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Home Strange Home: Nickelodeon Welcomes Us To The Wayne

A cool cast of kids explore oddball happenings in their apartment building in Nickelodeon’s most-recent animated series, Welcome to the Wayne.

Home is where the weird is — at least it is at a New York City apartment building called the Wayne, which is the setting for Nickelodeon’s newest animated series.

(From L-R) Olly, Ansi, and Saraline from Nickelodeon’s Welcome To The Wayne

Created and written by Emmy Award-winning writer and composer Billy Lopez (The Wonder Pets, Phineas and Ferb), Welcome to the Wayne premiered its 20-episode first season on July 24. Originating as Nick’s first web-exclusive series, Welcome to the Wayne follows the adventures of Olly Timbers (voiced by Lopez), his sister Saraline (Dana Steingold, Avenue Q musical), and their pal Ansi Molina (Alanna Ubach, Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce), as they explore the crazy, unpredictable world of the Wayne.

Lopez says he imagined having a lot of adventures in the New York City apartment buildings he lived in as a kid. “I wasn’t nearly as adventurous as the kids in the Wayne,” he told Animation Magazine. “But I loved imagining adventures that could take place in the buildings I lived in. I’d come home and stroll through my lobby pretending I was heading off to my secret, after-school job of monster-slaying.”

The show’s web version informed Lopez’s approach to making it a series. “I knew the full-length show had to be serialized, meaning each episode had to directly follow the previous one in terms of its overarching story, but it was a creative struggle to ensure that a viewer could tune in at any random episode and not feel lost or confused,” he says. “In the end, we tried to have it both ways: There’s a season-long story, but each episode is also a complete tale with a beginning, middle and end.”

Animated by Toronto-based Yowza, Welcome to the Wayne is script-driven, with rapid, joke-filled dialog inspired by shows like 30 Rock, Lopez says. “I always wanted the rhythm of the dialogue to be ‘joke, joke, plot advancement or exposition, joke … ‘ and so on,” he says. “We don’t have a joke quota or anything like that, but we’re all aware that we’re writing a comedy.”

Lopez says he has plenty of ideas for the show, and hopes the show earned a long run that will let Team Timbers fully explore the Wayne. “As long as people want to see the show, and I’m afforded the chance to tell the stories I want to tell, and we keep getting better with each season, it could go on for quite a while,” he says.

Brand-new episodes of Welcome to the Wayne return in September. Fans can catch up on the shows first five episodes Saturdays at 10:30am ET/PT on Nick USA, as well as online on and via the Nick App. Fans can also immerse themselves in the Wayne by following the official Instagram account to discover more about the show, characters, and mysteries within.

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The "Rocko's Modern Life" Movie Will Make Die Hard Fans Very Happy | #NickSDCC

For fans who watched the original Rocko's Modern Life as children, ignorant of its slyly very adult jokes, only to grow up, see Rocko and Heffer staying in a motel usually reserved for sex workers and go "WHOA," the creator of the series has some very good news for you. None of this will change when the Rocko's Modern Life movie, Static Cling, hits Nickelodeon. Get stoked, everyone.

Joe Murray has no plans to do a revival of the classic Nicktoons series with any sense of glossing over the series history. In fact, when Bustle spoke to the crew of Rocko's Modern Life in the orange Nickelodeon suite at San Diego Comic-Con 2017, he launched right into a few details of what they're cooking up: "Nipples of the future." (Really Really Big Man is set to make a reappearance.) To that, Rocko himself (voice actor Carlos Alazraqui) adds that they're going a very Larry David-inspired "pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty far."

The series is a polarizing one — in fact when Bustle spoke to a few '90s kids, many of them told the publication the series scared them as children. What could possibly be scary about a little wallaby whose dog eats his brains in the opening credits? A series whose setting appears as though it was conceived during an acid trip?

Add to that the very real, almost too real, elements like Rocko's tough job search that finds him working as a sex line operator (oh baby, oh baby, oh baby.), or that time he becomes the "boss" and sprouts a menacing cigar from his mouth, swirling red eyes, and a menacing figure the minute the power goes to his head, and you've got a kid's cartoon that really challenged its audience. An element that Murray insisted that the revival continue to honor.

"One of the things, when they first approached me is that I want to do something that pushes it, I don't want to like a watered down rehash of Rocko. There's no reason for that," says Murray. "If we're going to do it, let's say something."

And just as fans did when we were kids, fans may just learn something from the new Rocko.

