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Pick it up! Call from Baby Shark! | Brand-New Kids Smartphone Games | Pinkfong Baby Shark Phone Game | Baby Shark Official

­čô▒ Pick it up! Call from Baby Shark! | Brand-new kids smartphone games | Pinkfong Baby Shark Phone Game | Baby Shark Official

Check out the newly updated "Pinkfong Baby Shark Phone" app!

► App Download Link: https://fong.kr/860/44

Ring, Ring! Who's calling? Pinkfong? or Baby Shark?

Teach your kids how to use a smartphone with fun songs and games!

"Pinkfong Baby Shark Phone" is an interactive phone app where kids can pick up & answer calls from their favorite characters, Pinkfong and Baby Shark.

Listen to exciting songs and use cute emojis to chat with these friends! Use colorful frames to take selfies and play fun puzzles with your pictures!

All of these cool features are offered for free.


1. Pick up the phone!
- Learn how to pick up the phone and chat with Pinkfong and Baby Shark.
- Sing along to popular kids songs, including Baby Shark!
- Receive random surprise calls.

2. Send funny messages!
- Use variety of emojis, including animals, food and hearts to text Pinkfong and Baby Shark.
- Receive back texts.

3. Learn how to dial numbers!
- Learn how to dial safely.
- Learn numbers from 0 to 9 in various tones.
- Choose among various instrument versions -- piano, violin, flute, and more!

4. Take selfies and play puzzle games!
- Use colorful frames and backgrounds to take photos with Pinkfong and Baby Shark.
- You can play puzzle games with your own photos too!
- Easy to save and share pictures.

Watch Baby Shark's Big Show! on Nickelodeon and Nick Jr.!

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Paramount+ to Premiere New 'Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years' Episodes on May 26

It's time to head back to Kamp Koral!

Paramount+ is slated to premiere more brand new episodes of Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years on Friday, May 26!

Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years "Part 4" is expected to feature the remaining episodes of the show's freshman season, including: "Helter Shelter", "Reveille Revolution", "Prickly Pests", "Are You Smarter Than A Smart Cabin", "Deep Sea Despot", "Regi-Hilled", "The Perfect Camper", "Eye of the Hotdog", and "Patrick Takes the Cake".

Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years is the first-ever SpongeBob SquarePants spinoff. The CG-animated prequel series follows 10-year-old SpongeBob SquarePants and his pals during summer sleepaway camp where they spend their time building underwater campfires, catching wild jellyfish and swimming in Lake Yuckymuck at the craziest camp in the kelp forest, Kamp Koral.

Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years features Tom Kenny (SpongeBob), Bill Fagerbakke (Patrick), Rodger Bumpass (Squidward), Clancy Brown (Mr. Krabs), Carolyn Lawrence (Sandy) and Mr. Lawrence (Plankton) reprising their iconic roles. Carlos Alazraqui (Rocko's Modern Life, The Casagrandes) and Kate Higgins (Blaze and the Monster Machines) join as new characters Nobby and Narlene, narwhal siblings who live in the woods surrounding the camp.

Marc Ceccarelli (SpongeBob SquarePants), Vincent Waller (SpongeBob SquarePants) and Jennie Monica (SpongeBob SquarePants) are co-executive producers of the series. Production of Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years is overseen by Kelley Gardner, Vice President, Current Series Animation, Nickelodeon. The series is produced by Nickelodeon Animation Studio in Burbank, Calif.

Watch the SpongeBob SquarePants Universe, including Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years and The Patrick Star Show on Nickelodeon and Paramount+! Try it FREE at ParamountPlus.com.

Listen to The SpongeBob Musical here!

CALLING ALL GOOFY GOOBERS! (ROCK!) Are ya ready for a deep dive into the world of SpongeBob SquarePants? The SpongeBob YouTube channel is THE PLACE for all fan-favorite SpongeBob moments! Subscribe now at https://www.youtube.com/SpongeBobOfficial!

Originally published: May 09, 2023.

Original source: ultimatespongebob101.

