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Nickelodeon USA's May 2017 Premiere Highlights

Below are Nickelodeon USA's currently announced May 2017 premiere highlights for Nick, Nicktoons, Nick Jr., Nick at Nite, NickSports, TeenNick, TV Land and CMT:

Latest update: Tuesday 16 May 2017 - A few minor updates, including a couple of June premieres.

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Weekdays at 5:00pm from Monday 15th May 2017

The Loud House

Weekdays at 5:00pm from Monday 15th May 2017

Monday 15th May 2017 - Pets Peeved: Lana brings a new pet home, which the kids generously overload with attention. This causes the other pets to plan to get rid of it. (#211B)

Tuesday 16th May 2017 - Out of the Picture: In an effort to not be the forgotten men of Royal Woods Elementary, Lincoln and Clyde do whatever it takes to get into yearbook group photos. (#214A)

Wednesday 17th May 2017 - Room With a Feud: Seeing his sisters squabble with their roommates, Lincoln suggests a roommate shuffle based on a compatibility test he and Clyde took. (#214B)

Thursday 18th May 2017 - Spell It Out: Tired of her siblings walking all over her, Lucy turns to a spell book once owned by Great Grandma Harriet to teach her siblings a lesson. (#215B)

Monday 29th May 2017 (Memorial Day) - The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos: Ronnie Anne and Bobby visit their crazy, chaotic extended family. Bobby fits in great but Ronnie Anne struggles with the smothering nature of their relatives. Little do they know, their mother has a secret motive. What they do not know is that their mother plans to get together with their family. It is up to Ronnie Anne to convince her that she will not move. (30 minute special)

New episode currently without airdate:

Potty Mouth; 'L' Is for Love: After hearing Lily curse, the siblings worry about being a bad influence, and become determined to change their behavior; when a love letter shows up at the house addressed only to "L," the family tries to figure out the intended recipient.

SpongeBob SquarePants

To be confirmed

Tuesday 23rd May 2017 - No title for this episode (Episode TBC)

Saturday 3rd June 2017 - Unreal Estate; Code Yellow: When SpongeBob thinks he's allergic to his pineapple, Squidward offers to help find him a new home; Squidward is getting a nose job at the local hospital, and SpongeBob tags along as moral support.

Bunsen is a Beast

Saturday 3rd June 2017 - Cookie Monster; Braces for Disaster: Amanda turns into a ferocious beast and causes panic at school after eating Bunsen's beast cookies; Mikey, Bunsen and Amanda team up to study minks after Amanda's tightened braces cause her to make mink calls.

ALVINNN!!! And The Chipmunks

Weekdays at 5:30pm from Monday 1st May 2017

Monday 1st May 2017 - He Said She Said: Alvin and Brittany deliver vastly different versions of why the fire alarm went off at the school.

Tuesday 2nd May 2017 - Attack of the Zombies: Worried about a zombie attack, Alvin and Theodore try to protect their loved ones. (#223B)

Wednesday 3rd May 2017 - Wacky Wednesday: When one of Simon's inventions malfunctions, Jeanette and Alvin switch places and now each must live as the other. (#225A)

Thursday 4th May 2017 - The Chipmunk and the Catfish: Feeling bad for Chessy on Valentine's day, Theodore makes an online alias, pretending to be a girl. (#225B)

Tuesday 23rd May 2017 at 12:00am ET/PT on NICKTOONS - Time Flies; Prank Calls: Alvin and Brittany are convinced Simon has vanished back in time and go all out in an attempt to bring him back; Alvin's prank call gets out of hand when the person on the line vows to track him down. - The episode will encore on Nickelodeon on Saturday 3rd June 2017. (Postponed from Friday 5th and Monday 8th May 2017.)

The Thundermans

Saturday 24th June 2017 at 8:00pm ET/PT - Thunder In Paradise (The Thundermans movie): The Thundermans leave Hiddenville for sunny Hawaii, but its not long until the family of superheroes experience trouble in paradise! It all begins when Phoebe accidentally absorbs the evil powers of mega villain Dark Mayhem (Jamieson Price (Voice), Omid Zader). She becomes determined to complete his plan for world domination and must be stopped! Oh no!

