Saturday, August 15, 2015

Butch Hartman To Announce Some Big "Fairly OddParents" News Very Soon

Butch Hartman, the creator of Nickelodeon's popular original animated series (Nicktoons) "Fairly OddParents", "Danny Phantom", and "T.U.F.F. Puppy!", and the Nickelodeon Animation Studio have announced in posts on their official Tumblr blogs, and, respectively, that Butch Hartman will be announcing some very exciting "Fairly OddParents" news on his official Tumblr blog very soon!

Original source: ToonZone forums member alfa9delta.
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Nickelodeon USA To Premiere "Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir" In October 2015

SAMG Animation recently announced at a special conference that Nickelodeon USA will start to premiere and show "Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir" (also known as "Ladybug"), a brand-new CG-animated French/Japanese co-production about justice-seeking teen girl with super powers named Marinette, in October 2015, following the series' world premiere on Tuesday 1st September 2015 on EBS Korea!

Marinette Cheng, a shy high-school student, has inherited some magical ladybug-shaped earrings. The ornaments grant the power of Luck to whoever wears them. Yet there is one condition: they have to be worn in an altruistic manner, or else, beware of the consequences! Whenever the situation needs it, Marinette turns into LADYBUG, the guardian angel.

Set in modern-day Paris, Marinette and Adrien are two high school kids with a difference: they are the chosen ones to save Paris from evil! They have been entrusted with an important mission – to capture akumas, creatures responsible for turning normal people into super-baddies.

When involved in such adventures, these two school kids become superheroes: Marinette transforms into Ladybug and Adrien becomes Cat Noir.

But Ladybug and Cat Noir do not know each other's true identity. Marinette is unaware that, beneath the Cat Noir costume nestles Adrien, her secret crush. Similarly, Adrien doesn't know that Ladybug is, in actual fact, just Marinette - one of the girls in his class.

Miraculous is a co-production of ZAG, Method Animation, Disney Channel EMEA, Toei Animation, SamG Animation, SK Broadband, PGS Entertainment ("Alvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks") and AB International Distribution. It follows the adventures of charismatic young Marinette, who magically transforms into the vivacious superhero Ladybug to save the day using super powers, mysterious charms and the unique power of creation with the help of her magical pet Tikki. Little does this 13 year old know, her crush Adrien is also her superhero sidekick, Cat Noir!

Zag recently announced that they have inked deals for "Miraculous, Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir" merchandise! Global Master Toy partner Bandai will lead the pack with a toy program roll-out including dolls, figures, plush and role play. Rubies Costume Company will also be a cornerstone licensee, offering "Ladybug" superhero costumes and accessories.

Accessory Innovations will release bags, backpacks, luggage and accessories for the girls who want to "Be Miraculous", which will be complemented by jewelry and hair accessories from H.E.R. Accessories. Other key partners include Franco Manufacturing (bedding and bath), Komar (children's pajamas, sleepwear and robes) and Handcraft Manufacturing (kids' undergarments).

Miraculous Trailer from ZAGTOON DEV on Vimeo.

Original source: "Miraculous Ladybug" forums
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Nickelodeon South East Asia To Premiere "Make It Pop" On Monday 31st August 2015

Nickelodeon South East Asia has announced the exciting news in their new trailer that Nick SEA will start to premiere and show Nickelodeon's brand-new musical comedy series "Make It Pop" from Monday 31st August 2015 (transmission (TX) air times to be announced)!

What do an aspiring pop diva, a fashionista and a book worm have in common? Music! "Make It Pop" (20 episodes) is a comedic, music-infused daily strip about three unique girls who come together to start their own K-Pop-inspired band. Randomly selected to room together at the at Mackendrick Prep boarding school, bookish Corki (Erika Tham), fashion-forward Jodi (Louriza Tronco) and social media maven Sun Hi (Megan Lee) meet and bond over music. With the help of fellow classmate and aspiring DJ, Caleb (Dale Whibley), the girls grow from roommates to bandmates when they form their new group, XO-IQ. Can they achieve pop stardom in a school where academics come first and the arts come last? How will these rising stars balance music, grades, relationships and crushes? There's only one way to find out! Get ready for fun, drama, and musical comedy with a K-pop twist and an EDM beat! The series, which features original songs and performances in every episode, is co-created by Thomas W. Lynch and Nick Cannon and produced by DHX Media. Nickelodeon recently ordered a twenty episode second season of "Make It Pop".

