Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"House Of Anubis" Star Bobby Lockwood (Mick Campbell) Announces That He Won't Be Returning For 'House Of Anubis Season Three'

Nickelodeon Star and "House of Anubis" actor Bobby Lockwood, who played the HoA character 'Mick Campbell' in the first two seasons of Nickelodeon's popular mystery series "House Of Anubis", has announced and confirmed in a Tweet (post) on his official Twitter profile page (@bllockwood) on Monday 16th July 2012, that he won't be returning to be in the cast of season three of "House of Anubis". Bobby Lockwood also announced in the same Tweet that he will be starring in a brand new CBBC drama show called "Wolfblood":
I am sorry to say that I won't be returning to Anubis! But I do have a new show coming out this autumn, Wolfblood on CBBC! So so excited! X - 2.32pm Monday 16th July 2012
Below is more information about "House of Anubis" star Bobby Lockwood's brand new CBBC drama series, from the official BBC Media Centre website, BBC.co.uk/mediacentre:
CBBC heads to the North East of England for new TV drama series, Wolfblood

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CBBC has today announced an exciting new children's fantasy drama series, which will be filmed on location in the North East of England in the coming months.
"CBBC has always had a strong record of producing acclaimed children’s dramas and with such a strong team working on this show, I can’t wait to see the end result." - Damian Kavanagh, Controller, CBBC
The brand new programme, Wolfblood, which will be filmed in and around Rowlands Gill in Tyne and Wear, will be a series of 13 half-hour episodes and will air later this year.

The show tells the story of Maddy Smith, who seems like an ordinary girl – but things are not what they seem. After all, when you can hear ultrasound, pick out a scent from a mile away or see in the dark, it can be hard to act "ordinary". She's faster and stronger than she appears, her senses are razor-sharp – and every full moon she has to lock her parents in the cellar. The truth is Maddy hides a secret even her closest friends don’t know about. Look into her eyes, but don't get too close... because Maddy is a wolfblood.

Wolfbloods have lived amongst us for centuries, disguising their abilities and blending in. When new boy Rhydian turns up at school her world gets a lot more complicated. If you think being a teenager is hard enough, try being a wolfblood teenager!

Gina Cronk, Executive Producer of Wolfblood, said: “We were looking for a rural location to film the series. The Charles Thorp comprehensive school, Hookergate Campus at Rowlands Gill is perfect. It is surrounded by beautiful countryside and near the extraordinary village of Blanchlands. We knew it would work brilliantly on screen.

“We’ve filmed in the North East many times, including most recently for the Tracy Beaker Returns series, and it’s great to be back – we’re looking forward to getting started!”

Damian Kavanagh, Controller, CBBC, commissioned the programme. He said: “We’re always looking for programmes which bring something new to the channel for our audience to enjoy, and Wolfblood is a really exciting concept and one I believe will capture the imagination of our viewers. CBBC has always had a strong record of producing acclaimed children’s dramas and with such a strong team working on this show, I can’t wait to see the end result.”

The programme will be executive produced by Gina Cronk and produced by Foz Allan. The line producer is Alan Fairholm.

Wolfblood was created by Debbie Moon and is a co-production between CBBC and ZDF/ZDFE.

Nickelodeon UK announced on their official Nickelodeon blog on Monday 16th July 2012 that the third season (series) of the popular Nickelodeon show "House of Anubis" would be going into the production stages later his month (July 2012) in Liverpool, UK.