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Mission Log: Prodigy - Star Trek: Prodigy Action Figures | Roddenberry Entertainment

Mission Log: Prodigy - Star Trek: Prodigy Action Figures | Roddenberry Entertainment

Star Trek: Prodigy action figures are now hitting stores, and the hosts of Mission Log: Prodigy become big kids for a day and open the available characters and discuss the play possibilities and future items.

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Originally published: May 08, 2023.

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Star Trek Online: Unraveled Enterprise F Trailer | TrekMovie

Star Trek Online: Unraveled Enterprise F trailer | TrekMovie

Star Trek Online: Unraveled, the latest season of the long-running MMO, launches on May 9, 2023 for PC.

To announce the launch of Star Trek Online: Unraveled, the game's next major story update, and to celebrate the flagship of the STO Fleet, check out this very special trailer!

The Continuing Adventures of the Enterprise F! | Star Trek Online

The Enterprise F was created for Star Trek Online 12 years ago. You can follow her and continuing adventures when you play Star Trek Online for free on PC, Xbox and Playstation!

Stream the Star Trek Universe, including Star Trek: Prodigy on Paramount+! Try it FREE at ParamountPlus.com!

Originally published: May 02, 2023.

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Nickelodeon Unveils New Brand Campaign and Identity

The 'Portal to Fun' campaign launches today with the first of five spots; Six agencies worked with Nickelodeon for the campaign.

Courtesy of Nickelodeon.

For the first time in 14 years, Nickelodeon has a new look.

The network will spend the rest of 2023 rolling out a new brand identity and refreshed on-air look that’s designed to invoke nostalgia and return to its roots.

“It was time for us to really look at the brand, and look at our audience, and talk with our audience and revisit all the pieces of Nickelodeon,” Sabrina Caluori, Executive Vice President (EVP) of global kids and family marketing at Nickelodeon and Paramount, told Adweek.

The “Portal to Fun” campaign launched today (May 8) with the first of five spots. “Quartet” shows a bored kid at a family dinner, who then notices the orange splat above them on the ceiling. After sticking their head through the splat, the kid finds a barbershop quartet performing.

Nick found after internal research that the “core DNA” of the brand still resonated with kids today, according to Caluori.

“We take that to the best and the mess of being a kid,” said Caluori. “We did learn that, what’s fundamentally different now than when the brand was initially taking shape, is kids’ relationship to their parents and parents’ relationship to their kids.”

Research found that kids and their parents are looking for more ways to connect, and Nickelodeon saw an opportunity.

“That was an exciting unlock for us because it meant while we can continue to be the best and the mess of being a kid, we can use that to actually bring kids and families closer together, which they are longing for in this time,” said Caluori.

The marketing executive has been with Nickelodeon for less than two years and, as a self-described Nick kid, can personally relate to the familial relationships the new campaign brings.

“It’s the first brand I ever had any passion for as a kid, and now I’m a mom of three kids who are in the demo,” said Caluori. “It’s been really exciting for me to be able to look at the brand and look at everything that we’re doing through the eyes of my kids while also ensuring that everything that we’re doing still spoke to the Nick kid inside me.”

In the splat zone

To create the new identity, Nickelodeon partnered with six U.S. and international agencies. The company asked the agencies to come back with a spot that used the new brand work and represents Nick’s energy and identity through the lens of its most notable IP—SpongeBob, Paw Patrol, Blue’s Clues, Baby Shark, Loud House and Monster High—making sure there is a moment of the iconic Nickelodeon slime.

Nick started the refresh looking to set the foundation of the identity by figuring out what elements of the brand originally made it iconic.

The results? The color orange, the splat, the mnemonic (which Caluori sang for Adweek) and the unique brand voice.

“We started there and revisiting those, and saying, ‘How do we bring those elements back to the core of our identity creatively?’” said Caluori.

The first step came through Nick’s internal marketing team and its creative partner Roger. Once that was determined, the IP went out to other animation houses around the globe.

All five spots will run across Nickelodeon’s linear and digital social platforms in three phases.

The network teased the first phase during the Kids’ Choice Awards in March. There, observant viewers may have noticed Nickelodeon brought back its iconic “splat” logo and wove the new look into design elements throughout the broadcast and weekend-long coverage.

