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Wimpy South Africa Launches Nickelodeon Parties

Celebrate your birthday with Wimpy and Nickelodeon

Johannesburg – Celebrating your birthday when you are not yet tall enough to look mom in the eyes is probably one of the most exciting days in a kid’s life. It comes around religiously once a year and for mom and dad having to plan the party of the year it often sneaks up too quickly.

Planning around everyone’s calendar is generally the first stumbling block to consider and once you find a date when your little one's favourites are all available you can end up battling to find the perfect venue – it is either too expensive, too far or what if it rains and what about the mess you are left with afterwards if you had it in your own home? With this in mind, it is time to be introduced to Nickelodeon™ parties brought to you by Wimpy.

"It couldn’t be simpler if we tried", says Jacques Cronje, Marketing Executive at Wimpy. All you have to do is log on to the Wimpy website ( Follow three easy steps: select your closest Wimpy, choose your date, time and your Nickelodeon™ party theme. The restaurant will contact you to confirm your booking and all that is left to do after that is to show up on the day to have fun.

There are three meal options available to choose from: a Cheese Burger and a side or a Toasted Cheese and a side or Chicken Sticks and a side. The meal options can be decided on the day. Each of these options also includes a soda and a fun Razzle-Dazzle Snowfreeze™ cone. At the Wimpy there will also be a Fun Buddy available for face painting and balloon sculpting at no extra charge.

At any given time there will be three different Nickelodeon™ themed parties available to meet the approval of your little one. Kids can currently choose from Nickelodeon Slime, PAW Patrol, Blaze and the Monster Machines and Dora the Explorer. Due to the popularity of PAW Patrol, your little one could have a PAW Patrol party every year as PAW Patrol will always be available – the décor will change every couple of months.

Included in the party offering will be themed cups, plates, serviettes, balloons and themed candy toys. This will certainly save the designated party planner the run around from having to find all the themed elements for the party. “We are excited to launch this partnership with Wimpy as we already have a long-standing partnership in terms of supplying them with toys to accompany their kids’ meals. Knowing how loved the Nickelodeon™ characters are it is a great opportunity for us to be able to roll out Nickelodeon™ parties on a national level with the footprint of Wimpy. Good fun and good food make for a winning formula”, says Jacques De Beer from Nickelodeon’s consumer products licensing agency.

Launches 7th of October 2019, the no mess no fuss parties (with all the fun) will be just a call away. A theme your little one loves, great food and great entertainment and no cleaning up afterwards is the ultimate party dream. “We look forward to see smiles all around and to continue to make special moments even greater,” concludes Cronje.

Visit to locate a Wimpy near you.

* Only available at Wimpy restaurants in South Africa.

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Nickelodeon Israel Partners with President of the State of Israel on New Anti-Bullying Campaign

Nickelodeon Israel (יִשְׂרָאֵל) has partnered with Reuven Rivlin, the President of the State of Israel, to launch a new anti-bullying initiative to encourage kids to take a stand against bullying. Kids are invited to visit the campaign's website and pledge to help anyone at their school who is experiencing bullying. The initiative is being supported with PSA about the campaign, featuring Rivlin.

#לא_עומדים_מהצד | חתמו על האמנה נגד בריונות וחרמות | ניקלודיאון

היום מציינים בבית הנשיא יום נגד בריונות וחרמות❗️⁠
הגיע הזמן להילחם בבריונות ובחרמות בבתי הספר⁠.
אנחו קוראים לכם לא לעמוד מהצד, לתת יד ולעזור לאותו ילד בכיתה שחווה בריונות או חרם⁠
איך אתם יכולים לעזור? חתמו כבר עכשיו על האמנה שלנו ותתחייבו שגם אתם יותר -
לא_עומדים_מהצד# #ניקלודיאון

טל מוסרי, עומר חזן, קים אור אזולאי ואגם בוחבוט #לא_עומדים_מהצד | ניקלודיאון

הגיע הזמן להילחם בבריונות ובחרמות בבתי הספר⁠. אנחו קוראים לכם לא לעמוד מהצד, לתת יד ולעזור לאותו ילד בכיתה שחווה בריונות או חרם⁠
איך אתם יכולים לעזור? חתמו כבר עכשיו על האמנה שלנו ותתחייבו שגם אתם יותר -
לא_עומדים_מהצד# #ניקלודיאון

נְשִׂיא מְדִינַת יִשְׂרָאֵל, Nesi Medinat Yisra'el, נְשִׂיא הַמְדִינָה, Nesi HaMedina.

From The Jewish Press:

Like Melania: President Rivlin Launches Initiative Against Bullying on Social Media

Borrowing a page from First Lady Melania Trump’s Be Best campaign against cyberbullying, on Sunday, President Rivlin took part in the launch of the DontStandBy initiative, which he followed with a video clip in which he speaks from his picture hanging on a classroom wall to children from all parts of Israeli society, asking them to get involved when they witness bullying.

The campaign also includes short clips with tips from online influencers sharing their advice on how to not stand by and to deal with bullying; a special Instagram page which will include all the tips, clips and pictures; working with children’s TV channels such as The Children’s Channel, Educational TV and Nickelodeon; working with leading influencers on their own channels; and creating an Instagram filter with the president in the frame that children can use to photograph themselves with him and post a story as part of the campaign against bullying.

“The story of a kid who has to bear such great pain is the story of many children, too many,” said the president. “Not because social exclusion and bullying are new, but because the digital age we live in has brought new ways to harm and abuse.”

