocalypse to challenging Prince Mermeow in the underwater city of Catlantis, Pig, Goat, Banana, and Cricket often find themselves in sticky situations... but wherever these four friends go, they always know where they'll end up: TOGETHER!

Pig Goat Banana Cricket is created by Dave Cooper and Johnny Ryan, established comic artists who worked on several issues of Nickelodeon Magazine, and executive produced by David Sacks (The Simpsons, Regular Show) who co-writes with J. Ryan. Dave Cooper also art directs the series. The pilot was directed by independent animator Nick Cross. The Latin American Spanish dub of the series was recorded in Mexico.

Launching Wednesday 1st February 2017 in partnership with the Sweden-based international entertainment group Modern Times Group (MTG), Nicktoons Scandinavia will be available to Viasat customers in Sweden (Sverige), Norway (Norge), Denmark (Danmark) and Finland, and will broadcast Nickelodeon's vast library of hit animated series in each countries respective language. The channel will be aimed towards children aged between four- and ten-years old. In Denmark, Nicktoons Scandinavia will also be available to Waoo customers who are subscribed to the Viasat package.

Showcasing the world's best comedy animation, Nicktoons will broadcast a roster of hit animated Nickelodeon series that have defined kids' and animation lovers' TV, including Hey Arnold!, Breadwinners, Back at the Barnyard, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Invader Zim, Danny Phantom, SpongeBob SquarePants, The Fairly OddParents, Rabbids: Invasion, and The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius.

H/T: ToonZone forums member superkeegan9100; Additional source: Google.co.uk.
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"Paradise Run" Season Two: Host Daniella Monet Previews New Competitors (Plus Sneak Peek Clip)

Are you ready for the second season of Nickelodeon's hit competition show Paradise Run?!

Just Jared Jr. caught up with host Daniella Monet who gave them some scoop on what fans can expect from the competitors this time around. Oh – and JJJ has also unveiled an exclusive sneak-peek clip, which you can watch in the super video below!

“This season kids are doing their homework!” Daniella told JJJ. “They have all of the entire first season to study, so I’ve noticed these teams are more ready for the challenges! Plus we have Nick stars teaming up to play – which is super fun to watch!”

“I love hosting because I love interacting with real people in an organic way,” she continued. “The kids on Paradise Run crack me up which makes my job that much more fun!”

As for how she thinks she would do in the challenges as a player, Daniella told JJJ. “I feel like I’d be a pretty confident player. I love a friendly competition and I’d think of myself as pretty athletic. Though some would say otherwise. My boyfriend is still trying to teach me how to shoot a basketball, I swear I struggle because I have small hands.”

Paradise Run returns on Monday, January 2 @ 7PM on Nickelodeon USA.
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Nickelodeon Junior France To Premiere "Fresh Beat Band Of Spies" On Monday 2nd January 2017

Nickelodeon Junior France, Nickelodeon France's top-performing preschool channel, has announced the exciting news on in a trailer that Nickelodeon Junior France will start to premiere and show Fresh Beat Band of Spies, locally titled Les Agents Pop Secrets, Nickelodeon's brand-new animated preschool series based on the hit live-action show, The Fresh Beat Band, from Monday 2nd January 2017 at 17h35!:

Nouvelle série : Les Agents Pop Secrets | NICKELODEON JUNIOR FRANCE
Découvre la nouvelle série : Les Agents Pop Secrets. A partir du 2 janvier à 17h35.

Pictured: Kiki, Twist Shout, Marina and Bo Monkey in FRESH BEAT BAND OF SPIES on Nickelodeon. Photo: Nickeldoeon.©2015 Viacom, International, Inc. All Rights Reserved

They're the coolest rock stars around. But when the curtain goes down... it's time to spy it up! The Fresh Beat Band of Spies is a brand-new animated series about four best friends with typical day jobs who are also... super secret undercover spies! Recruited by music store owner Reed to be super spies, Marina, Shout, Kiki, and Twist - along with their silly chimp sidekick Bo Monkey - use their skills, smarts, teamwork, and tech to outwit a goofy cast of villains and solve lots of wild and funny mysteries!

