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Next Influencer Season 2 REUNION (Pt. 1 & Pt. 2) | AwesomenessTV

Next Influencer Season 2 REUNION (Pt. 1) - Body Shaming Public Apology?! | AwesomenessTV

Not only is it the reunion we’ve been WAITING for, but we’re finally going to get to see Eileen confront Colie about the body shaming incident FACE TO FACE. But the Next Influencer housemates are NOT holding back. SECOND PART airing this Saturday at 7am PST / 10am EST on AwesomenessTV! CATCH UP on Next Influencer Season 2 NOW! -

Next Influencer Season 2 REUNION (Pt. 2) - Drama w/ Rave Leads To WALKOUT?!

PART 2 IS HERE! The Next Influencer housemates are back and we are SCREAMING at the drama... don't even get us started on that WALK OUT 😭 Was Rave the TikTok house villain? 😈 Was Eddie the Season 2 flirt? 😘 And most importantly, how BADLY do you want a SEASON 3?! 😩 Let us know in the comments below! CATCH UP on AwesomenessTV's Next Influencer Season 2 NOW!

Eileen Addresses Body Shaming By Colie | VIBE ROOM: Next Influencer Season 2 Ep. 11 | AwesomenessTV

Today in the Vibe Room, we’re joined by Eileen of Next Influencer Season 2 and Growing Up Eileen, and she is NOT holding back her feelings about that body shaming incident with Colie that left all of us shook. We're spilling tea in the Vibe Room every Sunday at 7AM PST/10AM EST on the AwesomenessTV YouTube channel!

Next Influencer Season 2 REUNION (PART 2) TEASER: THE DRAMA CONTINUES | AwesomenessTV

The drama just won’t stop! Season 2 of Next Influencer may be over, but that doesn't mean the housemates still don't have THINGS TO SAY! πŸ‘€ CATCH UP on Next Influencer Season NOW! -

Next Influencer Season 2 DELETED SCENE: Spin The Bottle *TRUTH OR KISS* | AwesomenessTV

The Next Influencer house is playing 😘 SPIN THE BOTTLE 😘 with a twist - you can either KISS whoever the bottle lands on OR answer a question that’ll more than likely cause some DRAMA among TikTokers πŸ‘€

wait did Matt Taylor just admit to spying on his housemates?! πŸ’€ #nextinfluencer #shorts

I UNFOLLOWED THEM (TIKTOK HOUSE DRAMA) | Vibe Room: AwesomenessTV’s Next Influencer

Today in the Vibe Room, we’re joined by Maddie Cole, who is on a Next Influencer UNFOLLOWING SPREE! The TikTok House drama continues…. Also joining is Ace B King, who talks about starring in a BRAND NEW SHOW w/ MATT TAYLOR?!?!! called “The (Sorta) Scary Show”, and it’ll be your new obsession… see for yourself 😈

FIGHT Breaks Out After Lie Detector Exposes SECRET HOOK-UP | Vibe Room: Next Influencer Season 2

Today in the Vibe Room, we’re joined by Ace B. King and Eileen Padilla for one of the CRAZIEST episodes yet. After a lie detector test reveals a secret Next Influencer House hook-up that NONE OF US knew about, Maddie storms in out of nowhere, and let me tell you, the πŸ‘ girls πŸ‘ are πŸ‘ fighting! We're spilling tea in the Vibe Room every Sunday at 7AM PST/10AM EST on the AwesomenessTV YouTube channel!

Answering Your BIGGEST Assumptions About Us | VIBE ROOM: Next Influencer Season 2

Today in the Vibe Room, we’re joined by Michelle Wozniak and Eileen Padilla who are answering your Next Influencer Season 2 ASSUMPTIONS, and I for one can't wait to see if there was more going on between Michelle and Eddie behind the scenes πŸ‘€ And speaking of Eddie, Eileen Padilla is giving a sneak peek on the romance and drama between her and Eddie in Growing Up Eileen Season 6 - this is an episode you do not want to miss!

Have you heard about Ace B. King and Matt Taylor's NEW (sorta) SCARY SHOW?!

→ about AwesomenessTV's Next Influencer Season 2! ←
Hosted by season one winner and TikTok star Owen Holt, AwesomenessTV’s Next Influencer Season 2 follows a group of content creators competing in a series of challenges to prove they have what it takes to become the next big influencer. One contestant will win a prize package that includes a talent contract with AwesomenessTV! Find out if these TikTokers have what it takes to become the #NextInfluencer!

→ about the VIBE ROOM! ←
Secrets, scandals, and all the TikTok drama you can handle — it all goes down in the Vibe Room as Owen Holt & Markell Washington spill the tea on on your favorite content creators and get the inside scoop on what really went down behind the scenes of the most popular AwesomenessTV shows from the cast members themselves!

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Matt Taylor - @mattheperson
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Michelle Wozniak - @michelle.1
Ace Akers - @aceakers
Eileen Padilla - @bbyeileen
Eddie Preciado - @eddiepreciado
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Maddie Cole - @maddieebrookee
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→Cast Credits←
Owen Holt - @itsowenholt
Eileen Padilla - @bbyeileen
Michelle Wozniak @michelle.1

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Supervising Producer: Tara Cole
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Originally published: August 14, 2021.

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