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Biggest Changes in the New iCarly! 🤯 Where are Carly, Spencer, and Freddie Now? | NickRewind

Biggest Changes in the New iCarly! 🤯 Where are Carly, Spencer, and Freddie Now? | NickRewind

A lot has changed since Carly Shay had her last iCarly webcast and moved away with her dad to Italy!  Spencer Shay has become accidentally rich, Freddie has been twice divorced and now has an adopted daughter named Millicent, even Sam Puckett has gone off and joined a biker gang.  Not to mention Carly is now living with her new best friend Harper?  In this behind the scenes look at the new iCarly NickRewind are diving into all of the biggest character changes with Miranda Cosgrove, Jerry Trainor, Nathan Kress, Laci Mosley, and Jaidyn Triplett!

The all new iCarly is streaming now, with new episodes premiering weekly, exclusively on Paramount+. Try it FREE today at!

Watch the iCarly Reunion special here!

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Racing with Slime-Vision! with @Sky & Ocean @NickandSienna | Next Level Kart Racers | Nickelodeon

Racing with Slime-Vision! with @Sky & Ocean @NickandSienna | Next Level Kart Racers | Nickelodeon

It's time to take kart racing the next level! Hosted by Unspeakable, skateboarders Sky & Ocean Brown and father-daughter duo Nick and Sienna play Nickelodeon Kart Racers – but with some added IRL twists! See if they can lap their competition while digging through buckets of slime and vision impairment goggles! See who wins in Next Level Kart Racers episode 3!

Catch new episodes of Next Level Kart Racers every Saturday on the Nickelodeon YouTube channel!

Nickelodeon Kart Racers and Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand Prix are out now!

Originally published: June 18, 2021.

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It's Family Movie Night With Over 1,000 Newly-Added Titles on Paramount Plus

A mountain of movies are now streaming on Paramount+!

Check out over 1,000 newly-added titles, including Dora and the Lost City of Gold, Sonic the Hedgehog, The Addams Family, Wonder Park, The Adventures of Tintin, Charlotte's Web and many more. Grab some popcorn and the fam and let the fun begin on Paramount+!

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Originally published: June 19, 2021 at 02:47 BST.

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‘The Patrick Star Show’ Showrunners Reveal New Details of 'SpongeBob' Spin-Off in Special Annecy Presentation

On Friday (June 18) afternoon at France’s Annecy Animation Festival, Nickelodeon gave the most detailed preview yet for the network’s second SpongeBob SquarePants spinoff, The Patrick Star Show, and looked back at 20 years of the global hit franchise.

Announced earlier this week, The Patrick Star Show will debut Friday, July 9 at 7 PM ET/PT, followed by the premiere of Nickelodeon’s first animated original series in five years, Middlemost Post.

As was the case with its predecessor, nailing down exactly what kind of program the Patrick Star Show is can be tough. According to the show’s logline, it “follows a younger Patrick Star living at home with his family, where he hosts his own variety show for the neighborhood from his television-turned-bedroom.”

“It’s a family sitcom mixed with a variety show, at times a talk show and at others the characters are just on the road having adventures away from the house,” Waller explained to Variety ahead of the Annecy presentation. “We travel through time; we even go into fake commercials from within the show’s universe.”

“We really tried to just do anything we wanted,” added Marc Ceccarelli, a co-executive producer on the show. “We wanted to take the restrictions off our creativity and go to all the weird places our brains took us.”

One change the two outlined is an abandonment, at times, of the traditional three-act structure the original series mostly adhered to. Although Patrick won’t narrate the program, it will be through a Patrick Star lens that the audience experiences the show. so viewers can expect episodes as creative and confused as the starfish himself.

While both were adamant that long-time fans of SpongeBob will be thrilled with the new series, they did admit that a few hardcore cannon fans might be triggered by some of what they see. With a prequel series as off-the-wall as The Patrick Star Show many rules had to bent to the point of breaking.

“We mess with canon a lot,” Ceccarelli explained. “I don’t know if anybody knows this, but we don’t really respect canon just for the sake of itself.”

“Yeah, we see it like a jar sitting up on a shelf in the corner with a label that says canon on it, and we recognize that, but we also treat every episode like a standalone that can go anywhere in the universe,” Waller clarified.

During the Annecy presentation, Ceccarelli further explained that while Patrick may be the host of his from-home variety show, his 8-year-old sister, described by Waller as the brightest Star in the family, is the one pulling the strings.

