Monday, July 09, 2012

Nick Jr. UK Acquires The UK Broadcast Rights To Sixteen South's Brand New Mixed Media Animated Preschool Series "Driftwood Bay"; Set To Premiere In 2013

From C21Media:
Nick Jr plays at Driftwood Bay

UK preschool channel Nick Jr has acquired a new mixed media toon from Belfast-based indie Sixteen South Television.

Driftwood Bay

Production on Driftwood Bay (52x7') is set to begin this summer for delivery in mid 2013.

The acquisition is the latest push into preschool for Viacom-owned Nickelodeon UK. Kids from the age group make up 44% of the territory's viewers, according to local VP of scheduling Tim Patterson.

Driftwood is set on an island that exists in the mind of a little girl. She creates adventures and friendships from the different treasures she finds washed up on beach where she lives.

The show comes from children's artist Joanne Carmichael, who created the characters from items she found outside her beach hut on the Scottish island of Arran.

Sixteen South plans to pitch the series to further potential partners at the Cartoon Forum in Toulouse, France, in September.

Jesse Whittock

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Also, from Kidscreen:
Dispatches from the Children's Media Conference – Day 3

The final day of the Children’s Media Conference (a conference in the UK for everyone involved in developing, producing and distributing content to kids – on all platforms) has come and gone. I am happy, tired, overstimulated and homesick. I miss Mary, Buffy, bagels and Mexican food. I started my day today at a panel sponsored by the good folks at UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) called “Focus on Malaysia.” Having back-packed through Malaysia as a twenty-something, I was eager to attend this session and I must say I was very impressed by the Singapore-style incentives that the Malaysian government is putting in place through its Multimedia Development Corporation, better known as MDec. The session made me want to return to Malaysia this year to visit the many new animation studios that are sprouting up across this country like mushrooms after a rainstorm.

Next up was “Meet The Commissioners: Commercial,” which featured the various buyers and executives from Turner Broadcasting, Disney, CiTV and Nickelodeon. What stood out most during this session was the preponderance of farts and fart jokes that were peppered throughout the show reels [including one featuring a showcase of Nickelodeon's brand new CGI-animated "Teenage Mutant Minja Turtles" series (see photograph above)] of these esteemed broadcasters. If I ever had any doubts about my decision to focus my career on making shows for preschoolers, this panel put those doubts to rest. The bright spot of the session was the announcement that Driftwood Bay, a lovely show from my friends at Sixteen South in Ireland, has been commissioned by Nickelodeon UK.