Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Nickelodeon UK Looking For Questions To Ask The Cast Of "House Of Anubis" At The Exclusive Launch Of HOA On 11th March 2012

To celebrate Nickelodeon UK and Ireland holding the UK premiere of the second season of Nickelodeon's hit live action teen mystery/drama television show "House Of Anubis" at a exclusive special Nickelodeon Screening in Central London, UK on Sunday, 11th March 2012, which will be attended by the cast of the "House Of Anubis", Nickelodeon UK is asking on their official Twitter profile page (@NickelodeonUK) for Nickelodeon viewers and "House Of Anubis" fans to Tweet (send) them questions they have for the "House Of Anubis" cast. Nickelodeon will then ask the best questions they receive to the cast of HoA and post the answers on their official Twitter feed on Sunday, when Nickelodeon UK will also be Tweeting live from Nick UK's exclusive "House Of Anubis Season Two Launch Screening"! To send Nickelodeon UK your questions for the "House Of Anubis" gang, simply post a Tweet containing your question(s) for the SIBUNA cast and Nickelodeon UK's special #anubis2launch Twitter hashtag to Nickelodeon UK's official Twitter profile page, @NickelodeonUK:
The event is exclusive so u can only come if u won tickets. DONT WORRY if u didnt! U can still b involvd as I'll b tweeting from the event:) - 4.35pm Wednesday 7th March 2012

Use #anubis2launch & send me any questions you would like to ask the HOA cast! Then keep ur eyes peeled on Sunday to see if urs is answered! - 4.35pm Wednesday 7th March 2012
Will there be a video taken of the #anubis2launch?
@NickelodeonUK: I'll b tweeting 3-6pm GMT pics & news! Dont 4get to send in Qs for cast!
[...] afraid its comp winners (picked at random) only [that can attend the "House Of Anubis" screening event in London, UK] but send in ur Qs for the cast to #anubis2launch
I'll b tweeting from event & posting pics & news from the cast so u can still be involved #anubis2launch
House of Anubis fans, dont forget I'll b asking YOUR questions to the cast themselves on Sunday! Eee! What do u want to know? #anubis2launch
Wish you would give out more tickets! I really want to go!
@NickelodeonUK: You can still b involved! Use #anubis2launch & tweet ur Q for cast!
#anubis2launch Will you be tweeting live?
@NickelodeonUK: Yes I'll b tweeting live all day bringing the latest news from #anubis2launch Keep ur eyes peeled & dont forget to send in Qs for the cast!
Also, Tweeted (posted) by Nickelodeon UK and Ireland's Press Office on their official Twitter profile page (@NickelodeonUKPR):
HOUSE OF ANUBIS LAUNCH EVENT ON SUNDAY!! AHHH we are too excited!! Can't wait - it will be AMAZING! Follow @NickelodeonUK for live tweets!

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