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Knockout City x TMNT - Official Collaboration DLC Trailer | gamescom 2022

Knockout City x TMNT - Official Collaboration DLC Trailer | gamescom 2022 | IGN

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are coming to Knockout City. Join Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael as they join the team in this exciting DLC.

Via Velan Studios' official Knockout City blog:

Rising Up on August 30th, 2022!

Deep, deep, DEEP under the streets of Knockout City, a new kind of brawler is bubbling to the surface. What started as a rumor of glowing eyes, squishy footsteps, and muffled snarls from sewer grates is growing into a revolution of massive proportions. The Mutants are here, and they want justice. 

It’s a new Season of Knockout City – a new day for brawlers everywhere to discover new cosmetics, battle it out in a new dodgebrawl map, and meet some legendary mutants along the way. Check it out!


Honing their skills in the darkness of the sewers below, The Mutants aren’t just incredible brawlers – they’re a tight-knit Crew built on trust, respect, and camaraderie. They aren’t looking to take over Knockout City – they’re fighting for their place in it. No longer content with being outcasts, The Mutants are showing the world that they and their mutant brethren belong among the above-grounders. Let’s meet the champions of the mutant movement!


“We are the cast-off children of Knockout City. We were left cold and alone in the gutter, but now we rise up as one!”

The leader of The Mutants. Youthful yet disciplined, Neon’s a natural-born leader with convictions as strong as his moral compass. The glow of Neon's skin and hair intensifies when his passion burns bright, literally and figuratively drawing others to him in dark times. Better grab your sunglasses!


“Just tell me who needs to be KO’d!”

If society is going to label her a beast, then Susan has no problems acting like one. As a powerful mutant croc-o-gator, Susan’s always thrived in the sewers with her incredible strength, and she’s not above playing dirty and trash-talking the competition. Neon constantly has to rein in her vicious tendencies, but she’s not about to turn down the heat when the fight for mutant acceptance is just about to flare up… 


“Now I’m cheesed off!”

This snively street tough’s looking to become a big shot in the brawler scene, and he’s always got a nose for news on The Mutants’ exploits to feed his ego. Cheerful and dependable, Ratfink tends to find the leader in the room and naturally become their second-in-command. A big talker when things are going his way, but quick to take cover when things go south. His skills are the real deal, though – he won’t just squeak by, he’ll dominate!



Goober here’s a totally sentient… giant… goo guy? Was he a brawler who became goo, or goo that became a brawler? There’s no way to know, and Goober isn’t telling. Not that it would help, since Goober’s voice is an unintelligible burble of bubbles that seemingly only the other Mutants understand. Nothing gets him down, and his gelatinous form makes him a natural at zipping through sewer pipes and popping up where you least expect him.

Every member of The Mutants will have complete character sets available in either the Brawl Shop or Brawl Pass, so go ahead and become the Mutant you admire most! You’ll be able to grab the Goober Bundle right when Mutant Mutiny kicks off on August 30th, and Neon and Susan will show up in the Brawl Pass. Ratfink will become available during the Containment Breach Event later in the Season (check the Season Roadmap at the bottom of the page for the full schedule of Events!)

The fight for mutant rights may be tough as goop, but Neon’s Crew has a little help from the most famous and totally radical mutants around…


The Heroes in a Half Shell need no introduction. Who better to answer the call to defend mutantkind than this fearsome fighting team? Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Donatello are ready to dodgebrawl - the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have come to Knockout City! 

Watching these turtle boys show off their teamwork in a dodgebrawl battle is incredible to witness, and brawlers everywhere are stoked to see them… even when they’re getting ninja-kicked into next week! 

With the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Bundle, anytime is Turtle time! This special bundle will be available when Mutant Mutiny launches, and with it, you’ll be able to become your top Turtle in any dodgebrawl match. Each Turtle is a full character takeover, and they each come with their own unique Intro Poses made just for them! Sing it with me, now…





Four legendary Turtles. Four legendary Intro Poses. All in one legendary limited-time bundle for less than a pizza party! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is available through the digital storefront of your platform of choice for $19.99. 

