Friday, February 26, 2021

Nathan Kress Reveals What ‘iCarly’ Reboot Is About, Teases New Characters

The iCarly reboot will be landing on Paramount+ later this year and many fans of the hit Nickelodeon comedy series have questions. One of the stars, Nathan Kress, who played Freddie Benson on iCarly, shared a hint of what the reboot has in store for the characters and what new characters fans can expect to see.

During an interview on the Bleav in Seahawks podcast on the Bleav Podcast Network, Kress chatted about iCarly, kicking things off by addressing one area he continues to get harassed about. Remember early on when Freddie wore platform shoes on iCarly? Kress explained why he had to wear the shoes and how, unfortunately, he still gets razzed about the ridiculous footwear.

“I had just turned 14, but a young 14 — like an 11-year-old looking 14,” he said of getting cast on the show. “I was prepubescent and so I was shorter than both of the girls. After my screentest, I think they realized that and decided to put me in giant platform shoes for the entire first season. I’m talking like ‘70s 2 to 3-inch soles.”

“I have been lampooned for my shoes, literally to this day,” he added.

What is the iCarly reboot about?

During the interview, Kress remarked that, rather than referring to iCarly as a reboot, he said it’s more of “a reimagining, I think they want to call it.”

“Basically the show is just a direct continuation, as if no time had passed,” Kress shared. “The show ended in 2012, we’re almost 10 years later. It’s just showing what has happened to our lives in that time.”

The actor said he couldn’t reveal too many more details about what will happen, however. “What I can say is that everybody is in … some people are in a similar place, some people are in a better place, and some people are in a significantly worse place,” he said.

Did the iCarly cast stay in touch after the show ended?

Kress shared that the iCarly cast has stayed in touch “pretty infrequently” over the years. “We tried at the beginning. We would do kind of an annual ‘where are we now’ dinner where we would sort of get together and just catch up and then that just eventually sort of petered out,” he noted.

“We still talk every once in a while and we still talk to each other on social media … but we weren’t in constant communication,” Kress added.

Once they found out about the reboot, however, they reconnected with a group chat “and exchanged gifs for a while.”

“It was cool because, even though it’s been a lot of years, it really did feel like no time had passed, which is a good sign that I don’t think we’re going to have much trouble getting back in our groove,” he said of reuniting with castmates Miranda Cosgrove and Jerry Trainor, who play Carly Shay and her brother, Spencer.

What is Freddie from iCarly doing now?

Kress also hinted that fans can expect some new characters on the iCarly reboot. “The casting process is in full swing so there’s going to be chemistry reads in the next couple weeks for the new characters that we’re adding,” he explained.

“So I think Miranda and Jerry are going to be reading with people that more pertain to them,” Kress continued. “I have a character that is very important to me in the show that I will be doing my chemistry reads with in I think next week or the week after that.”

He couldn’t reveal who that character that’s “very important” is, however, despite the hosts attempting to dig a little deeper. “I can tell you this — it’s not Freddie’s wife,” Kress confirmed.

In additional news, talking about the iCarly reboot during ViacomCBS' Paramount+ launch upfront on Tuesday, February 26, Nickelodeon President Brian Robbins said: "Next on deck for the fall is the most successful kids' TV shows of all time, iCarly, a show that define its time, predicted a future of young internet creators and entrepreneurs and gave us Spaghetti Tacos. The new show has the same humor and focus on friendship. But now the characters are 10 years older and with much better track. Here's a message from the cast."

The unnamed iCarly reboot is reportedly in production, with filming slated to commence in March 2021. Actors Miranda Cosgrove, Jerry Trainor, and Nathan Kress on deck to reprise their roles.

Original source: Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

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