Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Massive Monster Mayhem | Episode 121 | Let’s Get Ready to Slumber | FULL EPISODE

The monsters are ready to slumber! PLUS it's a Monster Mashdown with RoBro VS Macho Cheese. Who do you think will win?

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Get Ready for MAYHEM! Massive Monster Mayhem is the ultimate action-packed, sci-fi action adventure game show starring the greatest Massive Monster Superstars in the universe! Join Master Mayhem and his league of monsters as they battle to take over our planet, and the three real kid Heroes that step into the action and compete in three intergalactic elimination challenges for the chance to win awesome prizes, save the planet and become Earth’s Champion!

Join the Mayhem this October on Nicktoons and Family Channel!

Each episode features three real-life kid heroes competing in a gauntlet of Intergalactic Battle Alliance challenges to become Earth’s champion and face off against Master Mayhem’s league of monsters in the ultimate “Monster Mashdown.” The unique series combines cutting-edge, real-time CGI and pre-visualization technology.

Massive Monster Mayhem is the ultimate action-packed adventure game show starring the greatest Massive Monster Superstars in the universe versus three real kid heroes! Each episode features Master Mayhem and his team of monsters as they battle to take over our planet. Three real kid heroes step into the action and compete in three challenges for a chance to win awesome prizes, save the planet and become Earth’s Champion!

RoBro – A fitness-themed Buff Bot from the planet Dumbell who was the result of every Buff Bot on the planet melting together into one large Buff Bot following an intense training program. RoBro's Mayhem Level is 8.

Dome Diddy Dome – The robotic Vessel of Vengeance from the planet Randome. He was forged in the fiery furnace of a dying sun. Any object placed in Dome Diddy Dome's dome controls his body. His Mayhem Level is randomized depending on the object in his dome.

Teensy the Tri-Terror-Tops – A Tri-Terror-Tops from the planet Dinorrhea in the Cretaceous Galaxy. Outside of being the ruler of Dinorrhea, he is also the lovable host of everyone's favorite kids' show "Teensy Time." Teensy's Mayhem Level level is 9.

Macho Cheese – A luca libre-themed cheese Appeterrorizer from Moons of Planet Moo Moo who had fermented for millions of years at the center of the Milky Way. When Macho Cheese isn't doing any melting to planets, he chases his dream of being a stand-up comic even though he tells bad jokes. His Mayhem Level is 7.

Major Disappointment – An entitled super celebrity from the planet Cellphie. As the son of the most greatest and feared Monster Superstars of all time where he inherited the strength of his father and the sparkling eyes of his mother, he has not lived up to his potential of conquering the universe where he would often text on his cell phone and order pizza. His Mayhem Level is 6.

Me-Ouch! – A laser-toothed ti-grrrl from the planet Furball who enjoys destroying planets and ruining people's furniture. Me-Ouch! is a quadruple threat which means she is extremely threatening. Her Mayhem Level is 9.

Eye Eye Eye – A warrior queen from the planet Ohno. Her Mayhem Level is 9.

The Megalator – The players must go through a futuristic obstacle course where the two players with the fastest time will go on to the next round.

The Mega Duel – The remaining two players will compete in a duel where the player with the most points will go on to the final round.

The Mash Down – The final round takes place in Mega City where the players must fight the Monster Superstar, break the Prize Buildings, and gather Power Pods to throw into the Mega Laser's Mega Reactor so that it can send the Monster Superstar back to Master Mayhem's world. The Mayor of Mega City would often promote one of Mega City's locations which results in her getting injured by the Monster Superstar. During the fight, there are Boom Buildings in which if they are destroyed, all the prize money will be lost. The players can even call upon their Mega Mech Battle Suit's special abilities to help them in battle. In addition, the players will obtain a Mayhem Pod which will summon a rival Monster Superstar to fight the featured Monster Superstar for a short time. If the hero manages to beat the featured Monster Superstar, break any prize buildings, and load the Mega Reactor with Power Pods before time runs out, the Earth will be saved and the hero will be crowned Earth's Champion and win the prizes. If the featured Monster Superstar wins, Master Mayhem will destroy the world unless the player sacrifices themselves in the Chamber of Doom as part of the agreement Master Mayhem made with the Intergalactic Battle Alliance. Either way, the players will go home a hero.

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