“I am proud to see who is with us here today – educators, influencers and opinion-formers, young people who have decided to pick up the gauntlet and say enough is enough. We will not stand by,” President Rivlin said. “We will not stand by, because even if it is not the easy thing to do, it is the right thing to do. We do not stand by. And next time we see a hurtful response near us or online, we will speak up against it, report it to the app, a parent or a teacher. We do not stand by, and if we see someone who is bearing the pain of abuse or exclusion, we will go up to them and say, ‘I’m with you.’”

“We will remember, always, how it felt to be on the other side, the one who was hurt, and will think about how we want others to treat us. Verbal violence kills. It kills children’s dreams and hopes every day and has already claimed the lives of children who did not find a way out of the suffering and ended their own lives. We have all come across cases of verbal aggression and violence. And when I say all of us, I mean myself as well. I also get violent responses on social media and even though I am a grown up, it is still hard. We must not allow this to become routine. We must not stand by when we come across behavior like this, even if it is not aimed directly at us. Let us promise today, together, all of us, to save lives and not to stand by!” the president said.


From The Times of Israel:

Rivlin launches anti-bullying campaign

Celebrities and ‘online influencers’ join president in urging schoolchildren and young people to act against intimidation, exclusion on social media

President Reuven Rivlin on Sunday launched an anti-cyberbullying campaign aimed at schoolchildren and young people, urging them to be proactive in combating online intimidation.

“Social exclusion and bullying are nothing new, but in the digital age there are new ways to harm and abuse people — and verbal violence kills,” Rivlin said during a celebrity-studded event at the President’s Residence in Jerusalem, according to a statement from his office.

“It kills children’s dreams and hopes every day, and has already claimed the lives of children who did not find a way out of the suffering and ended their own lives,” Rivlin continued. “We will not stand by. We will not stand by, because even if it is not the easy thing to do, it is the right thing to do.”

The initiative, under the title “DontStandBy,” includes a video clip featuring Rivlin calling on the country’s youth to take notice of bullying or the exclusion of others, and then do something about it.

An accompanying video clip has short tips from a string of celebrities and “online influencers” who also advise on how to counter bullying, the statement said.

Both videos have been posed to the president’s official YouTube channel.

There are also plans for an Instagram page with tips and a filter that includes Rivlin in the frame, enabling children to make photos of themselves with the president when they share stories of how they stood up to bullying.

The initiative is partnered with the local Children’s Channel, Educational TV, and the US-based Nickelodeon television station.

Among those who participated in the launch event were senior officials from the education and public security ministries

In his video message to children, Rivlin is shown as though speaking from a photograph of himself hanging on a classroom wall. The president declares he is relying on “all schoolkids in Israel and everywhere” to take up the initiative against bullying.

“Thousands of kids suffer bullying and have to face loneliness and violence,” he says. “Together you have the power to beat the bullying.”

Versions of the Hebrew-language video with English or Arabic subtitles were also made.

The celebrity video includes teen pop singer Noa Kirel, who tells children to be mindful about content that can be hurtful to others.

More advice comes from Eurovision Song Contest winner Netta Barzilai, who tells viewers that if they are aware of a friend who is boycotting another child then they should persuade the boycotter to end the exclusion, because to boycott “is not cool.”

Emcees at the ceremony in Jerusalem were YouTube celebrity Kevin Rubin and Kirel, who recently began her national service in the Israel Defense Forces.


From The Drum:

Don't Just Stand By by BBR Saatchi & Saatchi

A survey carried out among Israeli children and teenagers found that most Israeli children would rather experience physical violence than experience bullying.

Today’s reality however is harsh. If before the advent of social media bullying ended at the gates to school; today with much of kids’ social lives managed via platforms like Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook, bullying goes way beyond the schoolground – following children throughout their day, whether they are at home or at after school sports activities. And when you’re being picked on, when you’re excluded from the class Whatsapp group, shamed on Facebook by bullies hiding behind their keyboard, the scars stay with you well after you graduate.

Bullying is cruel and heartless and can lead to harsh consequences and in some cases even suicide. But rather than appeal to the bullies or reach out to the victims – we decided to opt for an audience that carries a lot more sway – the silent majority who sit on the sidelines. The kids who while they do not take part in the boycott, also do nothing to stop it.

The campaign initiated by the office of the President of the State of Israel, Mr. Reuven Rivlin, under the hashtag #Don’t_Just_Stand_By, was created in collaboration with stars and influencers children love and aims at empowering the silent majority by directing them to a website with tips to help them fight bullying and not stand idly by.

The campaign was shared with all parents WhatsApp groups and teacher organizations with an official email issued by all town halls to households nationwide.

Following a directive of the Ministry of education, many first period lessons were opened with a screening of the campaign commercial followed by a screening of 50 tips on how to not just stand by. The tips were delivered by some of Israel’s leading celebrities: child stars, influencers, models, chefs, singers, entertainers and more.

Within days, the campaign reached over 12 million people (potential exposure) organically thanks to the massive support lent by Israel’s leading influencers (not a single shekel was used to purchase media).

The commercial got over 1m views, scored an engagement rate of 11% with 60% of viewers watching the campaign for over 1 minute and 30% viewing the whole commercial.

All youth movements dedicated an afternoon to discussing the issue.

The country’s 3 leading kid TV channels (Nickelodeon, “The Kids Channel” and “Israeli Educational TV”) screened the campaign and linked to it on their digital platforms. In fact, Nickelodeon went as far as to formulate a pledge for kids to sign on their website and hosted special panels and programs on the topic.

Numerous celebs endorsed and shared the campaign including Internationally famous model Bar Refaeli, Israel’s Super Nanny (Michal Daliot) and Israel’s Minister of Education, Mr. Rafi Peretz.