"It resonates; it's totally relevant. We were talking about how easy it felt to bring these characters into this century, into this time period," says the series creator, quickly clarifying that the movie will continue that vein of social commentary, without delving too much into politics. (So think more of ads that turn you into a consumer zombie, and less of a potential blowhard creature meant to represent any, er, current leaders.)

"I give kudos to Nickelodeon for being on board with it," says Murray, implying that the proverbial envelope is pushed pretty darn far.

And as true fans of Rocko know, that's exactly where any would be revival needs to go.

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Janet Varney On Exploring The Drama Of Comedy In "Legend Of Korra" And "Stan Against Evil"

In a fantastic interview with Hypable, Janet Varney shares her journey as an actor, and dives into her life-changing roles on The Legend of Korra, and Stan Against Evil.

It’s been almost three years since the conclusion of Nickelodeon’s The Legend of Korra, and Janet Varney can’t believe it either.

“Isn’t that crazy?” she says. “I’ve just never gotten used to the fact that it worked out.”

A long-time comedic actress, Varney has appeared in various sitcoms throughout the years. She currently stars on IFC’s Stan Against Evil, and has appeared on everything from How I Met Your Mother and Psych to a recurring role on You’re The Worst.

But even with her regular work, Varney says that the Hollywood grind prepared her for disappointment when it came to her biggest roles.

“Even if you’re an optimist, there’s some part of you that just tries to toughen up and be pragmatic and go, “This isn’t gonna happen. This isn’t gonna happen,”” she says.

“I really felt that way through the process of Korra because I knew Avatar, and I knew how wonderful it was, and I was so terrified.”

Self-doubt was a constant companion, Varney recounts. “I just kept thinking, at some point someone’s gonna go, “Oh, wait a minute. I don’t know why we had her in the room.””

Even when Varney landed the role of Korra (“I just couldn’t believe it,” she admits) she was unprepared for her inauguration into the series’ tremendous theater of enthusiasm. At the first table read, a Nickelodeon executive hugged Varney, took her by the shoulders, and said, “Are you ready for your life to change?”

“I was like, “What does that mean?” the actress recalls.

“And then when we did our first Comic-Con, there was just this sort of zero to 60 build.” Varney says. “We went from, ‘Oh, I think people are going to be into this. Hopefully they will be,’ to going to Comic-Con, to walking into a room of like 4,000 people.”

“I still get goose pimples when I [remember] that,” she says. “I get goosebumps. I couldn’t wrap my head around it.”

Varney’s sense of gratitude persists into her current project, Stan Against Evil. In the macabre comedy series, Varney plays Sheriff Evie Barret, a new face in an old town swarming in hilariously vengeful spirits.

It’s a role the likes of which she never thought of having, one that allows Varney to explore comedy, drama, and the art of the stunt.

“The whole time that I was doing the voice of Korra, I would always joke around saying that nobody’s gonna give me a job as an action star or a hero. I just do silly comedy,” the actress recalls. “Typically I’m put in high heels and a tight top, which is not my personality at all.”

So when Stan Against Evil creator Dana Gould told Varney that he was writing the part of Evie with her in mind, the news “kind of made me pee my pants a little bit,” Varney says.

“He’s like, “She’s a demon-fighting sheriff,”” she recounts. “And I was like, “I’m sorry… Why would you think I…?” He’s like, “I just know. You’re an action star trapped inside the body of a comedian.””

Varney says that she was “completely blown away” by Gould’s faith in her abilities, and the opportunity he offered.

“I really thought the only time I would get to do anything like that would be in voice over,” she says. “I just thought, listen, if that’s gonna happen, it would have already happened.”

In addition to stunt work and physical badassery, Varney says that Stan Against Evil has gives her the opportunity to inhabit “another kind of strong female character.”

“Certainly, [Evie] keeps getting put in situations where she can’t believe that she is in those situations once again,” she says. “But it’s a really, really great role, and I would say that, side by side, [she and Korra] are the two most kind of dramatically challenging roles I’ve had in my career.”

Like Korra, Evie is burdened with responsibilities both personal and epic. “She’s another kind of fighting evil,” Varney says. “[Evie is] fighting the supernatural evil of the world, she just isn’t equipped with any bending powers.”

And while gory humor and rapid-fire Easter Eggs may be the language of Stan Against Evil, but its message is one of deeper connection. The show “has a lot of heart to it,” Varney says, particularly evident in Evie’s relationship with the town’s recently widowed former sheriff — the titular Stan (John C. McGinley).

“I love doing comedy,” Varney continues. “But sometimes that exists at sort of the mid-level to the high-comedy level of craziness and I don’t necessarily get plumb the depths of kind of serious acting as often.”

