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Nickelodeon Teen France to Premiere 'Goldie's Oldies' on Monday 24th May 2021

Nickelodeon Teen France will premiere Nickelodeon's brand new live-action comedy series Goldie's Oldies on Monday 24th May 2021 at 16:40! Following launch, new episodes of the series, locally titled Goldie & Compagnie, will air weekdays at 16:40 exclusively on the Nickelodeon Teen channel.

Below is Nickelodeon France's official press release announcing the exciting news:


Paris, le 29 avril - Que les téléspectateurs se préparent pour un choc des générations sur NICKELODEON TEEN avec la nouvelle série inédite GOLDIE & COMPAGNIE, à découvrir dès le 24 mai !

Produite par Viacom International Studios, cette nouvelle série suit Goldie, une adolescente de 14 ans qui voit sa vie chamboulée lorsque sa famille décide de quitter les US pour emménager en Angleterre avec son grand-père et ses trois colocataires... septuagénaires! Un choc des générations hilarant où chacun va devoir apprendre à vivre avec le train de vie et la personnalité de l'autre. 

Créée par Evan Thaler Hickey (scénariste de la série Top Wing : Toutes ailes dehors! sur NICKELODEON JUNIOR) cette comédie inédite et originale met en avant l'importance des liens familiaux et des relations entre les jeunes et les personnes âgées. Entre humour, caractères bien trempés et surtout beaucoup d'amour, cette cohabitation intergénérationnelle s'annonce mouvementée !
Et dans le rôle de Goldie, les téléspectateurs découvrent une toute nouvelle héroïne sous les traits d'Imogen Faires.

Les péripéties d'une colocation atypique où il faut toujours s'attendre à l'inattendu c'est à suivre uniquement sur NICKELODEON TEEN !

GOLDIE & COMPAGNIE / Nouvelle série inédite
Dès le 24 mai, du lundi au vendredi à 16h40
En exclusivité sur NICKELODEON TEEN

ViacomCBS (NASDAQ : VIAC ; VIACA) est un groupe mondial leader dans le domaine des médias de divertissement proposant des contenus et des expériences de qualité à des publics variés dans le monde entier. VicacomCBS regroupe des marques emblématiques et mondialement connues comme Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central, BET, Showtime, Paramount Picture, Paramount Network, Network 10, Channel 5, Telefe, Viacom 18, ViacomCBS International Studios et Pluto TV. En plus d'offrir des services de streaming et des produits vidéo innovants, ViacomCBS dispose de solides capacités de production, de distribution et de solutions publicitaires pour des partenaires sur les cinq continents et dans plus de 180 pays. En France, ViacomCBS Networks France est présent via de grandes marques de divertissement dont MTV, MTV HITS, MY MTV, BET, PARAMOUNT CHANNEL, COMEDY CENTRAL, GAME ONE, J-ONE, NICKELODEON JUNIOR, NICKELODEON, NICKELODEON TEEN et MON NICKELODEON JUNIOR avec leurs plateformes numériques et sociales associées. Les chaînes de ViacomCBS Networks France sont distribuées chez tous les opérateurs.


Originally published: Sunday, May 02, 2021.

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Paramount Plus to Add 'Clockstoppers' in May 2021

Paramount+, the newly launched streaming service from ViacomCBS, has announced the exciting news that they'll be adding the hit Nickelodeon Movie Clockstoppers in May 2021! Paramount+ offers thousands of episodes, live TV & exclusive originals–all in one place. Try it free at!

In the 2002 theatrical, Zak Gibbs (Jesse Bradford) is an ordinary teenager who suddenly obtains extraordinary powers when he stumbles upon a mysterious wristwatch-type device designed by his father, that can literally stop time in its tracks. Also stars French Stewart (Mom3rd Rock from the Sun) and Paula Garcés (Major Crimes). Directed by  Jonathan Frakes (The AstronautsStar Trek: Lower DecksStar Trek: InsurrectionStar Trek: First Contact). Produced by Nickelodeon Movies and Paramount Pictures.

Below is Paramount Plus' May 2021 film highlights at a glance, which also includes favorites such as Beavis and Butt-head Do America (1994), The Godfather (1972), The Godfather: Part II (1974), The Godfather: Coda (1990) and Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (2002)!