But the Turtle Power doesn’t stop there! We’ve even got an entire in-game event dedicated to Leo, Raph, Mikey, and Donnie for Mutant Mutiny, with plenty of TMNT cosmetics to earn just by playing! Can you say, COWABUNGA DUDES?


With so many characters, how can you possibly make room in your Brawler Select for them all? Well, we’ve got one very-highly-requested major mutation to talk about in Mutant Mutiny, and this one’s on your Customization Menu. You might notice a new prompt by your Brawler Select…

You asked, we delivered! You can have up to six preset slots for swapping between your souped-up brawlers instantly! You’ll be able to unlock additional slots above the standard three for 500 Holobux apiece from the Customize Brawler menu. With double the slots for character customization, you’ll always have your best threads ready to go. 


Mutant Mutiny’s got a brand-new map to brawl in: welcome to the Sludge Works!

Tucked behind the looming Magpie Industries tower, this waterfront industrial zone’s got facilities for power, waste management, and…a Boba Cola factory? Uhhh, as long as they follow the posted sanitation instructions, it’s cool I guess! You’ll find this cylindrical arena wraps around and around, with high and low spots to break line-of-sight and stage an attack. But keep your mutant senses tuned, because the battlefield’s constantly changing!

A giant central pipe will periodically fill the stage with green-ish, goopy sludge. Don’t worry, it’s safe to walk on! It’s just like solid ground, at least until you mutate an extra toe or something down the line. It’ll fill up side rooms and dangerous pits, slime-ultaneously closing off and opening up new routes! The rising sludge will help you climb onto previously unreachable perches, mutating the entire map into an open battleground.

Don’t get too comfortable with the goop, though. An alert will signify that it’s time to drain the Sludge Works, and next thing you know, the entire mass of sludge will drop in an instant! Make sure you’re on safe footing, because if you’re over a pit, you’re gonna get flushed away. 

Sludge Works will bring on some tubular times when Mutant Mutiny launches. Learn its secrets, or it's gonna be “gg” (goo’d game) for you.


The Mutant Mutiny Begins with a Sludge Works Showdown! Our Season Launch event and map-centric Playlist will be coming August 30th. 

The Sludge Works Showdown Playlist will get you and two teammates up to speed quickly, since every dodgebrawl match will take place at the Sludge Works. Neon’s making sure every mutant brawler is ready for any possibility - the rules of every match will be randomly chosen from a variety of other Playlists. Team KO, Team Elimination, Coin Hoarders, Diamond Dash, and Basketbrawl are all options, and even Superpowers will show up sometimes! Guess there’s a little bit of Chemical V in that Mutonium-13, huh? Hmm…

Of course, a new Event means new Event Contracts for XP and more! Show Team Mutant pride with the Legendary Player Icon “Jus’ a Lil’ Goo Guy” for completing any four Event Contracts. Make your crew shine as bright as Neon himself with the Legendary Crew Banner “Neon Light,” earned by completing eight Event Contracts. 


The Mutants have their very own Brawl Pass! If you want Outfits that are oozy on the eyes, then Ratfink’s got you covered. I’ll let him do the honors…

As always, you’ll be able to earn a slew of items by leveling up through Brawl Pass Contracts, with a Free and Premium Tier available. 950 Holobux grants you the Premium Tier, opening up more Contracts for speedy completion and a sewer’s worth of stylish items.

If you want to catch up with Neon’s Mutant Crew, check out the Deep Space Dispatches earned by leveling up your Free or Premium Brawl Pass! It’s gonna be The Mutants vs. Magpie Industries in a winner-make-law battle for mutant rights in Knockout City… you won’t want to miss a mutated minute of the action and drama!

The TMNT may be the talk of the town, but there’s a major scoop waiting for those who level up their Brawl Pass…

The Premium Brawl Pass features the Outfit of Channel 6 News’ one and only April O’Neil! Don the iconic Channel 6 Jumpsuit of the Turtles’ biggest supporter, unlocked at level 75. This just in: you got served on live TV! How do you feel? 

And for all you wannabe villains out there, two Brawl Pass cosmetics will deck your brawler out in Foot Clan flair worthy of Shredder himself! Grab your own “tin grin” when you reach level 97 in the Premium Brawl Pass and unlock the Legendary Face “Shredder’s Mask.” When your plans are foiled and it’s time to make a getaway, try the Rare Glider of the Foot Clan, unlocked at level 5! Bumbling minions not included.