“But I did in Legend of Korra, and I do in Stan Against Evil.”

For Varney, roles like Evie and Korra offer more than a chance to stretch her acting muscles. Though she gives them life, the Avatar and the Sheriff give something back to Varney as well.

“In LA, there’s this sort of like, “Oh, you’re an actor? Get in line,”” she recounts. The Legend of Korra and Stan Against Evil “really made me realize that that doesn’t have to be your relationship with acting at all. It can be entertainment. We all love entertainment, and we all escape into it, and we all learn from it, and we all have the catharsis of it.”

“Why am I pretending like my participation is something that I shouldn’t be honored to be a part of?”

Korra was one of those jobs that really cemented that for me,” she says. “This is a tremendous honor. I love this. I’m passionate about it, and if my contribution makes something better, I can die happy tomorrow.”

And while Varney’s sense of not deserving the opportunity persists, she uses it now as an inspiration — not a cause for self-doubt.

“I want to feel like I deserved to be that character, and I want her to help me now.” she says. “And it sounds so cheesy and corny, hence the actor shame, but it’s totally real. Like, I have completely said, “I don’t want to do this thing. I’m afraid of it,” and I have thought, “I’m the voice of Korra, man. I can’t. That’s not an excuse.”

Stan Against Evil season 2 premieres on Nov. 1 at 10 p.m. on IFC.

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Funko and GameStop to Introduce More Yu-Gi-Oh! Branded Products Globally

Original Funko, GameStop and 4K Media Press Release via Action Figure Insider:

Funko and GameStop to Introduce More Yu-Gi-Oh! Branded Products Globally

NEW YORK August 2, 2017 – 4K Media Inc., the Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. subsidiary that manages the Yu-Gi-Oh! brand outside of Asia, today announced it has signed licensing agreements with both Funko, a purveyor of pop culture and licensed-focused collectibles, and GameStop, a global retailer of specialty brands and games to offer some all new Yu-Gi-Oh! Collectibles.

The two deals – negotiated and announced by Jennifer Coleman, Vice President of Licensing and Marketing at 4K Media – bring a new array of Yu-Gi-Oh! collectibles to the worldwide marketplace (outside of Asia).

“We are elated to welcome both Funko and GameStop to the Yu-Gi-Oh! family. We are impressed with both companies’ creative designs for new and engaging collectibles encompassing so many of our central characters and monsters,” said Coleman. “Yu-Gi-Oh! fans around the globe eagerly await each new licensed product introduction, which not only keeps the brand fresh and front of mind, but also serves to invigorate demand for all things Yu-Gi-Oh!”

Funko will be launching a line of stylized vinyl Yu-Gi-Oh! Collectibles figures and other related products focusing on the fans’ favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! characters and monsters.

Funko CEO Brian Mariotti said, “We’re tremendously excited about Funko’s development of a Yu-Gi-Oh! collectibles line and are honored to be associated with a brand that continues to entertain and engage fans that span such a broad demographic around the world.”

GameStop is also creating a distinctive line of 4-inch New Yu-Gi-Oh! Collectibles figurines available to Yu-Gi-Oh! fans on its on its website(s) and in its stores, as well as in many of its partners’ stores around the world.

“Yu-Gi-Oh! has had nice success as a trading card game, which makes the brand an ideal fit with GameStop, as one of the largest suppliers of the cards globally” added Alex Jones, Senior Manager of Licensed Products – International at GameStop. “Our loyal game playing customers will be thrilled with this new array of exclusive Yu-Gi-Oh! collectible characters we will be introducing to our stores.”

About GameStop
GameStop Corp. (NYSE:GME), a Fortune 500 company headquartered in Grapevine, Texas, is a global, multichannel video game, consumer electronics and wireless services retailer. GameStop operates more than 7,500 stores across 14 countries. The company’s consumer product network also includes and ThinkGeek,, the premier retailer for the global geek community featuring exclusive and unique video game and pop culture products. Our Technology Brands segment includes 1,508 Simply Mac, Spring Mobile AT&T and Cricket stores. Simply Mac,, sells the full line of Apple products, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones and offers Apple certified warranty and repair services. Spring Mobile,, sells all of AT&T’s products and services, including DIRECTV and offers pre-paid wireless services, devices and related accessories through its Cricket branded stores in select markets in the U.S.

