Friday, August 25, 2023

'Star Trek: Prodigy' Fans Boldly Take To The Skies To Save Beloved Animated Show

Star Trek fans hired an airplane to fly over Los Angeles and wave a banner urging streaming services to Save Star Trek: Prodigy.

Save Star Trek: Prodigy Aeroplane Banner

Star Trek: Prodigy fans have literally taken to the skies to save the beloved animated series. Star Trek: Prodigy was canceled by Paramount+ in June 2023 whilst producers were halfway through working on the show's second season, which galvanized the show's loyal fanbase to rescue the series and help executive producers Kevin and Dan Hageman find Prodigy a new streaming service to call home. The #SaveStarTrekProdigy hashtag became a rallying call on social media, and a fan petition has exceeded 32,000 signatures.

In an innovative and bold next step to #SaveStarTrekProdigy, UK-based Star Trek fan Michelle Stokes (@megsmamma) created a GoFundMe to raise $1,200 to hire an airplane to fly over the offices of Amazon and Hulu in Santa Monica and Netflix in Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. It took only 8 days for Star Trek: Prodigy fans to reach the goal, and the plane took flight on Thursday, August 24th, waving a #SaveStarTrekProdigy banner over LA. Check out the Tweets with photos and videos below:

Star Trek: Prodigy's executive producers Kevin and Dan Hageman, as well as Aaron J. Waltke and Star Trek: Prodigy's writing staff are fully in support of the #SaveStarTrekProdigy banner flying high over Los Angeles.

Dr. Trek Larry Nemecek was also on-site and delivered this video of the #SaveStarTrekProdigy banner flying above. mobilized an away team at the Netflix offices on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, and they captured this video of the #SaveStarTrekProdigy banner flying by.

Fans Await Good News About Star Trek: Prodigy Being Saved

Star Trek: Prodigy Cast
Credit: Jason Meier.

Star Trek: Prodigy fans have plenty of reasons to be optimistic. As bitter a pill it was for Paramount+ to abruptly cancel Star Trek: Prodigy and immediately purge all 20 season 1 episodes from the streaming service globally, Prodigy's executive producers have actively engaged with the fan base as they work to find the show a new streaming home. At STLV: 57-Year Mission in Las Vegas, the Hageman brothers, Aaron J. Waltke, Jennifer Muro, and composer Nami Melumad presented 4-minutes of footage from Star Trek: Prodigy season 2, which showcased the return of The Doctor (Robert Picardo) from Star Trek: Voyager and debuted the new Lamarr Class USS Voyager-A.

At STLV, the Hagemans said they are "99% certain" Star Trek: Prodigy will indeed find a new streaming home. Of course, Star Trek fans are no strangers to rescuing Trek from cancelation, and Prodigy's loyal fans have been fully in support of the animated series' continuation. Hopefully, the powers-that-be at the streaming services in Los Angeles saw #SaveStarTrekProdigy banner flying overhead, and it inspires them to act in Star Trek: Prodigy's favor.

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Sources: ScreenRant; Lead image: @OntarioKlingon.

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