Thursday, August 27, 2015

Behind-The-Scenes Of The "Breadwinners" Episode "Thug Loaf"

Go deep behind-the-scenes of Nickelodeon's quazy original animated buddy comedy series (Nicktoon) "Breadwinners" and marvel at how much work goes into every episode the Nickelodeon Animation Studio make! The episode featured in the video, "Thug Loaf", is synced up to the original storyboard animatic and filled with fun facts from the creators, artists and production team!:

Bun Facts about the "Breadwinners" episode "Thug Loaf":

The episode title card for the "Breadwinners" episode "Thug Loaf" is inspired by the Tupac Shakur album "Thug Life".

Every time Buhdeuce uses his laptop, he has a different silly way of typing.

The Lower Yeast Side is named after the Lower East Side in New York City.

The Ducks in Duck Town are designed with actual photos of real Ducks. Because these Duck's don't speak, they're known as "Mindless Ducks".

The sequence When SwaySway and Buhdeuce walk down the stoop steps after delivering bread is known as "PARTY MODE!"

In the original script for "Thug Loaf", the rocket van transformed into a giant robot monster. The scene was cut because it was too complicated to produce.

The "Level Up" was inspired by video games and anime.

The Biker Duck is drinking "Pond Juice." Yum!

Buhdeuce's thought bubble was illustrated in the style of a crayon drawing because he has a child-like mind.

The special move when Buhdeuce punches the acceleration button is known as the "six-pack punch".

"Thug Loaf" is the first time Buhdeuce ever says "Bubble Nuggets"!
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