General information about GameStop Corp. can be obtained at the company’s corporate website. Follow @GameStop and @GameStopCorp. on Twitter and find GameStop on Facebook at

Headquartered in Everett, WA, Funko is a leading pop culture consumer products company. Known for its whimsical, fun and unique products that enable fans to express their affinity for their favorite “something”—whether it is a movie, TV show, video game, musician or sports team, Funko infuses its distinct designs and aesthetic sensibility into one of the industry’s largest portfolios of licensed content over a wide variety of product categories, including figures, plush, accessories, apparel and homewares. Funko’s Pop! Vinyl is one of the most popular stylized vinyl collectibles on the market, selling millions of figures to collectors around the world. In 2015, Funko received a majority investment from ACON Investments, L.L.C, a diversified international private equity firm. Learn more at, and follow us on Twitter (@OriginalFunko) and Instagram (@OriginalFunko).

About 4K Media
New York City-based 4K Media Inc. (a wholly owned subsidiary of Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.) is a brand management and production company best known for its management of the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise outside of Asia. This year, the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime brand celebrates its 16th anniversary of entertaining and engaging young audiences in the United States and globally outside of Asia through its TV series (over 800 episodes), three feature films, consumer products, the mobile game Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links as well as the immensely popular trading card game. Beyond Yu-Gi-Oh!, 4K Media is actively expanding its licensing and production slate to incorporate other brands such as Rebecca Bonbon.


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New Viacom Study Finds Young People Trust Less, But Are Still Happy

Young people's trust in key figures such as politicians and religious leaders has fallen sharply over the past five years but they remain largely happy, according to Viacom Global Insights' latest global study.

Viacom Global Insights, the global research arm of Viacom Inc. the US media company behind youth-oriented channels such as Nickelodeon and MTV as well as Hollywood studio Paramount, surveyed 28,600 people aged 6 to 54 online in 30 major countries about a wide range of views.

In a time of turbulent politics and religious conflict, just nine percent of respondents described themselves as trustful of religious leaders and a mere two percent said the same of their countries' politicians.

Since the last survey in 2012, trust for religious leaders has tumbled 33 percentage points and the figure for politicians fell 25 points among people age 30 and younger in the 27 countries that were polled both years.

Views, however, varied sharply among countries, with trust in religious leaders reaching a high of 32 percent in Nigeria.

Trust also slipped for doctors, teachers and even friends, with people in every country identifying their mothers as the most trusted.

But the Viacom survey, dubbed "The Next Normal: The Rise of Resilience," found that the percentage of people who said they were happy overall was virtually unchanged at 76 percent.

"The overwhelming theme that's come out of this is that the human is a very resilient animal," said Christian Kurz, Viacom's Senior Vice President for Global Consumer Insights.

Asked to define happiness, most people in both 2012 and 2017 pointed to spending time with family and friends.

But next in importance in 2017 -- especially in developed countries -- was ensuring time for vacation and enjoyment, while in 2012 more people focused on money.

Kurz said he sensed a shift in attitudes in the wake of the global economic crisis, with many people feeling powerless.

"If you don't really have a choice, then you focus on the things that you do have control over -- and the people you spend time with, you have control over," Kurz said.

"What we're seeing now is that that's becoming even more important," he said.

Coming from the parent company of MTV, the survey also offered quirky insights on music culture.

The study found that three-quarters of Indians said they occasionally danced alone in their rooms to music, while the Japanese came in last with 27 percent admitting to solitary moves.

Below is more about Viacom Global Insights' "The Next Normal: Rise of Resilience" study, via

Introducing The Next Normal: Rise of Resilience

Today, we’re proud to announce the official launch of our newest project, The Next Normal: Rise of Resilience.

Five years ago we released our study The Next Normal, which offered an unprecedented view of the attitudes of young people around the world and their outlooks on life.

The Next Normal: Rise of Resilience video from Viacom Global Insights on Vimeo.

A lot has happened since then. How have things changed?

Today, we’re proud to announce the official launch of our newest project, The Next Normal: Rise of Resilience. This massive study spanned 28,600 people aged 6 to 54 in 30 countries*.

We found that people are more worried now about personal safety and terrorism — yet they remain as happy as ever. In response to these trying times, resilience is on the rise.

The Next Normal: Rise of Resilience found that people everywhere are coping in four ways:

Standing up to uncertainty. No matter their age or where they live, people feel equipped to handle life’s challenges. Spending time with others, listening to music, watching TV, and sometimes just crying all serve to keep stress in check. Music offers a necessary escape and humor is a relied-upon tool for achieving more in life. The end result? A greater sense of personal strength.

Staying grounded. While most say they always look for the positive, a hard-edged realism lurks in the background. People see the world as imperfect. They are losing faith in religious leaders, government and politicians, even in their own judgment. Their approach to life is grounded and realistic, with most saying they “keep it real” and are true to the people they’re closest to. When asked who inspires the most confidence in them, the most common answer was “Mom.”

