Thursday, July 26, 2012

BSkyB's 'Sky Go' IPTV Service Adds Nickelodeon Content, Including Nickelodeon On Demand!

From Digital Spy UK:
Sky Go service adds children's programming

Multi-platform service offers content from Disney, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network.

Sky has announced that kids entertainment from the likes of Disney, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network is now available on its Sky Go multi-platform TV service.

Coinciding with the start of the school summer holidays, dozens of popular children's shows such as SpongeBob SquarePants, Ben10 and iCarly can be watched on-demand via Sky Go on smartphones, tablets, laptops, PC and Mac.

Sky said that the service would help parents keep the kids entertained on long journeys to a family holiday, or if the UK is hit with another "summer downpour".

Video on-demand content from eight children's channels is available now on Sky Go, including Cartoon Network, the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. The programming can be viewed at no extra cost by Sky TV customers with the Entertainment Extra pack.

Next month, eight live streams of the selected kids channels will be added to Sky Go, meaning their will be a total of 32 live channels available on the service, including entertainment, sport, news and movies.

"Arriving just in time for the beginning of the summer holidays, Sky Go now offers kids the chance to watch dozens of shows while out and about across a range of internet-connected mobile devices," said Holly Knill, the head of Sky Go.

"We'll be adding live channels later this summer too, giving kids more choice than ever over how, when and where they can enjoy their favourite programmes."

Sky Go, which launched last year following the merging of Sky Mobile TV and Sky Player, attracted 2.7 million unique users during the three months to the end of June, said Sky.

Also today, Sky has announced a forthcoming update to its Sky+ mobile app on the iPad, which will enable the firm's customers to use the Apple tablet as a remote control.

Launching later in the summer, the update means users can pause and rewind Sky TV by swiping their iPad screen.

Customers with Sky+ HD boxes can view their Sky Planner on the iPad app and then add or delete shows without interrupting what they are watching on the main screen.
Also, from C21Media:
Sky adds kids’ VoD, partners C5

UK satcaster BSkyB has struck deals with major children’s content providers for its cross-device on-demand service and added Channel 5′s programming to its TV catch-up offer.

Sky will add programmes such as iCarly, SpongeBob SquarePants and Ben 10 to its Sky Go platform after partnering with eight kids’ channels, including Cartoon Network, Disney Channel and Nickelodeon.

Sky Go allows subscribers to access content from tablets, computers, smartphones and other web-connected devices.

The shows will be made available through Sky’s Entertainment Extra package. Eight live children’s channels will launch next month on the Sky Go app, bringing the total number to 32 a year after launch. The app had 2.7 million unique users in the three months to June 30.

C5 programmes such as Big Brother, The Bachelor and The Mentalist will join Sky Go’s sister service Sky Anytime+ later this year. The reboot of classic soap Dallas will also play on it, alongside BBC and ITV programming launching this year.

The new catch-up programming will run in the main section the Sky Anytime+ menu, plus on the Demand 5 player found within the platform.

“More Sky customers than ever are enjoying the range and quality of the on-demand content available on the service, which will be further enhanced by the addition of catch-up content from the BBC, ITV and Channel 5 later this year,” said Sky’s director of TV products Luke Bradley-Jones, who joined the company earlier this year.

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Also, from The Next Web:
Sky updates Sky Go app to include Kids TV shows, says remote features coming Sky+ iPad app later this summer

On the back of its full-year financial results (hitting record profits of $1.9 billion and revenues of $10.4 billion), Sky has detailed a number of updates to its mobile apps, which will see kids TV shows come to its Sky Go app and remote control features included its Sky+ iPad offering.

From today, smartphone and tablet users will be able to watch shows including Spongebob Squarepants and Ben10 on demand using the Sky Go app on iOS and Android. The Cartoon Network, the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon are on board, delivering eight TV children’s TV channels in total.

Next month, Sky will also switch these eight channels ‘live’, ensuring that they can be enjoyed on-demand or watched as they air, along with 24 other live channels.

This is in addition to on-demand content from Sky’s sport, movie and lifestyle channels, which came to its iOS and Android apps earlier in the month.

Moving to offer more second-screen interaction, Sky will update its Sky+ iPad app to include remote control functionality, allowing viewers to pause and rewind content by swiping their iPad screen. It will include a Sky+ HD planner, ensuring shows can be added or deleted on a Sky box without interrupting what is being watched at the time.

Channel 5 content is also coming to Sky Anytime+, adding to catch-up content from the BBC and TV, allowing Sky customers to watch back content from the three major TV networks using their broadband connection. Think BBC iPlayer, but it is played back via your Sky box.

Sky now counts 10.6 million customers, reaching 28.4 million subscriptions. With a sixth of the UK’s population now subscribing to Sky in some form, the company has pushed ahead with its plans to take its offering mobile, delivering both live and on-demand content for customers no matter where they are.
Also, from Digital Choices:
Sky adds new content and services to Sky Go and Sky Anytime+

New features for catch-up and on demand services from Sky

Sky has revealed a number of new additions and enhancements for its Sky Go, Sky+ and Sky Anytime+ services.
Today's announcement demonstrates the exciting enhancements to our digital products
From today, a range of children's shows, including Ben10, iCarly and SpongeBob SquarePants are available through Sky Go - the company’s online on-demand service, which is available on PC, consoles, smartphones and tablets.