The dynamic team also has the coolest array of techie spy gadgets, vehicles, and disguises. And they have Bo Monkey, an adorable and hilarious sidekick kids will love! Each episode's adventure is full of super funny physical comedy, cartoon humour and gags, and awesome pop music.

Aimed at 2-5 year-olds, the curriculum of the series is primarily focused on problem-solving and teamwork. When your kids spy it up with the Fresh Beat Band of Spies, they learn about friendship and teamwork while developing their problem-solving skills. The Fresh Beat Band of Spies models the steps to successful problem-solving by working together to laugh, play music and SAVE THE WORLD EACH DAY by solving mysteries and stopping baddies, and encouraged parents and preschoolers to watch and work out clues together.

Pictured: Twist Marina, Shout, Kiki, and Bo Monkey in FRESH BEAT BAND OF SPIES on Nickelodeon. Photo: Nickeldoeon.©2015 Viacom, International, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Featuring the beloved original show cast, hits from the live tour, a unique visual style and brand new music, Fresh Beat Band of Spies is a fast-paced musical series filled with gadgets, new friends, villains and lots of laughs.

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Nickelodeon France To Premiere "Rank The Prank" On Saturday 7th January 2017

Nickelodeon France has announced the exciting news in a trailer, below, that Nickelodeon France will start to premiere and show Rank the Prank, locally titled Piégeurs en Herbe, on Saturday 7th January 2017 at 17h55!:

Nouvelle émission : Piégeurs en Herbe | NICKELODEON FRANCE
Prépares-toi pour Piégeurs en Herbe, la nouvelle émission chez NICKELODEON ! A partir du samedi 7 janvier à 17h55.

What do you get when you mix kids' incredible imaginations with super skilled special effects experts? Only the most ultimate prank show ever!

In Rank the Prank, real kids are in control. Two teams of prank-loving kids join forces with professional special effects gurus, or 'effectors', to plan, prep and pull off some truly tricked-out tricks on the unknowing public! But the fun doesn't end there, next it's up to a panel of kid judges to decide which prank takes the cake. The winning team is given the opportunity to stage an epic prank on their family or friends! Rank the Prank takes hijinks to the highest level, so get ready for sidesplitting stunts, priceless reactions and a whole lot of PRANKS!

Commissioned for CBBC, Rank the Prank (13x22) is co-produced by CBBC Productions and Apartment 11.

More Nickelodeon: Nickelodeon 4Teen France To Premiere "Ride" On Monday 9th January 2017!
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Dialogue For New "Rocko's Modern Life" TV Movie Recorded; Crew Working On Design And Animatic Stages

Joe Murray, the creator of Nickelodeon's iconic original animated series (Nicktoon) Rocko's Modern Life, has posted a few updates about the production status of Nickelodeon's upcoming brand-new Rocko's Modern Life TV movie on his official Journal!

In a post in November 2016, Joe revealed that the Rocko's Modern Life special will be about “Change”.

Joe has also announced that the dialog for the movie has been recorded, and that the production crew are currently deep into design, backgrounds and animatic stages of the film. Joe also mentions that he'll be visiting Korea in January 2017 for the next stages of the movie.

Rocko Crew hard at work.

Joe also revealed in a post earlier this month that the production crew are painting the backgrounds for the movie traditionally rather than digitally, with pencils and paper getting used, which is a rarity in the animation business these days.

To celebrate Nickelodeon's upcoming Rocko's Modern Life TV movie, Joe has also unveiled a fantastic photo from the movies' storyboard featuring a few thumbnails of a deleted scene from the film! In the scene, Spunky becomes radioactive after drinking a power drink. Poor Spunky:

Thumbnails from a cut scene from the upcoming Rocko Special

More Nick: Episode 23: Joe Murray | Nickelodeon Animation Podcast!

