Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Official Nickelodeon USA Website,, Unveils The Brand New "Winx Club" Theme Tune, "We Are Believix", Sung By Nickelodeon Star And "Victorious" Actress Elizabeth Gillies!

Below is a Nickelodeon News article about the Nickelodeon's popular animated series the "Winx Club" from the 'Nickelodeon Stars' section of the (geo-locked) official Nickelodeon USA website,
Listen To The Winx Club Theme Song!

The fairies of the Winx Club (including Bloom!) need a song to fit their mystical personalities, so it's a good thing Victorious star Liz Gillies is around. Did you know? She's the pipes behind the show's magical theme song! And every time you tune in to watch the powerful fairies kick Trix butt, you can rock out to the title track sung by Hollywood Arts' sweetest mean girl.

But why wait to hear this rockin' tune? We're giving you a chance to listen to the theme song, "We Are Believix," right now! The real life Jade West is lending her amazing vocal chords to the Magic Dimension, so make sure you head over to the music hub and check out the song [North American visitors to only]! Trust us, it'll be one enchanting experience.