Saturday 3rd June 2017 - 21 Dump Street: After Max is dumped, Phoebe tries to cheer him up by introducing him to another girl, but Max's date turns out to be an intense animal activist who thinks he treats Dr. Colosso cruelly.

Game Shakers

Saturdays at 8:00pm

Saturday 6th May 2017 - Clam Shakers, Part 1: The Game Shakers try to hack a billboard and livestream their new game to seal a promotional partnership with Clam Jumper. (#219)

Saturday 13th May 2017 - Clam Shakers, Part 2: A failed hacking attempt and blackmail put the Game Shakers' big deal with Clam Jumper in jeopardy. (#220)

Saturday 20th May 2017 - Wing Suits & Rocket Boots: The Game Shakers set Hudson up with an account to help promote their games, but things quickly get out of hand when Hudson puts on Dub's rocket boots for fun. (#215)

Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn

Saturdays at 8:30pm

Saturday 6th May 2017 - QUADGOALS: The Quads try to take the perfect picture at their Aunt Jackie's farm to best their rival quadruplets, the Kramdens, but end up hurting their aunt's chances to win a contest in the process. (#312)

Saturday 13th May 2017 - The Buffa-Lowdown: Ricky takes advantage of his power on the school's news show, but when the other quads learn the reason, they band together to help him. (#314)

Tuesday 16th May 2017 - The Quadshank Redemption: When the Quads get detention and have to miss the school carnival, they have to work with some of the bad kids if they have any chance of making it into the carnival before it ends. (TBC)

Saturday 20th May 2017 - Not-So-Sweet Charity: Dawn almost has a big secret revealed when the boys try to impress some girls by putting on a talent show for charity. (#318)

Saturday 27th May 2017 - Quadpendence Day: (TBC)

Saturday 3rd June 2017 - One Quadzy Summer: The boys try to ruin Dawn and Mae's perfect summer after the girls get summer jobs at the Boulderly Hills Country Club.

Tuesday 6th June 2017 - Quad for Teacher: The Quads accidentally force out the easygoing gym teacher, ruining the class for everyone; they think they've fixed everything with the perfect substitutes, but soon realize their parents have made things worse.

Tuesday 20th June 2017 - Cementing the Quads' Legacy: The Quads want to pull off a big stunt so that their class will be remembered by future students, but when they find out that the personal legacy they are leaving behind is not great, they have to fix both before it is too late.

Henry Danger

New episodes currently without airdates:

Swellview's Got Talent
Balloons of Doom
Frankini's Web Pt. 1
Frankini's Web Pt. 2


Nickelodeon's Sizzling Summer Camp Special
Sunday 4th June 2017 at 7:00pm

The stars of Nickelodeon find themselves in danger when they learn their campsite at sleepaway camp - Camp Nickelodeon - has been haunted for years by mysterious, legendary creatures. Featuring Jace Norman, Ella Anderson, Riele Downs and Sean Ryan Fox from Henry Danger; Jack Griffo, Kira Kosarin, Maya Le Clark and Chris Tallman from The Thundermans; Lizzy Greene, Casey Simpson, Mace Coronel, Kyla Drew Simmons, Aidan Gallagher, Brian Stepanek, and Allison Munn from Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn; Jade Pettyjohn, Aidan Miner, Breanna Yde, Ricardo Hurtado, and Tony Cavalero from School of Rock; and Nickelodeon Talent JoJo Siwa and Jagger Eaton!


Friday 19th May 2017 at 2:00pm - Shrek Forever After: After Rumpelstiltskin tricks him into making a pact, Shrek finds himself in an alternate version of Far Far Away, in which he and Fiona never met. Animated. 2010. Cast: Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, Antonio Banderas, Julie Andrews, John Cleese, Walt Dohrn, Jon Hamm, Jane Lynch, Craig Robinson, Lake Bell, Kathy Griffin, Mary Kay Place, Kristen Schaal, Meredith Vieira, Ryan Seacrest, Cody Cameron, Larry King, Regis Philbin, Christopher Knights, Conrad Vernon, Aron Warner.

