Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The Official Nickelodeon UK Website, Nick.co.uk, To Feature Online Activity To Promote The Upcoming Release Of Sony's Upcoming Brand New Playstation 3 Move Video Game "Sorcery"

From MCV UK:
Sorcery 'will raise the bar for Move'

Sony expects its upcoming Move game Sorcery to be a flagship product for the motion accessory.

The company says it "raises the bar" for Move games, and has kicked off an ad campaign to get it in front of kids this summer.

TV advertising will run around Cartoon Network programmes such as Ben 10 and Transformers, while cinema spots will feature at screenings of Men in Black 3.

There will also be print ads in Future Publishing magazines and online activity on Miniclip, YouTube, Disney and Nickelodeon websites.

Sorcery will be a part of Sony's Summer Move Sampling tour which will cover retail, festivals and other high footfall areas.

“Sorcery raises the bar for PlayStation Move titles, and our retail expectations are reflective of that,” Sony’s UK product manager John Aikins told MCV. “With a comprehensive marketing campaign and great press feedback, Sorcery is the perfect title for all households, and is a great advertisement for the benefits of Move.”

There will be three Sorcery SKUs available on May 25th – a £30.99 standalone game, £70.99 Move bundle and PS3 console pack.