Sunday, November 22, 2015

"Clarissa Explains It All" Makes A Comeback In 2015 Sequel

Classic Nickelodeon series "Clarissa Explains It All" is making a comeback!

Melissa Joan Hart's iconic Nickelodeon character is being revisited by series creator Mitchel Kriegman in a sequel book called "Things I Can't Explain", following the character to New York.

It's been more than two decades since the show came to an end, but in the new book, fans enter a 'multiverse' with the modern day Clarissa Darling being in her 20s.

Kriegman recently told E! News: "There's almost a Clarissa universe - a multiverse of Clarissa.

"There's a few dimensions at different points in her life all at the same time... You know how they have the DC Universe and the Marvel Universe? We have the Clarissa Universe... you can drop in anywhere."

Melissa left the show in 1994, and has admitted that it feels like "time stands still forever", although she - like the fans - has her own theories about how Clarissa grew up.

She explained: "You leave it in this place, and it's like time stands still forever, so it's hard to go back. I can't imagine how you did it - and I think we have also different views of the way that she would have grown up maybe.

"I think everybody does... I think that's what's exciting and fun about it, to see the way the creator meant for her to grow."

Earlier this year, Melissa admitted it is "really tricky" when she's asked about returning to her famous roles, including "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch".

She said: "I think it's a really tricky, fine line to walk as an actor and I had a fantastic time on that show and I just think fondly on every moment I had - all seven years on Sabrina and those four years on Clarissa - but I think you just have to be really careful with that stuff.

"I know the fans say they want it, but then - then they're really hard on you after. It never turns out as well as the fan-fiction does, you know?"

"Things I Can't Explain" is a complete re-imagining of the 1990s television hit "Clarissa Explains it All" as 20-something Clarissa tries to navigate the unemployment line, mompreneurs and the collision of two people in love. She was a smart, snappy, light-hearted girl who knew it all at fourteen and let television audiences everywhere know it. Now a woman in her late twenties, her searching blue eyes are more serious, but mostly amused by the people around her. The gap-toothed smile that made her seem younger than she really was is gone, but she still lightens up the room. Her unpredictable wardrobe rocks just like when she was a kid, but her fashion sense has evolved and it makes men and women turn their heads. After leaving high school early, Clarissa interned at the "Daily Post" while attending night school. At the ripe old age of twenty-two she had it made her own journalism beat (fashion, gender politics and crime), an affordable apartment in FiDi and a livable wage. She was so totally ahead of the game. Ah, those were the days! All three of them. Remember the Stock Market Crash of 08? Remember when people actually bought newspapers? All of Clarissa's charming obsessions, charts, graphs, and superstitions have survived into adulthood, but they've evolved into an ever-greater need to claw the world back under control. Her mid-twenties crisis has left her with a whole set of things she can't explain: an ex-boyfriend turned stalker, her parents' divorce, a micro relationship with the cute coffee guy, java addiction, "To-Flue Glue," and then there's Sam. Where's Sam anyway? "Things I Can't Explain" is about knowing it all in your teens and then feeling like you know nothing in your twenties. It is an entertaining and must-read sequel to all fans of Mitchell Kriegman's Nickelodeon TV show, "Clarissa Explains It All."

"Things I Can't Explain: A Clarissa Novel" is available to purchase now on and!

Fans can watch "Clarissa Explains it All" on The Splat, Nickelodeon USA's recently launched classic Nickelodeon programming block that airs every night from 10:00pm ET/PT on TeenNick USA! Visit for air times. #TheSplat!

Original source: Mirror Online.
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