Monday, May 21, 2012

Jacksonville Beach, Florida, USA Technology Startup 'Yovia' Helps Advertisers Leverage Facebook For Real Growth

From PR Newswire via (press release):
Technology startup Yovia helps advertisers leverage Facebook for real growth

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla., May 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The slogan on the wall of Yovia's Jacksonville Beach offices says 'Spread the word®' because that's what the startup does. Yovia's People Engine is a unique technology that matches millions of social media users with select advertisers in a way that works to drive real leads and sales for businesses.

Yovia has already helped hundreds of companies including Nickelodeon, Toyota and Coca-Cola to spread their word by providing access to targeted, authentic Facebook users who are more than happy to help pass a message along.

It's no secret that people love to go on Facebook and share their personal lives, but the verdict may still be out on whether or not social media users convert into customers. The effectiveness of Facebook's advertising program has been the subject of much speculation leading up to Friday's expected IPO.

"Facebook is actually a tremendous great source of traffic and leads," said Yovia CEO Jalali Hartman. "But simply running a Facebook ad is probably not going to work for many businesses. Advertising is no longer about clicks, but about real people interacting."

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Jalali Hartman