Saturday, August 04, 2012

Mizz Mag TV Interviews Nickelodeon UK Presenters Anna Williamson And Jamie Rickers About "Camp Orange: The Lost Kingdom"

To celebrate Nickelodeon UK premiering "Camp Orange: The Lost Kingdom" ("You'll never make it alone!"), Nickelodeon's adventure reality show for best friends, on Nickelodeon UK and Ireland and Nickelodeon HD UK from Sunday 12th August 2012 at 9.30am, Mizz Mag TV, the online television channel of Mizz Magazine, recently interviewed Nickelodeon UK and Ireland presenters Anna Williamson & Jamie Rickers about the second series of "Camp Orange" UK. You can watch a high quality (HQ) streaming video featuring Mizz Mag TV's exclusive video interview with "Camp Orange" presenters Jamie and Anna below:

Watch Camp Orange: The Lost Kingdom, Sundays from 12th August at 9.30am

As part of Mizz Mag TV's exclusive interview with Nickelodeon's Jamie & Anna, Jamie and Anna reveal some exclusive spoilers about "Camp Orange: The Lost Kingdom", including what Nickelodeon UK have done to make sure that "Camp Orange 2012" is the best "Camp Orange" yet - instead of just being the ambassador for fair play, the former Olympian Denise Lewis OBE has been promoted to the role "Games Master" ("Gamesmaster") and is now in charge and responsible to make sure everyone is working properly together, that this years "Camp Orange UK" challenges are far, far, far harder, colder, bigger and wetter than ever before, and that some of the the contestants who you may think are going to win surprise you by not rising to the challenge and vice-versa - and also talk about have been their biggest attachments to date (Anna Williamson chooses her success of becoming a key 'ChildLine' supporter And counselor and Jamie Rickers picks the time he owned and conducted the "Universal Film Orchestra", Britain's largest ever film Orchestra) and reveal what they think makes a good friend.

[Credit: Thanks to NickALive! reader Suraj Shah for finding and sharing the above "Camp Orange 2" video.]