Additional source: ToonZone Forums member JasperCrush19k.
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Episode 26: Fred Seibert | Nickelodeon Animation Podcast

To call Fred Seibert “a producer” is like calling Steve Hillenburg “a guy who drew a sponge.” A visionary force in the early days of Nickelodeon, the former president of Hanna-Barbera, and the current big cheese behind Frederator, Fred has produced cartoon classics such as The Fairly Oddparents, Adventure Time, Fanboy and Chum Chum, and Bee And Puppy Cat, to name a few. To fans, he’s a legendary animation entrepreneur, even though Fred calls himself a professional fan:

This episode of the Nickelodeon Animation Podcast is brought to you by White Lightning Chalk, magic chalk that let's you draw things that will come to life! It's a snap, just draw whatever you want, erase it, and then travel through the portal to the ChalkZone! Warning: Stay clear of the kilt wearing guardian of the magic chalk mines, the Craniacs, and ugly drawings that will blame you for being ugly and will want you to destroy them. Who's got the chalk of the Chalk-Chalk-ChalkZone? Now you do with the White Lightning Chalk! Not available at any retail store.

Nickelodeon USA To Premiere "Ride" On Monday 30th January 2017

Nickelodeon USA will start to premiere and show Nickelodeon's brand-new live-action series Ride weekdays at 8:00pm ET/PT from Monday 30th January 2017, beginning with the shows two-part series premiere! To celebrate, Twist has unveiled Nick USA's Ride teaser trailer, which you can watch in the fantastic video below!:

Ride follows Katherine "Kit" Bridges, a North American girl who moves to England when her widowed father, Rudy, accepts a job at the illustrious Covington Academy: an elite equestrian focused boarding school. What may seem like a dream come true on the surface becomes far more complicated when Kit realizes more than just her nationality and fear of riding separate her from her peers at Covington. An instant connection to TK, the most stubborn and difficult Horse at the academy, opens a door to a whole new world of adventures for Kit with friends, frenemies, crushes, hidden secrets and the chance to uncover her true identity. With TK, Kit will be able to handle any challenge she faces!

In the premiere episode, "Arrival", Kit’s adventures begin when she arrives at Covington Academy excited to embark on a new adventure filled with friends, romance, laughs and self-discovery. However, things take a turn for the worse when Kit realizes she’ll be expected to conquer her biggest fear – riding a horse. Meanwhile, Elaine will do whatever it takes to win in the first competition of the year and both Will and Nav want to ask Kit to the Gala, but who will Kit go with? Then, in "Dresses and Dressage", Kit must find a way to ride TK - or else he'll be gone for good; Will and Nav both want to ask Kit to the Gala.

Ride stars Kendra Timmins (Degrassi: The Next Generation) as Kit, Jonny Gray (Max & Shred) as Josh Luders, Rameet Rauli as Anya Patel, Oliver Dench as Will Palmerston, Manuel Pacific as Nav Andrada, Alana Boden (Wolfblood, Mr Selfridge) as Elaine Whilshire, Mike Shara (Murdoch Mysteries) as Rudy Bridges, Natalie Lisinska (Orphan Black, Total Recall, Degrassi: The Next Generation) as Sally Warrington, and Sara Botsford (The Fog, Anne of Green Gables, Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction) as Lady Covington.

(L to R): Jonny Gray, Alana Boden, Rameet Rauli, Mike Shara, Kendra Timmins, Oliver Dench, and Manuel Pacific in YTV's Ride

Commissioned by Nickelodeon and YTV and produced by Canada's Breakthrough Entertainment and the UK's Buccaneer Media, the 20x30-minute show, formally titled Let It Ride, is created by Jill Girling (Life with Derek) and Lori Mather-Welch (Would Be Kings, Queer As Folk). Executive producers for Breakthrough are Joan Lambur, Ira Levy, Peter Williamson, Michael McGuigan, Nat Abraham and Shelley Scarrow. Tony Wood (House of Anubis) is executive producing for Buccaneer. The series was cast by KM Casting. The series was filmed in Toronto and on location in Northern Ireland.

