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Meet the Animators of 'Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' at VidCon Australia 2018

COWABUNGA! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles return in Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Nickelodeon's brand-new 2D-animated TMNT series which reimagines the characters in a fresh new way later this year, and to celebrate, some of the animators behind the brand new series will be making an appearance at VidCon Australia 2018!

Fans can head to the Nickelodeon booth on Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd September 2018 between 11am & 1pm to meet and chat with the animators of Rise of the TMNT and watch a turtle-y awesome live animation demo! Visitors will also get to take part in an immersive photo experience in the turtle’s lair, catch a sneak peek of the new series Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and enter the Slime Zone! Plus, visitors are invited to stop by for an artificial sliming, and snap a pic of themselves experiencing the ultimate Nickelodeon honour - a Nickelodeon Sliming!

VidCon Australia 2018 attendees will also get the chance to get extra with Liza Koshy, the host of the hit Nickelodeon game show Double Dare, premiering Monday, 3rd September 2018 at 6pm AEST on Nickelodeon Australia and New Zealand!

Last minute tickets to attend VidCon Australia 2018 are still available at

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles premieres Monday 17th September 2018 on Nickelodeon USA and Monday 1st October 2018 Nickelodeon Australia and New Zealand! Visit and for more Turtley Awesomeness.

NickRL: In additional news, Nickelodeon has teamed up with the NRL to win tickets to the 2018 NRL Telstra Premiership Grand Final on Sunday 30th September 2018! The winner will receive the aweslime chance to 'challenge' a NRL player in a slimy obstacle course during a filmed session, which will feature on Nickelodeon TV, online and across both Nick and NRL social channels! Visit for more information and to enter this aweslime competition!

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Nickelodeon Germany, Austria and Switzerland to Premiere 'Dot.' on Monday 1st October 2018

Nickelodeon Germany (Deutschland), Nickelodeon Austria (Österreich) and Nickelodeon Switzerland (Schweiz) will start to premiere and show the brand-new animated preschool series Dot. on Monday 1st October 2018!

Dot. centres on Dot, an inquisitive and exuberant 8-year-old who embarks on hilarious adventures and fearlessly sets about solving problems…problems she most likely created herself! For a girl as energetic as Dot, there’s no better way to spend the day than outside, exploring the world with her best friends, Hal, Ruby, Nev and Dev, as well as her best dog, Scratch, as she uses technology, math, and science concepts to learn new things, but it's never at the expense of real-world experiences and the people she cares about. Viewers can join Dot as she conquers each new challenge the same way any 8-year-old would…by messing up a lot and laughing even more.

In each of the 11-minute episodes, Dot embarks on hilarious adventures to satisfy her imagination, curiosity and latest passion whether with her dog, friends, and any tool or technology that will help enhance their play and exploration.

Dot. will air weekdays at 06:10 Uhr on Nickelodeon Deutschland and daily at 07:55 Uhr on Nickelodeon Österreich and Nickelodeon Schweiz.

Dot. is an animated series targeted at 4-7 year olds that aims to inspire learning and creative exploration while modelling how technology can be used as a tool to enhance real world experiences, as well as promotes positive digital citizenship. The show also aims to expose kids -- and girls in particular -- to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) concepts in an inviting, age-appropriate way through the likable, self-confident titular character.

The series is based on the picture book of the same title by best-selling author and text expert Randi Zuckerberg.

Dot. is produced by Industrial Brothers (Nickelodeon's Top Wing, Yup Yups, Gummandos) in association with The Jim Henson Company (Dinosaur Train, Pajanimals, Doozers, Splash and Bubbles, Word Party, Julie’s Green Room) and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

The first season of Dot. (52 x 11’) has been a top performing franchise since its debut in the U.S. on Universal Kids (formally Sprout), NBCUniversal’s Cable Entertainment network for kids 2-11 in September 2016, with all past episodes of the series streaming exclusively on Hulu. The series also currently airs on Canada’s CBC. Season two (26 x 11’) is anticipated to debut in fall 2018.

“I am so thrilled that Dot. continues to impact and inspire so many young people,” says creator and executive producer Randi Zuckerberg. “It’s so important to me that families find a healthy and positive relationship with technology, and Dot. is doing just that by allowing children and their parents to join along for her tech-fueled adventures! We can’t wait to see where Dot takes us next.”

“For parents who watch the show, I hope they see that tech can be a wonderful place of creativity and excitement for children, and not just go to a place of negativity around screen time. For kids, I hope they feel inspired and excited by the adventures that Dot and her friends have with technology. I hope Dot excites them enough to try things on their own like a coding class at school or build something with their parents,” Zuckerberg told The Hollywood Reporter in February 2016.

The show’s executive producers are Matthew Fernandes, Arthur Spanos and Tammy Semen, of Industrial Brothers, Lisa Henson and Halle Stanford of The Jim Henson Company, and Randi Zuckerberg will. Yalda Uhls, director of creative community partnerships at Common Sense Media and a senior research scientist at UCLA’s Children’s Digital Media Center @ LA is the show’s curriculum consultant. The Jim Henson Company handles media rights to the series outside of Canada, as well as all consumer products rights to the property worldwide.

Dot. has demonstrated how technology can inspire and enhance all kinds of real world adventures, helping children and their parents find balance and navigate the digital age,” commented Halle Stanford, President of Television at The Jim Henson Company. “Our new season will continue to engage children in the U.S. on Sprout and Hulu, and around the world with our top-tier partners, sharing Dot’s enthusiasm to use tech to connect, play, capture moments, tell stories and most importantly, inspire curiosity.”

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Additional sources: Animation Magazine,, Jim Henson's Family Hub, The Jim Henson Company, Kidscreen, Wikipedia (I, II).
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‘The Pencil Queen’ FULL Episode 4 ✏️👑 | Space Kid and Cat | Nickelodeon

Space Kid and Cat land on a planet full of doodle‐looking aliens, who all live in fear of an evil monarch that threatens to erase anyone who opposes her: the Pencil Queen! Our heroes don’t understand the doodles’ fear... until they're captured and thrown in the dungeon. So Space Kid leads a scribble revolution against the Queen’s Desk Denizens: paper clips, highlighters, thumb tacks, and more!

Space Kid and Cat is created by Greg Nix and David Kantrowitz (Buzzfeed, @Midnight).

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Dogs of Nickelodeon Trivia Game 🐶 ft. Henry Danger, SpongeBob & More! | National Dog Day | Nickelodeon

Give your dog a bone cause it’s National Dog Day! Celebrate with Nickelodeon and your favorite Nick dogs: Squishy Paws, Charles, Doggin, and Dog Judge. And catch more SpongeBob SquarePants, The Thundermans, Henry Danger, The Loud House, I Am Frankie, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn only on Nickelodeon! And CatDog on NickSplat! 🐶

Which round was YOUR favorite?! 🐶

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Back to School of Rock 🤘 The Zack, Lawrence & Freddie Show Ep. 1 | Nickelodeon

When Freddie finds out he's moving to Miami, he, Zack, and Lawrence are determined to complete everything on their bucket lists in 48 hours before he leaves. Don’t forget to catch more of your favorite shows on Nickelodeon! 🤘

Who is your favorite School of Rock character?!

Watch more Back to School of Rock videos: The Fremmer Show | The Best Friends Show | Firsts Like Fremmer, Harmonizing, 'Let Me In' & More!

Slimeify your back-to-school supplies with Nickelodeon Slime's aweslime back-to-school line, available now at Office Depot!

More Nick: Nickelodeon Renews 'Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles', 'Henry Danger', 'Hunter Street', 'Knight Squad' and 'The Dude Perfect Show' for New Seasons!
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Best 'Lomille' Shipping Moments 💕 | Big Time Rush | Nickelodeon

How much do you love Logan and Camille (Lomille)? 💓 Watch these best moments that will remind you just how much you ship them, and don’t forget to watch more of your favorite shows on Nickelodeon!

More from MTV TRL:

Logan Henderson Spills On Life After Big Time Rush On 'TRL'

Don't sleep on Logan's solo career

Logan Henderson might be on the rise with his solo career, but he didn't shy away from talking about his time on the iconic Nickelodeon series Big Time Rush when he dropped by TRL this morning [Thursday, August 23]!