Paramount+ brings you a mountain of entertainment at your fingertips! Sign up now for free at

Please note that NickALive! may earn a commission if you sign up to Paramount+ using the link provided. Thankyou for supporting the blog!

Originally published: Sunday, May 02 2021,

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Nickelodeon to Premiere New Episodes of 'Danger Force' From June 2021

Nickelodeon is slated to premiere more brand new episodes of the network's hit live-action series Danger Force from June 2021! The news was revealed by director Mike Caron on his official Instagram.

In the same post, featuring a behind-the-scenes greenscreen photo, Caron also teased that the "next 6 episodes in Season 1 are soooooo packed with ACTION, COMEDY & DANGER that we are taking extra time to put them all together," whilst revealing that Danger Force creator and executive producer Christopher J. Nowak has been "busy in meetings planning all the EPICNESS (not sure that’s a word but I’m using it) a coming your way with 26 new episodes to film in our SEASON TWO!!"

Announced during The Nickelodeon Virtual Upfront Show in March, in the second season of Danger Force, the students of Swellview Academy for the Gifted (SW.A.G. for short), a school conceived by Captain Man (Cooper Barnes) and brought to life by Schwoz (Michael D. Cohen), continue to master their superpowers as they battle even bigger villains than ever before to protect the citizens of Swellview.

Chapa (Havan Flores), Miles (Terrence Little Gardenhigh), Mika (Dana Heath) and Bose (Luca Luhan) must also keep their real identities a secret from both from their families and the villains who are out to destroy them.

The series is a sequel to Nickelodeon's longest-running live-action series, Henry Danger.

Danger Force is developed and executive produced by Christopher J. Nowak (Henry Danger, Sam & Cat) and was created by Dan Schneider & Dana Olsen. Cooper Barnes serves as executive producer and Jace Norman (Henry Danger) serves as producer.

Nickelodeon also recently debuted the brand new Danger Force short-form digital series, Danger Goes Digital. Season one will have six episodes.

Make sure to subscribe to the brand-new Henry Danger/Danger Force YouTube channel! Down the (You)Tube!:

More Nick: Nickelodeon Renews 'Danger Force' and 'Young Dylan'; Orders More Episodes of 'Side Hustle'!

Originally published: Sunday, April 11, 2021.

H/T: Anime Superhero Hero Forum /@kanc; Additional source: @ThePearSource.

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iCarly | Electric Bloopaloo: Sam and Freddie's Bloopers | Nickelodeon UK

iCarly | Electric Bloopaloo: Sam and Freddie's Bloopers | Nickelodeon UK

Enjoy Sam (Jennette McCurdy) and Freddie's (Nathan Kress) bloopers, from the iCarly episode "iBloop 2: Electric Bloopaloo"!

#iCarly​ #Bloopers​ #JennetteMcCurdy​ #NathanKress​

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Who Won Nate Wyatt's Heart?! SEASON FINALE | Twin My Heart Season 3 w/ The Merrell Twins | AwesomenessTV

Who Won Nate Wyatt's Heart?! SEASON FINALE | Twin My Heart Season 3 w/ The Merrell Twins | AwesomenessTV

This is the moment we've all been waiting for!! Who won Nate Wyatt's heart!?!?! Chat with the cast LIVE during the Twin My Heart Season 3 Watch Party THIS Sunday at 8amPST/11amEST. Get your questions ready for Nate, The Merrell Twins, and the cast of Twin My Heart!! 

Through all the tears, kissing, and heartbreaks, Nate will finally decide who his perfect match is!! After 2 more one on one dates with Monica and Brianna, Nate will choose the winner of his heart 💖  But it won't be an easy decision to make....

GUYSS AWESOMENESSTV IS DOING A REUNION WITH NATE & THE ENTIRE CAST NEXT SUNDAY AT 7AM PST. What do you want to know and what questions should we ask?! Let ATV know in the comments on YouTube!