“She’s the producer of this fake TV show he’s putting on. In fact, the show is actually her [Squidina] idea and she is just using Patrick like one of the toys from her toybox,” he said.

It’s through Patrick and Squidina’s fake show that the stories of The Patrick Star show are told, allowing for the narrative freedom Ceccarelli and Waller were looking for.

“That’s’ something we are all really into in the writers’ room. Anything that will free us up to be as creative as can be and take the rigid structure of story and sideline that to make room for more digressions. It frees us up to be more surreal and randomly bizarre with the kinds of things we put out there,” said Ceccarelli.

In the series, longtime Patrick Star voice actor Bill Fagerbakke (Coach, How I Met Your Mother) will continue to provide the voice of young adult Patrick, joined by Tom Wilson (SpongeBob SquarePants) as Cecil Star, Patrick’s family-first, fun loving father;  Cree Summer (Rugrats) as Patrick’s loving mother Bunny Star and Grandma Tentacles; Jill Talley (SpongeBob SquarePants) as Patrick’s Squidina Star; and Dana Snyder (The Penguins of Madagascar, The Thundermans, Welcome to the Wayne) as ancient GrandPat Star.

Other members of the voice cast include SpongeBob vets Tom Kenny as SpongeBob SquarePants, Rodger Bumpass as Squidward Tentacles, Carolyn Lawrence as Sandy Cheeks, and Clancy Brown as Mr. Krabs.

The Patrick Star Show is co-executive produced by SpongeBob producer Marc Ceccarerlli, Vincent Waller and Jennie Monica. The show was developed by Nickelodeon senior VP of animation development Claudia Spinelli, and Kelly Gardner, VP of current series, animation.

Once the Patrick Star Show section of the day’s presentation finished, a host of SpongeBob SquarePants universe contributors rotated through for the Bikini Bottom Biographies: A Deep Dive into the History and Evolution of SpongeBob, which is now available to stream for all Annecy students and MIFA accredited badgeholders.

Included in the panel were VP of animation production Jennie Monica, supervising director Dave Cunningham, color key supervisor Teale Wang, CG supervisor John Cahoon, art director Ernie Gilbert, lead look development artists Brian Ratchford, storyboard artist April Davis, animation writer Luke Brookshier and story editor and writer Kaz Prapuolenis. Nickelodeon VP of current series animation Kelley Gardner and recruitment, outreach and talent development manager Melanie Young moderated.

Originally published: June 18, 2021 at 21:58 BST.

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Classic Rugrats Comic Strip for June 18, 2021 | Nickelodeon

Classic Rugrats Comic Strip for June 18, 2021 | Nickelodeon

Stream all new CG-animated Rugrats series, exclusively on Paramount+!

Rugrats, provided to Creators Syndicate by Nickelodeon, based off the popular animated television series has been created for children and family's to laugh and enjoy together.

Follow these comics and their take on real episodes of the show and their own spin on hilarious adventures.

Read more Rugrats comic strips!:

More Nick: First Look: Nickelodeon's All-New Animated 'Rugrats' Reunites Members of the Original Voice Cast to Reprise Roles!

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Carly Swears in the 'iCarly' Reboot and Fans Have a Lot to Say About It

The iCarly reboot is officially here! As fans tuned into the new batch of episodes on Paramount+, plenty of reactions were sparked, but it was not only the absence of Jenette McCurdy's Sam Puckett that generated plenty of chatter online. Warning: This post contains spoilers for the first three episodes of the iCarly reboot, which are now available for streaming on Paramount+.

Premiering the first three episodes of the highly-anticipated reboot, which came a decade after the show ended its original Nickelodeon run, on Thursday (June 17), one moment in particular left viewers buzzing on social media: Miranda Cosgrove's Carly swearing. The moment came as Carly Shay and Jerry Trainor's character Spencer Shay were in the middle of a conversation. At one point, Carly tells him, "it's like Harper always says, 'you gotta switch it up on a b–.'"

Although it had been revealed by the iCarly cast ahead of this week's premiere that the reboot would be more adult-based, with star Nathan Kress saying that the new show is an "adult show" that is "not specifically for kids," the swearing caught some fans by delightful surprise. The moment immediately spurned plenty of buzz on social media, where many fans flocked to react, even poking a little fun at the Disney+ Lizzie McGuire reboot, which was ultimately dropped because of the more adult themes. Keep scrolling to see some of the hilarious reactions.