Agency Credits: BBR Saatchi & Saatchi

Client: The Israeli Presidential Office

Chairman and C.E.O PUBLICIS GROUPE ISRAEL- Yossi Lubaton


C.E.O BBR- Ben Muskal

Campaign Manager - Dorit Gvili

Chief Creative Officer - Yaron Perel

Copywriter - Lee Harush

Copywriter - Kobi Lavi

Art Director - Romy Malachi

Client Supervisor- Eden Archel

Head of Influencer Marketing- Adi Tusia-Cohen

BBR Producer - Nurit Rimon

BBR Editor- Leehou Porat

BBR Marcom & Strategic Planner – Eva Hasson

Director- Yoram Ever-Hadani

POV Producers- Neta Karni, Hadar Albaranes

POV Shahar Segal productions

Post production - Shachar Halevi

Post Production - Broadcast


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Originally published: Sunday, February 16, 2020 at 18:44 GMT.

Additional sources: Google Translate, Wikipedia.
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Champs Sports Launches Exclusive FILA x Rugrats Collection

Originally published: Wednesday, February 20, 2019.

Champs Sports Launches Exclusive FILA x Rugrats Collection

Nickelodeon-favorite Rugrats footwear and apparel collection to drop on Feb. 22

NEW YORK, Feb. 20, 2019 -- Champs Sports has teamed up with FILA and Viacom Nickelodeon Consumer Products to debut an exclusive Rugrats-themed line of footwear and apparel. Tommy, Chuckie, Angelica and the rest of the gang decorate a new capsule collection, with design elements that offer a whimsical nod to these beloved Nickelodeon characters.

Update (13/3/2020) - The Champs Sports x FILA x Rugrats Collection will arrive in Mexico in April 2020!

"At Champs Sports we are constantly looking for new ways to tap into youth culture, through disruptive and innovative concepts," said Jason Brown, Vice President of Marketing, Champs Sports. "With this exclusive FILA x Rugrats Collection, we are not only allowing devoted fans to celebrate one of the all-time greatest cartoons, but we're collaborating with FILA, a brand that has had one of the greatest resurgences of late in fashion. Champs Sports and our partners at FILA and Nickelodeon are excited to bring these well-known characters to life for a new generation, ahead of their big-screen premiere."

For this collaboration, FILA has created an exclusive set of styles for kids and adults that playfully pairs classic silhouettes and the brand's iconic logo, with this celebrated animated series.

"When Rugrats launched in 1991 the series was an instant hit with audiences and became a groundbreaking phenomenon, spawning consumer products and blockbuster films," said Jose Castro, Senior Vice President, Global Collaborations and Softlines, Viacom Nickelodeon Consumer Products. "Today, fans still have a connection to these characters and seeing Tommy, Chuckie and Angelica on FILA's classic designs will be a treat for those who grew up with the series."

"Together with Nickelodeon and Champs Sports, we have designed something special to celebrate this iconic series," said Louis W. Colon III, Vice President of Heritage & Trend at FILA North America. "We are always looking to create opportunities where consumers can interact with the brand through unique storytelling. With this limited-edition collection of footwear and apparel, we have incorporated the Rugrats characters into FILA silhouettes in a way that is fun and fresh."

To further support the launch, Champs Sports released a new episode of Illustrated today, focusing on the history and design of Rugrats through the eyes of Nickelodeon's Creative Director, Russ Spina. Champs Sports will also host an in-store event on Saturday, Feb. 23, at 10 Times Square, New York, NY 10036. The event will be from 2 – 6 p.m., and will feature the FILA x Rugrats collection and a special Rugrats installation. Fans can also feature:

- Caricatures - Get drawn as a Rugrats character!

- Special Guest Star - Have your photo taken with Chuckie Finster!

- Goodies - Receive a Rugrats gift with purchase (while supplies last)

- And live music from DJ Mick!

Inside the Nickelodeon Animation Studio w/ the Fila Rugrats Collab! | Ill-ustrated

We went behind the scenes at the Nick animation studio in NYC to meet with the Rugrats illustrator, to celebrate our new Fila X Rugrats Collaboration!

The collection includes three special-edition sneaker styles for men and kids, including FILA's Disruptor 2, Original Fitness Tape and Ray Tracer. The FILA Disruptor 2 x Rugrats offers a twist on one of the brand's most popular silhouettes. The footwear features FILA's signature white, navy and red color palette, with co-branded FILA and Rugrats tape on the shoe's quarter. The FILA Original Fitness Tape x Rugrats updates another iconic FILA design; created in a navy hue, the shoe also features printed taping, embellished with the Rugrats gang.

The FILA Ray Tracer x Rugrats is one of the brand's newest silhouettes and was created in a bold red hue. As an homage to Reptar, the shoe boasts pops of bright green and features the famous T Rex alongside the FILA logo. Additional design elements across all three styles include dual-colored laces, FILA and Rugrats logo hits and sock liners adorned with the colorful crew.

To complement the footwear offerings, the FILA x Rugrats apparel collection consists of eight men's styles, created in white, navy and red to tie back to the footwear. A selection of tees and hoodies are emblazoned with large graphics, including a fusion of the FILA and Rugrats logos, a polaroid of the pals and special character touches such as Chuckie sporting FILA footwear.

Beginning on Feb. 22, the FILA x Rugrats collection will be available exclusively at Champs Sports stores in the U.S. and Canada, and online at

To celebrate the launch of #RUGRATSxFILA, Champs Sports has launched an exclusive Instagram contest, in which fans can win a "Saturday Morning Cartoons" kit containing Rugrats x Funko cereal, Rugrats DVDs, a Rugrats shirt, a pair of Rugrats shows from the new collection, and more! Visit for more details and to enter!

