Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Nickelodeon Artist Program Announces 2015 NAP Semi-Finalists

The Nickelodeon Artist Program, a program designed to nurture the development of emerging and diverse artists for positions at Nickelodeon, while supporting their growth, has announced the programs 2015 NAP Semi-Finalists!

Nickelodeon can't create the most awesome kids television in the world without the most awesome artists in the world. Nickelodeon provides a salaried position for six months to aspiring artists and offer them the chance to hone their craft in a totally hands-on way; by learning from artists who are currently working on one of Nickelodeon's series.

Nickelodeon's Artist Program offers two creative avenues to pursue: The General Track and Storyboard Track. The General Track offers hands-on experience working with established color, background, character, and prop artists, while the Storyboard Track offers hands-on experience working with lead storyboard artists.

This year, the Nickelodeon Artist Program received a record number of submissions this year.

Without further ado, Nickelodeon are pleased to announce the 2015 NAP Semi-Finalists!

The Semi-Finalists in the General (Design) Track are...

Andrew Michael Barry
Adele Hawkins
Cassie Yan
Breanna McCoy
James Lien
Benjamin Hipolito
Gabriella Rossetti
Arlan Jewell
Cassey Kuo
Dongyeon Suh
Jarrod Gecek
Daniel Walker
Francis Boncales
Ethan Dean
Jacques Lee
Cami Sanders
Allentine Tanujaya
Andrew Douglas
Annie Chen
Catherine Horne
Aamir Moosa
Seung Eun (Emily) Paik
Katia Grifols
Zheng Kang
Kendall Hale
Nic Gregory
Kaileigh Preston
Lauren Patterson
Michael Okey
Oth Khotsimeuang
Liz Pulido
Megan Van Voorhies
Narges Jafari
Johel Rivera
Sara Kipin
Joel Caswell
Marcos Cohen
Vincent Lau
Limei Zhao
Mallory Carlson

The Semi-Finalists in the Storyboard Track are...

Megan Lawton
Caitlin Elise
Patsy Chen
Ashlyn Antsee
Gabe Del Valle
Yui Kurita
Margaret Kawsek
Jane Kim
Turner Lange
April Amezquita
Rachel Scott
Vickie S. Chau
Jonathon Wallach
Jasmine Moody

All Semi-Finalists' submissions will now move to Round 2 of judging; after which Nickelodeon will determine the Finalists.

To find out more about the Nickelodeon Artist Program, please visit

Congratulations and good luck to all semi-finalists!

Nickelodeon USA Announces New Nickelodeon Animation Studio Job Opportunity

Viacom Inc. has announced on their job vacancy's website, Viacom Careers, that the Nickelodeon Animation Studio is currently looking for a new staff members to join Team Nickelodeon!:

Job: Coordinator of Social & Connected Content

Brand(s): Nickelodeon
Location(s): Burbank, CA
Function: Marketing
Req ID: 9455



Sr. Manager of Social & Connected Content


Partner with the dept. manager to enhance the Nickelodeon Animation Studio (NAS) digital presence and equip the Social & Connected Content team for maximum productivity and efficiency.


* Represent the brand and vision of the Nickelodeon Animation Studio, and the Nickelodeon company as a whole to our current/potential talent and audience

* Help develop key department strategies and processes

* Streamline workflows to improve productivity and efficiency

* Aid in NAS Social Media page management

* Spearhead NAS Website management and content creation/curation

* Develop and actively maintain deep partnerships across NAS Production,Talent Outreach, Community Efforts, Special Events, Human Resources depts. & more


* Create department workflows/processes and strategize for optimal productivity

* Manage overall administrative tasks for department

* Spearhead, curate and manage NAS Website

* Help with development, rollout and creative direction of NAS App

* Establish and foster excellent relationships across the studio with staff, artists, writers and talent to secure and capture exclusive content for social media

* Collaborate with Talent, Consumer Marketing and Property Marketing teams on requests, social media stunts, content collection, data analytics and reports

* Utilize social media data analytics programs (i.e. Sysomos, Adobe Social, etc.)

* Manage and continuously update talent tracking worksheets

* Help create and curate original and exciting content for NAS Social Media pages

* Edit and assist in production of video content

* Oversee posting schedules for select NAS Social Media pages

* Coordinate and execute social media stunts based on company/studio priorities

* Coordinate and execute live coverage of talent outreach events and marketing campaigns related to NAS, including photo and video capture

* Help coordinate department budget

* Help oversee department intern


* Crazy, passionate and knowledgeable about animation, art, comics, zines and children's entertainment in general

* 2+ years of social media managing experience specifically for a brand or organization

* Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience

* Mastered the art of Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, LinkedIn, Snapchat AND Youtube (Yes, ALL of them)

* Super organized and proficient with general admin tasks

* Creative abilities on fleek

* Excellent, sharp and fresh writing/editorial skills

* Graphic design experience

* Video editing experience

* Some experience with managing a website

* Some app development experience

* A # RIDEORDIE Nick kid (Or else move it football head)

* Personable and outgoing

* Able to make friends and forge relationships quickly without even trying

Do you Make the Grade? If so, you can apply here on Viacom Careers! Good luck!

Also, from the official Nickelodeon Animation Studio Tumblr blog:
We usually don’t post job openings on Tumblr because it’s awkward. But this is a special case so we’re gonna do what we want.

Because believe it or not, there are real people behind this blog and the other Nick pages you see online. We love desserts, watch lots of cartoons, bleed orange, and have way too many toys in our office. One guy even dresses like a Power Ranger every year for Halloween.  

We do a lot of great work and get stuff done too though, because that’s just how we roll. And now that we have an opening for a coordinator, we’re thinking maybe one of you can join us so we can make afternoon donut runs together! If you fit the bill of course.