"Now it's been awhile I but I don't remember swearing being in iCarly but hell I'm here for it tho!" one viewer voiced their support. "SWEAR MORE iCARLY!!!"

"'You gotta switch it up on a b–.' – Carly," one person eagerly tweeted the quote in question, adding, alongside a cry-laughing face emoji, "I'm loving this new version of iCarly."

"Carly Shay said 'b–,'" wrote another viewer. "Do you know how long I've waited for someone to let one of my favorite childhood characters say s– like that?"

"Hearing Carly Shay/Miranda Cosgrove say 'bitch' and 'hell' is something I didn't know I needed but totally did," tweeted one fan, with another adding, "CARLY SAID B– OH MY GOD WHERE DO I STREAM THE NEW ICARLY STUFF"

"Take Notice: This is how you do a Reboot/Continuation of a Kids Show years later, you don't aim it at the kids of this new generation now, you aim it at the people who were kids when it aired and are now adults," wrote another person. "oh and CARLY SHAY SAID B– THIS ISN'T A DRILL!!!!!"

"You gotta switch it up on a b–' –Carly," quoted a viewer. "Idk why that got me shook. Oh they cussing cussing now."

Carly saying "Bitch" follows Spencer saying "damn it" in a trailer for the new series. One episode also talks about kink-shaming.

The first three episodes of the iCarly reboot are now available for streaming on Paramount+, with new episodes released weekly. You can sign up for a free trial, which will give you access to dozens of other Paramount+ exclusives, by clicking here. New episodes of the show will drop weekly on Thursdays.

Watch the iCarly Reunion special here!

Original source:

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Drew Roy Teases 'iCarly' Return

Actor Drew Roy, who played Griffin in two episodes in the original run of Nickelodeon's hit comedy series iCarly has teased that he's returning for the Paramount+ revival series!

in the original Nickelodeon show, teased he’s returning for the new Paramount Plus revival series.

The 35-year-old actor announced on Instagram he was “invited back” with a few photos from set, just one day before the new season of the show premiered on Thursday, June 17.

Starring Miranda Cosgrove (Carly), Jennette McCurdy (Sam), Nathan Kress (Freddie), and Jerry Trainor (Spencer), the original Nick sitcom aired from 2007 to 2012 and followed the hijinks of friends making a web show. All but Jennette are part of the revival cast, as she has quit the acting industry.

Aside from the iCarly leads, many of the recurring actors and guest stars are coming back to reprise their roles, giving fans an extra dose of nostalgia, and Drew teased that he’s one of those returning.

In the original series, Roy played bad boy Griffin, a boyfriend and eventual ex of Carly. They broke up after she found out he collected Pee Wee Babies.

To share the exciting news with fans, he shared a snap of himself in a face mask, posing inside of Spencer’s apartment, right next to the character’s iconic soda bottle robot (Bottle Bot), which was re-created for the revival.

Drew also teased the return of Griffin, Pee Wee Babies collector and Carly’s ex-boyfriend, with a photo of him around all of the camera and film equipment, his face mask still present.

The third shot showed off his whole face, as he wored a clear face shield, and more of his look for the day, which was a black jacket and a gray marble T-shirt, which fans will notice is very reminiscent of his character’s original look.

The actor captioned the post: “Flashback, no. Reboot… oh yeah! iCouldn’t have been more excited to get invited back.

“Who can name the show? Let the robot guide you. New season premiers tomorrow. Details to come later. #paramountplus”

Drew only appeared a couple times, in season 2’s "iDate a Bad Boy" two-part special and season 3’s "iBeat the Heat", but he became a fan-favorite on the show, with his and Miranda’s characters earning the ship name Criffin.

Carly had an enemies-to-lovers relationship with bad boy Griffin – disliking him in the beginning but soon falling for him and kissing him after her brother Spencer took him under his wing.

The pair’s chemistry didn’t last long, though, as he invited her back to his house and Carly discovered his obsession with Pee Wee Babies, a parody of Beanie Babies.

He later overheard her joking about it with her best friend Sam and they end up breaking up.

Griffin, who’s also Carly’s neighbor, returned for one more episode when there’s a power outage during a heat wave and Carly has a generator and powerful air conditioner.

Her ex showed up with his entire Pee Wee Babies collection because he was worried the heat might ruin them if left in his apartment.