The second phase begins today with the launch of “Quartet.” And expect a second spot, “Rollercoaster,” to debut later this week. This spot depicts a kid in a waiting room who sees the orange splat, and then sticks their hand through, only to be dragged along a crazy rollercoaster ride—ending in, you guessed it, splat.

All five on-air spots depict the splat as a “Portal to Fun,” hence the brand campaign name. The brand wanted to ensure it “personified the splat,” so it used real kids, in partner with agency Callen.

“It’s this portal to an outrageously good time,” said Caluori. “So when you see the splat, you know something incredible is going to happen.”

The third marketing phase begins in July and will run through the end of the year when Nick’s new branding look and feel debuts internationally in the U.K. in July, followed by Latin America and further markets.

Why now?

The refresh comes ahead of a big upcoming slate for Nickelodeon, including theatrical releases for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Paw Patrol, as well as upcoming Paramount+ films like Good Burger 2 and Zoey 102.

Nickelodeon's news release:


Share it: @Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon announced today a brand campaign and new identity that calls back to its irreverent history. It includes a reimagined Splat logo and beloved Nick characters, but with a modern feel for today’s kids & families. Following today’s launch in the U.S. the rebrand will rollout internationally in the UK in July, followed by Latin America and additional markets through 2023.

The “Portal to Fun” launch campaign, features 5 mixed media brand films that depict the Splat as a gateway to surprising experiences, each featuring “Easter eggs,” Nick kids of all ages will love. The hero commercial, “Quartet” which launches today across Nick’s linear, digital and social platforms as well as select media partners features a new take on the brand’s classic mnemonic and demonstrates for kids just what can happen when you enter into the splat! This campaign continues throughout the summer, as Nickelodeon brings “Portal to Fun” experiences to schools around the country.

Additionally, a new lineup of network IDs featuring Nick’s beloved IP will debut throughout 2023. To highlight the brand’s commitment to introducing its audience to new and exciting animation, Nick enlisted six U.S. and international animation houses that used the new brand work to demonstrate Nick’s energy and sensibility through the lens of our iconic characters (SpongeBob SquarePants, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, PAW Patrol, Blue’s Clues, Baby Shark, The Loud House and Monster High), punctuated with a moment of quintessential Nickelodeon Slime.


EVP, Global Kids & Family Marketing
Sabrina Caluori 
SVP Global Creative
Vincent Aricco
Executive Producer 
Danielle Jotham
SVP, Design & Motion
Michael Waldron

Brand work
Agency: Roger

“Portal of Fun” brand films
Agency: CALLEN
Production Studio: Riff Raff Films
Claymation Animator: Alistair Nicholls
CG Animators: Yonk
Music Company: duotone audio group
VFX/ Post: Kevin

Animated IDs
SpongeBob: Golden Wolf
Lincoln Loud: 2Viente
Blue’s Clues: Giant Ant
Rubble: Plenty
Baby Shark: Polyester
Clawdeen: State Design


This Splat is Technically Extinct

This Splat Can't Find Its Keys

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Originally published: May 08, 2023 at 20:12 BST.

Additional source: ComicBook.com.

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Divina de Campo Talks 'SpongeBob Musical' As Show Makes Dublin Debut

As the Tony Award-nominated and award-winning SpongeBob Musical lands in Dublin as part of the show's UK & Ireland premiere tour, RT├ë's John Byrne talks to one of the show's key performers, RuPaul’s Drag Race star Divina de Campo.

Cast of The SpongeBob Musical UK & Ireland

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? If you know that the response is to shout 'SpongeBob SquarePants!’ at the top of your voice, then you should be heading to Dublin’s Bord G├íis Energy Theatre for the Irish Premiere run of the musical based on the beloved animated Nickelodeon TV show.

Singer and former Pop Idol winner Gareth Gates and RuPaul’s Drag Race star Divina de Campo headline in this all-singing, all-dancing, dynamic stage show. Gates plays Squidward, while Lewis Cornay plays the eponymous lead. But arguably the best part in the show - the token baddie, Sheldon J Plankton - is taken by de Campo.

Divina de Campo as Plankton

No stranger to musical theatre, Divina is a seasoned British drag queen and singer who was also runner-up on the first season of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK.

