Sunday, July 01, 2012

July 2012 On Nickelodeon Asia - Season Two Of "House Of Anubis", Brand New Episodes Of "Winx Club", "Team Umizoomi", And "Max And Ruby", And Brand New Animated Preschool Show "Olive the Ostrich!"

According to Nickelodeon Asia's "TV Shows - What's New?" section on the official Nickelodeon Asia website,, here are Nickelodeon South East Asia's July 2012 highlights for "July on Nickelodeon Asia":
Shows - What's New?

Avatar, the Legend of Aang (Special)

Weekdays, July 2 @ 6:30pm (MY (Nickelodeon Malaysia), SG (Nickelodeon Singapore)), 7:00pm (PH (Nickelodeon Philippines))

Be prepared to handle the Firebending force and Airbending action all over again!

Winx Club (New Season)

Weekdays, starting July 2 @ 4:30pm (PH (Nickelodeon Philippines)), 6.00pm (MY (Nickelodeon Malaysia), SG (Nickelodeon Singapore))

Who is the last fairy in Earth? Join the Winx in their search while they compete against the Wizards of the Black Circle!

Spongebob Squarepants: Spongebob Runaway Roadtrip (Premiere)

Weekends, starting June 2 @ 6:30pm

It's vacation time in the deep blue sea! Join SpongeBob and his friends on this hilarious and packed adventure!

House of Anubis (New Season)

Weekdays, startinng July 16 @ 9:00pm (PH (Nickelodeon Philippines)), 9:30pm (MY (Nickelodeon Malaysia), SG (Nickelodeon Singapore))

Can Nina and her friends discover what truly lies beneath the House of Anubis?

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Max & Ruby (New Episodes)

Monday, starting July 16 @ 9:15am (MY (Nickelodeon Malaysia), SG (Nickelodeon Singapore))

In these new episodes of Max & Ruby, Ruby needs to prepare her tea party, but Max is too busy saying “hello” to all his toys to help! Also, when Max gets a noisy new drum, can Ruby and Louise ever have a relaxing spa day?

Olive the Ostrich! (New Show)

Monday, starting July 23 @ 4:55pm (MY (Nickelodeon Malaysia), SG (Nickelodeon Singapore))

Olive is an ostrich with a big imagination, huge heart and a gigantic appetite for adventure! She lives in the outback with her family, but Olive is different.... Olive's dad likes to run, but Olive isn't a fast runner. Her mum enjoys laying HUGE eggs, but Olive doesn't like the look of that much. Olive's brother likes to peck at the ground to find tasty roots to eat, but that makes Olive sneeze!

What makes Olive special is her amazing imagination. So while her family is running, pecking and laying eggs, Olive can be found imagining herself going on exciting adventures when she buries her head down, deep down into the sand!

Team Umizoomi: Team Umizoomi Vs The Shape Bandit

Saturday, starting July 21 @ 10:00am (MY (Nickelodeon Malaysia), SG (Nickelodeon Singapore))

There's a Shape Bandit on the loose and he’s taking shapes from all over Umi City! But when he takes Geo’s Shape Belt, he crosses the line! It’s up to the Team to retrieve Geo’s Shape Belt and save Umi City from the Shape Bandit!