Fans showed their excitement about Griffin’s teased return in the comments section, with one writing: “OMG YES!!!!! GRIFFIN IS BACK! ICarly, I’m so excited!”

Another said: “Great but you’ll be back with your peewee babies ???”

A third asked: “Will Carly and griffin get back together and is griffin still a bad boy.”

After his stint on iCarly, Drew went on to play another popular love interest, this time on Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana, where he played Miley Cyrus' onscreen boyfriend Jesse.

The father of two, who shares sons Jack and Levi with his wife Renee Roy, later starred on Falling Skies as Hal Mason and The Last Ship as Christos.

The actor's also a pilot and first teased his iCarly return in May with a clip of him in a plane.

Referencing the show and his Pee Wee Babies, he captioned it: “Taking a quick detour from the usual this week. #WestCoastWasCalling #MemoryLane #RevivalTime... ”

The first three season 1 episodes of the iCarly Paramount Plus revival were released on Thursday, with a new one being added each week. Try it FREE at!

Details on when Drew's Griffin will make an appearance and for how many episodes has not yet been revealed.

Some of the other guest and recurring stars from the original series coming back include Reed Alexander (Nevel) and Danielle Morrow (Nora).

Source: The Sun US.

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Nickelodeon and ViacomCBS Executives to Speak at Children’s Media Conference 2021

The Children’s Media Conference (CMC) has announced that executives from Nickelodeon and ViacomCBS will be taking part in a variety of sessions at CMC 2021, which will be once again held virtually due to the on-going COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.

Taking place between 5-9 July 2021, CMC 2021 is a week-long online conference of children’s and youth content.

Below are details about the sessions Nick and ViacomCBS execs will be taking part in, along with their bios. CMC 2021's full timetable;e is available online at

Thursday 1st July 2021

Date: 1 July 2021
Venue: Meeting Mojo
Cost: £95+VAT

The International Exchange is a must for anyone looking for international sales, partnerships or project funding.

The International Exchange plays host to a wide range of broadcasters, co-producers, funders and investors from across the world keen to meet sellers of content and services. And this year it takes place completely online so getting involved couldn’t be easier!

Why should you register for the International Exchange?

If you are an international broadcaster, co-producer or investor:

Find new talent, ideas, projects from the UK market.
Find co-production partners for your projects in development.
All from the comfort of your own place – no travelling required.
If you are producing, distributing or have services to sell – e.g. consultancy, composing, writing:

Contact international broadcasters, co-producers and investors via our exclusive meeting-booking system to invite them to one-to-one video meetings online on 1 July.

Meet and pitch to international broadcasters, co-producers and investors at your own dedicated online meeting room.

Confirmed UK and international commissioning and acquisition guests include:

Alix Wiseman, 9 Story Media Group
Maria-Nicole Miriklis, ABC
Jan Ziff & Allan Davidson, Across Media
Rachel Lin & Jane Lee, Alpha Group
Lionel Marty, APC Kids
Robin Gladman, Aardman
Jo Allen & Sarah Muller, BBC Children’s Acquisitions and Independent Animation
Anna Davies, BBC Children’s In-House Productions
Harriet Cox & Liz Randall, BBC Studios
LiYan Li, Beijing Joy Culture Media Co.
Sarah McCormack, Beyond Distribution
Jackie Edwards & John Knowles, BFI Young Audiences Content Fund (YACF)
Alison Warner, Blue Zoo
Drew Mullin, CBC
Nick Hall, CBeebies
Kyle Jenkins, Channel 5
Liz Keynes, Children’s and Family IP and Rights Management Consultant
Massimo Bruno & Brenda Maffuchi, De Agostini
Tony Humphreys, Department for International Trade
Diane Rankin, Distribution360
Ankur Bhasin, Encore Films
Courtney Arumugam, Gaumont
Robert Jaszczurowski, Grupa Smacznego
Sean Healy, Guangzhou Haikun
Nicola Andrews, Hemisphere Media Consultancy
David Gulshan, Imira Entertainment
Darren Nartey & Tyler Martin, ITV plc
John Rice, Jam Media
Dominic Gardiner & Gillian Calvert Ridge, Jetpack Distribution
Caterina De Mata, L&C
Claudia Dalley, Narrative Entertainment
Adam Bailey, Nickelodeon, ViacomCBS Networks International
Jordan Elson & Anna Silver, Nickelodeon UK
Rebecca Ide & Fiona Lui, Open Beijing Project
Linda Simensky, PBS
Ivan Agenjo, Peekaboo Animation
Martin Baynton, Jeremy Hall & Clive Spink, Pukeko Pictures
Sara Cabras, Rai Ragazzi
Suzanne Kelly, RTÉ
Alicia Liu, Singing Grass
Kevin Min, Sino-Media
Marie-Laure Roche, Superights
Marion Winter, Super RTL
Biren Ghose, Technicolor
Carlos Biern, Toonz Media Group
Trevor Lai, UP Studios
James Chen Gu & Clara Yang, UYOUNG Culture & Media Co
Adam Bailey, ViacomCBS Networks International
Zia Bales & Sabina McNally, WarnerMedia
Nico Lockhart, Wildbrain
Nick Young, Wildbrain Spark
Tracy Lee, Winsing Animation
Vicky Schroderus, YLE International Acquisitions
Katherina Pietzsch, ZDF Enterprises