Known for a high soprano and four-octave range, Divina has been featured on ITV’s The Voice and the BBC’s All Together Now. Critically acclaimed theatre credits include Mary Sunshine in Chicago and most recently her award nominated performance as Hedwig in Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

John Byrne: Hi Divina! How’s the show’s tour going so far as you head to Dublin?

We’re having a lovely time, thank you. It’s been really, really good fun. The cast is just so talented, and they’re just a lovely bunch to be around, and the show itself is just so joyous and much fun.

It makes so much sense to makes a musical out of a cartoon show that was just so much fun to begin with . . .

Yeah. When the show started on Broadway, some of the critics were a bit snippy about it before it actually opened. But as soon as it opened, they all just changed their minds. Overnight. They were like, ‘this is amazing - it’s really good fun’.

Gareth Gates as Squidward

You know, we’re living through this absolutely crazy time, everybody’s been through such a very difficult time, and this is just a really positive, joyful, uplifting show. A real tonic for what everybody’s going through at the moment.

There are some people out there who might not know about SpongeBob, Squidward, Patrick, Sandy and the rest of the Bikini Bottom gang. Can you tell us a bit about the story the show?

Basically, these characters all live under the sea. SpongeBob is the main protagonist, so he’s the hero.

Plankton is the antagonist. He is the villain. Which is perfect for me. The situation is that there’s a volcano and about to engulf Bikini Bottom, where they all live. Plankton wants to take everybody away from Bikini Bottom and start up a new place, where he thinks he’ll kind of be in control - while SpongeBob is trying to save everybody.

That’s the basic gist of the story, and basically lots of hilarity ensues.

Lewis Cornay as SpongeBob

And although Plankton is the baddie, he’s not that bad. He’s more selfish and self-centred than outright evil. Dare I say it, he’s quite likeable . . .

Oh, he is quite likeable. But he’s also kind of complicated, you know? He doesn’t know how to talk to people or build a friendship. He doesn’t really have any friends. His only friend is his wife [Karen], who’s a computer that he’s made.

He sort of has to control everyone around him and that’s the issue for him as a character is he doesn’t know how to behave with people. That’s why he’s the way that he is: trying to destroy everything all the time, rather than just making friends.

So what’s involved for you in terms of dressing-up to play Plankton. I’m sure you’ll forgive me for saying you don’t look like Plankton?

Well, no. Plankton is very small and also, in the cartoon, he doesn’t really have a costume. He’s just plankton! The best way to describe it is he’s like a baked bean that’s green.

The Bikini Bottom gang

Sarah, who’s done the costumes, did the most amazing job and - honestly - I think I have the best costume on stage. We had discussions about the look and settled on glam rock, although there’s still a kind of Kiss vibe going on with the costume.

It’s like big shoulders, and there’s lots of padding, and there’s these enormous boots. And then to get the Plankton vibe in there, the wig has these two massive points.

And I’d imagine it takes a while for you to get ready to go out on stage of a night?

Well I’m sat here doing it and I don’t have to be on stage for another three hours. (Laughs)

Were you a fan of the show or was taking part in this musical an introduction to the crazy world of SpongeBob for you?

Yes! 100%. As soon as we managed to get more than four channels in our house - yes, I am of that age - then SpongeBob became a staple in our house. Because, if you didn’t have Nickelodeon it was kind of quite difficult to see back then.

Chrissie Bhima as Sandy

It wasn’t on terrestrial TV all that often, but as soon as we had access I was all over SpongeBob.

And you’re no stranger to the stage either. How does SpongeBob compare to previous shows you’ve been in, such as Chicago and Hedwig?

I think they’re kind of apples and oranges. Those very much more adult-themed shows . . . they’re more about sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll. This is a very different kind of scenario. But in the sense of how the shows work, they’re exactly the same.

For example, the cast in Chicago were incredible, and it’s the same with SpongeBob. They work incredibly hard in the show. They’re all fantastic dancers and singers. It’s a real testament to them and the work that they so every single night. They really are incredible.

Richard J Hunt as Mr Krabs

And whereas Chicago, Hedwig and a lot of other shows aren’t suitable for everybody in a family, SpongeBob 100% is. I think this is something you could being your four or five-year-old to and they’ll enjoy it. But grandma will also come and have a great time.