Nickelodeon Preschool Block

Nella the Princess Knight

Friday 5th May 2017 at 11:30am - The Flutter Blunder; A Striking Surprise: Nella's messenger falcon accidentally delivers some confusing invitations for Clod's birthday party; Nella helps an impkin compete in the Castlehaven Bowling Tournament. (#106)

Friday 19th May 2017 at 11:30am - No Gown, No Crown, No Party; Clod Monet: Olivia convinces Minatori that she must kiss a frog to attend a fancy tea party; Clod lovingly paints pictures of Trinket for the Castlehaven Art Faire, but she does not like them. (#110)

Saturday 10th June 2017 - Snorkelmanders Just Wanna Have Fun; Stop Dragon Me Around: Sea dragons threaten to spoil Castlehaven's Beach Day; during a scavenger hunt, Smelgly is paired with Olivia, who takes advantage of their new friendship.

Rusty Rivets

Tuesday 9th May 2017 at 1:00pm - Rusty and the Bit Police; Rusty's Jam at the Dam: Officer Carl needs to be in too many places at the same time, so he deputizes the Bits to help him out; when Rusty and his friends discover that a beaver has not been able to repair its dam, they decide to help fix the dam before it collapses. (#117)

Friday 12th May 2017 at 1:00pm - Rusty's Mechanical Animal; Rusty's Spaceship: Rusty and Ruby make Ranger Anna a robotic pet, but it goes haywire when they try to program it; Rusty builds Liam a spaceship as a surprise, but instead of impressing him, it wreaks havoc on the town.

PAW Patrol:

Friday 12th May 2017 at 12:30pm - Pups Save the Flying Food; Pups Save a Ferris Wheel: Mr. Porter's delivery drones go out of control and air-drop food everywhere; Mayor Humdinger steals Adventure Bay's Ferris wheel. (#408)

Friday 26th May 2017 at 12:00pm - Mission PAW: Pups Save the Royal Throne: The pups must come to the rescue when Sweetie plans to steal the royal throne so that she can rule. (#410)

Shimmer and Shine

Friday 5th May 2017 at 11:00am - Underground Bound; Wishy Washy Genie: As the girls search for Leah's lost necklace, an underground creature finds it and begins making wishes with it; after Zac wishes to stay in Zahramay Falls forever, the kids search for a powerful genie to reverse the wish. (#301, season 3 premiere)

Friday 19th May 2017 at 11:00am - Carpet Troubles; Dragon Tales: The girls visit the carpet vendor to fix their carpet, while Zeta and Nazboo plan to take some magic thread; Zeta and Nazboo tell the girls the fun story of how they first met, but their facts do not quite match up. (#319)

Blaze and the Monster Machines

Monday 29th May 2017 at 12:00pm - Blaze Wild Wheels / Animal Island: When Blaze and Stripes sail to Animal Island, an incredible place inhabited my monster truck animals, a greedy lizard puts the entire island in peril. (#310)

Wednesday 31st May 2017 at 12:00pm - Toucan Do It!: Blaze, Starla and Darington want to play jungle ball, but their teammate Tooks the Toucan gets launched from the stadium. (#311)

Mutt & Stuff

Weekdays at 9:30pm am from Monday 1st May 2017

Monday 1st May 2017 (May Day) - Cowboy: Mutt & Stuff get a new student, a bossy dog named Cowboy; Calvin helps Cowboy see how his actions make the other dogs feel and he becomes part of the pack. (#201)

Tuesday 2nd May 2017 - H.R. Pufnstuf's Happy Tree Jamboree: H.R. Pufnstuf comes to Mutt & Stuff to celebrate the Bloomy Tree Jamboree; Stuff and the dogs figure out how to make the trees bloom into a volcano of magical flowers. (#207)

Wednesday 3rd May 2017 - Putt & Stuff: When the Mutt & Stuff gang goes mini golfing, Noodles the Mouse secretly helps Sunny win at every hole. (#208)

Thursday 4th May 2017 - Woof Out!: With the help of his friends at Mutt & Stuff, professional dog sitter Buddy Sitandshake competes in a new doggy game show called "Woof Out!" (#212)


Pig Goat Banana Cricket

Wednesdays at 9:00pm

Wednesday 3rd May 2017 - Witness Protection Program: The gang must go in disguise to hide from a dangerous criminal: Pig as a professor, Goat as a businesswoman, Banana as a plumber, and Cricket as a baby.

