Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Bryan Konietzko And Mike DiMartino Talk About The Ending Of "The Legend of Korra"

Note - This NickALive! blog post contains spoilers about the closing chapter of "The Legend of Korra" that some NickALive! readers may prefer to avoid. Please scroll down the page if you wish to continue.

Following Nickelodeon USA premiering the epic one-hour series finale episode of "The Legend of Korra" on nick.com, the Nick App and NickToons USA on Thursday 18th December 2014, the creators of "Legend of Korra" have broken their silence to clear up any confusion about the show's surprise ending!

Bryan Konietzko and Mike DiMartino have never been shy about discussing fan expectations. But the creators of "The Legend of Korra" have both written definitive pieces confirming that their second "Avatar" series does in fact end with Korra and Asami embarking on a romantic relationship. Or as Konietzko puts it on his official Tumblr blog: "Korrasami is canon".

You can read Bryan and Mike's posts about the final episode of "Legend of Korra", in which they discuss how they came up with the concept for Korrasami, how they feel about the ending of "The Legend of Korra", and the different, mostly positive, reactions from fans, on their official Tumblr blogs - Bryan Konietzko, who has bragging rights as the first Korrasami shipper, and Mike DiMartino.

NickHeads in the USA can watch the one-hour conclusion of "The Legend of Korra", "Day of the Colossus" (part one) and "The Last Stand" (part two), in full here on Nick.com and on Nickelodeon's Emmy Award-winning Nick App!

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