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Nickelodeon USA and Nick Jr. USA to Premiere New Episodes of 'Peppa Pig' and 'Ben & Holly' In April 2018

Nickelodeon USA will be taking viewers on more magical adventures with brand-new oink-tastic episodes of two preschool favorites premiering this April: Peppa Pig and Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom!

First up, five new “Peppasodes,” of the British sensation Peppa Pig will make their snortingly-funny debut on Nickelodeon USA beginning Monday, April 2nd at 9:00am ET/PT, with another episode launching every Monday morning all month long. Each oinktastic “Peppasode” includes five stories featuring the adventures of the lovable Peppa, along with her brother George, Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig and her friends as they ride scooters, visit the zoo, meet the Queen, explore Australia – and, of course, jump in lots of muddy puddles! To celebrate, Collider Kids has unveiled a fantastic sneak-peek video clip from an the from the April 2nd episode, which you can watch here on, along with a pair of new images, which you can check out below!:

And as for Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom, the show kicks off April with magical fun when two back-to-back new half-hour episodes fly onto Nick Jr. USA at 7:00pm ET/PT and 7:30pm ET/PT this April 1st! (No foolin’!) Young fans can tune in to join Princess Holly and her best friend Ben Elf as they search for Gaston the ladybird, meet a mermaid, visit a museum – and much more. Check out magical images from these episodes below!

Take a look at Peppa Pig's upcoming schedule, as well as oink-tastic preview images, below:

Premiering Monday, April 2, 2018 at 9:00am on Nickelodeon

Scene from 'Peppa Pig' episode "Miss Rabbit's Taxi". Image via Nickelodeon

- “Parachute Jump”: The school roof is leaking, so Mummy Pig does a parachute jump to raise money to fix it!

- “Miss Rabbit’s Taxi”: Miss Rabbit spends the day picking people up and dropping people off in her job as a taxi driver.

- “Playing Pretend”: Peppa and her friends learn how to play games of pretend.

- “Scooters”: Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig discover how fun scooters can be.

- “George’s Racing Car”: Peppa, George, and Grandpa Pig are sitting inside watching motor racing on the television. Inspired by the racing, Grandpa Pig builds George his very own racing car.

Premiering Monday, April 9, 2018 at 9:00am on Nickelodeon

- “Move To Music”: Madame Gazelle gets Peppa and her playgroup friends to dance to all different styles of music.

- “School Project”: It’s school project time for Peppa and her friends, which means they have to build castles and bring them into playgroup!

- “Simple Science”: While the playground is getting rebuilt, Daddy Pig teaches the children some simple science!

- “Pedro is Late”: The playgroup is going on a trip to the museum and everyone is on the bus ready to go. But where is Pedro Pony?

- “Gerald Giraffe”: Gerald Giraffe makes friends on his first day at playgroup.

Premiering Monday, April 16 at 9:00am on Nickelodeon

- “The Zoo”: Madame Gazelle takes the children on a trip to the zoo, where they get a tour from the zookeepers: Mr. Lion, Mrs. Crocodile, and Mr. Giraffe!

- “The Police”: Police Officer Panda and Police Officer Squirrel have come to teach Peppa and her friends all about bicycle safety.

- “Mummy Pig’s Book”: Mummy Pig has finally finished writing her first book and decides to take it to playgroup to read to the children with unexpected results.

- “London”: Madame Gazelle takes the whole class to London for the day and they get a tour by The Queen herself!

- “The Queen”: Miss Rabbit is to be given the Queen’s award for Industry for all the hard work she does – and Peppa and her friends accompany Miss Rabbit to the Palace to meet the Queen!

Premiering Monday, April 23 at 9:00am on Nickelodeon

- “The Outback”: Peppa, George, Mummy Pig, and Daddy Pig visit the Kangaroo family in Australia and are excited to explore The Outback.

- “Surfing”: On their second day in Australia, the Kangaroo family takes Peppa and family to the beach, where they try surfing for the first time.

- “Great Barrier Reef”: Peppa and her family continue their vacation fun. Today, everyone is going to work on Mrs. Kangaroo’s submarine!

- “Boomerang”: Peppa and her family’s holiday is coming to an end, but there’s still time to play with a Boomerang and make friends with Mr. Wallaby.

- “Kylie Kangaroo”: Peppa and George meet Kylie Kangaroo and her brother Joey. Peppa shows Kylie how to jump up and down in muddy puddles, but who can jump the highest?

- Premiering Monday, April 30 at 9:00am on Nickelodeon

Scene from 'Peppa Pig' episode "Parachute Jump". Image via Nickelodeon

- “Nursery Rhymes”: Madame Gazelle and the playgroup share their best nursery rhymes.

- “Digger World”: Mummy and Daddy Pig take Peppa and George to Digger World, where they build walls and knock them down again. They even get a chance to help out Mr. Bull when there’s an obstacle in the road.

- “The Doll Hospital”: After Teddy rolls down hills and jumps in muddy puddles, Peppa takes her to Miss Rabbit’s Doll Hospital to get fixed up – but Peppa soon realizes she likes Teddy just the way she is.

- “Wendy Wolf’s Birthday”: Wendy Wolf’s birthday is here, and she has invited Peppa and friends over for a party.

- “Princess Peppa”: Granny and Grandpa Pig come for a dinner party with Mummy and Daddy Pig, but Peppa and George are too tired to go to bed, until they are told a story.

Take a look at the fantastic images from both brand-new episodes of Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom, followed by episode descriptions below!:

Premiering Sunday, April 1, 2018 at 7:00pm on Nick Jr.

Scene from 'Ben & Holly' episode "Chickens Ride West". Image via Nick Jr.

- “Gaston is Lost”: Ben and Holly want to play with Gaston the ladybird, but he is missing. Nanny Plum uses her magic crystal ball to retrace Gaston’s steps and find his whereabouts. Along the way, they discover that the ladybird’s daily routine is not at all what they thought.

- “Chickens Ride West”: King Thistle wants a boiled egg for his breakfast, but Mr. Elf has forgotten to bring him one. So the elves decide to deliver the chickens from the Elf Farm, so the King can have an egg whenever he likes!

Premiering Sunday, April 1, 2018 at 7:30pm on Nick Jr.

Scene from 'Ben & Holly' episode "The Mermaid". Image via Nick Jr.

- “The Mermaid”: Lucy and her dad are having a quiet, relaxing day boating on the lake when they fish out an old glittery mirror from the bottom of the lake and decide to keep it. Unfortunately, the mirror belongs to a mermaid called Princess Oceana, and she needs it back!

- “Daisy and Poppy’s Trip to the Museum”: When Daisy, Poppy, and their toddler friends go on a trip to the big museum with their teacher Mrs. Fotheringill, the naughty toddlers cause chaos. Before too long, Mrs. Fotheringill has been zapped back to the stone-age, and Nanny Plum has turned everyone into frogs.

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