Enjoying the moment. In 2012, people defined happiness in terms of time and money. In 2017, their sources of contentment shifted from the material to the experiential. Success today is more about deep connections to others and less about superficial markers like looking good or driving a nice car. The top 5 signs of success now are happiness, being part of a loving family, enjoying your job, finding balance in life, and being around the right people.

Coming together. In both the digital and real worlds, people’s networks are growing. They have more contacts on social media, more online “friends” that they don’t know in real life, and more IRL friends than in 2012. The internet is helping people connect more with others, exposing them to new perspectives, and inspiring curiosity and community action. There is a pervasive and strengthening sense of unity among people of all ages – most agree that their age group has the potential to change the world for the better.

* 30 countries surveyed: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, UK, US


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Original source: AFP via Daily Mail Online; Additional source: Dunya News.
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Nickelodeon Unveils New JoJo Siwa Stickers For iMessage

Calling all SIWANATORS! Dream crazy big with Nickelodeon's brand-new official JoJo Siwa Stickers iMessage App! Featuring JoJo Siwa's signature style and expressive personality, you can now chat bigger, better, faster, stronger with these stickers on all your photos and in all your chat messages! Download them for FREE on the iMessage app store today:

Download today for FREE!

Buy Tickets For SLIMEFEST 2017!

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Nickelodeon Named As Finalists In A Raft Of Category's In The 2017 Cynopsis Kids’ !magination Awards

Cynopsis Kids has announced the very exciting news that Nickelodeon has been named as finalists in a raft of category's in Cynopsis Kids’ sixth annual !magination Awards!

The 2017 Cynopsis Kids’ !magination Awards will highlight the most outstanding cross-platform programming and marketing - and the executives behind the scenes - in the highly competitive and dynamic kids media industry.

"The children’s and family programming universe continues to innovate at light speed. This year’s !magination Awards finalists raise the bar yet again on industry talent and content, and we are very excited to honor them,” says Cathy Applefeld Olson, editor of Cynopsis Kids.

The Cynopsis Kids !magination Award finalists will be recognized at a breakfast ceremony and mimosa networking reception on Tuesday, September 19, from 8:15-10:30 a.m., at The Yale Club in New York City. For event registration information, click here. For registration questions, contact Cathy Pearson at cathyp(at)cynopsis(dot)com. For advertising, sponsorship information, or to buy an ad in the program, contact VP of Sales & Marketing Mike Farina at mike(at)cynopsis(dot)com.

Additionally, Cynopsis Kids will honor family-viewing success Little Big Shots, the NBC series hosted by Steve Harvey and produced by Warner Horizon Television and East 112th Street Productions, and present a performance by The Joyous Quintet, one of the show’s winners who have performed at Lincoln Center and on Today.

Below is a list of 2017 Cynopsis Kids’ !magination Awards category's that Nickelodeon has been named as a finalist in. A full list of The complete list of finalists, which also include 7ate9 Entertainment, Amazon, Cartoon Network, Animal Planet, DreamWorksTV, Food Network, FOX, Hasbro Studios, Litton Entertainment, National Geographic, Netflix, PBS KIDS, Saban Brands, Sesame Workshop, Steve Rotfeld Productions, The Jim Henson Company, YouTube, Disney, and more, can be found here.

Advertising/Promotional Campaign
Danger & Thunder – Nickelodeon
Kids Pick The President – Nickelodeon
Kids’ Choice Awards 2017 Sponsorships Branded Content – Viacom/Nickelodeon
The 2017 HALO Awards – Nickelodeon
The Powerpuff Girls and We Bare Bears – Cartoon Network

Digital Marketing Campaign
Kids’ Choice Awards 2017 Sponsorships Branded Content – Viacom/Nickelodeon
PAW Moments – Spin Master
Twitch Presents Power Rangers Live Stream Marathon – Saban Brands
Voltron Legendary Defender Campaign – Roblox
General Mills Cinnamon Toast Crunch – batteryPOP
YouTube, Music-Driven Tween Series, SpacePOP – Genius Brands International

Pro-Social Campaign
Kids Pick the President – Nickelodeon
Together For Good – Nickelodeon International
Connor’s Cure Pro Social Campaign – WWE
Dream Big, Princess – 7ATE9 Entertainment
Give – Litton Entertainment

