Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Fans Are Debating How Many 'Nicks' There Are in the Nickelodeon Jingle

A new debate has taken over the internet: just how many "Nicks" are in the the iconic Nickelodeon jingle?
The iconic tune, performed by the late Eugene Pitt & The Jive Five, was introduced to Nickelodeon viewers in the '80s, and is still used in network IDs (idents) today. But fans on social media can't decide how many "Nicks" are used, and are debating whether you count the 'Nick' in 'Nickelodeon'. Now, the network has responded to the latest debate on social media to help fans who are determined to figure it out (pun intended).

The debate first sparked on social media this week and led to people listening to the classic jingle quite a bit. For the most part, the internet can’t agree on if the theme song has 7, 8 or 9 “nicks” in it.

Now, Nickelodeon is finally settling the debate. The network took to Twitter to share a cheeky tweet that doesn’t actually say how many “nicks” are in the theme song.

“There are as many ‘Nicks’ in the Nickelodeon song as you need there to be.”

However, if you look in the tweet’s comments section, Nickelodeon seems to confirm just how many “nicks” there truly are. In the thread, the network responds to a few tweets that say there are 8 “nicks” in the song, hinting that they may agree with this answer.

However, some people still aren’t convinced about the true number of “nicks” in the theme song. As well, others aren’t sure why this is up for debate at all.

Listen to the theme song below and let me know how many “nicks” you hear in the comments below!

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Original source: Alternative Press.
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