I remember watching the TV show with my son and there were funny bits that went over his head but I laughed at as an adult. It takes great skill to amuse all ages.

The thing with those American cartoons is they do that really well. It’s just like British panto. There’s something there for kids, but there’s also something for parents as well.

And SpongeBob the Musical has taken that, and it has imbued that into the show. There’s plenty in there for kids, and there are things that kids won’t necessarily understand. But the adults will.

The SpongeBob Musical, May 9-13 at the Bord G├íis Energy Theatre. Tickets on sale through https://www.spongebobstage.com.

Plunge into this stunning all-singing, all-dancing, dynamic stage show!

When the citizens of Bikini Bottom discover that a volcano will soon erupt and destroy their humble home, SpongeBob and his friends must come together to save the fate of their undersea world!

Tickets and information: www.spongebobstage.com

Starring Pop Idol and musical superstar Gareth Gates or Celebs Go Dating star Tom Read Wilson (check full tour list below) and Ru-Paul’s Drag Race legend Divina De Campo, THE SPONGEBOB MUSICAL is based on the series by Stephen Hillenburg, is written by Kyle Jarrow and conceived by Tina Landau and features a tidal wave of original songs by the world’s most iconic rock and pop artists.

THE SPONGEBOB MUSICAL is a hilarious deep-sea pearl of a show that is set to make a splash with audiences young and old as the must-see musical of 2023.

THE SPONGEBOB MUSICAL will be directed by Tara Overfield Wilkinson, with choreographer Fabian Aloise, designer Steve Howell, Musical Supervisor Mark Crossland, Musical Director Marcus Carter-Adams, Costume Designer Sarah Mercad├ę,  Lighting and Video Designer Ben Bull, Sound Designer Ben Harrison, Costume and Wig Supervisor Megan Rarity and Casting Director Harry Blumenau Casting (CDG).

THE SPONGEBOB MUSICAL cast stars Gareth Gates or Tom Read Wilson as Squidward, Divina de Campo as Sheldon J. Plankton, Lewis Cornay as SpongeBob, Irfan Damani as Patrick, Chrissie Bhima as Sandy, Sarah Freer as Pearl, Eloise Davies as Mrs Puff, Hannah Lowther as Karen, Rebecca Lisewski as Mayor, Richard James Hunt as Krabs, Theo Reece as Larry the Lobster and Reece Kerridge as Old Man Jenkins. They are joined by Farirayi Garaba, Sam Beveridge, Jeremiah Olaleye, Eleanor Turiansky, and Rhys Batten.

Tickets for THE SPONGEBOB MUSICAL are available now at https://www.spongebobstage.com.

Follow The SpongeBob Musical on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | TikTok | #SpongeBobUKTour

THE SPONGEBOB MUSICAL is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals. www.concordtheatricals.co.uk

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What's New on Paramount+ in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in June 2023

Here's your guide to what's new on Paramount+ in Germany (Deutschland), Austria (├ľsterreich) and Switzerland (Schweiz) in June 2023! Try Paramount+ for FREE at ParamountPlus.com!


1. Juni: "After the Trial" (komplette Auftaktstaffel mit sechs Episoden; australische Dramaserie)
3. Juni: "Queen of the Universe" (zwei Folgen zum Start, danach w├Âchentlich; Reality-Competition mit Drag-Queens aus aller Welt; OmU)
8. Juni: "Kohlrabenschwarz" (gesamte Auftaktstaffel mit sechs Episoden)
9. Juni: "FBI: International" (Staffel 1B mit zehn Episoden auf einen Schlag)
15. Juni: "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds" (w├Âchentlich eine Folge aus der zehnteiligen Staffel zwei)
22. Juni: "Inside Amy Schumer" (Staffel 5 mit f├╝nf Episoden; OmU)
24. Juni: "From" (zum Start zwei Folgen, danach w├Âchentlich eine weitere aus der zehnteiligen Staffel zwei)


