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Addison Riecke & Diego Velazquez Go "Behind The Slime"

How excited are you for Nickelodeon's 2017 Kids' Choice Awards? If you're anything like NickALive!, you're likely pumped to see your favorite stars take home well-deserved fan-voted Orange Blimp awards for their work, but you're also looking forward to seeing TONS of celebrities getting Slimed!

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While getting ready for the Slime-filled KCAs, The Thundermans stars Addison Riecke and Diego Velazquez teamed up with Verizon's #WeNeedMore project for a new video series called "Behind the Slime". The videos show off the cool science and technology behind some of your favorite Nickelodeon staples – like Slime! – and TWIST has unveiled our very first look at each installment of the series!:

"Behind the Slime" Part 1:

"Behind the Slime" Part 2:

Twist also caught up Addison and Diego to get their personal takes on this exciting project. You can check out their aweslime Q & A below!

TWIST: Can you tell us all about the "Behind the Slime" project?

Addison Riecke: The "Behind the Slime" project is a 3-part video series about how we partnered with some really cool kids with Verizon's Innovative learning program and we all learned about the science and technology behind everything.

Diego Velazquez: And we got to work with a new 3D printer, which is like the new generation of technology!

TWIST: Have you ever done anything like that before?

AR: No we haven't! This is the first time for us, and it was really fun. It was cool because we got to build a slime cannon, and learn about the science that goes into it. When you think of Slime, nobody really thinks about the science in it, or how they have to make it, and I think that's really cool.

DV: And the tech was available to a ton of kids, which is really important for today.

TWIST: Have you learned some fun facts about Slime along the way that other kids may not know?

AR: Actually, we don't know exactly what Slime is made out of, but there are different formulas for each event that Slime is in. Like last summer, we had something called the Slime Cup, and the Slime was made kind of more slippery than usual because we played a lot of games where we had to fall and stuff. But for the Verizon program, they didn't make it as slippery because they didn't want us to fall or anything. Sometimes they make it edible, if it falls on food and stuff. I think it's cool that they make them for different things.

TWIST: Why do you think it's exciting to get other kids excited about the science behind some of their favorite things?

DV: I think that's really important because some kids just do things today, and they don't think about how it happens or how it works.

AR: There are so many jobs today that kids have to understand for their future. In their future, there are going to be a lot more jobs that require science, technology, engineering, and math. I think it's important Verizon teaches the kids this but in a really fun way. Slime is the most fun thing ever!

Make sure to check out Addison and Diego's new videos above, and keep an eye out for more "Behind the Slime" videos coming soon, which will be updated in this post!

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