Wednesday 10th May 2017 - Flowers for Burgerstein: Banana reunites with his musical family; Pig takes Angry Old Raisin to a dog show; Goat falls in love with the repair man; Cricket makes Burgerstein smart.

Wednesday 17th May 2017 - Hotel It on the Mountain: The roommates open a hotel; Pig is the bellboy, Goat is the chef, Banana is the hotel manager and Cricket is the maid.

Wednesday 24th May 2017 - Where Do Pickles Come From: Goat wants to build a new entertainment center; Cricket wants to impress Goat by being a vigilante; Banana becomes an Internet celebrity; Pig finds out where pickles come from.

Wednesday 31st May 2017 - Hospital Time: The gang needs to get to the hospital to eat the world's best mashed potatoes; Banana plays a betting game; Pig does a surgery with Angry Old Raisin; Goat fixes Tony Towel; Cricket makes himself sick.


NickSports Presents Golf Rocks Weekend

Friday 12th - Sunday 14th May 2017

Breanna Yde (from left), Peter Malnati, Aidan Miner, Sydnee Michaels, Jade Pettyjohn, Mackenzie Hughes, Lance Lim and Demi Runas at the PGA Slime Stunt at Braemar Country Club, in Tarzana, Calif., in 2016. Nickelodeon will be airing golf-themed programming May 12-14 with “NickSports Presents Golf Rocks Weekend” in connection with The Players Championship. (Photo by Charley Galley/Getty Images for Nickelodeon.)

Families have one more reason to attend THE PLAYERS Championship this year, as tournament officials and Nickelodeon announced today a plan to bring new, family-friendly tournament activities to the McKenzie Noelle Wilson Foundation Kid Zone. The Kid Zone is just one of many fun activities for families at the tournament, which returns to THE PLAYERS Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass May 9-14.

A rendering of Nickelodeon’s family-friendly enclosed, air-conditioned activities area. It will be a new addition to to The Kid Zone at The Players Championship at the Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass May 9-14.

New in 2017, The McKenzie Noelle Wilson Foundation Kid Zone will have an enclosed, air-conditioned area featuring the Nickelodeon experience, an interactive destination for kids and families attending THE PLAYERS. Fans will be able to show off their skills at the SpongeBob SquarePants mini-golf challenge and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Puttskee, get virtually slimed, meet SpongeBob and more.

Nickelodeon will also bring kids at home into the action with new, golf-themed content and exclusive coverage of the on-the-ground events leading up to THE PLAYERS in the “NickSports Presents Golf Rocks Weekend” Friday, May 12, through Sunday, May 14, on Nicktoons. Hosted by avid golfer and Nick star Breanna Yde (School of Rock), “NickSports Presents Golf Rocks Weekend” will present interstitials offering a behind-the-scenes look at the tournament, highlights from Nickelodeon’s Kid Zone activation, interviews with PGA TOUR players and more. On Sunday, May 14, the cast of Nickelodeon’s School of Rock (Breanna Yde, Aidan Miner, Jade Pettyjohn, Lance Lim) and PGA TOUR and LPGA players (Peter Malnati, Sydnee Michaels, Mackenzie Hughes, Demi Runas) will compete in the Mega Golf Challenge that was filmed at the Genesis Open, a series of slime-filled, golf-themed interstitials hosted by School of Rock’s Tony Cavalero and Ricardo Hurtado, airing 11 a.m.–1 p.m. (ET/PT) on Nicktoons.

Fans are reminded that youth 18 years and younger are admitted to THE PLAYERS free of charge when accompanied by a ticketed adult, and there is no limit to the number of youth fans admitted with that ticketed adult. Youth admission makes THE PLAYERS the perfect destination for families, who only need to pay the cost of the tickets for the adults, or even a youth sports team, as the entire team can gain admission with one ticketed adult.

The Family Plan package offers additional savings and benefits for families seeking a day at THE PLAYERS. Families get two adult Stadium Passes, unlimited youth admission at the gate and two $10 concession vouchers. The Family Plan is $120 for Thursday and Sunday, $130 for Friday and $140 for Saturday (taxes not included). Parking passes are additional, but remember that any car with four or more passengers parks for free under THE PLAYERS “Four for Free” policy (download vouchers at

The Family Plan is offered at 27 participating Daily’s convenience stores and at

As the tournament approaches, more information about THE PLAYERS is available at THE PLAYERS is set to return to THE PLAYERS Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass, May 9-14, 2017.