1. Juni: "Spotlight" (XXL-Folgen 1-3)
6. Juni: "Beyblade Burst" (Staffeln 2-3)
6. Juni: "Tyler Perry's Young Dylan" (Staffeln 1-3)
6. Juni: "Zoey 101" (Staffeln 1-4)
13. Juni: "Neds ultimativer Schulwahnsinn" (Staffeln 1-3)
13. Juni: "Nickelodeon's Spyders" (Staffel 2)
16. Juni: "Kamp Koral - SpongeBobs Kinderjahre" (Staffel 1, Folgen 1-7 und 20-26)
16. Juni: "Willkommen bei den Louds" (Staffel 6, Folgen 20-26)
20. Juni: "CatDog" (Staffeln 1-3)


24. Juni: "Mittagsstunde" (SVoD-Exklusiv)
27. Juni: "Corazonada" (OmU)


1. Juni: "Der gestiefelte Kater"
2. Juni: "Der Prinz aus Zamunda"
3. Juni: "Der Soldat James Ryan"
4. Juni: "Die Firma"
5. Juni: "Sleepy Hollow"
6. Juni: "Go Trabi Go" + "Go Trabi go 2"
7. Juni: "So finster die Nacht"
8. Juni: "Comedian Harmonists"
9. Juni: "Galaxy Quest - Planlos durchs Weltall"
10. Juni: "Sin City"
11. Juni: "Good Will Hunting"
12. Juni: "Barbarella"
13. Juni: "Margot und die Hochzeit"
14. Juni: "Rosemaries Baby"
15. Juni: "Die Coneheads"
16. Juni: "Kung Fu Panda"
17. Juni: "Scary Movie" +  "Scary Movie II" + "Scary Movie III"
18. Juni: "Halloween H20 - 20 Jahre sp├Ąter"
19. Juni: "Ghost - Nachricht von Sam"
20. Juni: "Das Geheimnis des verborgenen Tempels"
21. Juni: "Duell - Enemy at the Gates"
22. Juni: "Aeon Flux"
23. Juni: "Der verr├╝ckte Professor"
24. Juni: "13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi"
24. Juni: "Mother!"
25. Juni: "10 Cloverfield Lane"
26. Juni: "Spiel mir das Lied vom Tod"
27. Juni: "Die Geister, die ich rief ..."
27. Juni: "Virtuosity"
28. Juni: "Ghost in the Shell"
29. Juni: "Die K├Ârperfresser kommen"
30. Juni: "Equilibrium"


21. Juni: "Versace: Billion Dollar Bling"
28. Juni: "Bruce Springsteen - Wings for Wheels: The Making of Born to Run" + "Bruce Springsteen & The E-Street Band - Live in NYC" + "Bruce Springsteen & The E-Street Band - The Legendary 1979 No Nukes Concert"

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Originally published: May 09, 2023.

Original source: TV Wunschliste.

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Till Weidem├╝ller and Mark Specht Leave Paramount Germany

Till Weidem├╝ller and Mark Specht have left Paramount Germany, it is being reported.

Till Weidem├╝ller, left, and Mark Specht, right.

Weidem├╝ller, who had been at Paramount (formally Viacom/ViacomCBS) for over 10 years, most recently served as Chief Commercial Officer, responsible for Paramount Global in Central and Northern Europe. In this position he was also Country Manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Weidem├╝ller left the company in March 2023. Specht, who joined Paramount in 2010, was General Manager for Germany and Central Europe, promoted to Executive Vice President Central & Northern Europe and Asia. Specht resigned from his operational activities in 2022, however only left the company in May 2023.

The news comes as Paramount Global undergoes a restructuring, with Paramount channels in Germany no longer having heads, with responsibilities being merged into other roles. As such, both Weidem├╝ller and Specht's are not expected to be refilled.

From DWDL.de:

Paramount ohne neuen Deutschlandchef, auch Specht ist weg

Till Weidem├╝ller ist seit Wochen weg und jetzt ist klar: Einen neuen Deutschlandchef wird Paramount nicht erhalten. Auch die Positionen der einzelnen Senderchefs gibt es so nicht mehr. Und: Mark Specht hat den Konzern ebenfalls verlassen.