The programmes come from eight digital TV channels, including Cartoon Network, Disney Channel and Nickelodeon, which are also available to watch live.

Later this year, Sky will release an update to its Sky Anytime+ app for iPad. The new revisions will allow users to use their tablet as a remote control. In addition, people with a Sky +HD box can use the iPad as a planner to add and delete recorded shows.

Sky’s TV catch-up service Sky Anytime+ will also be enhanced later this year, with the addition of content from Channel 5. Popular shows, such as Big Brother, The Bachelor and more will be available on-demand for Sky customers.

The new features have been launched to coincide with the company’s financial results, which saw the company reach a record 10.6 million customers, and a 12% increase in subscriptions to Sky products.

Luke Bradley-Jones, director of TV products at Sky, said: “We’re constantly striving to give our customers the best possible viewing experience – whether that’s more of the shows they love, or flexibility in how they discover and watch those programmes.

"Today’s announcement demonstrates the exciting enhancements to our digital products and illustrates Sky’s continued commitment to delivering market-leading innovation into millions of homes across the UK, as standard.”
Also, from Broadcast:
Sky profits hit £1.2bn

Sky has boosted pre-tax profits 17% to £1.19bn as its spend on entertainment costs increased by £70m.

The broadcaster’s profits for the 12 months to 30 June were up from £1bn the previous year, with revenues increasing to £6.7bn over the period.

Sky added 312,000 new subscribers over the year taking its total to 10.6m homes, which bought a total of 28m products. The number of homes which take its triple-play package of TV, phone and broadband was up 21% to 3.4m while churn was down 10% in the final quarter.

Total programming costs increased 5% to £2.2bn, from £2.1bn in 2011, with the £70m increased spend in entertainment attributed to investment in Sky Atlantic and a boost in original UK content.

Sky has beefed up its on-demand services, signing a deal to offer Channel 5's VoD service, Demand 5, along with BBC and ITV content via its Anytime catch-up service.

IPTV service Sky Go has also been extended to include live access and on-demand content from eight children's channels, including Cartoon Network, the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon.

Sky has also agreed a separate wholesale deal with TalkTalk to offer its portfolio of entertainment, sports, movies and news channels via the ISP provider’s portal on the connected TV service.

It also plans to pump £30m in marketing its online streaming service Now TV to consumers over the next 12 months as well as confirming plans it will be extended to include Sky Sports and Sky entertainment channels.

Sky has also invested $10m in internet connected set-top box manufacturer Roku. The move, which follows a Roku distribution agreement for Now TV launch, will give Sky the ability to rebrand and distribute its own versions of the streaming devices.

A beefed up Sky+ iPad app will enable consumers to use the device as a remote control for browsing the EPG and selecting shows to watch or record.

Sky’s chief executive Jeremy Darroch said it was vital the business continued to diversify.

“Broadening the areas in which we can grow is a key part of our journey,” he said. “We will invest sensibly in areas where customers see value – in getting better on screen and improving our products and services – and maintain a strong focus on operating efficiency and cost control.”

He added an anticipated price rise of 2-3% later this year was unlikely to dent growth due to the current 24 month price freeze as well as content deals, such as F1 and Sky Atlantic and innovations including Sky Go.
Also, from Absolute Gadget:
Turn your iPad into a Sky+ remote

Anyone with an iPad and a Sky+ box can now turn there tablet into a fully-functional Sky+ remote to control their Sky+ HD box.

The new app allows users to pause and rewind live TV or recordings using swipe gestures. It will also allow Sky subscribers to look through Sky+HD Planner and add or delete recordings without interrupting TV viewing.

The free app available from the iTunes store and according to Sky is one of many to come in the future. No announcement has yet been made regarding Android and smartphone versions of the update.

“In the year ahead, we have a strong pipeline of innovative new products and services planned for release,” the company said in its latest earnings report. “We plan to enhance the functionality of the Sky+ app to allow customers to use the iPad as a remote control for browsing the EPG, managing their Sky+ planner and selecting programmes to watch, pause, fast forward and rewind.”

The company has also added another eight children’s channels to its Sky Go on-demand service including Cartoon Network, Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. Sky TV customers with the Entertainment Extra pack can view the programming at no extra cost.

Earlier this month, Sky launched its Netflix rival Now TV. The streaming service downloads content from Sky to internet connected devices. It will eventually allow viewers to access sports and entertainment offerings.

Channel 5′s Demand 5 catch-up service was announced as coming to Sky Anytime+. It joins BBC’s iPlayer and ITV Player as part of the Sky service. The content can be accessed via the main Sky Anytime+ menu.

