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February 2023 on Nicktoons CEE: Sammy & Raj | Kamp Koral | The Smurfs

Below is a round-up of Nicktoons Central and Eastern Europe's programming highlights for February 2023!

More Highlights:

About NickToons CEE and this guide: NickToons Central and Eastern Europe is available in Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and Poland, and more. Based on NickToons Hungary's schedule. All times CET, please check local listings for localised air times. Unless otherwise noted, localised episode titles are Hungarian (Magyar).

Please note that air dates may differ for Nicktoons Global, which is available in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, Adria countries (Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia), Turkey, Arabia, and across Asia.

NickALive! has a active Mapping Planet Nickelodeon side project, which aims to detail which country gets what feed. If you can help, let me know!

--- This February, Nick Toons Global will be airing:

-- Brand new episodes of The Smurfs:

- 2023-02-13 07:15 1x48 Leaping Lizards (Gyík vagy, Törpojáca!)
- 2023-02-14 07:15 1x39 Cover Story (Címlapsztori)
- 2023-02-15 07:15 1x50 Papa Times Two (Törpapa kétszer)
- 2023-02-16 07:15 1x32 Fake News (Kacsa)
- 2023-02-17 07:15 1x46 Mirror, Mirror on the Armoire (Tükröm, tükröm!)
- 2023-02-20 07:15 1x51 You're Fired! (Fel is út, le is út!)
- 2023-02-21 07:15 1x52 Poet Slam (Törp slam)
- 2023-02-22 07:15 1x47 Smurfing Places (Törpcsere) - season one finale

"The Smurfs" is locally titled "Hupikék törpikék" in Hungary and "Ştrumfii" in Romania.

-- Brand new episodes of Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years:

- 2023-02-01 15:20 1x16b Night of the Living Stench (Az élő bűz éjszakája)
- 2023-02-02 15:20 1x16a First Aid Last Aid (Első- és utolsó segély)
- 2023-02-03 15:20 1x17a Camp Crossbones (Kalóztábor)
- 2023-02-06 15:20 1x17b A Jelly Life (Medúza élet)
- 2023-02-07 15:20 1x18b Boo Light Special (Az átkozott jó eladó)
- 2023-02-08 15:20 1x18a Lake Crashers (Roncsderbi)
- 2023-02-23 11:00 1x19 Painting with Squidward / Kamp Kow

"Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years" is locally titled "Korall tábor: SpongyaBob alsós évek" in Hungary and "Tabăra Coral: Cu Spogebob Minimarin" in Romania.

- 2023-02-06 18:20 1x01 Birthday Do Over / Chore Time (series premiere)
- 2023-02-07 18:20 1x02 Out of the Loop / A Dog Gone Problem
- 2023-02-08 18:20 1x03 Sofa So Good / So Much Drama
- 2023-02-09 18:20 1x04 Goin Clubbin' / Totally Board
- 2023-02-10 18:20 1x05 Invader Dim / Getting Heated
- 2023-02-13 18:20 1x06 Bollyweird / The Spied Who Bugged Me
- 2023-02-14 18:20 1x07 No Bones About It / Childish Antics
- 2023-02-15 18:20 1x08 Snow Way to Win / Causing Treble
- 2023-02-16 18:20 1x09 Bad Business / Anniversorry
- 2023-02-17 18:20 1x10 A Very Rocky Rakhi/The Back Up Plan

"The Twisted Timeline of Sammy and Raj" is locally titled "Sammy és Raj: Kavar az idővel" in Hungary.

New Series - The Twisted Timeline of Sammy & Raj | Coming Soon on nicktoons Global CEE

NickToons CEE (Polish) - Sammy & Raj - Ad Break Bumpers (January/February 2023)

NickToons Arabia | Continuity | DEC 22 - JAN 23

Sammy és Raj: Kavar az idővel: új sorozat (2023. február, 1. ajánló) | Nicktoons

NickToons CEE (Polish) - Sammy & Raj Premiere Continuity (February 6th, 2023)

Korall tábor: SpongyaBob alsós évek: új részek (2023. február) | Nicktoons

Hupikék törpikék: új részek (2023. február) | Nicktoons

NickToons CEE (Czech) - Continuity (February 11th, 2023)

Polish feed, Czech audio.

Sammy és Raj: Kavar az idővel: új sorozat (2023. február, 2. ajánló) | Nicktoons

Nicktoons Scandinavia (Danish) - Continuity (February 19, 2023)

Nicktoons Global (Dutch) - Continuity (February 19th, 2023)

Nicktoons csatornaelőzetes (2023. február)

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Originally published: January 28, 2023.

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Februári; Február; évadzáró; új sorozat; évadnyitó.

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