Turns out, TRL host Sway Calloway made his own appearance on Big Time Rush in 2010; Logan's reaction was one for the history books. Sway had his own fun interrogating Logan about his new single "Pull Me Deep," getting to the bottom of what his steamy lyrics are really about.

Sway really turned up the heat in the studio during Bite My Tongue, when he asked Logan a series of tough questions but only let him pass on two of 'em. I never thought Logan would answer "who was your least favorite Big Time Rush bandmate?" -- but he did! Hear which questions were too much for him below.

Before the morning was over, Logan treated TRL to an intimate performance of "Pull Me Deep." He may have dropped the choreo from his Big Time Rush days, but these vocals aren't messing around! Get into his new sound below. TRL airs on weekdays at 8:00am ET!


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Lip Reading With Kira Kosarin | Nickelodeon UK

Join Kira, Jordan and Perri as they play a good old fashioned game of lip reading!

Visit for more video clips and games featuring your fave Nickelodeon stars!

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The Loud House | Clyde and His Dads | Nickelodeon Israel

הרעשנים | קלייד והאבות שלו | ניקלודיאון

Watch more The Loud House on Nickelodeon!


יותר ניקלודיאון: Nickelodeon International Greenlights New Live Action Series 'The Covurts'!

Additional source: Google Translate.
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Menehunes | Full Short by Chris Albrecht | Nickelodeon Animated Shorts

An adventurous Menehune girl uses her new invention to try to save her family's dinner from cockroaches in Menehunes, another one of Nickelodeon's awesome Animated Shorts, created by Chris Albrecht, directed by Edward Artinian, with support from Titmouse!

More about Menehunes, via Hawaii Blog:

Nickelodeon Animated Short Features ‘Menehunes’

Children’s television network Nickelodeon this week released a digital animated short called “Menehunes,” a fun and colorful story loosely based on the menehune of Hawaiian mythology. There’s young Leilani and a hidden village of menehune in the trees, a gang of cockroaches, and more than a few silly tropical-themed puns.

It was written by Chris Albrecht, who grew up in Hawaii, but has worked in tech on the mainland for some time. He discovered directors and films for Atom Films, drove video and multimedia at Gigaom, and produced and edited content for mobile gaming company Kabam.

He’d been flexing his creative muscles all along, and had been working on ideas and pitches that would eventually become “Menehunes” for years. He was kind enough to participate in an email interview so that I could learn more about him and the project.

Q. From the colorful opening image of Diamond Head, it’s clear the story is inspired by Hawaii. What’s your connection to the islands?

A. I grew up in Hawaii… I went to Our Redeemer Lutheran School, and got to go back during summers (working at Restaurant Row!) while my family was still stationed there. I went to college on the mainland, and stayed here to work in the tech industry.

Q. Where did the story idea come from?

A. The idea was actually part of a larger idea that I pitched about three years ago, but the development team at Nickelodeon really responded to the idea of the Hawaiian folklore of the Menehunes, so we ditched the initial pitch to focus on that. Early on, I asked my friend Anderson Le over at the Hawaii International Film Festival if he would come on board to help out with the project. It is very important to me that we are respectful of Hawaii and its culture, and Anderson really helped on that front. Plus, he’s a super creative guy with tons of awesome ideas.

Q. Did you have to pitch the idea, and build out the storyboard?

A. The pitch process was very thorough with Nickelodeon to make sure we were creating a three dimensional universe filled with fully realized characters. Once we had that, we moved on to the script and character design. Then storyboards and animatics and finally the finished short.

Q. How long have you been working on ‘Menehunes’?

A. The script was done in the summer of 2013. The voice over was done in the fall of 2013, and then it was just released the other day [in 2015].

Q. How long did it take to create the video, and how many people were involved?

A. Nickelodeon is a big company, and they have this whole process down pat. I worked directly with about three or four people at Nick, but they managed a host of other teams from the artists to casting to the directing. It was amazing to see how many people it takes to put together even just a short animated project.