For enquiries about The International Exchange, please contact

In partnership with Department for International Trade and Zodiak Kids.

Monday 5th July 2021

Time: 2:00pm - 4:00pm BST
Location: Zoom

Sponsored by: Blue Zoo

This special standalone workshop requires a separate ticket to the main CMC conference and is £50+VAT Buy ticket here

Bring your pitch to this workshop to build, develop and refresh your skills with the CMC SkillBuilder – a mix of advice and hands-on learning. With top tips from a large group of industry experts, SkillBuilder gets delegates close to the expertise at the heart of the international children’s entertainment business.

Emmy-award winning executive, producer and content creator, Josh Fisher will be providing guidance and tips on preparation, pitch bibles, techniques and opportunities from his experience in acquisitions and development as an executive for a major SVOD platform, toyco, and distributor, and also as an independent producer & creator.

Breaking down into manageable ‘round table’ sessions, with expert advisors presiding in each, the CMC SkillBuilder will help you take YOUR pitch to the next level. So come prepared for this unique opportunity to get advice on pitching to commissioners, networks, SVoD platforms, producers, distributors or senior writers – and receive invaluable personal feedback and guidance on your concept, project, ideas and techniques from those who know the recipe for success.


Josh Fisher
Executive and Content Creator

Courtney Arumugam
Gaumont Animation

Ros Attille

Daniel Bays
CAKE Productions

Tasha Dhanraj
Comedy Writer

Sarah Fell

Ian France
Sky Kids

Emilie Frelon

Robin Gladman
Aardman Animations

Josie Grierson
Entertainment One (eOne)

Georgina Hurcombe
LoveLove Films

John Knowles

Natalie Llewellyn
Jellyfish Originals

Ahrani Logan

Darren Nartey

Lynsey O'Callaghan
ViacomCBS Networks International

Cedric Petitpas
YouTube UK & Ireland

Orion Ross
The Walt Disney Company

Avrill Stark
A Stark Production

Harriet Williams

Justine Bannister
Just B

Beverly Yeang
Studio AKA
Assistant Producer

Alison Warner
Blue Zoo Rights
Executive Producer

Tuesday 6th July 2021

Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm BST
Location: CMC Online Platform

Question Time quizzes those in power, or in the know, about the big issues facing UK kids’ media today.

CMC’s Question Time uses your questions to explore the strategic issues around kids and content   – how policy and regulation impact on media-makers and how this serves the children’s and youth audience. As the children’s media industry emerges from the pandemic, new online safety laws are on the horizon in the Government’s Online Safety Bill; Ofcom and the DCMS are scrutinising the future of the licence fee, the BBC, and public service broadcasting in general; and how do we assess and address  the impact of the pandemic  on the audience and the industry.  What are the opportunities and challenges for all those involved in kid’s media: creators, educators, regulators, broadcasters, and of course the needs of, and implications for, our young audience?


Leah Boleto
Radio and TV Presenter
Host / Moderator

Anne Longfield OBE
Children's Campaigner

Sir Phil Redmond CBE
Grange Hill & Hollyoaks

Mitchell Simmons

Jayne Kirkham

Helen McAleer
IP, Publishing and Production Consultant
Executive Producer

Time: 2:00pm - 3:00pm BST
Location: CMC Online Platform

Sponsored by: Fourth Wall Creative

Ask questions directly to commissioners from Channel 4, CITV, Milkshake! on Chanel 5 and S4C and hear  the latest information on the Young Audiences Content Fund. Find out what has been commissioned in the last year and what the commercial public service broadcasters and their supporting Fund are looking for next.

Louise Bucknole
ViacomCBS Networks International

Jackie Edwards
BFI, Young Audiences Content Fund

Navi Lamba
E4 and Entertainment

Tim Patterson
T1M Consult
Executive Producer

Wednesday 7th July 2021

Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm BST
Location: CMC Online Platform

Sponsored by: Animation UK

With every reason for optimism & growth, animation content continues to create new worlds and new characters and our animated storytelling is entertaining and educating young people globally.

This session explores why the global platforms are putting kids and animation at the heart of their strategies, and asking what this means for our producers, artists and creatives on the ground.  How are we assuring that new voices and new talent navigate the new world order? How are platforms, commissioners, and studios working with producers and creatives to create new titles and brands? And what new opportunities are there for creatives to work with the big players?

Building on the overall Conference theme of Together, the session will provide an upbeat focus on working together to create quality content for 25% of the audience -100% of our future.



Beth Parker
Freelance Animation Consultant and Executive Producer

Dominique Bazay

Greg Boardman
Three Stones Media

Sarah Fell

Darren Nartey

Chris Rose
Nickelodeon International & VIS Kids

Sarah Legg-Barratt
Neon Soul Media

Kate O'Connor
Animation UK

Tracy Liddell
Studio Liddell
Executive Producer

Thursday 8th July 2021

Time: 4:00pm - 5:00pm BST
Location: CMC Online Platform

Sponsored by: Aardman

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is is the only pitch competition with real-world outcomes. Dragons enter the “den” with a fund to buy options in the projects they decide to support, and deals on short development windows are done on the spot.  The pitchers get great feedback and the audience learns what works and what doesn’t – while also seeing into the mind’s eye of funders.


Nigel Clarke
TV Presenter and Performer (former Nickelodeon UK Presenter)

Deidre Brennan

Eryk Casemiro

Bob Higgins
Boat Rocker Studios, Kids & Family

Adina Pitt
Cartoon Network and Boomerang

Viola Gabrielli
Content & Talent Scout, Programmer

Debbie Macdonald
Independent Children’s Media Consultant
Executive Producer

Friday 9th July 2021

Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm BST
Where: CMC Online Platform

Sponsored by: Karrot

UK teams from International broadcasters are represented in this session – find out their priorities and processes.

Children’s broadcasters with channels in the UK and across the globe discuss their commissioning priorities, show their favourite content of the last year, reveal the ways in which you can contact them and pitch and how they see their strategies playing out in future.



Emmanuelle Lhoni

Zia Bales
WarnerMedia EMEA

Louise Bucknole
ViacomCBS Networks International

Nina Hahn
Head of ViacomCBS International Studios Kids (VIS Kids)

Hannah Rose Smith
Script Editor & Writer

Tim Patterson
T1M Consult
Executive Producer

On-Demand Sessions:

Hear how top content makers are finding new ways to ensure they deliver diversity and representation to their audiences. 

How are top content makers finding new ways to build diversity into the early stages of development to reach and represent broad audiences. In this session, we’ll hear from kids about what diversity and representation means to them, followed by a discussion from our top industry panel on how they consider diversity and representation early in the development process, and their top tips on how to ensure diversity brings real value to young audiences.

Zoë Daniel
The Guardian/Reuters

Ros Attille

Tom Cousins
BBC Children’s & Education

Nina Hahn
Head of ViacomCBS International Studios Kids (VIS Kids)

Christopher Keenan

Lydia Mossahebi

Olivia Dickinson
Digital Olive
Executive Producer

An insight into Indian opportunities, media  consumption patterns and working with Indian studios –  outsourcing, co production and  freelance relationships.

With the second largest population in the world and one of the most talented, yet cost effective work forces – India holds a dual edge in the content business – a powerhouse for content production and an insatiable thirst for content consumption. 

Talented workforce at a global scale producing some of the best international content at a fraction of costs has always been a guiding force for the growing AVGC (Animation Visual Effects and Gaming) business in India. Now, armed with 18+ co production treaties and a host of local incentives under the new state AVCG Policies, India is slowly adding to the reasons why Indian studios could be great production partners. 

An increased digital penetration and burgeoning subscriber base has led to an explosion of content consumption in India. Not only  has this stimulated content production for the domestic market but also attracted international players to develop content for the Indian audience. 

