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'Danger Force' Star Terrence Little Gardenhigh Talks Starring in Nickelodeon's New Show and Working with Taraji P. Henson

Danger Force & Coffee and Kareem star Terrence Little Gardenhigh on manifesting working with Taraji P. Henson, performing, and advice for his fans

Being a superhero comes with great responsibility, as in all occupations wherein people strive for greatness. Whether or not you have superpowers to help you, you make sure to look out for others who are unable to do that for themselves by showing them kindness and compassion and helping however you can. The people of Swellview have a new group of superheroes to protect them called Danger Force. AfterBuzz TV's guest has the pleasure of being on that noble team.

Terrence Little Gardenhigh joined Chae’ Jones for a Zoom interview to talk about Danger Force, being a superhero, manifesting working with Taraji P. Henson, why he became a performer, and a few of his favorite things!

Everyone becomes a performer for very different reasons. It either comes from a need to bring joy to others, even if it’s only for half an hour or an hour program, or because you feel the most like yourself when performing. Gardenhigh said, “I really like making people laugh, which is kind of why I like comedy more than serious roles and stuff. I like making people laugh. That’s one of the reasons.”

Gardenhigh guest starred on Henry Danger as Miles and helped Captain Man (Cooper Barnes) and Kid Danger (Jace Norman) escape a room. Who knew helping Swellview’s superhero and sidekick would lead to gaining powers of his own. When asked if he knew that his guest star role would lead to a spinoff, Gardenhigh replied, “I was so excited when I found out because I thought we were going to be some guest stars. Just like guest star on the show which would be so cool because then I would’ve gotten to meet Jace and Cooper and all those people but now I work with them which is ten times better.”

Gardenhigh made his feature film debut in the Netflix Original movie Coffee and Kareem. Working with comedy legends such as Ed Helms, David Alan Grier and King Bach. He also has Academy Award Nominee Taraji P. Henson as his movie mother. When asked what was it like having Henson play his mom, Gardenhigh replied,

“It was great and I honestly think I manifested her into my life. So I would watch Empire all the time. She reminded me of my mom and every time I saw her it could be on a commercial or it could be Empire it could be on anything, any movie. I would be like ‘Hey, that’s my TV mommy…that’s my TV mommy’ and i just kept saying that and now literally she is my TV mommy.” Which is an example of just how powerful our words are.

His character Kareem in Coffee and Kareem is the total opposite not only from Gardenhigh but his character Miles as well. When asked what was the most challenging thing about this role, Gardenhigh stated,

“I would have to say the cussing. Don’t get me wrong it was pretty fun but saying that stuff to people…it was embarrassing at the audition. Cause I did three scenes in front of these casting directors and that was the most embarrassing thing ever, but they laughed and they said I did a good job. That’s what I’m doing…a job. So I just really needed to talk about what this is. This isn’t me cursing. I’m doing a job.” That’s such a very mature outlook in recognizing how to separate a character from yourself and go into the room and do your best.

Being an actor isn’t always easy, especially as a child actor. There are many times you’ll hear “no” before you’ll hear “yes”. When asked what advice he’d give to young teens and young actors who want to be in the entertainment industry, Gardenhigh said,

“Don’t give up. If you feel like you’ve got something, then keep going. For real, just keep going. There’s going to be a lot of no’s. There’s going to be a lot of not this time but that yes makes up for all of it. I’m telling you it makes up for all of it.”

Perseverance builds character. There’s no better feeling in the world. Working hard for your dreams no matter the odds will make them worth it when you achieve them.

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Additional source: IMDb.
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