Fans can also find out more about the FILA x Rugrats collection by logging onto Snapchat using the following AR Snapcode:

Check out the FILA x Rugrats collection (including photos from the line's lookbook) below!:

ViacomCBS Launches Nicktoons Channel in Ukraine

Update (13/3/2020) - NickToons Ukraine (Україна) has launched on Kyivstar in Ukraine!

Update (17/1/2020) - The Ukrainian regulator National Council has made three changes to the list of foreign TV channels allowed to be broadcast in the country. All such channels have to comply with the European Convention on Transfrontier Television and Ukrainian legislation.

The first change involves Nickelodeon, with the country of ownership of the channel (producer) now the Czech Republic rather than Netherlands. The language has also been changed from Russian to English and Russian, while the channel is now offered simultaneously in both HD and SD. The second change involves Nicktoons, which is registered in the Czech Republic. A 24/7 channel broadcast in Russian, it has been added to the list.

The third change is Russia’s Tele 9, which ceased transmissions in February 2013 and has been removed from the list.

Original post:

1+1 Media Group, the distributor of Viacom's channels in Ukraine, has announced the exciting news that Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN) has submitted plans to the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of Ukraine to launch a localised Nicktoons channel in Ukraine! The news follows VIMN launching a localised Nicktoons channel in Russia in December 2018. VIMN has also submitted plans to launch a Paramount Pictures movie channel in the country.

Nick Jr. Live! "Move To The Music" U.S. Theatrical Tour To Debut Fall 2019 | New Cities & Dates Added

Update (3/13) - In response to the COVID-19 (aka coronavirus) outbreak, Nick Jr. Live! "Move To The Music" will be postponing or cancelling some of its upcoming performances. Please see this post for the latest postponements/cancellations.

Update (1/19/2020): Refreshed list of Nick Jr. Live! "Move To The Music" tour dates!

Nick Jr. Live! "Move To The Music" U.S. Theatrical Tour To Debut Fall 2019

Nickelodeon and VStar Entertainment Group, Part of Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group, Present First Live Entertainment Stage Show of Expanded 5-Year Deal

MINNEAPOLIS, Feb. 27, 2019 -- Nickelodeon and VStar Entertainment Group, part of Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group, today announced the U.S. debut of the live theatrical production Nick Jr. Live! "Move to the Music." The brand-new musical spectacular will feature, for the first time ever on one stage, characters from multiple hit Nickelodeon preschool animated series, including Bubble Guppies, PAW Patrol (produced by Spin Master Entertainment), Dora the Explorer, Shimmer and Shine, Blue's Clues & You! (premiering in November 2019), Blaze and the Monster Machines and Top Wing. Exclusive ticket pre-sale opportunities will be available to fan club subscribers beginning Wednesday, March 6, and tickets are available to the general public beginning Friday, March 15. Audiences can sign up for the fan club at where they will also have access to exclusive tour updates and ticket notifications for their city.

Nick Jr. Live! "Move to the Music" marks the first of several productions to debut as part of an exclusive live theatrical touring partnership between Nickelodeon and VStar Entertainment Group. The partnership includes collaboration on several Nickelodeon intellectual properties to deliver new theatrical touring productions over the course of the exclusive 5-year deal. The relationship between the family entertainment brands kicked off in 2016 with the co-production of PAW Patrol Live! "Race to the Rescue," the first-ever live stage show based on Nickelodeon's top-rated preschool series, PAW Patrol (produced by Spin Master Entertainment). Since that time, the two have added PAW Patrol Live! "The Great Pirate Adventure" and Bubble Guppies Live! "Ready to Rock" to the growing list of production collaborations. In the short time since the debut of the original show, an impressive 3 million PAW Patrol Live! tickets have been sold worldwide.

"Nickelodeon's partnership with VStar Entertainment has been an incredibly successful one, and has become an integral component as we continue to expand our burgeoning global location based business," said Sharon Cohen, Executive Vice President, Nickelodeon Experience. "With the latest addition to the lineup, we've mined Nickelodeon's library of preschool hit shows to create Nick Jr. Live! "Move to the Music," an engaging and vibrant musical showcase, featuring some of our most beloved characters."

"As VStar continues to evolve into a leading producer of live family entertainment, having Nickelodeon, the leading children's entertainment brand, entrust additional top-rated intellectual property to VStar speaks to the confidence and trust we've established," said Eric Grilly, CEO, VStar Entertainment Group. "We are thrilled to have Nickelodeon as our partner and look forward to the opportunity to continue entertaining audiences with even more beloved Nickelodeon characters."

Nick Jr. Live! "Move to the Music" follows Dora and her PAW co-hosts, Marshall and Rubble, as they invite their Nick Jr. friends to come together for a one-of-a-kind music-filled production. Bubble Guppies' Molly and Gil, Rod and Penny from Top Wing, Shimmer and Shine, and even Blue from the new Blue's Clues &You! are throwing a Nick Jr. celebration. The show will transport audiences to familiar Nick Jr. locations, including Bubbletucky and Zahramay Falls, and includes two acts, along with an intermission. The unforgettable musical adventure will feature live appearances, special on-screen guests and audience participation to engage the whole family.

With innovative costuming and a Broadway-style set, Nick Jr. Live! is a perfect way to introduce theater to young children. The show is split into two acts with an intermission and will include original music as well as familiar tunes from Nick Jr. shows. A limited number of V.I.P. packages are available for each performance and feature premium show seating, VIP merchandise item, an exclusive photo opportunity with Blaze from Blaze and the Monster Machines, as well as a post-show Meet & Greet party with Dora the Explorer and Rubble from PAW Patrol.