Marketing/Promotional Campaign
Halloween 360 – Nickelodeon
Kids’ Choice Awards 2017 Sponsorships Branded Content – Viacom/Nickelodeon
The Loud House Marketing Campaign – Nickelodeon
#100Reasons to Rock the Park – Litton Entertainment
Floogal Your World – Sprout
Puppy Bowl – Animal Planet
PBS KIDS: Splash and Bubbles – PBS
Sprout Talks Tech – Sprout

Social Media Campaign
HALO Awards Social Media Campaign – Nickelodeon
Ice Age Collision Course – McBeard / 20th Century Fox
Spellbound (starring Spider-Man & Iron Man) – Marvel Entertainment

Best Shortform Content – K6-11
Acapella Theme Song Showdowns – Nickelodeon
Kids’ Choice Awards 2017 Sponsorships Branded Content – Viacom/Nickelodeon
The Loud Song – Nickelodeon International
Cyberchase: Monster Minutes – WNET/THIRTEEN
OddTube – PBS KIDS

Best Shortform Content – Preschool
Crafty Creatures – Nickelodeon International
Pixel Art Series – Nickelodeon International
Melia and Jo – Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Through the Woods – Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
YoBoHo HooplaKidz – BroadbandTV

Brand Website – Nickelodeon – Nickelodeon
Sprout Online – Sprout

NJR Books [Nick Jr. Books] – Nickelodeon
Elmo Goes to School! – Sesame Workshop
Store Central App – Disney

Interstitial Series
Kids’ Choice Awards 2017 Sponsorships Branded Content – Viacom/Nickelodeon
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Archie Spots – Nickelodeon International in association with Workinman Interactive
The After Party Interstitial Series – Nickelodeon
Litton/OPEI/Scholastic – Litton Entertainment
TurfMutt – Litton Entertainment
Be Inspired – Disney

Kids 2-11 Series
Paradise Run – Nickelodeon and Stone & Company Entertainment
PAW Patrol – Spin Master Ltd.
Pig Goat Banana Cricket – Nickelodeon
Power Rangers Ninja Steel – Saban Brands
Sanjay & Craig – Nickelodeon
The Fairly OddParents – Nickelodeon
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – Discovery Family/Hasbro Studios
Octonauts – Silvergate Media

Mobile App – K6-11
Super Brawl World – Nickelodeon
The Nick App – Nickelodeon
NFL RUSH Gameday – NFL
Toca Hair Salon 3 – Toca Boca

Mobile App – Preschool
Nick Jr. App (Android) – Nickelodeon
Budge World – Budge Studios
Dot. – The Jim Henson Company
Hello Everybody – Music Together Worldwide
HITN Learning – HITN
PINKFONG Mother Goose: Nursery Rhymes and Games! – SmartStudy
Ready Jet Go! – Wind Dancer Films
Sprout Playground – Sprout

Mobile App (Educational)
Code A Character – Nickelodeon
Nick Jr. App (Android) – Nickelodeon
HITN Learning – HITN
Nature Cat’s Great Outdoors App – PBS KIDS

Mobile App (Entertainment)
Nick Jr. App (Android) – Nickelodeon
NOGGIN App (Android) – Nickelodeon
Angry Birds Blast – Rovio
My Little Pony Harmony Quest – Budge Studios

New Preschool Series
Rusty Rivets – Spin Master Ltd.
Beat Bugs – Grace: a storytelling company
Floogals – Sprout
Ollie! The Boy Who Became What He Ate – Radical Sheep Productions
Splash and Bubbles – The Jim Henson Company

New Series for 6-11
The Loud House – Nickelodeon
Bottersnikes & Gumbles – CAKE
Mighty Magiswords – Cartoon Network
The Bagel and Becky Show – Radical Sheep Productions
Weird But True! – Steve Rotfeld Productions

Online Game
Legends of the Hidden Temple: Unlock the Past – Nickelodeon
Paw Patrol Tracker Jungle Rescue – Nickelodeon
Shimmer & Shine The Great Zahramay Falls Race – Nickelodeon
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Pizza Quest – Nickelodeon International in association with Workinman Interactive
Cyberchase: Save the Park! – WNET/THIRTEEN

Online Interactive Experience
Halloween 360 – Nickelodeon
Kids’ Choice Awards – Nickelodeon
Kids Pick The President – Nickelodeon
Nickelodeon Slime Cup 2016 – Nickelodeon International
Nickelodeon Music Maker – Nickelodeon
PLAY 60 Challenge Virtual Field Trip at Super Bowl LI – NFL

Online Studio
Nick and Nick Jr. Games Teams
Budge Studios
Driver Digital Studios

Preschool Series
Peter Rabbit – Silvergate Media
Dot. – The Jim Henson Company
Fireman Sam – Mattel Creations
Nina’s World – Sprout
Octonauts – Silvergate Media
Ready Jet Go! – Wind Dancer Films
Transformers Rescue Bots – Discovery Family & Hasbro Studios