Pictured: (L-R) Jodi (Louriza Tronco), Sun Hi (Meghan Lee) and Corki (Erika Tham) in the new live-action series, Make It Pop, coming to Nickelodeon in the 2015-16 season. Photo Credit: Nickelodeon. ©2015 Viacom International, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

To celebrate Nickelodeon South East Asia debuting "Make It Pop" on Monday 31st August 2015, has unveiled Nick SEA's all-new "Make It Pop" series website, which features information about Nick's brand-new show, character bios for Sun Hi, Corki, Jodi and Caleb, a photo gallery featuring photos from the series and of the shows stars, including 3D photos, and exclusive online streaming video clips, including a fantastic sneak-peek and XO-IQ's "Party Tonight" music video!
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Nickelodeon Hints That "Hey Arnold!" Film "The Jungle Movie" May Be In The Works

The animation news website Animation For Adults is reporting the very exciting news that "The Jungle Movie", a theatrical film originally planned to be the finale for the popular Classic Nickelodeon original animated series (Nicktoon) "Hey Arnold!", may finally be made!

Craig Bartlett is back at the Nickelodeon Animation Studio hard at work on his brand-new series "Sky Rat", and it would appear that things may be falling into place for the long awaited "Hey Arnold!" finale!

"The Jungle Movie", which was meant to be the only "Hey Arnold!" theatrical film, was going to feature Arnold and his friends going on a journey to San Lorenzo to find his missing parents. However, Nickelodeon opted to take the made-for-TV special, "Arnold Saves the Neighborhood", and convert it into the theatrical film, "Hey Arnold! The Movie", which was released in 2002.

Following the release of "Arnold Saves the Neighborhood", Nickelodeon continued to expressed interest in "The Jungle Movie" and encouraged Bartlett to produce a special one hour episode that would link into this second film. This special ended up being the episode, "The Journal", where Arnold finds his parents' journal detailing their adventures and lives up to the point where they mysteriously disappeared. At the end of the episode, Arnold discovers a map in the journal and excitedly runs into the apartment building to show his grandparents believing that this is the key to find his missing parents.

Unfortunately, "The Jungle Movie" and "Hey Arnold!" were both subsequently cancelled in 2004 with many accepting "The Journal" as the canonical series finale. Even though the film was cancelled, Bartlett kept many details about the film secret in the event that he eventually got the opportunity to make it.

That opportunity may have come based on recent signs evident to sharp eyed fans! One of these was a recent comment made by Nickelodeon on their official Facebook profile page in response to fans asking them to bring back older shows. On a video Nickelodeon posted on their page titled "Mikey Moments: Turtles in Time", Nickelodeon wrote the following response to fans requesting older shows to be revived: "How about a Jungle Movie? ;)". This simple statement caused a flurry of activity amongst long-time "Hey Arnold!" fans as the comment came from the official Nickelodeon account and directly referenced The Jungle Movie.

Another indicator that "The Jungle Movie" may actually be happening can be seen on Raymie Muzquiz's website. Muzquiz, an animation director, had posted storyboards from "The Jungle Movie" on his website as part of his portfolio. However, he has now taken the storyboards down, and when a visitor clicks to view the artwork, they are taken to a PDF file that displays "Removed for Mysterious Reason!". This is an exciting development as it certainly points to "The Jungle Movie" being in development!

Combining the above hints with the fact that Bartlett is back at Nickelodeon and both creator and studio reportedly have continued interest in producing "The Jungle Movie", fans may very well see this much awaited film on their theater screens in the next several years! This is also an excellent time to produce the film due to the resurgence in popularity of 90's cartoons and the public's continued demand for the revitalization of these cartoons. All we can do now is wait and hope that we see an announcement about "The Jungle Movie" to make the speculation official!

Original source: ToonZone Forums member alfa9delta.
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