Nick Jr. Live! "Move to the Music" Tour Dates

Paramount Theatre
Cedar Rapids, IA
Sat, September 7

Orpheum Theatre
Sioux City, IA
Sat, September 14
Sun, September 15

McCaw Hall
Seattle, WA
Sat, September 21
Sun, September 22

San Jose Center for the Performing Arts
San Jose, CA
Fri, September 27
Sat, September 28
Sun, September 29

Rabobank Theater
Bakersfield, CA
Tue, October 1
Wed, October 2

Dolby Theatre
Los Angeles, CA
Sat, October 5
Sun, October 6

Fox Performing Arts Center
Riverside, CA
Tue, October 8
Wed, October 9

Memorial Auditorium
Sacramento, CA
Sat, October 12
Sun, October 13

Comerica Theatre
Phoenix, AZ
Sat, October 19 at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.
Sun, October 20 at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center
Midland, TX
Sat, October 26
Sun, October 27

Memorial Civic Center
Lubbock, TX
Tue, October 29
Wed, October 30

Selena Auditorium
Corpus Christi, TX
Sat, November 2
Sun, November 3

McAllen Performing Arts Center
McAllen, TX
Tue, November 5
Wed, November 6

The Hobby Center for the Performing Arts
Houston, TX
Sat, November 9
Sun, November 10

Rosa Hart Theatre
Lake Charles, LA
Tue, November 12
Wed, November 13

Tobin Center for the Performing Arts
San Antonio, TX
Sat, November 16
Sun, November 17

The Theatre at Grand Prairie
Dallas, TX
Fri, November 22
Sat, November 23
Sun, November 24

Robinson Performance Hall
Little Rock, AR
Tue, November 26
Wed, November 27

Cannon Center for the Performing Arts
Memphis, TN
Fri, November 29
Sat, November 30
Sun, December 1

Topeka Performing Arts Center
Topeka, KS
Tue, December 3
Wed, December 4

Old National Events Plaza
Evansville, IN
Sat, December 7
Sun, December 8

Victoria Theatre
Dayton, OH
Sat, December 14
Sun, December 15

Orpheum Theater
Omaha, NE
Coming Soon

Old National Centre
Indianapolis, IN
Sat, January 4
Sun, January 5

Sangamon Auditorium
Springfield, IL
Tue, January 7
Wed, January 8

Stifel Theatre
St. Louis, MO
Sat, January 11
Sun, January 12

Benedum Center for the Performing Arts
Pittsburgh, PA
Fri, January 17
Sat, January 18
Sun, January 19

State Theatre
Minneapolis, MN
Fri, January 24
Sat, January 25
Sun, January 26

Veterans Memorial Auditorium (The VETS)
Providence, RI
Sat, February 1
Sun, February 2

Flynn Center for the Performing Arts
Burlington, VT
Tue, February 4
Wed, February 5

Academy of Music
Philadelphia, PA
Fri, February 7
Sat, February 8
Sun, February 9

Meridian Hall (formerly known as Sony Centre)
Toronto, ON
Sat, February 15
Sun, February 16

Shea's Performing Arts Center
Buffalo, NY
Sat, February 22
Sun, February 23

The Chicago Theatre
Chicago, IL
Sat, February 29
Sun, March 1

Stranahan Theater
Toledo, OH
Tue, March 3
Wed, March 4

Fox Theatre
Detroit, MI
Fri, March 6
Sat, March 7
Sun, March 8

Boch Center - Wang Theatre
Boston, MA
Sat, March 14
Sun, March 15

The Bushnell Performing Arts Center
Hartford, CT
Sat, March 21
Sun, March 22

Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden
New York , NY
Sat, March 28
Sun, March 29

Milwaukee, WS
Coming Soon

Cleveland, OH
Coming Soon

Syracuse, NY
Coming Soon

Louisville, KY
Coming Soon

Kansas City, MO
Coming Soon

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About VStar Entertainment Group
VStar Entertainment Group is a leading entertainment company and producer of unforgettable live experiences for audiences in the U.S. and internationally. From concept through activation, VStar imagines and creates custom tours featuring original content, and licensed, branded tours that provide highly engaging entertainment for fans of all ages. With nearly four decades of expertise in all aspects of event production and management, VStar delivers turnkey, in-house solutions for theatrical shows, interactive exhibits and brand activations. VStar also creates custom-fabricated mascots and costumes, large-scale sets, scenery and 3-D installations, serving as a valued resource for professional sports teams, Fortune 500 companies and experiential marketing agencies.

Acquired in 2018 by global live entertainment leader, Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group, VStar has presented more than 39,000 live performances across 40 countries and entertains nearly two million guests annually. Current VStar tours include PAW Patrol Live!, and Cirque Dreams. Previous VStar (formerly VEE Corporation) productions include Sesame Street Live, Barney, Bear in the Big Blue House, Curious George, Dragon Tales, Discover the Dinosaurs: Time Trek, and Kidz Bop Live! For more information, visit

About Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group
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About Nickelodeon
Now in its 39th year, Nickelodeon is the number-one entertainment brand for kids. It has built a diverse, global business by putting kids first in everything it does. The company includes television programming and production in the United States and around the world, plus consumer products, digital, recreation, books and feature films. Nickelodeon's U.S. television network is seen in more than 90 million households and has been the number-one-rated kids' basic cable network for 22 consecutive years. For more information or artwork, visit Nickelodeon and all related titles, characters and logos are trademarks of Viacom Inc. (NASDAQ: VIA, VIAB).

SOURCE VStar Entertainment Group

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Celebrate pi day with some PIE! Just make sure there's not a bomb in it. On Employee Brotherhood Day, Squidward tries to get SpongeBob a pie and nearly kills him. Watch the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Dying For Pie" in 5 minutes!