If you really do want to join the team, and meet ALL the qualifications, let us know by applying. We’d really love to hear from you! Especially if you have toys to contribute to the stash.

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Don Newhouse, Iconic Nickelodeon Animation Studio Employee, Passes Away

The Nickelodeon Animation Studio is reporting the very sad news that one of the studio's most iconic employees, Don Newhouse, unfortunately passed away on Tuesday 12th May 2015. You can read Nickelodeon Animation Studio's very touching tribute to Don below:
In Memory of Don Newhouse

Sadly, we lost one of our most iconic Nickelodeon Animation Studio employees yesterday, May 12, 2015.

Don Newhouse came to work for the studio back in 1995 while we were still at our Vineland Ave. location and wrapping up Season 4 of Rocko's Modern Life. He was hired to handle the parking lot security detail, working for a third party security firm. As we got to know Don, we discovered that we'd been blessed by someone who was more than just your average 70-something year old security officer. Don was simply...amazing! Don had a kindness & generosity about him that the average guy envied, a constant sense of humor, and a very intelligent presence about him. He was light hearted, had a quick wit, was very playful, and never took life too seriously. In 1998, we opened the Nickelodeon Animation Studio in Burbank, and Don was hired as the official greeter for the studio.

His duties primarily included greeting employees and visitors as they arrived with a smile and a quick word of encouragement. With a voice made for radio, his signature catchphrase "It's a beauuuuuuutiful day" was enough to put a smile on any passerby's face. He was always making us laugh too. One employee wrote "I always remember when I would leave on a Friday I'd say "Have a good weekend Don," and he would always reply with "I'll try to stay out of jail."

Don was so loved around here that he was forever immortalized by making cameos in episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants, Fanboy & Chum Chum, and Invader Zim. He listened and loved, he cared about everyone he came in contact with, and never ceased to let life's challenges bring him down.

When Don was given lemons… Don made jokes. His impact on everyone who entered the gates of Nickelodeon for all of those years will not be forgotten.

Until we meet again, our friend. It's always going to be a beautiful day!

Nickelodeon Australia and New Zealand To Film "Camp Orange: Twisted Siblings" Finale LIVE

After celebrating it's monumental tenth year in 2014, "Camp Orange" is back for it's most epic season yet!

Multi Channel Network has announced the very exciting news that, Nickelodeon Australia and New Zealand will be turning up the drama, suspense and excitement to the max in the eleventh season of their multi-award winning flagship local production, "Camp Orange", the slimiest TV show on the planet, by filming the finale of called "Camp Orange: Twisted Siblings" in front of a live audience!

"Camp Orange: Twisted Siblings" takes a turn on reality, turning up the gross-factor and seriously testing the threshold of sibling bonds by pitting four teams of siblings against each other in a series of the grossest, most fun challenges. In "Camp Orange" 2015, campers will vie for the chance to be crowned Nickelodeon's Star Siblings, the most twisted siblings in the history of "Camp Orange" as voted by NickHeads watching at home. Among the prizes, the winning team will also score a recurring role on the channel!

There's always something better about seeing shows live. Getting squished amongst thousands of screaming fans, confetti glitter all through your hair, getting slime all over your clothes – 100% better in real life, and that's how kids feel about their favourite reality TV show, Nickelodeon's "Camp Orange"!

Camp Orange 2015 from Multi Channel Network on Vimeo.

With the show's focus on having fun in the great outdoors, brands now have the chance to be completely integrated into the final challenge of the season, with their message being targeted to a highly engaged group of kids and parents, who will become the star of the show in the edge-of-your-seat, LIVE finale moments.

Season ten of "Camp Orange", "Camp Orange: Force 10", was Nickelodeon's number one rated TV programme with kids 5-12 during July 2014, with a 37% in online page views for's "Camp Orange" microsite! Additionally, NickHeads cast a whopping 274,000+ votes in 2014 voting for their "Camp Orange" season ten winners, an increase of 100,000 votes year on year!
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Snoop Dogg Performs New Song "Our Block" On New "Sanjay and Craig" Special "Street Dogg", Premiering 5/17 On Nickelodeon USA

Dudes, what's up? To celebrate Nickelodeon USA premiering the brand-new "Sanjay and Craig" half-hour special "Street Dogg", guest starring music sensation Snoop Dogg, on Sunday 17th May 2015 at 7:30pm (ET/PT), Billboard has unveiled a exclusive sneak peek preview from the all-new special, in which Sanjay, Craig, Megan and Hector show the smooth-talking, bike-riding rapper Street Dogg around town whilst performing their new hit song "On Our Block"! Street Dogg even gets to jam with The Tuff Skulls!

In the brand-new 30-minute special of Nickelodeon's Emmy-nominated original animated series (NickToon) "Sanjay and Craig", Snoop Dogg guest stars as Street Dogg, a rap icon who moves in next door to Sanjay and Craig in Lundgren. Street Dogg is a cool, funny, friendly guy who is always eager to rhyme with the kids. He's come to town to escape the bright lights of LA, chill out, make some new music and live a quiet suburban life. During the special, Sanjay and Craig discover that Street Dogg was once part of a rap duo with none other than Remington Tufflips, the boys' action-movie idol. They set out to reunite the former pair, but their failed efforts only lead to a town divided - and the mother of all epic rap battles!

"Snoop learned the material on the spot -- and blew our minds," says show creator Jim Dirschberger. "He owned the material and expanded on dialog and musical numbers. He's an excellent actor with a great sense of humor. Best of all, he is a kid at heart." Lyrics in the new tune include "This place feels like a nice change of pace/ See on my block it's all about cars and gold chains." Check out Billboard's exclusive sneak peek below!: