Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tweets And Photographs From Nickelodeon UK And Britvic's "Nickelodeon's Fruit Shoot Skills Awards 2012"

Below is a selection of highlight Tweets (posts) and photographs which were Tweeted (posted) about Nickelodeon UK's "Nickelodeon's Fruit Shoot Skills Awards" (also known as 'The Skillie Awards') brand new awards ceremony, which Nickelodeon UK held at the prestigious ICC Birmingham on Saturday 21st July 2012.

Tweeted by The ICC Birmingham on their official Twitter profile page (@ICC_Birmingham):
Really excited about having @NickelodeonUK in the building today for the Fruit Shoot Skills Awards! - 6.39am 21/7/2012

Lots going on for kids outside the ICC thanks to @NickelodeonTV and Fruit Shoot - 7.20am 21/7/2012

Special visitor in the building! ['SpongeBob SquarePants'] @NickelodeonTV - 8.29am 21/7/2012
Nickelodeon USA on their official Twitter profile page (@NickelodeonTV): SpongeBob! - 1.45pm 7/21/2012.

The fantastic @NickelodeonTV Fruit Shoot Skills Awards pre-show party has gone down a storm! #nickskillies - 8.29am 21/7/2012

@pixiesongs @nickelodeonuk we hope you like the venue Pixie, we're really excited to have you here! - 9.12am 21.7.2012

Hall 3 has been transformed for the @NickelodeonTV Fruit Shoot Awards! #nickskillies - 9.20am 21/7/2012

Tweeted by Nickelodeon UK and 'Camp Orange' presenter Anna Williamson on her official Twitter profile page (@annawilliamsTV):
A massive thankyou to Natasha and @motelrocks [Motel Rocks;] for the fab outfits for @NickelodeonTV 's #skillies this weekend x - 11.31am Wednesday 18th July 2012

AND a big thanku 2 @WishWantWear ["Wish Want Wear: Your designer dress hire destination";] for th gorgeous sparkly number for hosting duties @NickelodeonTV #skillies - the show is set to be amazing! - 11.33am Wednesday 18th July 2012

So, this weekend I'll be hosting the Fruit Shoots Skills Awards at the ICC in Birmingham, hope to see you there..tis on TV next week too FYI - 12.06am Thursday 19th July 2012

Top line up of celebs and music performances - will reveal all in due course. #skillies #nickelodeon #iccbirmingham - 12.07am Thursday 19th July 2012

Todays the day. An epic show awaits at the @NickelodeonTV #skillies - Kimberley Wyatt, Pixie Lot, Lawson, Amelia Lily..and I have to dance!! - 1.25am Saturday 21st July 2012.
Tweeted by Nickelodeon UK's Managing Director, Tina McCann, on her official Twitter feed (@TinaMcCannMD):
@annawilliamsTV @PeterDrake [Peter Drake, Vice President, Creative Director at Nickelodeon UK] @kangas911 [David Kangas, Nickelodeon UK's Director of Original Production] & all Nick crew [Nickelodeon Crew] good luck with #skillies event today! And good luck to all fabulously talented kids!
Tweeted by celebrity and music booker for events and music producer Azim Majid on his official Twitter stream (@AzimMajid):
@thewhitmore [Irish television presenter for MTV Europe Laura Whitmore ("MTV News")] @realjoeswash [former Nickelodeon UK ("LOL: Laugh Out Loud") and Eastenders star Joe Swash] here's a wee snap of [British singer-songwriter and 'The Voice UK' contestant] Tyler James rehearsal... [The photograph below also features a look at Nickelodeon UK's "Nickelodeon's Fruit Shoot Skills Awards" awards ceremony stage] - 8.44am 21/7/2012

Me tweeting @ryan_acoustic [Irish singer-songwriter Ryan O'Shaughnessy] whilst he's tweeting backstage. #nickskillies - 9.42am 21/7/2012

Walking to stage @pixiesongs [English singer-songwriter, dancer and actress Pixie Lott] wearing appropriate on brand footwear #orange #nickskillies - 9.51am 21/7/2012

Kimberly Wyatt on stage solo but keeping command - 10.58am 21/7/2012

@annawilliamstv best backstage sandwich ever! @lawsonofficial #nickskillies [Nickelodeon UK Presenter and Skillie Awards host Anna Williamson with the British band 'Lawson'] - 11.13am 21/7/2012

Tweeted by the British singer-songwriter and 'The Voice UK' contestant Tyler James on his official Twitter profile page (@TylerJames777):
Looking forward to performing @NickelodeonUK. Just me and the grand piano.Presenting an award with @AmeliaLilyOffic ["The X Factor" series 8 finalist Amelia Lily] ...what a nice girl x - 9.21am 21/7/2012
Tweeted by television and radio Presenter Tom Price, who worked backstage at Nickelodeon UK's "Nickelodeon's Fruit Shoot Skills Awards" on Saturday 21st July 2012, on his official Twitter profile page (@iamtomprice):
[...] will be outside the icc in the nickelodeon area - 2.55pm Fri 20th July 2012

Me and [...] working at the #nickskillies awards in Birmingham today #nickelodeon #nick #tv #media - 1.31am 21/7/2012

Oh yes, guess who's working with Spongebob! #spongebob #spongebobsquarepants #cartoon #nickelodeon #nick #ni - 5.32am 21/7/2012

What the #nickskillies awards show looks like... #nickelodeon #nick #tv #television #media #awardsceremony # - 5.42am 21/7/2012

And with people inside... #nickskillies #nickelodeonskillsawards #nickelodeon #awardsceremony #awards - 9.19am 21/7/2012
[...] What you in bham for? - 10.15am 21/7/2012
working for nickelodeon :) - 10.15am 21/7/2012
how do you keep doing all this stuff!!?!?!?!? - 12.16pm 21/7/2012
I thought I'd told you this! XD working backstage at nickelodeon awards xD - 12.37pm 21/7/2012
yes but how!!!? - 12.47pm 21/7/2012
saw the opportunity on twitter aha - 12.52pm 21/7/2012

So yeah... It's Pixie Lott! #nickelodeon #nick #nickskillies #backstage #nickelodeonskillsawards #tv #media - 10.48am 21/7/2012

And this is what it looks like when you walk on the Nickelodeon stage after gunge has been used! #nickelodeo - 12.29am 21/7/2012
How did you find the Nickelodeon job? Hope it's going well! :) - 11.59am 21/7/2012
literally been so much fun! Such a good day! - 12.34pm 21/7/2012

The end of the day, so so much fun! #nickelodeon #nick #nickskillies #nickelodeonskillsawards #tv #media #ru - 1.26pm 21/7/2012
Sounds good :D How did you get the job? 1.08pm 21/7/2012
literally found it through twitter :) - 2.01pm 21/7/2012
Also, Tweeted by "The X Factor" series 8 finalist Amelia Lily on her official Twitter profile page (@AmeliaLilyOffic):
Can't wait to perform at nickelodeon awards tonight !! #nickskillies - 11.46pm Friday 20th July 2012
Tweeted by the English singer-songwriter, dancer and actress Pixie Lott on her official Twitter profile page (@pixiesongs):
About to arrive at the @nickelodeonuk Skills Awards to present an award woooopwooop #nickskillies - 8.46am Saturday 21/7/2012.