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Nickelodeon Launches Official 'Blaze and the Monster Machines' YouTube Channel

Get ready to kick it into high gear with Nickelodeon's official Blaze and the Monster Machines YouTube channel! Get ready to rev your engines for action packed clips, sing along songs and nursery rhymes, fun filled games, full episodes and more!

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Not only can you watch fun filled adventures with Blaze and AJ, but the official Blaze and the Monster Machine channel will feature all of their friends (And rivals) including Gabby, Watts, Stripes, Starla, Darington, Zeg, Crusher & Pickle.

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Cartoon Food IN REAL LIFE (Krabby Patty & MORE!) | Butch Hartman [COMPILATION]

Cartoon Food IN REAL LIFE (Krabby Patty, Ratatouille, & MORE!) | Butch Hartman [COMPILATION]

Want a drawing from Butch?

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SpongeBob Duets with Roland Kaiser on New Track 'Quallendisco' in Germany

It's the duet of the Nickellennium! To celebrate the 20th anniversary of SpongeBob SquarePants, SpongeBob SquarePants has collaborated with Roland Kaiser to release a brand-new song, "Was hast du bloß den Hai‘n gesagt" ("What Did You Say To The sharks") in Germany!

The song, in which the German schlager singer-songwriter croons along with SpongeBob in German (Deutsch), will form part of Nickelodeon's brand new SpongeBob Schwammkopf album, "Quallendisco" ("Jellyfish Disco"), which will be released by Hi1 Music (Sony Music) on Friday 6th March 2020.

The accompanying music video for "Was hast du bloß den Hai‘n gesagt" features clips from episodes of SpongeBob Schwammkopf, along with an animated version of Roland Kaiser. The song is a reworking of Kaiser's hit single "Warum hast du nicht nein gesagt" ("Why Didn't You Say No") from 2015.

Fans will notice that the voice of SpongeBob on the track isn't that of Tom Kenny, who voices the titular sponge in the US-English dub of Nickelodeon's beloved animated series. Instead, its Santiago Ziesmer, who voices SpongeBob in the German dub of the show.

SpongeBob is quite the pop star in Germany, with "Quallendisco" just being the latest album he's releasing in the country. Past albums include: "Bobmusik - das Gelbe Winteralbum", "Spongebob Das Superbob Album", "Spongebob-Das Schwammose Album", "Spongebob - der Meister Grillt", "Weihnachten Unter Wasser (Limitierte Fanbox)" and "Das Gelbe Vom Schwamm"!

"Quallendisco" will feature 15 tracts inspired by Nickelodeon's hit animated series:

1. Quallendisco - Intro
2. Das Polizeiboot
3. Im Gefrierraum
4. Was hast du bloß den Hai'n gesagt
5. Gary komm heim - XXL-Version
6. Hallo Thaddäus
7. Gary Gary, Baden!
8. Schreien
9. Qualalalala
10. Po-po-positiv
11. Disco-Quallen - XXL-Version
12. Wenn du Hunger hast...
13. Heimweh
14. Quallendisco - Outro
15. Hidden Track - Quallendisco

"SpongeBob Schwammkopf: Quallendisco" can be purchased and downloaded here:

SpongeBob singt Capital Bra - Gary Gary Baden! (Offizielles Video)

The new SpongeBob album join other recent collaborations from brands such as Unimatic, Nike and Timberland, Pharrell Williams' Billionaire Boys Club ICECREAM, Edward Venero's VNRO, a skateboard collection from Santa Cruz Skateboards, a homeware collaboration from Modernica with Chicago-based visual artist Louis De Guzman and global music artist J Balvin, a dog apparel and accessories collection with Fresh Pawz, clothing with Zara, and a Grillz collaboration between J Balvin and Ian Delucca, and an apparel collaboration with Teddy Fresh.

SpongeBob SquarePants, which was recently greenlit for a 13th season, has reigned as the number-one kids’ animated series on TV for the last 17 years, while generating a universe of beloved characters, pop culture catchphrases and memes, theatrical releases, consumer products, a Tony award-winning Broadway musical which is now touring North America and a global fan base. SpongeBob SquarePants is seen in more than 208 countries and territories, translated in 55+ languages, and averages more than 100 million total viewers every quarter. SpongeBob SquarePants is created by Stephen Hillenburg and produced by Nickelodeon in Burbank, Calif.

Nickelodeon's is currently in the midst of the network's "Best Year Ever", a year-long global celebration of one of the most iconic TV series and characters ever created. The “Best Year Ever” launched with the premiere of “SpongeBob’s Big Birthday Blowout,” an original mixed live-action and animated special earlier this summer, and leads up to the Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies theatrical, The SpongeBob Movie: It's a Wonderful Sponge, coming May 2020 in the U.S. and summer 2020 in Germany, locally titled SpongeBob Schwammkopf - Eine schwammtastische Rettung.

A CG-animated prequel spin-off series, Kamp Koral, following 10-year-old SpongeBob SquarePants during his summer at sleepaway camp, is also slated to premiere during Summer 2020.

Fans can vote for SpongeBob Schwammkopf in Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards 2020!:


Roland Kaiser ersetzt Maite Kelly durch einen „Schwammkopf“

Für eine Kinder-CD

Er hat ein Herz für Kinder und macht jeden Spass mit. Roland Kaiser singt jetzt im Duett mit der beliebten Nickelodeon Comic-Figur SpongeBob.

Heiliger Schalenkrebs! Roland Kaiser singt jetzt sein Jahrhundert-Duett „Warum hast du nicht nein gesagt“ mit einem berühmten Schwamm für eine Kinder-CD. Duett-Partnerin Maite Kelly wurde durch der Nickolodeon-Zeichentrickfigur „SpongeBob“ (läuft im TV seit 1999) ersetzt.