Nick Jr.


Monday 1st May 2017 at 7:00pm - Ted the Bed: Wally and his friends have a sleepover in the clubhouse, but when they forget their sleeping bags, Wally must create a bed for them to sleep on. (#224)

Wednesday 3rd May 2017 at 7:00pm - Power Tie: Bobgoblin gets his hands on Wally's father's special tie that gives whoever wears it super strength and starts rearranging the town. (#225)

Kuu Kuu Harajuku

Fridays at 7:30pm

Friday 5th May 2017 - Brodie on Board; Womzilla: HJ5 hires Rudie's young cousin Brodie as an intern; when Rudie decides to make a monster movie, he accidentally unleashes a giant wombat on the city. (#121)

Friday 12th May 2017 - Emotizoms; The Big Time: Music and Rudie must save the day when a bunch of AI-enhanced Emoticuddles turn into vicious Emotizoms; Baby's adorable interactive Queueby doll grows to gigantic heights. (#122)

Friday 19th May 2017 - Un-Bear-able; Snowy the Frostman: Instead of apologizing to Angel for hurting her feelings, Rudie takes a shortcut by using a new toy bear that says uncomfortable things for you; at an HJ5 concert, the Sporty Fun Sports mascot tries to destroy Rudie. (#123)

Hey Duggee

Monday 8th May 2017 at 7:00pm - The Big Parade Badge (#142); The Be Careful Badge (#143); The First Aid Badge (#144): Duggee and the squirrels must help out when the leader of the parade loses his hat and hurts his leg; Ethel slips and falls after Naughty Monkey throws banana skins down from his branch; Duggee is able to bandage Tag up when he bumps his knee, but the squirrels want to help too.

Wednesday 10th May 2017 at 7:00pm - The Bubble Badge (#145); The Submarine Badge (#146); The Detective Badge (#147): Duggee uses bubble mixture to blow fantastic bubbles; Happy comes up with a plan to make the biggest bubble ever; Duggee and the squirrels go on an underwater adventure with Betty's father in his submarine; The squirrels search for clues to try and find out who stole Duggee's homemade apple pie from the windowsill.

Zack & Quack

Monday 15th May 2017 at 7:00pm - Pop-Up to Mars; Pop the Golden Acorn: The gang takes Zack to Mars for his surprise birthday party, only to discover the gifts they popped up for him are missing; Zack helps Hop and Skip on their quest to find the fabled Golden Acorn to add to their collection. (#206)

Wednesday 17th May 2017 at 7:00pm - Pop to the Rescue; Pop-Up Space Gorillas: The Wizard of Pop-a-lot mistakes Zack for a knight and begs him to carry out a daring mission; a space gorilla on a mission to find a new home for her family crash-lands in the garden. (#208)

Mike the Knight

Monday 22nd May 2017 at 7:00pm - Mike the Knight and the Stolen Flag; Mike the Knight and Sparkie's Icy Tail: Mike sets out to capture Glendragon's flag and restore it to the castle before the king gets home; Sparkie and Squirt accompany Mike on a journey to Dragon Mountain to find fire stones for Mike's mother. (#306)

Wednesday 24th May 2017 at 7:00pm - Mike the Knight and the Beast of Glendragon; Mike the Knight and the Viking Alarm: When shiny things begin to go missing at Knight Camp, Mike suspects a legendary beast; Mike, Richard and Peter make a Viking alarm to warn Glendragon of trouble-making Vikings. (#307)


TeenNick Top 10

Friday 26th May 2017 at 9pm - Pitbull Summer Music Takeover: Rapper Pitbull counts down his summer music playlist.


Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters - Sunday 28th May 2017 at 7:30pm (encore on Monday 29th May 2017 at 9:30am)

To find the magic Golden Fleece and save Camp Half-Blood, demigod Percy and his friends undertake a dangerous odyssey into the area known to humans as the Bermuda Triangle. Based on a book by Rick Riordan. Stars: Logan Lerman, Brandon T. Jackson, Alexandra Daddario, Jake Abel, Douglas Smith, Leven Rambin, Nathan Fillion, Anthony Stewart Head, Stanley Tucci, Mary Birdsong, Yvette Nicole Brown, Missi Pyle, Connor Dunn, Paloma Kwiatkowski, Christopher Redman, Robert Knepper, Richard Yearwood, Ron Perlman, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Octavia Spencer and Craig Robinson. (2013)



Thursday 18th May 2017 at 8:00pm - Shrek Forever After: After Rumpelstiltskin tricks him into making a pact, Shrek finds himself in an alternate version of Far Far Away, in which he and Fiona never met. Animated. 2010. Cast: Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, Antonio Banderas, Julie Andrews, John Cleese, Walt Dohrn, Jon Hamm, Jane Lynch, Craig Robinson, Lake Bell, Kathy Griffin, Mary Kay Place, Kristen Schaal, Meredith Vieira, Ryan Seacrest, Cody Cameron, Larry King, Regis Philbin, Christopher Knights, Conrad Vernon, Aron Warner.

TV Land


Wednesdays at 10:00pm

Wednesday 3rd May 2017 - Too Much of a Good Thing: Unsure of Melissa's commitment to ``Mr. First Lady,'' Larry, Rachel and Hugh are thrilled when Kristen Bell enters the picture. (#106)

Wednesday 10th May 2017 - Heavy Heart, Heavy Hands: With Ben and Melissa furious at them, Larry, Rachel and Hugh try to make amends by surprising them with a personal gift; Hugh reconnects with an old friend: Sam. (#107)

Wednesday 17th May 2017 - The Gilded Cage: Hugh's romance with Sam heats up, which annoys Rachel but intrigues Larry, when he discovers that Sam is a successful film producer. (#108)

Wednesday 24th May 2017 - Devil in a Red Dress: Larry, Rachel and Hugh turn to another writing team for help: fellow Groundlings alums Jim Rash and Nat Faxon. (#109)

Wednesday 31st May 2017 - The Pledge: Larry Rachel and Hugh perform improv at the Groundlings Theatre, but not everyone in the audience feels like laughing. (#110)

Wednesday 14th June 2017 - Paul's Muse: Larry, Rachel and Hugh's excitement to finally meet the acclaimed comedy film director Paul Skidmore turns into horror when he brings along his muse: Melissa McCarthy. (#111)

Wednesday 21st June 2017 - Bring Out the Champagne: Larry, Rachel and Hugh might finally get their chance to celebrate when ``Mr. First Lady'' receives the green light. (#112)

Lopez: Season 2

Wednesdays at 10:30pm (Approx)

Wednesday 3rd May 2017 - George Breaks In: George appears on a home shopping channel to sell his grill and meets Lori, a billionairess; Manolo gets glasses. (#206)

Wednesday 10th May 2017 - George Gets Schooled: George and Lori continue seeing each other while his gig as a guest lecturer at a local university goes badly; Manolo starts seeing his teacher after hours; Olly's sister's dating life becomes intertwined with Olly's work. (#207)

Wednesday 17th May 2017 - George Clowns Around: After alienating some of his core Latino fans, George appears as a guest on Platanito, a Latino talk show hosted by a clown; Hector makes his solo debut on the home shopping channel; Manolo and his teacher heat up. (#208)

Wednesday 24th May 2017 - Cuck You George Lopez: George's friends have him worried that Lori wears the pants in their relationship; Pfeiffer complicates Olly's work life; Manolo gets laser eye surgery to please Wendy. (#209)

Wednesday 31st May 2017 - Lost in Trans-lation: George's co-star's wild behavior puts the future of his TV show in jeopardy; Maronzio tries to woo his ex; Hector has a problem selling at work, which gets George and Lori talking again. (#210)

Wednesday 14th June 2017 - The Show Might Go On (#211)

Wednesday 21st June 2017 - Relevance (#212)

Younger - Season 4

Wednesday 28th June 2017 at 10:00pm - TBA (#401)



Additional Highlights:

2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards

Sunday 7th May 2017 from 7:00pm on MTV and simulcasted across TV Land, Comedy Central, BET, MTV 2, Spike and VH1

Honoring the best in TV and film from the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles; Adam Devine hosts.

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