Q. Will there be more adventures of the ‘Menehunes’?

A. The short is a digital pilot right now. If enough people watch it, more of the series can be created. Even if it doesn’t, I sincerely hope it introduces people to the (animated) magic of Hawaii that I love so much.

Q. Where you are now, and what are you doing?

I live in the Seattle area now. I am still in the tech world, though in a more straightforward role of marketing communications for a startup called Onehub.

You can watch (and share) the “Menehunes” animated short [above]. To keep up with Chris, you can follow him on Twitter at @AlbrechtChris, check out his online portfolio at, or read about his marketing work at the Onehub product blog.


Watch lots more animated shorts from the Nickelodeon Global Animated Shorts Program on the official Nickelodeon Animated Shorts Facebook page and on the Nick Animation YouTube channel!

Check out the Nickelodeon Animation Studio online:

Official NAS Website:

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Argentina 2018 | #KCASquad en los ensayos | Nickelodeon Latinoamérica

El #KCASquad de Argentina, Lola Morán, Ian Lucas, Manu Viale y Lucas Lezin participan de los ensayos de los KCA Argentina! Sigan la alfombra naranja y todo el backstage del show este 25 de agosto en las redes de Mundonick!

Más Nick: Nickelodeon Latin America Announces Kids' Choice Awards Argentina 2018 Winners!
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Nickelodeon Latin America Announces Kids' Choice Awards Argentina 2018 Winners

Nickelodeon Latin America (Latinoamérica) has announced the winners of Kids' Choice Awards Argentina 2018, as voted for by fans!

NickHeads in Argentina have been casting their votes for their favourites from the worlds of television, movies, music, sports, celebrities and more to win a coveted Nickelodeon Orange Blimp Award at Kids' Choice Awards 2018 Argentina online at, via the Nick Play app and on Twitter using the hashtag #KCAArgentina.

Nickelodeon revealed the winners of Nickelodeon's coveted orange blimps at a star and slime-studded Orange Carpet ceremony hosted by Verónica Lozano and Kevsho held at Estadio Obras, Av. Del Libertador 7395, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina on Saturday 25th August 2018.

During the night, the audience were treated to many exclusive performances from many Latin and international artists, including: Latin pop duo MyA, comprised of Maxi Espíndola and Agustín Bernasconi; Mau y Ricky; Benjamin Amadeo; V-One; the cast of Kally’s Mashup, and well as special appearances by Grego Rosello, Katja Martínez, Diego Korol, Pablo Agustín, Chapu Martínez, Maia Reficco, Alex Hoyer and Mery Granados, among others, who presented winners with their awards. The night also saw many celebrities being awarded Nickelodeon's highest honour - a Nickelodeon sliming.

The winners of Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards Argentina 2018 are:

Villano Favorito
Favorite Villain

Sara Cobo (Kally’s Mashup)

Ship Favorito
Favorite Ship

Simbar (Simón + Ámbar de Soy Luna)

Crack Mundial

Lionel Messi

This category recognizes people who are helping to make the world a better place 🌎❤

Abel Pintos

Actor Favorito
Favorite Actor

Alex Hoyer

Actriz Favorita
Favorite Actress

Karol Sevilla

Show Favorito
Favorite Program or Series

Soy Luna

Show Internacional Favorito
Favorite International Program or Series

Stranger Things

Caricatura Favorita
Favorite Animated Series

Gravity Falls

Película Favorita
Favorite Movie


Artista o Grupo Internacional Favorito
Favorite International Artist or Group


Artista o Grupo Nacional Favorito
Favorite National Artist or Group


Hit Latino Favorito
Favorite Hit Latin American Song

“100 Grados”

Artista Nuevo Favorito
Favorite New Artist


YouTuber Cómico Favorito
Favorite Funny YouTuber

Kevsho - #Kevsho

Influencer Musical Favorito
Favorite Musical Influencer

María Becerra - #MariaBecerra

Revelación Digital

Ian Lucas

Instagramer Favorito
Favorite Instagramer

Mica Viciconte

Game Favorito
Favorite Game


Gamer Favorito
Favorite Gamer


Fandom Favorito
Favorite Fandom

Army (de BTS)

Chico y Chica Trendy
Most Trendy Boy & Girl

El Purre José

Kids' Choice Awards Argentina 2018 will air on Nickelodeon Latinoamérica on Tuesday 28th August 2018 at 17:30!