Und da Sponge Bob („Schwammkopf“) mit seinen Kumpels, Thaddäus Quentin Tentakel, Poppy Puff und Patrick Star (wäre ein guter Name für einen Schlagerkünstler) in Bikini Bottom auf dem Meeresgrund lebt, wurde auch gleich der Titel des Duett geändert in „Was hast du zu den Haien gesagt“.

Auf seiner Facebook-Seite schreibt Roland Kaiser dazu: „Liebe Freunde, gemeinsam Evergreens aufleben lassen, verbindet. Ich durfte SpongeBob Schwammkopf kennenlernen. Ein feiner Kerl. Heute darf ich Euch unser schwammtastisches Duett "Was hast du zu den Haien gesagt?" präsentieren.“

Und da dieser Schwammkopf „Sponge Bob“ besser singt als so mancher „Schlager Newcomer“, gibt es gleich eine ganze Kinder-CD mit dem Titel „Quallendisco“.

Wir wünschen uns weitere Duette von „Schlager goes Comic“. Zum Beispiel: Florian Silbereisen mit Bart Simpson, Vanessa Mai und die Powerpuff Girls, Ben (Zucker) und Jerry und Andrea Berg mit Bugs Bunny in „Die Karotten haben Schweigepflicht“…


From MDR.DE:

Roland Kaiser singt Duett mit Spongebob

Was für ein tolles Duett: Roland Kaiser hat einen Song mit der Zeichentrick-Figur Spongebob aufgenommen. Der Titel wird allen Kaiser-Fans sehr bekannt vorkommen.

Roland Kaiser stand schon mit vielen musikalischen Größen auf der Bühne - aber dieses Duett ist mal etwas ganz anderes. Auf seiner Facebook-Seite veröffentlichte er eine Ankündigung, die selbst für eingefleischte Roland-Kaiser-Fans ziemlich überraschend sein dürfte. Er singt ein Duett mit dem kleinen Zeichentrick-Schwamm Spongebob. Eine kleine Kostprobe liefert er gleich dazu.

Die Zusammenarbeit zwischen Roland Kaiser und Spongebob trägt den Titel "Was hast du zu den Haien gesagt?" und es ist nur unschwer zu erraten, dass es sich dabei um eine Coverversion des Roland Kaiser-Hits "Warum hast du nicht nein gesagt?" handelt. Es gibt sogar ein Video zu dem Titel, inklusive Zeichentrick-Roland.

Der Titel ist Teil einer Kinder-CD unter dem Titel "SpongeBob Schwammkopf - Quallendisco". Darauf sind 14 Kinderlieder, die meisten davon Cover aktueller Popsongs aus den Charts. "Was hast du zu den Haien gesagt?" sticht jedoch deutlich heraus, schließlich singt Spongebob hier mit Roland Kaiser höchstpersönlich. Die CD erscheint am 6. März.

Spongebob Schwammkopf

Spongebob ist eine der erfolgreichsten Zeichentrickfiguren aller Zeiten. Es handelt sich dabei um einen kleinen gelben Schwamm, weshalb er im Deutschen den zusätzlichen Titel "Schwammkopf" trägt. Spongebob Schwammkopf lebt unter Wasser, zusammen mit anderen Meeresbewohnern, in der Kleinstadt Bikini Bottom. Er ist ein etwas naiver, aber immer optimistischer Zeitgenosse mit einer chrakteristischen Quietsche-Stimme. Gesprochen wird er in Deutschland vom Schauspieler Santiago Ziesmer, der für die CD auch den Gesang übernommen haben dürfte.



ROLAND KAISER: Witziges Duett mit SPONGEBOB seit heute auf Youtube

ROLAND KAISER ist doch immer wieder für eine Überraschung gut. Der eigentlich stets seriös auftretende Grandsigneur des deutschen Schlagers hat heute ein „Duett“ mit Spongebob auf YouTube veröffentlicht, bei dem es sich um eine Juxversion seines Riesenhits „Warum hast du nicht nein gesagt?“ handelt. Zusammen mit SPONGEBOB heißt es: „Was hast du zu den Haien gesagt?“. Der Song dient als Zugnummer für das neue SPONGEBOB-Album „Quallendisco“, das am 6. März 2020 erscheinen wird und vom Konzept her an frühere SCHLÜMPFE-Alben erinnert: Zu bekannten Hits werden neue witzige Texte ersonnen.

Wir sind gespannt, wie das Duett der etwas anderen Art bei den Fans ankommen wird…


SpongeBob - Polizeiboot (Video)

SpongeBob ist zurück mit einem neuen Album: QUALLENDISCO (06.03.2020) | Bestellen und hören:

Additional sources: Google Translate, Wikipedia, YouTube /@Maite Kelly, @Deutschsprachige musik.

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Originally published: Saturday, February 29, 2020.
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Mundo Avatar | Regras do Conselho Avatar | Brasil | Nickelodeon em Português

Mundo Avatar | Regras do Conselho Avatar | Brasil | Nickelodeon em Português

Você conhece todas as regras do conselho avatar?

Mais Nick: Nickelodeon Latin America and Nickelodeon Brazil Premiere 'Noobees 2'!
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Mundo Avatar: Las reglas de la Junta Avatar | Latinoamérica | Nickelodeon en Español

Mundo Avatar: Las reglas de la Junta Avatar | Latinoamérica | Nickelodeon en Español

Jackie y los avatares nos explican las reglas de la Junta Avatar, para conocer más de Avatar City.

