Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Behind The Scenes Photographs From The Filming Of Nickelodeon UK's Continuity Links For "Nickelodeon's Fruit Shoot Skills Awards"

Nickelodeon UK presenter Anna Williamson and Nickelodeon UK staff member and Associate Producer Adam J. Parker (also known as Adam John Parker) have Tweeted a couple of exclusive behind the scenes photographs from the filming the presenter links for "Nickelodeon's Fruit Shoot Skills Awards" in East London.

The first behind-the-scenes photograph was Tweeted by Nickelodeon Towers, London resident Adam J. Parker on his official Twitter page (@adamjohnparker) and features Nick UK presenter Anna Williamson and freelance Nickelodeon UK hairdresser and make-up artist Jo Adams at a skate park to film scenes for "Nickelodeon's Fruit Shoot Skills Awards":
@annawilliamsTV slowly makes her transformation to Princess of the SkatePark, thanks to @make_up_jo - 2.06pm Wednesday June 2012

The second behind-the-scenes photograph was Tweeted by Nick UK presenter Anna Williamson on her official Twitter feed (@annawilliamsTV), and features Nickelodeon UK's Director of Original Production, David Kangas, working on his iPad table computer:
A script writing master at work @kangas911 - 2.19pm Wednesday 6th June 2012

The third behind-the-scenes picture was also Tweeted by Nick UK presenter Anna Williamson on her official Twitter profile page (@annawilliamsTV), and features Nickelodeon UK's "Nickelodeon's Fruit Shoot Skills Awards" camera crew and Anna's co-presenter, Jamie Rickers, having a 'word' with Adam J. Parker:
The Rickers Rage in full force @adamjohnparker #camporange - 2.22pm Wednesday 6th June 2012

Also, Tweeted by Nickelodeon UK presenters Jamie Rickers and Anna Williamson on their official Twitter profile pages:
Just finished shooting the fruit shoot skillies awards links for @NickelodeonUK and @annawilliamsTV. Thanks East London. - 9.24am Wednesday 6th June 2012.
@annawilliamsTV: twas a fab day! Well done elaine x - 4.28pm 6/6/2012.
@JamieRickersGWR: and you Sebastian. Hope you liked your changing room. - 4.37pm 6/6/2012
@annawilliamsTV: ha urgh vile. Excellent guarding - 4.41pm 6/6/2012.
@JamieRickersGWR: to be fair, i walked off and told them you were in there. The smell alone put them off. Said u always smelt like that - 12.43am Thursday 7th June 2012
@annawilliamsTV: ha, if we weren't on twitter I'd call u a rude name ;-) - 12.45am Thursday 7th June 2012
@JamieRickersGWR: no u love me - 12.46am Thursday 7th June 2012.