While you’re at it, why not complete your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle look with some finishing touches that’ll go perfectly with the TMNT Bundle? There’s never a bad time to call for a “cowabunga,” and you’ll be able to do just that with the Legendary Taunt “Cowabunga” unlocked at level 15 of the Premium Brawl Pass. Aspiring mutants can add to their own underground origins with the Legendary MVP Pose “Out of the Sewers” earned at level 47. When the enemy team attacks, don’t cut ‘em no slack – swoop in with the Legendary KO Effect “Turtle Power” at level 25! With every KO, a heroic turtle will leap out of the shadows for a flying ninja kick. Mondo motion, dude. 


With all this change and chaos coming to Knockout City, you might be wanting something you’ve got a little more control over…Well, how about power over your Private Matches? We announced this a little while ago, but here’s the full scoop: Coming in Mutant Mutiny, you can now set several custom features for your Private Matches – freedom at last! Open the new menu when highlighting a Playlist in the Private Match menu, and you’ll get to specify the arena and ball types to be used. Want a Team Elimination with Bomb Balls on Galaxy Burger? How about Chain Reaction with Any Ball on Sludge Works? All possible thanks to the new customization menu for Private Matches! 

You’ll also find some new permanent additions to the Private Match Playlist lineup this Season. Superpowers, Superpowers: Power Grab, and all four Phases of Conflict Escalation will now appear in Private Match and the Daily Playlist rotation! It’s been a major fan request for a loooong time, and we’re thrilled to finally let you run these former Event-only Playlists anytime. Nothing brings a Crew together like chucking Super Charge-Up Sniper Balls at each other, am I right?

And finally, for Playlists that support them, you can choose to enable Bot-controlled players to fill in the empty spaces on each team! Whether you want to play solo against the machines or pal up to practice in a safe testing environment, Bots will transform the way you play Private Matches. We’ll be adding Bot support for more Playlists in upcoming Seasons, but Private Matches aren’t the only place where Bots will be getting more play…


The Mutants have mastered all sorts of never-before-seen tricks while training in the subterranean. But we have our own specialty that mutants couldn’t ever really learn in the cramped tunnels ‘til they came topside – The Ultimate Throw! Well, it didn’t take long for The Mutants to pick it up and add their own twist, and before you can say “oh my glop,” some slick new tech is spreading through Knockout City’s brawler circles. 

Thanks to our new mutant friends, brawlers have learned how to perform a Fast Fall during the descent of their Ultimate Throw! It’s so easy, even a single-celled organism could pull it off. Just press the Throw button anytime after the apex of your flight, and you’ll come screaming down in a double-quick drop! It’s a buff to Ultimate Throws that’s sure to net you some stylish KOs.


When you’re down a teammate and waiting for a hero to backfill your battered team, Bots will be stepping up to the plate! In Street Play only, any mid-match vacancies on your team will quickly get populated by Bots who’ll hold their own until a new player can join to replace them. You may also find Bots temporarily fill in for brawlers during matchmaking to help get your match started if your search is taking too long. Now if you’re worried about robot overlords, let me clarify a few things to put your mind at ease:

Bot-controlled brawlers are always clearly labeled in the Social Menu and Match Setup/Results screens with a Bot icon instead of a game platform icon, so you’ll easily be able to distinguish them.
Bot backfills will only ever appear in Street Play, and never in League Play.
Only certain matchmaking regions will have Bots enabled in Street Play at the beginning of the Season - We’ll let you know when we expand to all regions after some smaller-scale testing.

With all the improvements our Bot-controlled brawlers have seen in the past few Seasons, we think this’ll be hugely beneficial to keep matches fair and balanced until a new brawler can join in. They’ll even help you out with passes and Player Balls if you call for some assistance! These Bots aren’t holding a Machine Mutiny, but they’ll gladly help you raise a ruckus.


And what raises more ruckuses per square mile than pickup trucks? Now you can start haulin’ brawlers in a new style of Crew Vehicle in Mutant Mutiny! 

