Friday, May 25, 2012

Canadian Kids' TV Channel "YTV" To Premiere The Brand New "iCarly" Episode "iGo One Direction" On Friday 25th May 2012 At 6pm

According to this "iCarly" Nickelodeon News article on the Globe and Mail, the Canadian English-language children's television channel YTV will be holding the Canadian premiere of the brand new "iCarly" episode titled "iGo One Direction" (formally "iGot Jungle Worms"), which guest stars the UK-Irish Boy Band 'One Direction', on Friday 25th May 2012 at 6pm E/P (TONIGHT!):
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YTV, 6 p.m.

Still the most popular show on U.S. television among the younger viewing demographic, this Nickelodeon series is wrapping up its sixth and final season with a bang. Recent guest stars have included First Lady Michelle Obama (as herself, of course); even more kids will be watching tonight's episode with an appearance by the red-hot boy-band One Direction. The story finds the winsome teen Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) coming home sick from a trip and learning that One Direction has accepted an offer to perform on her web show. When band member Harry Styles gets sick, Carly turns Florence Nightingale and Harry' place in the group is filled by the portly Gibby (Noah Munck). Amid the hijinks, One Direction perform their hit "What Makes You Beautiful."
You can find out more information about YTV premiering the brand new "iCarly" episode "iGo One Direction", guest-starring British-Irish Boy Band 'One Direction', here on YTV's official website,, or here on the official Canadian "iCarly" website, You can also read the full Canadian television highlights for Friday 25th May 2012 article here on the official the Globe and Mail website.