Twin My Heart Season 3 TEASER: THE FINALE (Ep 12) | AwesomenessTV #Shorts​

OMG who is Nate Wyatt going to choose?!?! And how will he handle eliminations?! The SEASON FINALE of Twin My Heart is this Sunday at 8amPST/11amEST !!! See you at the watch party 👀 

🚨Twin My Heart Merch Alert!!!🚨:

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Twin My Heart Season 3 PODCAST: How Well Do We Know TikTok?! *TRIVIA CHALLENGE w/ Merrell Twins:

→ WATCH more Twin My Heart!←

Twin My Heart Season 3 w/ The Merrell Twins

→ About Twin My Heart! ← 
Veronica and Vanessa Merrell are setting up Hype House’s Nate Wyatt, who is on the search for love. Through a series of challenges and one-on-one dates, Nate will find his perfect match among 10 contestants, deciding who will stay and who will go.

→ Talent Credits ← 
Veronica Merrell: @VeronicaMerrell 
Vanessa Merrell: @VanessaMerrell
Nate Wyatt: @itsnatewyatt

Erin - @erinnjohnson_
Brianna - @heartbriee
Monica - @monicacoop
Kaniona - @missmariiee
Gabbie - @gabbieadner
Daniella - @daniellaalunaa
Olivia - @oliviaanelson
Rebecca - @duchessbecca
Blanca - @blancittaaa
Sofia - @sofia_masson_

The entire Twin My Heart series was filmed adhering to then-current Local, State, and/or Country mandated COVID-19 safety guidelines and restrictions.

→ Crew Credits ←
Director: Tara Cole
Supervising Producer: Katherine Lauren @KatherineLauren
Executive Producer: Vanessa Merrell @VanessaMerrell
Executive Producer: Veronica Merrell @VeronicaMerrell
Executive Producer: Paul Merrell @ThePaulMerrell
Producer: Taylor Henriquez
Editor: Meredith Veach 
Director of Photography: Trevor Roach
1st AD: Aaron Ellis
Camera Operators: Connor Vickers and Charlie Reetz
Sound Mixers: Rommel Sungia and Will Mill
1st AC and DIT: Robert P. Chuck
Line Producer: Lauren C Brooks
Production Coordinator: Tina Poston
COVID Safety Officer: Paul Rivet
Set Medic: Barry Murrey

→ about AwesomenessTV! ←

Welcome to AwesomenessTV, the destination for Gen Z reality TV shows with your favorite TikTok and digital influencers. Featuring Brent and Lexi Rivera, Nate Wyatt, The Merrell Twins, Noah Beck, Larray, Alex Warren and more, see them in ways you’ve never seen them before! Like in Twin My Heart, a dating show where the Merrell Twins help their closest friends find love. And AwesomenessTV’s Next Influencer, a reality competition show where up-and-coming TikTokers compete at the chance of becoming the next big ATV star. Also, our My Dream Quinceañera channel gives you a real look at planning the Quince of your dreams with rising LatinX influencers! Here you can feel free to express yourself, have fun and get real with us. And we’ll gossip with you daily on The Daily Report 😉. New shows everyday to have an awesome day!


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Originally published: Friday, April 30, 2021.

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Nickelodeon Revamps Nick Pluto TV Channel

Nickelodeon has given their Pluto TV channel, Nick Pluto TV a revamp!

Among the changes implemented on Friday, April 30 are:

- Nick Pluto TV now features a on-screen logo (BUG/DOG)
- Shows now have TV rating bugs and split-screen credits
- An on-air continuity announcer
- A new and improved schedule, including the addition of more Nickelodeon shows!

Among the shows added to Nick Pluto TV's new schedule are:

- It's Pony
- Sanjay and Craig
- Bunsen Is a Beast
- LEGO City Adventures
- Doug
- The Wild Thornberrys
- As Told By Ginger
- CatDog
- Rocket Power
- The Thundermans
- Henry Danger
- The Fairly OddParents (season 9)
- ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks
- Breadwinners
- Game Shakers

Pluto TV is the leading AVOD service from ViacomCBS, allowing fans to watch their favorite shows for free across a variety of devices.

Sources: Animated Plus, Anime Superhero Forum @JTOONSAnimation, @superkeegan9100 /@CartoonLover2604 (II); H/T: Special thanks to @RegularTweetsUK for the news!

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