Sunday, March 12, 2023

Steve Burns Blue's Clues Full GalaxyCon Q&A | GalaxyCon

Steve Burns Blues Clues GalaxyCon Q&A | GalaxyCon

Full Q&A with Steve Burns from Blues Clues! He never forgot about you! 🐾

00:00 - Welcome to GalaxyCon Live!
19:52 - What was your funniest moment while doing/working for the show?
21:48 - If Steve had to wear a different color shirt, other than green, what would it be?
23:22 - What's the biggest similarity between you and the character Steve?
25:04 - Did you get to keep any props from Blue's Clues?
36:37 - Any chance you'll release more music in the future?
27:52 - Were there any shows you grew up watching?
30:44 - Do you have a favorite episode from the show?
32:17 - Do you have a favorite song that you wrote and sang?
34:08 - What is a quote from the show that sticks with you even now?
35:35 - What would you say to the adults that grew up watching you and have children now?
40:08 - What's your favorite thing to draw in the Handy Dandy Notebook?

Steve Burns Blues Clues Full GalaxyCon Q&A | GalaxyCon

Full Q&A with Steve Burns from Blues Clues! He never forgot about you! 🐾

00:00 - Welcome to GalaxyCon Live!
11:39 - In your life/career, who are your biggest inspirations?
14:01 - What was the creative process like writing ForEveryone?
15:47 - What was your favorite/best Blues Clues song?
16:21 - If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
18:01 - Do you have a favorite character on the show?
18:47 - Did you already have a background in Spanish or did you have to learn it for the episode where you spoke Spanish?
19:10 - Why did you visit Antarctica, if you can say?
21:18 - How does it feel reconnecting with fans?
22:25 - Does the longevity of the show still impact you?
23:20 - What was your favorite place you skadooed to? 
24:00 - What are some of your hobbies?
26:35 - What was the audition process like for Blues Clues?
29:41 - Did you get to keep anything from Blues Clues?
32:42 - What was the best piece of advice you received from a fellow actor or someone you looked up to?
35:22 - What would you wish for your legacy to be?
36:40 - Do you see yourself as a New Yorker or a Pennsylvanian?
37:38 - Did you do anything to get you warmed up or pumped up before shooting?
39:32 - If Steve could host his own game show, what would it be?

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