India has also seen a shift from the traditional hired workforce to reliance on more freelance effort – increasing opportunities for International talent to work with Indian studios.

Ankur Bhasin
Bhasin Group Media & Entertainment Association of India

Rajiv Chilaka
Green Gold Animation

Biren Ghose

P Jayakumar
Toonz Media Group

Vikas Kumar

Sushil Kumar Bhasin
Media & Entertainment Association of India

Smita Maroo
Shemaroo Entertainment

Jayesh Ranjan, IAS
Industries & Commerce Department and Information Technology, Electronics and Communications Department

Chris Rose
Nickelodeon International & VIS Kids

Gurmeet Singh
Electronics & Computer Software Export Promotion Council of India

Ankur Bhasin
Bhasin Group Media & Entertainment Association of India

Julia Posen
Children's Media Consultant
Executive Producer

How are kids’ media projects helping young people develop critical thinking skills in the face of unprecedented misinformation, fake news and “alternative facts” – and what are the challenges in achieving that?

With the help of young people and seasoned veterans in the world of kids’ media and information, this video asks important questions as to how children’s media projects are helping young people develop critical thinking skills in the face of unprecedented misinformation, fake news and alternative facts.

As political and social lives become polarised, truth goes out the window. In both subtle and overt ways kids’ media projects are dealing with the big new questions that are front of mind when bombarded by social media manipulation. How do young people tell if something is from a reliable source, how do they verify, and crucially how do they gain the skills to know that they need to do so?

Braydon Bent
Presenter and Reporter

Nicky Cox MBE
CEO, Fresh Start Media

Caroline Dinenage MP

Mark Little

Ella Meek

Kelly Wood
Nickelodeon UK & Ireland
Executive Producer


ViacomCBS International Media Networks
Director of International Content Acquisitions and Pre-school Current Series

Lynsey joined Nickelodeon from BBC Children’s 14 years ago, and sits as Executive in Charge across Nick International Pre-School properties and pre-buy live action.  She has worked on hundreds of episodes for series including: Becca’s Bunch, Zack & Quack, Puffin Rock, The Day Henry Met, Wissper, Lily’s Driftwood Bay, & Digby Dragon. She’s currently overseeing second seasons for The Adventures of Paddington and Deer Squad – Nickelodeon’s first ever Chinese original series, along with live action series Overlord and the Underwoods. Lynsey also handles acquisitions deals for the U.K., and sits on Nickelodeon’s International Programming Council.

VP, Government Relations

Mitchell Simmons is Vice President, Government Relations at ViacomCBS. In this role, he is responsible for policy across all ViacomCBS brands in EMEA including Channel 5, MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and Paramount Pictures. He represents ViacomCBS to government and industry stakeholders on the future of the UK broadcasting ecology.

Prior to joining ViacomCBS in 2010, Simmons worked at Lexington Communications as a political and communications consultant to a range of corporate clients in the tech, financial services and the creative industries.

Simmons has an MBA from Cass Business School, University of London and undergraduate degree in Political Science from The University of Birmingham.

ViacomCBS Networks International
VP, Programming Kids, VCNI UK & Ireland

Louise is a kid’s content strategist and commissioner with over twenty years’ channel management and creative leadership experience.

At VCNI, Louise is the Kids content lead in the UK and responsible for leading all strategic, editorial and operational aspects for the Nick Network including Nickelodeon, Nicktoons, Nick Jr. and Nick Jr. Too channels and Milkshake! on Channel 5, including commissions, acquisitions, programming, multiplatform, production and development and sits on the Nickelodeon International Programming Council.  Louise also works with the commercial, consumer products and events teams to grow the brands and ensure best in class activations. Commissions and acquisitions include Peppa Pig, Horrid Henry, Milkshake! Monkey, Thomas & Friends, Mimi’s World, Meet The Experts, Pip & Posy, Daisy & Ollie, Winnie & Wilbur, Milo, Circle Square, Odo, The World According To Grandpa, Go Green With The Grimwades, and Bop Box Boogie.

Prior to joining VCNI, Louise was Director of Programming, Disney Channels UK & Ireland where she was responsible for leading all aspects of content strategy, planning and editorial operations for all linear, non-linear and VOD services, ordering all Disney Channel, Disney Junior and Disney XD content. Commissions included Goalmouth, First Class Chefs, Art Attack, Furry Friends and Access All Areas.

