Friday, May 29, 2015

Photos From The Nickelodeon Store's VIP Orange Carpet Party

To celebrate the grand opening of Nickelodeon's first flagship Nickelodeon Store in Leicester Square, one of London's premier tourism and retail destinations, on Saturday 30th May 2015, Nickelodeon UK has posted a wide selection of fantastic photos from their exclusive Orange Carpet VIP pre-opening event held tonight, Friday 29th May 2015, which you can view below!:

@NickJrUK: We're back & ready with our orange carpet for the celebrity launch of @NickStoreLondon - 5:23pm.

@NickStoreLondon: The orange carpet is out, and we're going to be welcoming some very special guests into the #NickStore shortly! - 5:25pm

@NickStoreLondon: No dragons on the Orange carpet here for Iain Glen, just #Turtles! #NickStore - 5:50pm

@NickStoreLondon: The first of our guests are through the door! @exgodfather [Mik-a-eel] #NickStore - 5:55pm

@NickStoreLondon: Welcome to the great #IainGlen and his daughter. No scary dragons here's! - 5:56pm

@NickelodeonUK: I'm at the #NickStore launch party in Leicester Square! Stay tuned to see who's coming along... - 5:57pm

@NickStoreLondon: "Who doesn't like the #Turtles?!! My favourite is Raphael" - Adam Fielding #NickStore - 5:59pm

@NickStoreLondon: We've just met @Bhaskerpatel [Bhasker Patel]! So exciting! #NickStore - 6:01pm

@NickStoreLondon: The #TMNT crew are all here on the orange carpet! #NickStore - 6:02pm

@NickStoreLondon: The #Turtles are giving Adam Fielding a lesson in being a true ninja...#NickStore - 6:03pm

@NickelodeonUK: #CelebLife for the Turtles! #NickStore - 6:06pm

@NickStoreLondon: Welcome to the #NickStore @nancy_sorrell [Nancy Sorrell]! - 6:11pm

@NickStoreLondon: What's that? @Diversity_Tweet [Diversity] AND #Turtles on the orange carpet? #NickStore - 6:13pm

@NickStoreLondon: It's wonderful to see our friend @GabyRoslin at the #NickStore tonight! - 6:14pm

@NickStoreLondon: Just some of the @Diversity_Tweet crew... But more are outside! Come on in, guys! #NickStore - 6:17pm

@NickStoreLondon: Guess who just turned up on the orange carpet? #SpongeBob himself! #NickStore - 6:23pm

@NickJrUK: Guess who we just spotted...@JulianOvenden! Hope Audrey & Johnny Beau have an awesome time! #NickStore - 6:25pm

@NickStoreLondon: "My favourite character is #SpongeBob. He's so funny!" - @raphablueberry #NickStore - 6:25pm

@NickStoreLondon: "#Dora's my inspiration" - @realperrikiely [Perri Kiely] #NickStore - 6:31pm

@NickStoreLondon: "SpongeBob's the man" - @Jordan_Banjo #SpongeBob #NickStore - 6:33pm

@NickelodeonUK: I just met @raphablueberry at the #NickStore Awesome! - 6:35pm

@NickStoreLondon: Diversity, assemble! One more and we will have the full set! @Diversity_Tweet #NickStore - 6:35pm

@NickStoreLondon: Last but definitely not least... @Diversity_Tweet #NickStore - 6:36pm

@NickelodeonUK: Loving the outfits @Diversity_Tweet [emojis] #NickStore - 6:37pm

@NickStoreLondon: We think @KatShoob [Kat Shoob] has a new friend! #SpongeBob #NickStore - 6:44pm

@NickStoreLondon: So thrilled that the lovely @katshoob has joined us at the #NickStore!
- 6:45pm

@NickelodeonUK: Nice @realperrikiely...I mean Leo! #NickStore - 6:47pm

@NickStoreLondon: #Dora is here to help launch #NickStore in style! Hola, Dora! - 6:47pm

@NickStoreLondon: "In the #NickStore is...magic!" - @OliviaCoxLondon [Olivia Cox] - 6:51pm

@NickStoreLondon: Awesome #TMNT pose from @kategarraway and crew! #NickStore - 6:54pm

@NickStoreLondon: Hello to @oliviacoxlondon! Thanks so much for joining us! #NickStore - 7:17pm

That's all from the #NickStore launch party! SpongeBob was my last but not least celeb spot! - 7:22pm

@NickStoreLondon: Thanks so much for coming @BenShires [Ben Shires]! What a lovely, lovely guy! #NickStore - 8:01pm

@NickStoreLondon: Well, look who we have here! @BeatrixOng popped by to say hello! #NickStore - 8:02pm
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