Sponsors of KCA Argentina 2018 include: Cetrogar, Ditoys, Footy, Impulse, Mc Donald´s, Pie Pequeño de Warner Bros. Pictures, Positivo BGH, Push Pop and Tregar.

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Additional sources: Google Translate, Wiktionary.
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Nickelodeon Latin America Launches New 'Kally's MashUp' Competition to Give One Lucky Fan the Chance to Feature in Season Two Finale

Nickelodeon Latin America (Latinoamérica) has launched a brand-new competition which is giving one lucky fan the chance to feature in the final episode of Kally's MashUp season two!

To enter the contest, Kally's MashUp fans can head to and tell Nick which of the actors in Kally's MashUp they'd most like to perform a duet with, with the most creative answer being declared the winner!

Open to residents of Buenos Aires in Argentina aged 16 and over, the competition opened on Saturday 25th August 2018 and will run until Sunday 2nd September 2018, with the winner being whisked to the Kally's MashUp to film the season finale episode, currently scheduled to shoot on Wednesday 5th September 2018 at Cuyo 1811, Martinez, Buenos Aires.

Full details about the sweepstakes can be found at Good luck to everyone who enters!

Kally’s MashUp is inspired by the real-life musical journey of Glee’s executive musical producer, Adam Anders. It follows the adventures of Kally, a young musical prodigy who tries to balance her life as a piano virtuoso and a regular girl when she moves from a small town to the most prestigious music university in the country. Although everyone thinks she was born to be a classical piano player, her true dream and passion is to be a pop star. Kally’s MashUp features original songs composed by Anders, his wife Nikki Anders, and longtime collaborator Peer Astrom. Anders serves as executive producer for the show and oversees all the music featured in the series.

Kally's MashUp stars a very talented cast from Argentina and Mexico, headed by Maia Reficco as Kally Ponce (Mica 6.3.5); Alex Hoyer as Dante Barkin; Sarah Cobo as Gloria Skyler; Mariano Chiesa as Mike Ponce; Betina O’Connell as Carmen Ponce; Marita Ballesteros as Rosario; Emiliano Dionisi as Carlos (Charly) Ponce; Josefina Scaglione as Abrankhousen; Sebastián Holz as Norman Skyler; Francisco Donovan as Félix; Daniel Campomenosi; Sarai Meza as Tina Barkin; Jackie Castañeda as Caridad; Fer Serrano as Lisa Barnes; Tomás Carullo as Kevin; Tupac Larriera as Alex; Daniela Flombaum as Lucy Magliano; José G. Zapiola as Tomás (Tommy) Greco ; Lalo Brito as Andrés (Andy) Guiderman; Milagros Masini as Olivia; Celeste Sanazi as Stefania (Stefi); Camila Mateos as Nicole; Cintia Torres Garcia; Facundo Giordano; Julieta Perez Cieri; Juan Martin Delgado; Carla Guidobono; Maximiliano Morales; Lucas Noacco; Florencia Ortega; Mario Juangorena; Sofia Miramon; and Maximo Espindola as Nando.

Kally's MashUp season one (75×60-minute episodes) debuted on Nickelodeon Latinoamérica in October 2017 and has since been seen by more than 5 million viewers across the Latin American region, achieving the No. 1 position in Mexico among girls aged 7 to 14 years. Following its success, Nickelodeon Latinoamérica recently ordered more new episodes.

A new line of consumer products inspired by the popular series was released earlier this year. "Kally's MashUp: La música: banda sonora original de la serie de TV", a album featuring 18 songs from the hit TV show, was released on Friday 9th March 2018 by Deep Well Records, under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment US Latin LLC. The album can be downloaded now at A live stage show is expected to launch during winter 2018.

Más Nick: Nickelodeon Latin America Announces Kids' Choice Awards Argentina 2018 Nominees!

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