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May 2019 on NickToons Africa: Atchoo! | Wild Thornberrys | Rugrats | Mother's Day + More

Below is a round-up of Nicktoons Africa's programming highlights for May 2019!

More Highlights:

April 2019 on: Nickelodeon | Nicktoons | Nick Jr.

May 2019 on: Nickelodeon | Nick Jr.

May 2019 on NickToons Africa:

Airs: From Monday 6th May at 13:30 CAT

Teodor Green is a nice 9 years old boy who has a very particular way to express his emotions: since he was born, when feeling a strong emotion, he sneezes and turns into an animal. He can't control the sneezes and can't predict what kind of animal he'll turn into, but with the help of his friends he’ll always get out of it.

This time there are trips to the forest, Mythological creatures, camping at the ‘Wolf Park’; Teo gets a job, goes to a dance party and gets to be teachers assistant for a day. What could go wrong.

Premieres: From Monday 13th May at 05:05 CAT

Traveling the world with her family and making nature documentaries, 12- year-old Eliza Thornberry has a secret: she can talk to animals. With every new step in their exotic adventures, they never know what to expect -- after all, it's a jungle out there.

- Donnie gets lost in the Rain Forest he was brought up in. Eliza realizes he may be heading home to look for his family and the Thornberrys may have to give Donnie up.

- Nigel mother suggests that he consider becoming a professor at Oxford. Could the Thornberrys' wild adventures be over?

- Debbie discovers Eliza's secret!

Airs: Monday 27th May at 05:25 CAT

Everyone's favorite babies discover magic, danger, and great comic adventure in a world we often take for granted. The Rugrats venture into the unknown led by their boundless curiosity and innocent love of messy mischief.

- Tommy decides that it would be great to go to the future.
- Tommy's Dad has an accident and reverts back to a baby state. It's fun to have a tall baby around, at first, but Tommy soon starts to miss his dad. It's up to The Rugrats to turn him back.


Mother's day is coming up and lets face it, where would we be without our moms? They love us unconditionally, look after us and can occasionally be a HUGE pain! It's no different for Nickelodeon's NickToons characters, so tune in to see their unique relationships only on NickToons
Marathon at 06:55 CAT

6 May - The Fairly OddParents
7 May - Mysticons, Regal Academy X2
8 May - Penguins of Madagascar, SpongeBob SquarePants and Rugrats
9 May - Back At The Barnyard, El Tigre and Kung Fu Panda
10 May - The Fairly OddParents


Check out all the buddies that make Bikini Bottom a one-of-a-kind, quirky, fun place to be.

Weekday Marathons at 19:45 CAT

1 May - Mr. Krabs
2 May - Plankton
3 May - Squidward
6 May - Sandy Cheeks
7 May - Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy
8 May - Gary
9 May - Mrs. Puff
10 May - Patrick

Airs: Sundays At 16:00 CAT

5 May - Chop Chop Ninja
12 May Regal Academy, Mysticons, T.U.F.F. Puppy, Kung Fu Panda and El Tigre
19 May - Atchoo!
26 May - My Little Pony

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