Mira Mundo Avatar, la nueva webserie de Noobees 2, aquí, cada jueves, a las 4 pm MX - 5 pm COL - 7 pm ARG.

Más Nick: Nickelodeon Latin America and Nickelodeon Brazil Premieres 'Noobees 2' on Monday 2nd March 2020!
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RISE TV to Launch TeenNick Greece on Monday 16th March 2020

The Greek television channel RISE TV will launch a TeenNick programming block on Monday 16th March 2020! The block will air daily between 4pm-10pm.

TeenNick Greece Launch Schedule:

16:00 - Drake & Josh
16:30 - Drake & Josh
17:00 - iCarly
17:30 - iCarly
18:00 - Big Time Rush
18:30 - Big Time Rush
19:00 - Victorious
19:30 - Victorious
20:00 - The Thundermans
20:30 - Instant Mom
21:00 - Hunter Street
21:30 - Hunter Street


Το TeenNick έρχεται στις 15 Μαρτίου στο RISE TV!

Το TeenNick έρχεται και στην Ελλάδα απο τις 15 Μαρτίου,
αποκλειστικά μέσα απο τη συχνότητα RISE TV!

Σειρές που δεν χορταίνουμε να βλέπουμε ξανα και ξανά όπως
το Drake & Josh, το iCarly, το Big Time Rush,
το Victorious, το The Thumdermans και πολλές άλλες,
έρχονται καθημερινά απο τις 4 το απόγευμα εώς τις 10 το βράδυ αποκλειστικά
στο RISE TV!

Δείτε αναλυτικά το πρόγραμμα του TeenNick!

Ο λόγος για να ανοίξεις την τηλεόρασή σου τα απογεύματα, είναι εδώ!


TeenNick is Nickelodeon's brand exclusively for and about teens and tweens that features a distinct perspective that connects its audience to the electricity and possibilities of teendom, anytime and anywhere, with original series and ever-popular favorites. TeenNick is available in more than 71 million households via cable, digital cable and satellite as well as on mobile, VOD and broadband.

RISE TV is owned by Victor Restis, which also operates Nickelodeon Greece (Ελλάδα) and the Greek radio station Music 89.2. The channel was previously named MTV Greece up until 11 January 2016, when Viacom International Media Networks' (VIMN) agreement with Restis abruptly ended due to financial reasons. Following MTV Greece's shutdown, the channel was renamed as RISE TV, based off a show that aired on MTV Greece prior to its shutdown.

Victorious | TeenNick - Καθημερινά 16:00 - 22:00 στο Rise TV

The Thundermans | TeenNick - Καθημερινά 16:00 - 22:00 στο Rise TV

Instant Mom | TeenNick - Καθημερινά 16:00 - 22:00 στο Rise TV

iCarly | TeenNick - Καθημερινά 16:00 - 22:00 στο Rise TV

Hunter Street | TeenNick - Καθημερινά 16:00 - 22:00 στο Rise TV

Drake & Josh | TeenNick - Καθημερινά 16:00 - 22:00 στο Rise TV

Big Time Rush | TeenNick - Καθημερινά 16:00 - 22:00 στο Rise TV

Περισσότερα Nick: KCA 2020 | Voting Has Started | Nickelodeon Greece!

Originally published: Sunday, March 01, 2020.

Original source: Anime Superhero Forum /@Nick Mick (II); Additional sources: Wikipedia, I.E.P: International Entertainment Project Wikia, Google Translate.
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Nickelodeon Postpones 'Kids’ Choice Awards' Amid Global Coronavirus Outbreak

The stars will have to wait to get slimed.

Nickelodeon is pushing back the date of its annual Kids’ Choice Awards, joining the growing list of live events, conventions and conferences that are being canceled or postponed amid a global pandemic that has seen over 1,200 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, in the U.S.

“The Kids’ Choice Awards scheduled for March 22, 2020, in Los Angeles is being postponed in consideration of the safety and well-being of every person involved with the show, which is our top priority,” a Nickelodeon spokesperson told Variety. “We will have further information about a new date in the future.”

Fans can still vote for their favorites online at

Chance the Rapper was set to be show's host. However, with the rescheduled date, there's no word if he will still be the host when it comes back.

Justin Bieber was announced to perform before the show was rescheduled. If it doesn't conflict with his upcoming tour schedule, fans can still probably expect him to put on a show at the awards.

The news follows Nickelodeon postponing SlimeFest, a two-day family-friendly music festival which was set to be held in conjunction with KCA 2020. Internationally, Nickelodeon UK has postponed the Nickelodeon Big Base Camp, which was set to be held in Greenwich, London during Easter 2020, and Nickelodeon has cancelled Nickelodeon Kids‘ Choice Awards: Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz, Nickelodeon GSA's localised version of Nickelodeon's 2020 Kids' Choice Awards, opting for a smaller awards show instead.

Earlier Wednesday, a slew of television shows that film in from of a live viewers announced that they would tape without a studio audience, including The Ellen DeGeneres Show, CBS’ Late Show With Stephen Colbert, NBC’s Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and Late Night With Seth Meyers, Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, TBS’ Full Frontal with Samantha Bee and Fox News Channel’s The Greg Gutfeld Show.

In scripted television, Riverdale suspended production on its current season after a member of production came into contact with a person who had tested positive for COVID-19. A crew member who worked on the upcoming Fox series neXt tested positive for COVID-19 while filming in Chicago. And CBS’ Survivor has suspended production of Season 41, which was slated to start filming in Fiji later in March, over the “growing short-term uncertainty surrounding the global spread of COVID-19.”

Originally published: Thursday, March 12, 2020 at 18:07 GMT.

H/T: Special thanks to @RealMagitroopa for the news; Additional source: Seventeen.
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