Louise previously worked as Head of Scheduling, BBC Children’s where she oversaw content strategy for CBBC, CBeebies, the children’s blocks on BBC One, BBC Two and the iPlayer. Prior to that she was Senior Manager, Programme Planning for Disney Channels UK & Ireland, and formerly as Channel Editor and Scheduler for CITV, where she was part of the team that launched the CITV channel. Louise started her career at ITV in production, as a Production Co-ordinator, Researcher and Producer in Children’s for eight years.

She is a member of RTS, and sits on the BAFTA Children’s Committee, BFI YACF Strategic Advisory Group, Children’s Media Conference Advisory Committee and the ScreenSkills Children’s Council.

Head of ViacomCBS International Studios Kids (VIS Kids)
SVP of International Production & Development, Nickelodeon International

Nina Hahn is Senior Vice President of International Production & Development for Nickelodeon International and Head of ViacomCBS International Studios (VIS) Kids. 

Based in London, Nina oversees international content development and co-production partnerships for all ViacomCBS kids’ content outside of the United States. Nina coordinates and drives the development process, spearheads new production models, manages productions from pilot through to series and works in direct partnership with content teams around the world. Nina is an industry veteran with more than 25 years of experience in creating and producing content for kids spanning all genres, from pre-school and kid’s animation, to live action and TV movies.

Nickelodeon International & VIS Kids
VP Production and Development

As VP of Animation Production and Development, Chris Rose heads up animation development and production for Nickelodeon International. In addition to identifying and developing new IP for Nick Toons, Nickelodeon and Nick Jr, Chris works across Nick International’s original animated content production slate and manages the international component of the animated shorts programme.

Chris previously ran the development and production arm of London’s Beano Studios and served as TV Commissioning Editor for ABC ME and ABC KIDS, ABC Australia’s children’s channels.

SVP Preschool

Eryk started his career with Lorne Michaels’ Broadway Video, where he produced the long-running hit Frosty Returns, now in its 28th year on CBS before joining Klasky/Csupo where he was responsible for the development and production of television series such as Rugrats, The Wild Thornberrys, Rocket Power, As Told by Ginger, and All Grown Up, earning the studio three Ark Trust Awards, Four Humanitas Awards, 10 Emmy nominations, and one Emmy Award. In this role he also led the development and production of feature films for Paramount Pictures including Rugrats Go Wild and The Wild Thornberrys Movie, which earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Song, Rugrats in Paris, and The Rugrats Movie, which when released was the first animated film outside of Disney to earn more than $100,000,000.

For the next nine years, Eryk worked as a writer/producer on Olivia, based on Ian Falconer’s award-winning book; Poppy Cat, adapted from illustrator Lara Jones’ picture book series and currently seen in 170 across the globe; and The Mr Men Show, adapted from Roger Hargreaves’ Little Miss and Mr. Men book series, for which Eryk received his 11th Emmy nomination, this time for Best Writing in a Children’s Series.

In November of 2012, assumed the role of Chief Creative Officer for the newly amalgamated Zodiak Kids Studios, comprised of Marathon Media and Tele-Image in Paris, and the Foundation in London. In this capacity, Eryk produced Kody Kapow for Sprout NBC/ Universal; Lilybuds for France Televisions and Discovery Kids Latin America; Magiki for DeA Kids and Planeta.

In 2019, Eryk was asked back to Nickelodeon to develop and executive produce an all new Rugrats partnering once again with Kate Boutilier. In that same year, he took on the leadership of Nickelodeon preschool development and production, overseeing a production slate of thirteen series including Paw Patrol, Santiago of the Seas, and Baby Shark’s Big Show.

Nickelodeon UK & Ireland
Director, Programming

Kelly is a passionate content strategist with over a decades experience in TV, research and marketing.

Kelly is the Director of Programming for Nickelodeon, responsible for the Nick Network in the UK and Ireland including Nickelodeon, Nicktoons, Nick Jr. and Nick Jr. Too channels. As an editorial lead for Nickelodeon content across linear and non-linear platforms, Kelly is responsible for communicating priorities and developing innovative content strategies to drive the performance and brand health of the nickelodeon channels.

Kelly is a trained researcher and prior to moving into programming was responsible for insight and analytics at Nickelodeon. In addition to stints at Channel 4, as part of the team responsible for concept testing for the Comedy and Entertainment slate, and OMD UK, working on B2C brand tracking and evaluation.

Originally published: June 19, 2021.

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