Der Abgang an der Spitze von Paramount Deutschland kam ├╝berraschend: Wenige Monate nach dem Start des Streamingdienstes Paramount+ und der Ausrichtung der MTV EMAs in D├╝sseldorf k├╝ndigte Till Weidem├╝ller Ende M├Ąrz seinen Abgang beim Konzern an. Der Deutschlandchef von Paramount machte den Abschied bei LinkedIn ├Âffentlich, Weidem├╝ller befindet sich aktuell im Sabbatical (DWDL.de berichtete). Trotz mehrmaliger Nachfrage des Medienmagazins DWDL.de hat sich Paramount in den zur├╝ckliegenden Wochen nie zum Abgang seines Deutschlandchefs und zur Nachfolge ge├Ąu├čert - bis jetzt. 

Mehr als vier Wochen nach der Ank├╝ndigung best├Ątigt Paramount gegen├╝ber DWDL.de, dass die Position von Weidem├╝ller nicht nachbesetzt wird. Ganz offiziell firmierte Till Weidem├╝ller zuletzt als Chief Commercial Officer und war als solcher zust├Ąndig f├╝r Zentral- und Nordeuropa, in dieser Position war er auch Country Manager f├╝r Deutschland, ├ľsterreich und die Schweiz. Ein Statement ├╝ber den Abschied des Managers, der mehr als zehn Jahre bei Paramount bzw. dessen Vorg├Ąnger ViacomCBS gearbeitet hat, gibt es nicht. Das macht nicht den Eindruck, als sei die Trennung allzu harmonisch verlaufen.

Klar ist aber auch: Hinter dem Abgang steht ein gr├Â├čerer Umbau der Unternehmensstruktur. Angefangen hat dieser Umbau Mitte des vergangenen Jahres, als Raffaele Annecchino den Konzern verlassen hat. Annecchino war bei Paramount Global verantwortlich f├╝r alle internationalen Aktivit├Ąten au├čerhalb der USA. Doch wer f├╝hrt k├╝nftig die Gesch├Ąfte von Paramount in Deutschland? Ein Unternehmenssprecher erkl├Ąrt, der Konzern habe sich in den vergangenen Monaten in vielen Bereichen neu aufgestellt und das setze man nun auch im deutschsprachigen Bereich um. "Wir entwickeln unser internationales Unternehmen weiter. Das hei├čt, sich von einer geografisch organisierten Struktur hin zu einer Struktur zu entwickeln, die an die Gesch├Ąftssegmente angelehnt ist", erkl├Ąrte k├╝rzlich Pam Kaufmann, President and CEO of International Markets, Global Consumer Products and Experiences von Paramount. Sie sprach von einer "gro├čen Ver├Ąnderung in unserer Arbeitsweise". 
Zwei Frauen f├╝r das Streaming-Gesch├Ąft

Diese Struktur f├╝hrt man nun also auch f├╝r den deutschsprachigen Markt ein. Die Sendermarken werden k├╝nftig von zwei Frauen gef├╝hrt: Susanne Schildknecht und Lauren Nola. Schildknecht firmiert als Senior Vice President MTVE Content & Brand, Europe & Middle East und soll als solche die regionale Content-Strategie f├╝r alle Inhalte von MTV Entertainment im linearen Bereich und in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Streaming-Team vorantreiben. Zur Business-Einheit MTVE geh├Ârt seit einiger Zeit auch Comedy Central. Dar├╝ber hinaus ist Susanne Schildknecht verantwortlich f├╝r die Produktion aller deutschsprachigen Paramount-Originals.

Im Bereich Kids & Family, hierzu geh├Ârt vor allem Nickelodeon, hat Lauren Nola das Sagen, sie firmiert als Vice President Kids & Family Brands Northern, Central and Eastern Europe. Sie ist verantwortlich f├╝r alle Aktivit├Ąten der Marken unter dem Label Kids & Family in den genannten Regionen, dabei soll sie mit dem Streaming-Team von Paramount zusammenarbeiten. Nola ist seit vielen Jahren im Konzern t├Ątig und war zwischen 2016 und 2018 Senderchefin von MTV Deutschland. 