You’ll find these utilitarian rides in the Brawl Shop, Brawl Pass, Crew Contracts, and many other places this season for you to earn. Maybe if you’re cool enough, Susan and Goober will come to your tail-gator party! Protip, bring lots of hot dogs - Susan eats ‘em by the dozen.


The Hideout’s getting its own ability to minorly mutate with a new customization: the Hideout Ball! You can now customize the soccer ball found on the sporty neighboring rooftop by purchasing a new Hideout Ball from the Brawl Shop. Use Style Chips to unlock new looks for any Hideout Ball, including the soccer ball you already own from Season 6. First up, you’ll find the Beach Ball, offering a floatier, fun-to-tackle way to mix up your rooftop soccer matches! Like Jukebox music tracks, Hideout Ball changes are tied to your specific instance of the Hideout, so pick up a Beach Ball and bring some friends over to your place.

Speaking of which, there’s three new music tracks debuting in Mutant Mutiny from the latest band to break the mold – Underground Beatdown! You want underground music? You got it! This band is so underground they haven’t seen the sun in years! This band is so underground you need a mining drill to see them! I tell ya, this band is so underground I hear they use dinosaur bones for drums! Underground Beatdown was born in the dark of the sewer, but their music will light your way to a better future.

If you want to score them all and save, then look no further than the S7 Fundle Bundle! For only 1200 Holobux, this new Bundle includes the following stuff to spiff out your Hideout:

Epic Hideout Ball - Beach Ball
Epic Jukebox Track - Into the Neon Light
Epic Jukebox Track - My Right 2 Fight
Epic Jukebox Track - What Doesn’t KO You Makes You Stranger
5 Style Chips
Energy Drink 6-Pack - Strawberry Snapback

Oh, yeah, about that last one…


You’re gonna need all the XP you can get to finish your contracts and grow your Street Rank, so a refreshing new drink should hit the spot! 

Drink a Strawberry Snapback, and all hits within 3 seconds of catching a ball will earn you +25 Bonus XP for one hour. If you like to catch and unleash some pain off a Perfect Catch, this is the stuff you’ll want to stock up on!


Rise up, Face-Off fans, because your time to shine bright like Neon is now! This season of League Play will test your solo skills, as the new Classic Face-Off Playlist is now available alongside Team KO as a League Play Playlist!

Face-Off is back, with a bit of tweaking since the last time you saw it. Play in 1 vs 1 duels with Danger Zones, radar on respawn, dodgeballs on respawn, and disabled Border Warnings as you battle to be first to three KOs to win a round. To speed up the action, the Danger Zone in Face-Off now shrinks faster to force a confrontation, so stay on your toes! Your rank in Classic Face-Off is tracked separately from Team KO, but your Season 7 League Play rewards are tied to your highest rank between the two Playlists. Want a sneak peek? Check out some of the League Play goodies you can earn if you climb high enough in rank:

Uncommon Glider - Dodging Dillos Glider
Rare Taunt - Nauseous
Epic KO Effect - Toilet Flush
Legendary Ultimate Hologram - Blow Your Mind!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering why it’s called “Classic Face-Off” – we added an updated Face-Off into the pool of Daily Playlists which includes Special Balls! We renamed the original featuring Basic Balls “Classic Face-Off” for consistency. All three versions of Face-Off (Face-Off, Classic Face-Off, and Party Face-Off) are always available in Private Match to brush up on your dueling.


Our new Season Roadmap will give you the goop on everything the revolution’s bringing to Knockout City. 

Mutant Mutiny’s 13-week season leads with the Mutant Mutiny launch event, then celebrates the ultimate mutant mash-up with KO City x TMNT. Creeping up behind the Turtles is the frighteningly fun Holo-Ween 2022, followed by the overpowering might of Containment Breach. When the battle’s almost won, we’ll party with our mighty mutant pals in Midnight Madness.


Take up the fight with Neon, Leonardo, and the rest in Knockout City, when Mutant Mutiny sees daylight on August 30th. Join us on Twitch tonight at 5:30pm ET (2:30pm PT, 9:30pm GMT) as we stick it to the Magpie man and stream your first look at Season 7 in all its Turtle-Powered glory. As Goober would probably say (if we could understand bubble language), thanks for glopping by!


Stream Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Paramount+! Try it FREE at!

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