Preschool/K2-11 Special
Bunsen is a Beast “Beast of Friends” – Nickelodeon
Harvey Beaks – Nickelodeon
My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree – Discovery Family & Hasbro Studios
Terrific Trucks Save Christmas – Sprout
Thomas & Friends The Great Race – Mattel Creations

Tablet-Based App
Music Maker – Nickelodeon
NOGGIN App (Android) – Nickelodeon
The Nick App – Nickelodeon
Disney Magic Kingdoms – Disney/Gameloft
HITN Learning – HITN

Legends Of The Hidden Temple Movie Press Kit/USB premium – Nickelodeon
Smiling Squidward Plush – Viacom International Media Networks
Puppy Bowl promotional pack – Animal Planet

Use of Video Promotion
Kuu Kuu Harajuku Music Video – Nickelodeon
Nick Girls Rule The World – Nickelodeon
Ever After High “Dragon Games” Stop Motion Music Video – Magnet Media Films
Ice Age Collision Course – McBeard / 20th Century Fox

Video Game
Nick Racing Stars – Nickelodeon
Super Brawl World – Nickelodeon
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Pizza Quest – Nickelodeon International in association with Workinman Interactive
Just Dance 2017 – Ubisoft

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Original source: PRWeb.
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Nickelodeon Voice Actors Win In BTVA Voice Acting Awards 2016

Behind The Voice Actors has announced the fantastic news that a raft of Nickelodeon voice actors have won awards in the BTVA Voice Acting Awards 2016, which honors the best voice acting work over the last year!

The official winners of the 6th Annual BTVA Voice Acting Awards, as chosen by the Administrative Team at Behind the Voice Actors were revealed to the public on Monday 24th July 2017.

In addition to the official winners, BTVA also invited fans to vote for their choice in each of the 24 categories for the "People's Choice" portion of the awards.

Below is a list of awards Nickelodeon voice actors won at the 6th Annual BTVA Voice Acting Awards featuring. A full list of BTVA Voice Acting Awards 2016 nominees can be found at

Best Vocal Ensemble in a Television Series
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012): Seth Green, Rob Paulsen, Sean Astin, Greg Cipes, Hoon Lee, Mae Whitman, Kevin Michael Richardson, Josh Peck, David Tennant, Eric Bauza, Clancy Brown, Michael Dorn, Fred Tatasciore, JB Smoove, Phil LaMarr. | Official Winner, BTVA Staff Choice

Best Vocal Ensemble in a NEW Television Series
The Loud House: Grant Palmer, Catherine Taber, Liliana Mumy, Nika Futterman, Cristina Pucelli, Jessica DiCicco, Grey DeLisle, Lara Jill Miller, Jill Talley, Brian Stepanek, Caleel Harris, John DiMaggio, Susanne Blakeslee, Carlos Pena, Jeff Bennett. | Official Winner, BTVA Staff Choice

Voice Actress of the Year
Laura Bailey: Luna, The Loud House; Belle Pepper, Sanjay and Craig | BTVA Staff Choice; People's Choice

Best Female Lead Vocal Performance in a Television Series
Kimberly Brooks: Bertha Van Weld, Sanjay and Craig | BTVA Staff Choice

Best Male Vocal Performance in a Television Series in a Guest Role
Patrick Fraley as '87 Krang, "Trans-Dimensional Turtles", Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Best Female Vocal Performance in a Television Series in a Guest Role
Lucy Lawless as Hiidrala, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) | Official Winner, BTVA Staff Choice

Best Male Vocal Performance in a Video Game
Nolan North (TMNT, Blaze and the Monster Machines) as Nathan Drake, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End | BTVA Staff Choice; People's Choice

Best Female Vocal Performance in a Video Game
Laura Bailey (The Loud House, Sanjay and Craig) as Catwoman / Selina Kyle, Batman: The Telltale Series | BTVA Staff Choice; People's Choice

A huge congratulations to all the winners of the BTVA Voice Acting Awards 2016!

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H/T: ToonZone/@Candy Randy.
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Nickelodeon Central And Eastern Europe To Premiere "Harvey Beaks" Series Finale On Thursday 28th September 2017

The Hungarian children's television news blog Gyerek-Világ is reporting the bittersweet news that Nickelodeon Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) will be premiering the series finale of Nickelodeon's popular original animated series Harvey Beaks, "The End and the Beginning", on Thursday 28th September 2017 at 18:35 CEST.