Kit (Kendra Timmins) and TK the Horse

Sources: TheFutonCritic.com, Digiguide.
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Dan Schneider | “Drake & Josh” | "Dance Contest" | The Dance

Move over, history's most famous dance partners! Here come the incredible and unforgettable dance stylings of Drake Parker and Josh NIchols!:

From the Drake & Josh episode "Dance Contest"


Drake Bell
Josh Peck
Miranda Cosgrove
Nancy Sullivan

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2016 Year in Review w/ SpongeBob, Henry Danger, & More Nick Characters | Nickelodeon

ON FLEEK! LIT! WOKE! However you want to say it, 2016 was AWESOME with all the games, movies, crafts, music, and live Nick shows! So get ready for the new year by looking back at all of your favorite moments of 2016 with your favorite Nick friends! And catch more Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Loud House, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Kids' Choice Awards, School of Rock, Rufus, SpongeBob SquarePants, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, Henry Danger, The Thundermans, The Halo Awards, Kids' Choice Sports, Paradise Run, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn, Make It Pop, Lip Sync Battle: Shorties, and Game Shakers on Nickelodeon, Nicktoons and TeenNick!:

January 2017 on Nick: Nickelodeon USA To Premiere "Rufus 2" On Monday 16th January 2017 | Nickelodeon USA To Premiere "Power Rangers Ninja Steel" On Saturday 21st January 2017!
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Holiday Cooking with Randy and Mandy | All That | The Splat

Randy (Kenan Thompson) and Mandy (Angelique Bates) of All That are whipping up some chocolatey treats for this holiday season!:

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Watch all your '90s Nickelodeon favorites on The Splat, your late-night destination for your favorite childhood Nickelodeon cartoons and live-action shows! The Splat doesn't question football-shaped heads, but embrace them - along with Reptar bars, a Big Ear of Corn, orange soda, and even slime for Pete (and Pete's) sake. Make your slime-covered Nickelodeon childhood dreams come true every night at 10pm ET/PT, only on TeenNick USA! #TheSplat!

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Play PAW Patrol 'Tracker's Jungle Rescue' for Free | Games | Nick Jr.

Swing into action with the newest member of the PAW Patrol pups, Tracker, in the brand new game Tracker's Jungle Rescue! This free game is available online and in the Nick Jr. Android and iOS app. Kids can help steer Tracker through the jungle, explore hidden caves, and crack secret codes using their matching skills! Preschoolers can play along in Tracker's Jungle Rescue game and get to know more about their favorite cartoon jungle pup online at NickJr.com and in the free Nick Jr. App!:

Want more PAW Patrol?
Watch Paw Patrol, weekdays on Nickelodeon and Nick Jr.: NickJr.com | NickJr.co.uk

Stream full episodes for FREE in the Nick Jr. App and on Roku and Apple TV: IOS | Google | Amazon

Download PAW Patrol episodes for offline viewing on iTunes | Google Play | Amazon.

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Holiday DIY: Loud House Hot Cocoa Sleeves | Nickelodeon

Everyone loves hot cocoa on those cold winter nights, but what if you could make your cocoa louder than ever?! Check out these easy steps to make your very own Loud House Cocoa Sleeves! Don’t forget to catch The Loud House, only on Nickelodeon and Nicktoons! Merry Christmas, from the Louds!:

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Los mejores momentos de Yo Soy Franky | Nickelodeon Latinoamérica

Yo Soy Franky ha llegado a su fin y estos son algunos de nuestros momentos favoritos junto a la familia robótica. ¿Cuál otro guardarás tú por siempre en tu corazón? Deja que Nick sepa en YouTube!:

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A Year In Review | 2016 On Nickelodeon Greece | Nickelodeon Special News

Take a look back at Nickelodeon Greece's exciting highlights in 2016, and get set for a even bigger year in 2017!:

Visit nickelodeon.gr for more fantastic Nickelodeon videos!

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Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn | Al centro commerciale | | Nickelodeon Italia

Nicky, Ricky, Dicky e Dawn convincono mamma a lasciarli andare da soli al centro commerciale!:

Scene from Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn episode "Mall in the Family".

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