Neue starke Frau im Streaming-Bereich von Paramount ist Sabine Anger: Als Senior Vice President Streaming in Nord-, Zentral- und Osteuropa ist sie verantwortlich f├╝r Paramount+ und Pluto TV in der Region, inklusive Deutschland, ├ľsterreich und der Schweiz. Unber├╝hrt davon bleibt die Position von Olivier Jollet, der auch weiterhin das komplette internationale Pluto TV-Gesch├Ąft au├čerhalb der USA leitet. Zusammen mit Susanne Schildknecht muss Sabine Anger daf├╝r sorgen, dass vor allem Paramount+ in den kommenden Monaten an Relevanz gewinnt. Zwar hatte man zum Start so viele deutsche Originals wie zuvor kein anderer Dienst kurz nach dem Launch, weitere sind zudem in Arbeit - weil aber auch andere Anbieter gro├če Produktionen umsetzten, ging Paramount+ im direkten Vergleich um Aufmerksamkeit etwas unter. 

Das kommerzielle TV-Gesch├Ąft, einschlie├člich Ad Sales und Distribution, in der Region wird verantwortet von Michael Keidel, Vice President Affiliate, Ad Sales and Streaming Partnership. Und im Bereich Consumer Products & Experiences and Regional Lead hat Felix Ruoff als Senior Vice President das Sagen. Das wichtigste deutsche Unternehmen hinter den Paramount-Aktivit├Ąten ist die VIMN Germany GmbH - ein Name, der noch aus alten Viacom-Zeiten stammt. Dort haben nun Michael Keidel und Susanne Schildknecht die Gesch├Ąftsf├╝hrung ├╝bernommen. 
Keine einzelnen Senderchefs mehr

Durch die v├Âllig neue Aufstellung ist es nun au├čerdem so, dass die Paramount-Sender in Deutschland keinen dezidiert Verantwortlichen mehr haben. So wurde Nick bislang von Steffen Kottkamp geleitet, Peter Forner hat Comedy Central verantwortet und Giovanni Zamai war zust├Ąndig f├╝r MTV. Auch ihre Positionen gibt es nicht mehr. Anders als im Fall von Till Weidem├╝ller arbeiten alle drei aber nach wie vor f├╝r Paramount. W├Ąhrend Forner f├╝r Programmplanung und -Strategie bei Paramount+ im deutschsprachigen Bereich zust├Ąndig ist, haben Kottkamp und Zamai neue Aufgaben in der Produktion von Inhalten ├╝bernommen. Ein Unternehmenssprecher von Paramount spricht von einem flie├čenden ├ťbergang der Umstellung von der alten auf die neue Struktur, die bereits im vergangenen Jahr umgesetzt worden sei. 

Und noch einem bekannten Manager von Paramount kostet der Umbau des Konzerns den Job: Mark Specht. Der war bereits seit 2010 f├╝r das damalige ViacomCBS t├Ątig und arbeitete sich im Laufe der Jahre immer weiter hoch. Erst Anfang des vergangenen Jahres, da war Specht im Konzern bereits General Manager f├╝r Deutschland und Zentraleuropa, stieg er zum Executive Vice President Central & Northern Europe and Asia auf, erhielt also noch einmal deutlich mehr Einfluss. Von einem Unternehmenssprecher hei├čt es gegen├╝ber DWDL.de jetzt, seine operative T├Ątigkeit im Unternehmen habe Specht noch 2022 niedergelegt. Das Unternehmen verlassen hat er aber offenbar erst zum Mai 2023. Specht war es auch, der 2016 Programmdirektoren f├╝r die deutschen Sender eingef├╝hrt hatte - also genau die Positionen, die Paramount nun wieder abgeschafft hat.

Paramount geht mit seiner neuen Struktur nun also Wege, die auch andere gro├če Medienkonzerne in der Vergangenheit schon beschritten haben, etwa Warner Bros. Discovery oder auch Comcast, insbesondere beim europ├Ąischen Pay-TV-Konzern Sky. Ob es am Ende tats├Ąchlich der Weisheit letzter Schluss sein wird, muss sich erst noch zeigen. Nachdem aber wochenlang unklar war, wie es f├╝r das deutschsprachige Paramount-Gesch├Ąft weiter geht, herrscht zumindest an dieser Front nun Klarheit. 


Originally published: May 09, 2023.

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