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Josh Peck Talks Whether There's a Possibility of a 'Drake & Josh' Reboot, Shares His Nickelodeon History

Josh Peck is currently starring in the new Disney+ series, Turner & Hooch, which is based on the 1989 movie of the same name that starred Tom Hanks and a Bordeaux Mastiff. Long before Peck was working with Disney, the actor was known for his roles in various Nickelodeon projects starting with Snow Day and The Amanda Show and eventually his big hit, Drake & Josh, the latter two of which he starred in alongside Drake Bell.

This year, Bell was sentenced to two years of probation after pleading guilty to charges of attempted child endangerment and disseminating matter harmful to juveniles. Peck recently commented on the news, saying, "It's upsetting, and it's an unfortunate situation. It's disappointing." Despite the fact that we're currently living in the age of reboots and revivals, it's unlikely we'll ever see a Drake & Josh revival due to Bell's recent troubles. However, during a recent chat with Peck, asked the star if he'd ever be interested in seeing a Drake & Josh reboot in the similar vein of his new Turner & Hooch series.

"Not really, no. I never think about it in that way. I think there's certain shows that have done it really well, like Fuller House, which I was lucky enough to do a few episodes of. And I think what really worked for them was that it wasn't really about the uncles so much anymore. It was about DJ and Stephanie and Kimmy. They were really lucky because they were important characters from the original who then were able to make it their own in the reboot. So I think if you're going to do it, I think you have to do it like that, and have just a really strong idea and not just do it because it was once great," Peck explained. also brought up The Amanda Show, and Peck shared the story of how he became so involved with the world of Nickelodeon.

"Before [The Amanda Show], I did a movie for Nickelodeon called Snow Day with Chevy Chase and Chris Elliot. "Snow Day was really the thing... I would audition for All That all the time, which was the original sketch comedy show for kids on Nickelodeon. And it was Amanda [Bynes] and Kenan [Thompson] and Kel [Mitchell] and all these including Nick Cannon. And it was my dream and I never could get on it. I auditioned maybe nine times and they just wanted nothing to do with me. And I booked Snow Day and I'll never forget, I was talking to some guy, random guy, but I was 12-years-old talking crap, making him laugh, doing bits from my stand-up act," Peck explained.

"And my mom found her way over and was like, 'You know who you were just talking to?' And I said, 'Who?' And she said, 'It's the president of Nickelodeon, a guy named Albie Hecht.' And she said, 'You should mention that you want to be on All That.' And I did. I'll never forget, nine months later, I got a call from Albie telling me, 'Josh, I'm going to fly you and your mom out to California to be on The Amanda Show.' So laying down the framework in Alberta, Canada, where we were shooting Snow Day, nine months later made for The Amanda Show. And one year later made for Drake & Josh. So shout out Albie, I'd be nowhere without him."

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Turner & Hooch releases new episodes on Disney+ on Wednesday.

Update (10/20) - The Drake & Josh reunion with the show's original cast is officially cancelled.

In 2019 it was reported that a reunion was on the cards with the original cast set to return, but with COVID taking a hold of the entire world and shutting down almost every mainstream production company, delays set in.

By late 2020 it was further announced that a Drake & Josh reunion would be taking place, with Drake Bell and Josh Peck preparing to put their step-brotherly relationship back into our lives and continue the story that has left millions of fans wanting an update on their characters lives.

The original cast were involved, with Netflix also originally pencilled in to be the distributing partner as Nickelodeon teamed up with the streaming platform for a multitude of projects. Miranda Cosgrove (Megan Parker), Nancy Sullivan (Audrey Parker-Nichols) and Jonathan Goldstein (Walter Nichols) with special guest appearances from Yvette Brown (Helen) and Jerry Trainor (Crazy Steve) were all set to make appearances as we saw Bell (Drake Parker) and Peck (Josh Nichols) grown up in their own lives — according to our source, Bell was set to have settled down with a family and Peck pursued a career journey.

An update on the production element from UnCrazed's source is that Paramount+ was later brought in to be the distributor after ViacomCBS rebranded their CBS All Access to Paramount+ on March 4, 2021.

According to their source, the reason for the cancellation came as a result of production delays and legal troubles that stemmed from Bell‘s recent conviction for child endangerment.

UnCrazed's source tells them that if a reunion were to ever happen, it would primarily focus on Drake and Josh with distribution through a more personal platform, such as a YouTube channel.

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Originally published: August 08, 2021.

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