Not much is currently known about the final episode of Harvey Beaks, however, it is thought that in the episode, Fee and Foo will be reunited with their parents, and their lives and their friendship with Harvey changes forever. C.H. Greenblatt (Chowder), the creator of Harvey Beaks, has promised fans that the series finale of Harvey Beaks will be massive and epic.

The current official episode description for "The End and the Beginning" is: "A mild-mannered, young bird and its best friends, a pair of rambunctious siblings called Fee and Foo, seek adventure and mischief in the magical forest that they call home."

The news follows Nicktoons Africa hosting the world premiere of the final episode of Harvey Beaks in July 2017.

The production crew mixing of the final episode of Harvey Beaks in June 2017.

Leading up to the premiere of the last episode of Harvey Beaks, Nick CEE will continue to premiere more brand-new episodes of Harvey Beaks season two weekdays at 18:35 CEST:

2017-09-18 - 18:35 - 2x18 - Hug Life/On the Fence
2017-09-19 - 18:35 - 2x19 - Princess Wants a Mom/Rage Against The Michelle
2017-09-20 - 18:35 - 2x20 - Break The Lake/The Amazing Harvey
2017-09-21 - 18:35 - 2x21 - The Late Late Afternoon Show with Harvey Beaks/Grunicorn
2017-09-22 - 18:35 - 2x22 - Photo Finished/Squashbuckling
2017-09-25 - 18:35 - 2x23 - Leaf it to Kathy/A Child's Guide to Surviving in the Wild
2017-09-26 - 18:35 - 2x24 - Grand Hotel/Missing Harvey
2017-09-27 - 18:35 - 2x25 - Hair To Help/Later Dingus
2017-09-28 - 18:35 - 2x26 - The End and the Beginning

Harvey Beaks, locally titled Csőrös Harvey in Hungary and Harvey Cioculeţ in Romania, follows the life of a big-hearted and big-headed kid and his impetuous two best friends. Together with an odd assortment of townsfolk in their magical forest, the three friends go on all sorts of adventures, but no matter what kind of trouble they get into or how ridiculous things get, they always find a way to stay true to themselves.

Fans can find out more about Harvey Beaks, as well as watch exclusive videos and play fantastic games, on their local Nickelodeon website, including on and

Nickelodeon Central and Eastern Europe comprises Nickelodeon Malta, Nickelodeon Romania, Nickelodeon Hungary, Nickelodeon Czech Republic, Nickelodeon Croatia, Nickelodeon Ukraine, Nickelodeon Slovenia, Nickelodeon Serbia, and Nickelodeon Bulgaria.

Additional source: Google World Clock.
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Nickelodeon USA To Air Sneak-Peek Of "I Am Frankie" On Saturday 12th August 2017 | #WiredDifferently

Nickelodeon stars Armani Barrett, Jayce Mroz and Carson Rowland, who will be starring in Nickelodeon’s upcoming futuristic drama series, I Am Frankie, have announced the very exciting news in posts on their official Instagram pages that Nickelodeon USA will be airing a special sneak-peek preview of I Am Frankie on Saturday 12th August 2017 between 8pm-8:30pm ET/PT, during the premiere of JoJo Siwa’s brand-new special, JoJo Siwa: My World!

In I Am Frankie, Frankie Gaines (Alex Hook) looks like a typical teenager, but she has a very big secret - she's actually a cutting edge, experimental android! She must hide her true identity to avoid being tracked down by the evil tech company EGG Labs. Sigourney Gaines, her creator and "mother," ensures Frankie's safety by posing her as her real-life human daughter. Think that's a lot for one android? There's SO much more. To hide from EGG labs, Frankie must also try to pass as a human and attend high school. The homework! The social pressures! The information overload! With the help of her new best friend Dayton, Frankie will try to fit in to the human world and start learning what it means to be Frankie!

I Am Frankie will star Jayce Mroz, Carson Rowland, Kyson Facer, Mohana Krishnan, Uriel Baldesco, Kristi Beckett, Sophia Forest, Armani Barrett, Nicole Alyse Nelson, Joy Kigin, Carrie Schroeder, Jean-Carlos Casely, Michael Laurino, Todd Allen Durkin, Tracy Johnson, and Katelyn Adair.

Nickelodeon has ordered 20 x 30 minute episodes which will be distributed to Nickelodeon's global audiences spanning 160 countries and territories via the brand's more than 80 channels and branded blocks.

Y'all should tune into @nickelodeon tomorrow from 8-8:30pm for the first promo of #IamFrankie

A post shared by Carson Rowland (@carsonrowland) on


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