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The Ferals | Theme Song with Lyrics | The Splat | #TBT | Nickelodeon UK

Get to know Rattus, Modigliana, Derryn and Mixy with the opening theme song to the hit comedy series The Ferals!:

The Ferals theme song lyrics:

There's a Rat called Rattus,
He's the leader of the bunch.

A Cat called Modigliana
She's fluffy, but she's tough.

Derryn, he's a Dopey Dog
And Mixy's a muddled up, mixed up Bunny

The Ferals

That's the Ferals for ya


Don't mess with the Ferals, the Ferals

They're gonna getcha

That's the Ferals!

About The Ferals:

The Ferals was an Australian children's comedy television series created by Wendy Gray and Claire Henderson and produced by the ABC. It ran for 30 episodes over two series (seasons) from 1994 to 1995, and it featured a mixture of people and animal puppets known as the "Ferals." It was lauded for its irreverent humour and distinctive characters, some of which still feature today on ABC programming. Garth Frost was responsible for the puppet design.

The Ferals are an eclectic group of animals that live together in a backyard shed. There's a Rat called Rattus P. Rattus (David Collins), a feral Cat called Modigliana (Mal Heap), a Rabbit called Mixy (Emma DeVries), and a feral Dog called Derryn (Terry Ryan). The humans are two university students, and their landlord, who clash with each other and the Ferals. They include the uptight, neurotic landlord Joe King (Mig Ayesa) who is determined to remove the ferals from his garden; the affable science student Leonard (Brian Rooney), and medical student Robbie (Kylle Hogart), who attempt to shield the ferals from eviction, but are sometimes exasperated with their antics.

There were also the 'Bogans From The Bush' as Modigliana liked to call them, Keith (Mal Heap), a koala and Kylie (Kelly Wallwork; Danielle Baker), a kangaroo. These two characters often clashed with the Ferals, thinking they were above them due to their status as native Australian animals. Other characters included White Ants (Tina Bursill, Robert Hughes), Rock Wrangler (Tina Matthews) and Fat Cat (Taylor Owens).

Following the series finale, a five-minute show called Feral TV was launched in 1995, continued the Ferals' story. After their home was demolished in the final episode of The Ferals, the Ferals had been exploring the sewers, and had discovered the cable to a TV station. They started their own TV channel, calling it Feral TV, running under the TV boss Kerry, a loud gruff toad with an explosive temper, and his obsequious assistant the cockroach Rodney. Kerry's character is modelled on the Australian media magnate Kerry Packer, who at the time, was the owner of Channel Nine. Keith from the original show also returned for this show.

Feral TV opening theme song lyrics:

It's Rattus the Rat, Modigliana the cat,
they discovered fame and fortune and they're never goin' back.

With Derryn the dog and that rabbit Mixy,
running riot as they televise Ferals TV.

A pirate TV channel got to see to believe,
welcome to the world of Ferals TV.

Following The Ferals and Feral TV, a few of the human actors went on to achieve successful television careers, with some of the puppet characters also continuing to feature regularly in ABC programming. Mixy, in particular, introduced shows on the ABC Kids programming block, as well as having her own show and website. Rattus and Modigliana were featured in the ABC School's education maths program, Numbers Count. Modigliana also went on to feature as co-host of the show Creature Features. This makes Derryn the only one of the four to not appear in a subsequent show.

The Ferals and Feral TV aired on Nickelodeon UK in the mid-1990's.

Behind-the-Scenes of The Ferals:

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