Saturday, March 17, 2012

Nickelodeon UK Unveils The Results Of Their Major New Research Programme Titled "We Heart Family"

According to this Nickelodeon UK News article on the official Sky Media website,, Nickelodeon UK has unveiled the findings of their major new research programme called "We Heart Family"/"We Love Family", which has uncovered a revealing portrait of UK families. Nickelodeon UK's "We ♥ Family" research programme was carried out by Nickelodeon UK's "Nickelodeon UK Research And Insights" research department, and involved a nationally representative online panel of nearly 2,000 UK kids and families, which Nickelodeon UK use to maintain a constant dialogue with their audience:
We ♥ Family Research

Nickelodeon UK has revealed the findings of a major new research programme that has uncovered a revealing portrait of UK families. Key findings are that the majority of parents feel the generation gap is closing and that families tend to make decisions as a unit. Want to know more? We'd be happy to come and tell you about it so please get in touch.

Getting right to the heart of what it's like for families today, the research explores what binds families together, family decision making, kids' dreams versus parents' aspirations and the impact that new technology and the recession are having on family life among other topics. The survey suggests that families today are under lots of pressure and time that family members spend together is increasingly valued. The balance of power within families is shifting and it is no longer enough for brands to just appeal to parents; the whole family must be taken into consideration.

"We believe that understanding families is vitallyimportant for brands today," said John Conlon, Senior Director of Research & Insight at Nickelodeon UK. "Families are changing, becoming closer and more democratic. Kids are more empowered and are playing a greater role than ever before in family decisions."

The research, which Nickelodeon plans to carry out annually, is based on bespoke local studies as well as drawing on broader international projects with thepurpose of maintaining a clear and relevant dialogue with Nickelodeon UK viewers, plus serving promotional partners by highlighting the challenges and opportunities for brands in the UK market.

Nickelodeon conducted research between September 2011 and February 2012 based upon over 2,000 nationally representative respondents who completed online quantitative surveys covering key areas of family life. Extensive qualitative video interviews were also carried out with a diverse selection of families from across Britain. International studies based on a total of 16,000 families spread across multiple countries were drawn upon to add global context to the UK findings.

Nickelodeon's findings show that families are becoming closer. 65% of parents believe that there is less of a generation gap today than existed when they were kids. Time together is at the heart of family closeness with days out and shared TV viewing cited as favourite activities for both kids and parents. Kids are playing an increasingly important role in purchasing decisions with only 13% of parents not involving their kids on aregular basis. Far from being seen as unwelcome pestering, most parents actively encourage their kids' involvement with 86% seeking their input to teach them that their opinion matters.
You can find out much more information about Nickelodeon UK's "We Heart Family" research programme, including information about UK Kids and Familiy Nickelodeon Focus Groups, the 'Nickelodeon Kids & Family GPS', and recent Nickelodeon studies, obtain a copy of Nickelodeon UK's new "We Love Family" research, and watch a short and informative streaming Nickelodeon UK video about Nick UK's "We Heart Family" study findings that features British families talking about subjects important to British them, including 'Money', 'Closer Families', 'Sharing', 'Family Roles', 'Connections', and 'Happiness', here on the official Nickelodeon UK and Ireland websites' official "Nickelodeon Research" webpage,

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