According to latest figures, 4,343,000 of Sky homes now have HD installed, which is half a million up year-on-year.
Also, from
Sky Go, Sky+ app and Sky Anytime+ all getting new features, including iPad remote control

Major push for the second screen

Sky has announced a swathe of major new features to a number of its services, television and app-related.

The first to get its update is Sky Go on mobile and smartphone. The broadcaster and TV service provider has added hours of catch-up kids content to the Anytime section of its application. It has signed deals with eight children's channels, which includes on-demand children's shows from Disney, Nickelodeon and the Cartoon Network.

Young boys' fave Ben 10 is part of the deal, as is a range of pre-school programming, such as Dora the Explorer and current Pocket-lint guilty pleasure Team Umizoomi.

Next month, Sky will introduce the children's channels to its live Sky Go offering too, which will bump up the number of channels accessible via the app to 32.

The Sky+ for iPad mobile app will also get a new feature later this summer. It will allow customers with a Sky+ or Sky+HD box to use their tablet device as a remote control, to pause and rewind shows. In addition, those with the HD boxes will be able to view their planner through the application too, and they will be able to add or delete shows without affecting the action on the TV screen.

It's not quite as impressive as View21's app, which will allow you to view shows recorded on the company's forthcoming Freeview+ HD box on an iPad or iPhone screen, but it's definitely getting there.

Finally, Channel 5's catch-up service is coming to Sky Anytime+. Demand 5 will join the BBC's iPlayer and ITV Player as part of the Sky service. And the content will also be able to be accessed via the main Sky Anytime+ menu too.

The Sky Go application is available now for iPad, iPhone and select Android devices. It is a free service for Sky Subscribers with the Entertainment Extra pack. It is also possible to subscribe to Sky Go without a Sky TV subscription, from £15 to £40 per month.

Are you impressed with Sky's second screen offerings? [...]
Also, from Broadband TV News:
Sky expands catch-up content

Sky has confirmed catch-up content from Channel 5 will be added to its Sky Anytime+ service later in the year.

Its Sky Go service will also be expanded with content drawn from Disney, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network added in time for the summer holidays.

The addition of ‘Demand 5’ means that three out of the big four terrestrial broadcasters will be available on Sky. The exception being Channel 4.

Channel 5’s catch-up content will be accessible through the main Sky Anytime+ menu, as well as a ‘Demand 5’ player found within a new section of the service dedicated to catch-up TV.

Over one million homes have now connected their Sky+ HD receiver to the internet, which is available to all homes, regardless of their choice of ISP.

In addition to programmes from Sky’s own channels, Sky Anytime+ also offers access to content from a wide range of partner channels including MTV, UKTV, Discovery, FX, History, Disney and the National Geographic Channel. Classic programmes from the ITV archive have also been available on the service since January this year.

Sky Go’s on-demand content will be followed by the addition of eight live kids channels to the Sky Go app next month.

Once the live childrens’ channels are added, Sky customers will be able to access a total of 32 live channels on Sky Go on smartphones and mobile tablets across news, sport, movies, entertainment and kids content.

The eight channels are also available live and on-demand on PC, Mac and laptops.
Also, from Crave, the gadget blog from CNET UK:
Sky+ iPad app can be used as hoity-toity remote control

Sky is set to update its Sky+ iPad app so you can use your tablet as a really opulent remote control. Due later this summer, the upgrade will let you pause and rewind merely by swiping your decadent finger. Marvellous.

If you're plutocratic enough to own a Sky+ HD box, you'll even be able to see the planner on your iPad, and add and delete recorded shows with a disdainful twitch of your snooty paw. The app currently lets you see the TV guide and select things to record, even if you're out and about, but you can't do much more than that.

The company's also adding eight children's channels to its on-demand service Sky Go, with the Cartoon Network, Disney Channel and Nickelodeon all on hand to distract fidgety toddlers when the nanny needs to get some ironing done.

That brings Sky Go's tally to 32 live channels you can access on smart phone or tablet. Earlier this month the Sky Go Android app added on-demand movies and other TV, but initially failed to include Ice Cream Sandwich phones -- the latest droid-powered blowers you would expect moneybags Sky subscribers to own. That's now been fixed, however, with ICS phones now able to get Go-ing.

Sky's new Now TV service also shuns Ice Cream Sandwich, which is something of a boo-boo as its shiny commercial features the ICS-toting Samsung Galaxy S3. Clang!

But in an absolute masterstroke -- and frankly I can't believe I haven't put this higher up the story, such is the staggering importance of this news -- Sky Anytime+ is adding Channel Five's catchup service. That's right, no matter the time, day or night, you'll be able to watch Extreme Fishing with Robson Greene. That is a load off my mind, I can tell you.

Sky also unhooked the stats hose and gave me a good soaking. Here's what I managed to swallow, spluttering and gasping, from the torrent of facts. Over 4 million people have Sky HD now, and a similar number use Sky's broadband service, with 3.4 million buying phone, TV and Internet from the company. In total, one in six of us -- some 10.6 million -- now bung the company some cash every month.